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  • SpyX Micro Gear Set - 4 Must-Have Spy Tools Attached to an Adjustable Belt. Jr Spy Fan Favorite & Product of The Year. Perfect Addition for Your spy Gear Collection!

    • UPC: 777467719140
    • ASIN: B00K74K996
    • Brand: SpyX
    • Manufacturer: Mukikim

    The SpyX Micro Gear Set includes all of your essential micro tools to play spy. Awarded 2015 Product of the year by Creative Child Magazine, this set is the ultimate value for anyone looking to play spy. Set Includes: Micro Ear Light (light to help you see in the dark) Invisible Ink Pen (write and decode secret messages) Micro Motion Alarm (detect... [Read More]

  • ALEX Toys Undercover Spy Case Detective Gear Set

    • UPC: 885358762196
    • ASIN: B00000IS65
    • Brand: ALEX Toys
    • Manufacturer: Alex

    ALEX Toys Spy Case has everything for the super sleuth on the go. A sleek black nylon case contains binoculars, magnifying glass, fingerprint powder, brush, flashlight, secret marker pen set and a printed spy guide. The case can be carried by the convenient handle or looped through the belt, making it easy to transport at a moment’s notice. The s... [Read More]

  • SpyX/ Lite Hand -Cool Light Device for Your Hands&Fingers to Navigate The Dark. Must Have Gear for a spy Collection. Lite Beams Attach to Fingers to Distract Your Target or stealthly See in The Dark!

    • UPC: 840685105320
    • ASIN: B074PC7Y64
    • Brand: SpyX
    • Manufacturer: MukikiM

    This cool SpyX Lite Hand spy toy straps lights right onto your junior spy's hand. The Elastic strap fits nicely around the wrist while the four LED lights strap around the four fingers. The lights light up right at your fingertips. Let your spy use this cool new toy to see better in the dark, or distract the enemy... just by using their hand! Your... [Read More]

  • SpyX / Night Ranger Set - Includes Night Mission Goggles / Motion Alarm / Voice Disguiser / Invisible Ink Pen.

    • UPC: 645249620376
    • ASIN: B00K74KFIG
    • Brand: SpyX
    • Manufacturer: Mukikim

    The SpyX Night Ranger Set is the ultimate set for your night ranger missions. This set includes four awesome spy toys: Night Mission Goggles (sleek goggles with comfortable headset with battery pack and twin light beams... even a flip out scope for day time spying!) Micro Motion Alarm (detects motion or vibration) Micro Voice Disguiser (record you... [Read More]

  • SpyX Night Mission Goggles

    • UPC: 793631681365
    • ASIN: B00IVOLSV2
    • Brand: SpyX
    • Manufacturer: MukikiM

    SpyX Night Mission Goggles are high-tech night goggles, to see up to 25 feet in the dark. Featuring bright twin LED lights, these are sure to get you through your next night mission. A comfortable headset with battery pack will keep your junior agent playing spy for hours at a time. Use the flip-out scope for authentic daytime stealthness. Get the... [Read More]

  • Tigerdoe Detective Costume - Spy Gear for Kids - Dress Up - Spy Costume Accessories (4 Pc) Black

    • UPC: 842711103157
    • ASIN: B07659T9TY
    • Brand: Tigerdoe
    • Size: Medium

    This spy set is perfect for kids to use their imaginations and solve mysteries! Our 4-piece set includes a black and white spy hat, look behind mirrored glasses, an LED flashlight, and an invisible ink pen. Only the finest agents use high tech equipment, so get your ultimate detective set today!

  • SpyX / Lazer Trap Alarm - Invisible Beam Barrier + Alarm Spy Toy to Protect Your Stuff! Perfect Addition for Your spy Gear Collection!

    • UPC: 840685102787
    • ASIN: B010VYXP6U
    • Brand: SpyX
    • Manufacturer: MukikiM

    Use the SpyX Lazer Trap Alarm to set up an invisible barrier and protect your lair. With one receiver piece and two lazers, set the trap pieces up to 4 feet apart to create your custom lazer barrier. Switch from a loud sounding alarm mode to a silent flashing light for stealthy protection. Connect multiple sets to secure a larger area! A fun way fo... [Read More]

  • SpyX / Night Nocs - Binocular Spy Toy with White or Red Light to See in the Dark. Perfect addition for your spy gear collection!

    • UPC: 840685103999
    • ASIN: B00IVOL448
    • Brand: SpyX
    • Manufacturer: MukikiM

    SpyX Night Nocs are stealth binoculars to use for spy play day or night. You can even use the light see up to 25 feet in the dark. Night Nocs are built to withstand your toughest missions with a durable design. Use the switch to move from white to red light for stealth mode. Bring a smile to your junior agents face as they complete their next miss... [Read More]

  • SpyX / Spy Recon Watch -8 Function Spy Toy Watch. Extra Functions Include: Led Light, Stopwatch, Alarm, Decoder, Secret Message Paper, Message Capsules, Motion Alarm. for Your spy Gear Collection!

    • UPC: 840685104019
    • ASIN: B00IVOM8IY
    • Brand: SpyX
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: SpyX

    The Spy Recon Watch is an 8 function watch for secret missions day or night. The watch features traditional watch functions like a stop watch, digital display, alarm settings, and world clock, but the special spy features are what makes it a recon watch. This watch is equipped with an LED spot light, motion alarm, and decoder lens. The watch also ... [Read More]

  • Spy Net: Rear View Glasses

    • UPC: 039897187471
    • ASIN: B003AUGR86
    • Brand: Spy Net
    • Manufacturer: Jakks

  • SpyX Recon Set - Includes Night Nocs + Voice Disguiser + Recon Watch + Motion Alarm. Perfect for Your Next Recon Mission and an Awesome Addition for Your spy Gear Collection!

    • UPC: 840685105153
    • ASIN: B00K74KCJS
    • Brand: SpyX
    • Manufacturer: Mukikim

    The SpyX Recon set is the ultimate set for your recon missions. Set includes: Night Nocs (see far away, even in the dark with the attached red or white light) Voice Disguiser (record your voice and play it back "twisted") Recon Watch (8 function spy watch) Micro Motion Alarm (detects motion or vibration) A great start or addtion to any Spy colle... [Read More]

  • Yolyoo Spy Night Vision Goggles, Adjustable Kids LED Night Goggles Flip-Out Lights Green Lens for Racing Bicycling, Skying to Protect Eyes Children's Day Gift

    • UPC: 602016173985
    • ASIN: B07JNLQML9
    • Brand: Yolyoo
    • Manufacturer: Yolyoo

    Features Night vision goggles with flip-out lights. Ergonomic design, wide vision and safety to wear. Adjustable elastic bands for a comfortable fit. Pop out lights that beam a cool blue light in the dark Protect children's eyes when they are playing toy pistol bullets, is dust-proof, windproof, anti-stamping, night lighting Specificat... [Read More]

  • Bedwina Spy Glasses for Kids in Bulk - Pack of 3 Spy Sunglasses with Rear View So You Can See Behind You, for Fun Party Favors, Spy Gear Detective Gadgets Gifts for Boys and Girls

    • UPC: 651074309072
    • ASIN: B07CSDXH6G
    • Brand: Bedwina
    • Manufacturer: Bedwina

    Are your kids ready to go undercover and have an Amazing spy party!? Create an amazing experience for your kids that will be a lot of fun and never forget with Bedwina Spy Glasses in bulk. Each order of Bedwina spy sunglasses includes 3 pairs of spy sunglasses that feature mirrored outer edges which reflect what is in your rear view. The frames ar... [Read More]

  • SpyX / Micro Super Ear - Spy Toy Listening Device with Over-the-Ear Design. A Perfect hands free addition for your spy gear collection!

    • UPC: 840685101254
    • ASIN: B00K74K4J6
    • Brand: SpyX
    • Manufacturer: Mukikim

    The SpyX Micro Super Ear is a listening device to add to your collection of must-have spy toys. The over-the-ear 'Bluetooth' loop design makes for comfortable hands free spying. This toy is sure to entertain your junior spy for hours at a time with endless possibilities. SpyX provides junior agents with all of the gadgets needed to spy like a pro... [Read More]

  • SpyX X Roll-in Voice Bomb Recorder with Motion Alarm Toy

    • UPC: 840685105252
    • ASIN: B01IKE8SHE
    • Brand: SpyX
    • Manufacturer: Mukikim

    SpyX Roll In Voice Bomb to scare away the intruder. Record up to 10 seconds of a secret spy message and roll-in the warning when playing spy with friends. This fun spy toy from SpyX allows junior agents to record a warning message to surprise intruders, or pass on a secret message to friends. Press the record button, speak into the mic, and roll th... [Read More]

  • SpyX / Micro Voice Disguise - Voice Recording Spy Toy - Record Your Voice and Play it Back 'Twisted'. Perfect addition for your spy gear collection!

    • UPC: 840685100554
    • ASIN: B00K74K176
    • Brand: SpyX
    • Manufacturer: Mukikim

    The SpyX Micro Voice Disguise is the number one selling SpyX item in the 'micro' category. Use the voice disguiser to record your secret messages and play them back twisted. Play your message back fast, slow, or both! Leave fellow junior agents secret messages while keeping your voice disguised. An easy to use simple two button design makes this a ... [Read More]

  • Melissa & Doug Spy Role Play Costume Set

    • UPC: 000772085182
    • ASIN: B01B1UWR3K
    • Brand: Melissa & Doug
    • Manufacturer: Melissa and Doug

    Super sleuths will find everything they need to be sly spies on top secret assignment with this undercover role play set! The costume includes a black trench coat and fedora hat, made with high quality fabric and sturdily constructed, sized to fit ages five to eight. Rear-view sunglasses add a cool touch while allowing detectives to see what’s ha... [Read More]

  • Spy Gear - Spy Go Action Camera

    • UPC: 778988197189
    • ASIN: B019K8JVTI
    • Brand: Spy Gear
    • Size: 1.5"
    • Manufacturer: Spin Master

    Capture amazing footage anywhere your spy adventures take you with the Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera! Clip this portable surveillance camera anywhere — from other Spy Gear toys, to a head mount, and even to your bike! The Spy Go Action Camera captures hands-free images and video in 3 different modes: burst mode capture, single frame capture, and ... [Read More]

  • Spy Gear - Night Goggles

    • UPC: 764999706304
    • ASIN: B00D6N8U6E
    • Brand: Spy Gear
    • Manufacturer: Spin Master

    Now Secret Agent’s can see in the dark with Spy Gear Night Goggles! These vision-enhancing goggles use a combination of lights and lenses to deliver visibility in the darkest of conditions. Navigate at night as you’re guided by blue LED light and flip out the sighting scope and 2X-magnifying lens for distant night sight. Become a real Secret Ag... [Read More]

  • Kids Binoculars Explorer Kit for Children - Toy Set With Magnifying Glass, Flashlight, Backpack , Whistle, Compass in Washable backpack - Outdoor Exploration Kits, Camping & Spy Gear for Boys Girl

    • ASIN: B07B87MW3X
    • Brand: Smartstoy
    • Manufacturer: Smarts

    Adventure Kit for Girls and Boys. Our Kids Toys are engaging and fun for young minds. Kids Toys -Outdoor Explorer Kit: Science Kits for Kids with Toy Binoculars Start backyard exploration with binoculars for kids, magnifying glasses, flashlights, whistles inside a carrying bag: Great spy gear, detective kit, camping gear, and survival tools for ca... [Read More]

  • Hot New SPY GEAR Toys Coming in 2017, Ninja Blow Gun, Ninja Transforming Sword and More!

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    SPY GEAR: Quest for the GOLDEN EGG! Spike Mic, Video Glasses, Spy Pen