Best Items To Sell In A Vending Machine! ( My Best Sellers! )

Best Selling Vending Machine Snacks on February 2020 Shopping Deals at

  • Grandma's Sandwich Cookies, Vanilla Creme Minis, 2.12 Ounce (Pack of 60)

    • UPC: 028400450966
    • Brand: Grandma's
    • Size: Mini Cookies
    • Manufacturer: Grandma's

    GRANDMA'S Mini Vanilla Creme Cookies in bulk are a delicious combination of great taste and good fun baked into one great snack. A little something special from GRANDMA'S.

  • Knott's Berry Farm Strawberry Shortbread Cookies - 36 ct.

    • UPC: 696464094190
    • Brand: Knott's Berry Farm
    • Manufacturer: Knott's Berry Farm

    In 1920, Walter and Cordelia Knott began selling fresh produce, berries and preserves from a roadside berry stand in Buena Park, California. The farm became an amusement park that delights millions. The Knott family is pleased to extend their tradition of quality to include premium shortbread cookies. Richly flavorful, these classic favorites are p... [read more]

  • Nabisco Classic Cookie & Cracker Variety Packs - 40 Individual Snack Packs

    • Brand: Nabisco
    • Size: 40 packs
    • Manufacturer: Mondelēz Global LLC

    Mix of MinisMake your next party a hit with the Nabisco Classic Mix Variety Pack, which includes mini versions of party favorites that will please guests of any age. This assortment of sweet and savory snacks contains 20 individual packs: 5 each of Oreo Mini, Nutter Butter Bites, Mini Chips Ahoy!, and Ritz Bits Cheese. Each individually sealed ... [read more]

  • Cheez-It Baked Snack Cheese Crackers, Original, Single Serve, 1.5 Oz Pack of 36

    • UPC: 024100122363
    • Color: Na
    • Brand: Cheez-It
    • Size: 36 Count
    • Manufacturer: Cheez-It

    Make snack time more fun with Cheez-It Original Baked Snack Crackers—bite-size cheese crackers that are baked to crispy perfection. Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers are the real deal—made with 100% real cheese that's been carefully aged for a yummy, irresistible taste. Each perfect square crisp is loaded with bold, cheesy flavor that hits your ta... [read more]

  • Simply Chex Snack Mix, Strawberry Yogurt, 60Count

    • Brand: Chex Mix
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Simply Chex Strawberry Yogurt

    Whole Wheat - First Ingredient. Whole grain Chex cereal pieces with a great tasting strawberry and yogurt flavoring. Contains 70% less fat than regular potato chips.  1 oz equivalent grain.

  • Frito-Lay Party Mix Variety Pack, 40 Count

    • Brand: Frito Lay
    • Size: Party Mix
    • Manufacturer: Frito-Lay (Retail Selection)

    Frito-Lay Party Mix Variety Pack, 40 Count

  • Gardetto's Original Recipe Snack Mix 1.75 oz. (42 ct.)

    • UPC: 732976287443
    • Brand: Europe Standard
    • Manufacturer: Europe Standard

    The Gardetto Family Bakery, founded by Baptiste Gardetto in 1932, specialized in baking Italian-style bread and breadsticks. After trimming the breadsticks to the perfect length, two small ends remained. Judy Gardetto took the small end pieces, added other tasty snack bits and he own blend of special seasonings, and created a very special snack mix... [read more]

  • Quaker Baked Cheddar Snack Mix, 1.75 oz Bags (Pack of 40) (Packaging May Vary)

    • Brand: Quaker
    • Size: Pack of 40
    • Manufacturer: Frito-Lay (Retail Selection)

    Quaker Baked Cheddar Snack Mix, 40 Count, 1.75 oz Bags

  • Duchess Honey Buns - 12/ 3 oz.

    • UPC: 773821423999
    • Brand: Duchess
    • Manufacturer: Duchess

    A classic favorite, Duchess Honey Buns are perfect for lunches and snacks.

  • Planters Nuts Variety Pack (1.75oz, Pack of 24)

    • UPC: 689128712509
    • Color: Na
    • Brand: Planters
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: KraftHeinz

    Try all three of these famously fresh tasting Planters nuts. Expertly roasted and individually packaged, perfect for when you're on the go. Contains 6 Salted Cashews 6 Honey Roasted Peanuts 12 Salted Peanuts

  • Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels Variety Pack, 4 Flavors, 36 Individual Snack Bags

    • UPC: 077975092217
    • Brand: Snyder's of Hanover
    • Size: 1.5 Ounce (Pack of 36)
    • Manufacturer: Snyder's of Hanover

    All of your favorite Snyder's of Hanover pretzels in one convenient 36 count pantry pack. This variety pack includes 9 bags of 1.5 ounce Mini Pretzels, 9 bags of 1.5 ounce Sourdough Nibblers, 9 bags of 1.5 ounce Pretzel Sticks and 9 bags of 2.25 ounce Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Pieces. Each bag is a great single-serve pack for convenient snack... [read more]

  • DAVID Roasted and Salted Original Sunflower Seeds, 1.625 oz, 12 Pack

    • UPC: 026200772349
    • Brand: DAVID Seeds
    • Size: Pack of 12
    • Manufacturer: ConAgra Foods Sales, Inc.

    Grab a pack of DAVID Original Sunflower Seeds for a satisfying snack to help you stay in the game when every minute counts. DAVID Seeds offer a delicious, and crunchy bite on the go. Each 1.625 oz Pack contains about 1 serving, with 140 calories, 6 grams of protein, and 2 grams of fiber, as well as 8% of your daily allowance of Vitamin E, 20% of ph... [read more]

  • Andy Capp's Hot Fries, 0.85 oz, 72 Pack

    • UPC: 026200471679
    • Brand: Andy Capp's
    • Size: 0.85 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Andy Capp

    Treat your taste buds to a heaping helping of nostalgia with Andy Capp's Hot Fries. Andy Capp's Hot Fries pack a powerful punch and flavorful kick with every bite. Switch up your snack routine with the snack that looks like a fry and crunches like a chip. Spicy but not too hot, Andy Capp's Hot Fries turn up the heat just enough. Road trips and dorm... [read more]

  • Cookies, Chips & Candies Ultimate Snacks Care Package Bulk Variety Pack Bundle Sampler (50 Count)

    • UPC: 750408347824
    • Brand: Snack Chest
    • Size: 50 Count
    • Manufacturer: Snack Chest

    Snack Chest Crafted With Love. Assortment Includes: 4 Air Heads (0.55 oz), 2 Varieties: Cheez It (1.5 oz), 1 Chex Mix (1.75 oz), 1 Goldfish Original (1 oz), 4 Grandmas Cookies (2.5 oz), 5 Keebler Mix 5 (1 oz), 6 Lance Crackers (1.52 oz), 1 M&M Cookies (1.6 oz), 4 Planters Peanuts (1 oz), 4 Quaker Chewy Bars (0.78 oz), 4 Rice Krispies (0.78 oz), 5 W... [read more]

  • Ultimate Snack Care Package, Variety Assortment of Chips, Cookies, Crackers & More, 40 Count

    • UPC: 023165424108
    • Color: Favorites Mix
    • Brand: Frito Lay
    • Size: 40 Count
    • Manufacturer: Frito-Lay (Retail Selection)

    Each box is filled with an assortment of crave-worthy items that address any craving. The snack care package includes the following assortment:(4) 1 oz. Bags of lay’s bbq potato chips, (4) 1 oz. Bags of Doritos nacho cheese tortilla chips, (2) 1 oz. Bags of Cheetos crunchy, (2).75 oz bags of funyuns onion flavored rings, (2) 1 oz. Bags of rold go... [read more]

  • Kar's Sweet 'n Salty Trail Mix, 2-oz, 30 Count

    • UPC: 745352117272
    • Brand: Kar's
    • Size: 30 Count
    • Manufacturer: by Kar's Nuts

    Kar's Sweet 'n Salty Mix is a delicious way to satisfy the craving for sweet and salty snacks with just one bag. Enjoy this delicious snack at home, work, school or anywhere.

  • Jack Link's Beef Jerky Variety, 1.25 oz, (9 count)

    • UPC: 017082878007
    • Brand: Jack Links
    • Size: 9 Count (Pack of 1)
    • Manufacturer: Link Snacks

    This pack contains nine 1.25-ounce bags of beef jerky snack packs, five Original and four Teriyaki flavor, made to satisfy the strongest meat-seeking urges. It's a great snack choice that's 96% fat-free and contains no added MSG. Every great adventure needs great snacks to keep it going, and that's why you need smoky and bold-tasting Jack Link's je... [read more]

  • Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, Variety Pack, 58 Bars

    • Brand: Quaker
    • Size: 58 Count
    • Manufacturer: QTG Products

    Quaker chewy granola bars contain 8 grams of whole grain and have no high-fructose corn syrup, making these granola bars a tasty treat. The Chewy variety pack includes 22 chocolate chip, 22 peanut butter chocolate chip, and 14 oatmeal raisin granola bars. These granola bars are individually wrapped for you to enjoy at home, at school, or on the go.... [read more]

  • Sweet & Salty Snacks Variety Box, Mix of Cookies, Crackers, Chips & Nuts, 50 Count

    • Color: Sweet & Salty
    • Brand: Frito Lay
    • Size: 50 Count
    • Manufacturer: Frito-Lay (Retail Selection)

    Bundle Includes: 3 Lay’s Classic Potato Chips – 1 Ounce., 3 Lay’s BBQ Flavored Potato Chips – 1 Ounce, 3 Fritos Original Corn Chips – 1 Ounce, 3 SunChips Harvest Cheddar Flavored Multigrain Snacks – 1 Ounce, 6 Rold Gold Tiny Twists Pretzels – 1 Ounce, 6 Munchies Peanut Butter on Cheese Crackers – 1.42 Ounce, 6 Munchies Peanut Butter... [read more]

  • Smartfood White Cheddar Flavored Popcorn, 0.625 Ounce, 40 Count

    • UPC: 028400641111
    • Color: White Cheddar
    • Brand: Smartfood
    • Size: 40 Count (Pack of 1)
    • Manufacturer: Frito-Lay (Retail Selection)

    Smartfood White Cheddar Flavored Popcorn, .625 Ounce (40 Count)

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