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  • Chemical Guys CWS61964 Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish Car Wash Soap (64 oz - 1/2 Gallon)

    • UPC: 811339028968
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: 64 fl. Oz (Half Gallon)
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    Black light car wash soap is the perfect Shampoo for cleaning and enhancing black and dark colored vehicles. The advanced auto wash takes shine to new levels of depth and clarity. Black light car wash soap produces thick, slick, and rich foam that lasts through an entire car wash. The Super high suds wash safely removes dirt, grime, and road Film f... [read more]

  • Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit 144 Ounces. Aircraft Quality for Your Car, RV, Boat, Motorcycle. The Best Wash Wax. Anywhere, Anytime, Home, Office, School, Garage, Parking Lots.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Aero Cosmetics
    • Size: 144 oz.
    • Manufacturer: Aero Cosmetics

    PLEASE NOTE: Wash Wax ALL is a cleaner protector. It IS formulated to clean and protect the finish. Wax is not for restoring shine to a dull finish. Wax is to protect and enhance the shine that you have. To restore shine you need to use a polish. Polish has a very fine abrasive (wax has no abrasives) in it that removes fine scratches and oxidized p... [read more]

  • Meguiar's G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash - 1 gallon

    • UPC: 070382013080
    • Brand: MEGUIAR'S
    • Size: 128 oz.
    • Manufacturer: Meguiar's

    Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner is a rich and luxurious car wash designed to both clean and condition paint in one easy step. The premium formula gently foams away tough dirt, road grime & contaminants without compromising wax protection. Ultra-rich paint conditioners clear away debris to reveal color and clarity, leaving pain... [read more]

  • MEGUIAR'S G7164 Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner, 64. Fluid_Ounces

    • UPC: 782386108425
    • Brand: MEGUIAR'S
    • Size: 64 Fluid ounces
    • Manufacturer: MEGUIARS WAX

    Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner cleans and conditions your paint in just one step. Our rich and luxurious formula features foaming and sudsing action that gently washes away tough dirt, road grime and contaminants without compromising wax protection. Premium paint conditioners reveal color and clarity and leave your paint fi... [read more]

  • Mothers 05632 California Gold Car Wash - 32 oz.

    • UPC: 078175056320
    • Brand: Mothers
    • Size: 32 oz.
    • Manufacturer: MOTHERS

    We created Car Wash with a careful balance of powerful cleaning and exacting care. Now you can wash your car thoroughly while protecting your wax. It’s not just about bubbles—various dishwashing liquids and “soaps” can harm your wax. Our Car Wash is strong enough to wash away dirt, road film, bugs, bird droppings, airborne pollutants and ot... [read more]

  • Black Magic 120065-4PK Wet Shine Car Wash, 64 oz. (Pack of 4)

    • Brand: Black Magic
    • Size: 64 oz, 4 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Rain-X

    Black Magic Wet Shine Car Wash features an extreme-sudsing formula that is clear coat safe and will not strip protective wax. This wash provides a thick, rich foam that will last throughout an entire car wash to lift away dirt and grime from all of your car's surfaces. The non-streaking formula won't cause swirl marks, and it reduces spots and stre... [read more]

  • Detail King Black Cherry Car Wash Soap with Wax 16oz

    • UPC: 647409557201
    • Brand: Detail King
    • Size: 16 Oz
    • Manufacturer: Detail King

    Black Cherry Car Wash Soap w/Wax is an excellent premium car wash shampoo that will gently remove dirt and grime from painted surfaces while enhancing the vehicles shine & paint protection. This product can be used safely for regular hand washes or even as a prepping product prior to detailing the vehicle.

  • Chemical Guys CWS_402_16 Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Wash Soap and Shampoo (16 oz)

    • UPC: 816276016221
    • Color: pink
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: 16 fl. Oz (Single Unit)
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    Maintaining your vehicle’s protective wax or sealant layer is important. Wax and sealant protect your car from UV rays, water spots, and contamination. Mr. Pink works to maintain your protective wax or sealant layer. The unique washing formula allows dirt, grime, and filth to be washed away while still maintaining your protective layer. Mr. Pink ... [read more]

  • Chemical Guys MIC498 Black Regular Microfiber Wash Mitt

    • UPC: 811339025820
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: Regular
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    The Chemical Guys black chenille microfiber Premium scratch-free wash mitt is extra plush and fluffy, and holds tons of SUDS to make any car wash a fun and safe experience. Microfiber is the best car washing material because it is extra soft, extra absorbent, and helps protect against swirls and scratches. The plush microfiber noodles of the chenil... [read more]

  • Chemical Guys Gap_619_16 Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish Color Enhancer (16 oz)

    • UPC: 816276010441
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: 16 oz
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    The brain child of 3 years of research done by xcdiscount Thailand in conjunction with xcdiscount usa to developing a durable extremely vibrant hybrid finish that would deliver the maximum level of color vibrancy and optical brightness while withstanding the harsh and humid climates of Thailand and the vigorous testing of our OEM and professional u... [read more]

  • Chemical Guys CWS_110_16 Honeydew Snow Foam Car Wash Soap and Cleanser (16 oz)

    • UPC: 816276011493
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: 16 fl. Oz
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    The HoneyDew Snow Foam Premium Hyper Foaming Car Wash is engineered to create millions of tiny close-grouping cleaning bubbles. It can be used as a traditional soap and diluted in a bucket or used with a foam gun, foam lance or foam washer to maximize foam coverage to deliver a thick rich blanket of surface caning snow foam. This foaming car wash e... [read more]

  • Mothers 05674 California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax - 64 oz.

    • UPC: 078175056740
    • Brand: Mothers
    • Size: 64 oz.
    • Manufacturer: MOTHERS

    Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wash and Wax - 64 ounce is the quick and easy way to clean, shine and protect your paint. Used between regular waxing, Carnauba wash and wax easily dissolves and removes stubborn road grime and dirt, all while boosting your existing wax. It helps in giving that "just waxed" look and feel. It is powerful, super-sudsy... [read more]

  • CarGuys Plastic Restorer - The Ultimate Solution for Bringing Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic Back to Life! - 8 oz Kit

    • UPC: 762952133587
    • Brand: CarGuys
    • Manufacturer: CarGuys

    - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Car Guys Plastic Restorer -QUESTION: Is this only for interior and exterior automotive surfaces?ANSWER: No! This can be used for a variety of applications such as a cars bumper, a jeep or chevy avalanche truck that has tons of plastic, plus your RV or motorcycle! Also has marine applications for things such as the ... [read more]

  • Chemical Guys CWS_301 Citrus Wash and Gloss Concentrated Car Wash (1 Gal)

    • UPC: 816276010267
    • Color: yellow
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: 1 Gal/128 oz
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    This is naturally derived from citrus hyper shampoo and gloss enhancer. This product Dilutes 1 to 4000 of the highest concentration premium wash soap in the world. 1 cap full mixes with 5 gallons of water delivering the finest premium clean surface that shines. It is citrus based high-performance total auto wash and gloss formulated to simply be th... [read more]

  • Chemical Guys HOL203 Black Car Care Kit (9 Items)

    • UPC: 811339023550
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: 64 fl. oz.
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    The Chemical Guys Black Car Kit combines everything needed to maintain the perfect show-winning shine on any black car. Black cars are prized for their distinct luxurious and intimidating look, but keeping them swirl-free is almost a full-time job! The key to a swirl and scratch free finish is proper maintenance and protection. The Black Car Kit co... [read more]

  • CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant - Most Advanced Top Coat Polish and Sealer on the Market - Infused with Liquid Carnauba for a Deep Hydrophobic Shine on All Types of Surfaces - 18 Ounce Kit

    • UPC: 762952133495
    • Brand: CarGuys
    • Size: 18 Ounces w/ Towel
    • Manufacturer: CarGuys

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Car Guys Hybrid Wax 18 oz - Complete Detailing Kit includes 1 Microfiber TowelQUESTION: Is this a Carnauba Car Wax, Polish, or Sealant?ANSWER: This product is a full synthetic polymer sealant to replace all the products above. Created with new science and technology to give the deep buttery and beautiful shine of a carn... [read more]

  • Turtle Wax T-472R ICE Car Wash - 48 oz.

    • UPC: 074660304723
    • Brand: Turtle Wax
    • Size: 48 Ounces
    • Manufacturer: Turtle Wax

    Turtle Wax ICE Car Wash consists of an innovative blend of surfactants, lubricating agents, and surface conditioners for the ultimate in car washing performance. ICE Car Wash is made with the finest ingredients that are safe and gentle to even the most sensitive automotive finishes. The ICE Car Wash formula is pH balanced and produces rich, lubrici... [read more]

  • Adam's Car Wash Shampoo - pH Neutral Soap Formula For Safe, Spot Free Cleaning - Thick, Luxurious Foam Suds That Always Rinse Clean - Ultra Slick Formula That Wont Scratch or Leave Water Spots (16 oz)

    • UPC: 794504000009
    • Brand: Adam's Polishes
    • Size: 16 oz
    • Manufacturer: Adam's Polishes

    What makes our car wash soap truly 'the best'? It has to be safe and gentle, but it has to be effective and easy to use. It needs to provide lots of surface lubrication to prevent swirls, but it should also foam to aid in cleaning. We're proud to say that our new Car Shampoo formula delivers on all these needs and more! Our newest formula ever feat... [read more]

  • Chemical Guys CWS20716 Extreme Bodywash & Wax Car Wash Soap with Color Brightening Technology, 16. Fluid_Ounces

    • UPC: 811339028975
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: 16 oz
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    Extreme bodywash and wax is a highly concentrated car wash Shampoo blended with synthetic wax, and gloss enhancers made with color brightening technology. The unique combination of conditioners and synthetic wax breaks down dirt and lubricates the surface to gently guide dirt and grime away, preventing swirls and scratches caused by friction. The p... [read more]

  • Chemical Guys CWS_808 Hybrid V7 Optical Select High Suds Car Wash Soap, 64. Fluid_Ounces

    • UPC: 811339028074
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: 64 fl. Oz (Half Gallon)
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 high gloss car wash soap is an ultra-refined optical select car Shampoo that delivers superior cleaning power and the brilliant shine you've come to expect from Hybrid V7. Use Hybrid V7 car wash soap to clean any car, truck, motorcycle, RV, airplane, or helicopter. Enthusiasts and detailers All over the world have come to lo... [read more]

  • Best Car Soap For Black Cars? - Amazing Results!

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