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  • Seven Days: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel

    • ASIN: B07PTBTG4K

    THE WORLD HAS ENDED. BUT A FATHER'S LOVE ENDURES.When the guns went silent and the last bombs were dropped, billions were lost and the world had become unrecognizable.Nine years later, Reid Flynn and his eight-year-old daughter, Hannah, live a protected life behind the walls and rules of their small hamlet, Deliverance. Life is hard there but safe.... [Read More]

  • Daughter of Babylon, Book 1: California

    • ASIN: B07R9WJ81Q

    Flames will destroy. Planes will fall from the sky. Bombs will detonate. And that’s just the first day.Katie and Zach Nelson are looking forward to celebrating their anniversary with a relaxing camping trip on the California coast. But terrorists have other plans for the weekend. Like torching the place.When Katie and Zach scramble to evacuate, t... [Read More]

  • Daughter of Babylon, Book 2: New York

    • ASIN: B07SC4DVVP

    Raging infernos. Widespread destruction. Nuclear disaster. And that’s just the first weekend.As the United States reels from a devastating attack on California, terrorists move ahead with their next strike to trigger the American apocalypse. New York is ground zero.Katie and Zach, who spent Saturday fleeing the fires, now spend Sunday running fro... [Read More]

  • After the End Trilogy: The Complete Post-Apocalyptic Box Set

    • ASIN: B07V8HG6KK

    Land of the free. Home of the brave.This is America. After the apocalypse.After the End.The world you love has fallen apart. What will you become?Who will you blame?And who can you trust?Follow the adventures of Eda Becker as she navigates her way through the ruins of a ravaged, post-nuclear superpower.   After the End Trilogy features thr... [Read More]

  • The Outside - A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (Ravaged Land: Eventuality Book 2)

    • ASIN: B07V7BDTC6

    They’d been lied to for their entire lives.There was life beyond the wall.The outside wasn’t anything like Sadie and the rest of the city had been told. It was a vast overgrown jungle, but it wasn’t the land of death and destruction they’d been warned about.However, it wasn’t long before Sadie found out that there was some truth buried w... [Read More]

  • Apocalypse Coming: A Novel of Tribulation and Survival: The Tears of Ephraim, Book 1

    • Manufacturer: BACD Publishing LLC

    "For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now-and never to be equaled again. If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive..." Part of the West Coast is trying to recover from a series of devastating earthquakes. This caused a record drop in the stock market, and due to a national debt of o... [Read More]

  • Post Apocalyptic: Beginnings (A First-in-Series Post-Apocalyptic Boxed Set)


    The fall of humanity is just the beginning of their story...Get the Post Apocalyptic Beginnings Boxed Set featuring four first-in-series books and over 900 pages of suspense filled, character driven, post-apocalyptic action. Book 1 - Last Another DayTrapped in the shower by her undead husband, Morgan prays for rescue but quickly realizes she's on ... [Read More]

  • Broken World: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Novel

    • ASIN: B00LHYIPY6
    • Manufacturer: Twisted Press, LLC

    Follow a group of survivors on a journey that spans eleven books and twenty years as they search for safety in a world overrun by the dead...When a deadly virus sweeps the country, Vivian sets out for California in hopes of seeing the daughter she gave up for adoption. Then her car breaks down and she’s faced with a choice: give up or accept a ri... [Read More]

  • The Forgotten (Their Champion Companion Novel Book 1)

    • ASIN: B07PVS8545

    The rules of Paradise are simple:Everyone must work. Everyone must contribute. If you leave, you may never come back. Paradise is the new world, to question that is to question the law. They have been drilled into us since the world ended and those bunker doors shut.So why can’t I stop dreaming of more?With my eighteenth birthday and the selectio... [Read More]

  • Outliers: A Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Novel (The Outliers Saga Book 1)

    • ASIN: B079DFGC5B
    • Manufacturer: Twisted Press, LLC

    Winner in the 2018 Kindle Books Awards for Sci-Fi/Fantasy FictionB.R.A.G.Medallion HonoreeFinalist in the 2018 Wishing Shelf Book Awards For Adult FictionTop 10 Finalist in the Author Academy Awards for Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fiction"Fear is normal, Indra, it is what you do with that fear that determines if you are strong or weak." In the dusty ruins of th... [Read More]

  • No Safe Haven: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (A Last Sanctuary Novel)

    • ASIN: B07FJL7TVL
    • Manufacturer: Paper Moon Press

    Run to save your life--or stay and fightfor what's yours... Isolated at her family's wildlife refuge in northern Georgia, Raven longs toescape. Instead, she spends her days shoveling manure for bears andwolves--until her father contracts the deadly Hydra virus.  Desperate to help him, Raven journeys into town to get medicine, only todiscover the... [Read More]

  • The Wall - A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (Ravaged Land: Eventuality Book 1)

    • ASIN: B07SGZ8RVF

    For over a hundred years they've been told there is nothing beyond the wall but death and despair.And no one has wanted to leave... until now.Sadie Keane struggled daily with the laws that have been put in place since the wall was built. Unfortunately, as a sworn officer of the law, not to mention the president of the city's daughter, she has no c... [Read More]

  • Ravaged Land - A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (The Ravaged Land Series Book 1)

    • ASIN: B019H2K15K

    When the storms hit, people died. Ros and her friends were among the lucky few to survive. They were safe underground but when the way clears for them to return, will they survive the new world that is waiting for them?Supplies.Shelter.Survival.Those who lived will have to fight for their lives. Kindness does not exist.Book 2 in The Ravaged Land... [Read More]

  • Kimberling Bridge: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel

    • ASIN: B07SLCJ6TV
    • Manufacturer: Whistle Creek Press

    An electromagnetic pulse attack has disabled all communications and most transportation in the American Midwest. Societal chaos has ensued. Gangs of murderous bikers raid all sources of food, gas, and other supplies in an effort to dominate what remains of humanity. William, an embittered survivor of the madness, encounters a young girl who needs h... [Read More]

  • The Loudest Silence: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Novel: Oklahoma Wastelands, Book 1

    • ASIN: B07S58CSLB
    • Manufacturer: Twisted Press, LLC

    From the author of the Amazon best-selling Broken World series comes an exciting new zombie apocalypse series.... When Regan was a young girl living in the small town of Altus, OK, Kellan was just her brother's best friend. Then the virus came, turning the world's population into zombies, and he became so much more. They were only kids, but he save... [Read More]

  • Something To Fight For: A Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Novel: Book 5

    • Manufacturer: PHALANX PRESS

    With 600 five star reviews and over 70,000 sold. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot continues the fight!Home was supposed to be the endgame, but the Nation they came home to, is not the way they left it. Brad and the team find themselves quickly switching gears to embark on a greater mission, one that could cure the Primal virus. Loyalties are divided, new all... [Read More]

  • The Dead Boy

    • ASIN: B017PIVUG2
    • Manufacturer: Dark Fable Books

    Kurt William O'Dell is a dangerous man. He has the power to tell people to do what he wants, and what he wants is for the world to burn. Alone, O'Dell doesn't possess the strength to control the whole world. To do that, he takes children with powers like his and changes them. Most serve him. One, George Farnham, will not.Only George is strong enoug... [Read More]

  • Slow Burn Box Set: The Complete Post Apocalyptic Series (Books 1-9)

    • ASIN: B07VCZH8BP
    • Manufacturer: Beezle Media, LLC

    More than a million sold. Over 7,000 5-star reviews. Now in one special box set, including Null Spot, a brand new Slow Burn novella.It was one lucky mutation, lucky for the virus, that is. Unlucky for us. Of course, we weren't prepared for it. How does anyone prepare for a disease that can drive an entire species into extinction?By the time it was ... [Read More]

  • Zero Hour: Book 1 in the Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series: (Zero Hour - Book 1)

    • ASIN: B07G25MT5L
    • Manufacturer: Muonic Press Inc

    A devastating attack. A family separated. A desperate struggle to survive.Jackson Block is trapped far from his family and those he loves when a rogue state unleashes a devastating attack on the United States. To reunite with his loved ones he must fight through streets that have turned into a war zone as survivors and government agents alike threa... [Read More]

  • Ash: A novella in the Wheels and Zombies series

    • ASIN: B01AF2XR2A
    • Manufacturer: 42Links

    The first book in a thrilling series.Facing the zombie apocalypse in a wheelchair might prove a challenge to others. For thirteen-year-old Ash, it's just another fight for her life.When feeling deserted and alone with the knowledge that your days are pretty much numbered, you might decide not to be pushed around anymore. But stuck in a wheelcha... [Read More]

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