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  • Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

    • UPC: 799443649036
    • Brand: WEISHI
    • Manufacturer: WEISHI

    Simple quick and safe blade replacement.This razor uses the "butterfly" opening mechanism to quickly change blades. You simply twist the knob to open, insert the new blade then close to firmly secure the blade. Use standard double edge blades. This is a beautiful safety razor for either your own use or a gift! Pakage contents: 1 x WEISHI Long Handl... [Read More]

  • Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades ,100 Blades (20 x 5)

    • UPC: 883887205580
    • ASIN: B001QY8QXM
    • Brand: Astra
    • Size: 1-Count
    • Manufacturer: Beauty Exchange LLC

    ASTRA stainless double edge blades fit all double edge razors. ASTRA blades are made from the highest quality steel. Each ASTRA blade provides unsurpassed quality, smoothness and durability for a long lasting, smooth shave.

  • Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

    • UPC: 749447356096
    • ASIN: B00374F5CY
    • Brand: Merkur
    • Size: razor
    • Manufacturer: Dovo

    4" overall. 1 1/2" double edge shaving head. Chrome plated construction with knurled handle. Comes with one replaceable blade. Weighs approximately 2.3 oz.

  • VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor (Neutrally Aggressive)

    • UPC: 635682602008
    • ASIN: B011L8WJIA
    • Brand: Vikings Blade
    • Size: Chieftain (Standard)
    • Manufacturer: Vikings Blade

    Your Ultimate Shaving Set 1. The legendary Chieftain safety razor, endorsed by the Vikings of Valhalla 2. A luxury leatherette and suede case + a mirror for the nomadic Vikings 3. A complimentary set of American-made platinum-coated trainer blades to get you started safely 4. An easy-to-follow instruction leaflet for the eager beginners 5. Unl... [Read More]

  • Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor - Butterfly Open Razor with 10 Japanese Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor Blades - Close, Clean Shaving Razor for Men.

    • UPC: 850007205034
    • ASIN: B07Q2DJ921
    • Brand: Shaving Revolution
    • Manufacturer: Viking Revolution

    Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor - Butterfly Open - Includes 10 blades

  • Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor with Heavy Duty Short Handle

    • UPC: 793379294469
    • ASIN: B002A8JO1Q
    • Brand: Merkur
    • Manufacturer: Merkur-Razor

    This razor uses all standard double edge blades for a close and comfortable shave and features a twist-to-open design.

  • Feather Double Edge Blades, 50 Count

    • UPC: 890417716638
    • ASIN: B00AGG3MNU
    • Brand: Feather
    • Size: 50 Count
    • Manufacturer: Derby International LLC, dba KANAR

    Outstanding longevity retains sharpness and smoothness for many shaves. Hi stainless platinum coated blades. Highest quality Japanese blades made to fit different double edge safety razors. Extremely sharp, smooth and comfortable.

  • VIKINGS BLADE The Crusader Adjustable Safety Razor (Frosted Chrome)

    • ASIN: B07NVH5DKW
    • Brand: Vikings Blade
    • Size: Crusader (Standard)
    • Manufacturer: Vikings Blade

    2018.07 NEW RELEASE from Vikings Blade Our most advanced heavy-weight razor with an Asymmetrical + Adjustable head. Razor is made from brass. Bottom plate is made from rose gold plated zinc. Internal adjustment mechanism is made from heavy duty stainless steel. The hardcore Crusader has a continuous adjustment band with no numbers or pointer, aimi... [Read More]

  • Parker's Double Edge Safety Razor Blades,100 Count (20 x 5), Premium Platinum Razor Blades with Platinum, Tungsten and Chromium Coated Edges

    • UPC: 648620582966
    • ASIN: B07CGMTVM4
    • Brand: Parker Safety Razor

    For over 45 years, Parker Safety Razor has defined wet shaving. Our NEW Parker Premium Double Edge Razor Blades are honed to precise specifications before the edges are plated with a Platinum-Tungsten-Chromium Polymer. These blades are precisely honed on German made machinery. Only Swedish Steel manufactured by Sandvik, Sweden's premier steel manuf... [Read More]

  • Double Edge Razor Blades - Men´s Safety Razor Blades for Shaving - Platinum Japanese Stainless Steel Double Razor Shaving Blades for Men for a Smooth, Precise and Clean Shave - 50 Count

    • UPC: 850007205058
    • ASIN: B07Q1JNPRH
    • Brand: Shaving Revolution
    • Manufacturer: Viking Revolution

    Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades - Stainless Steel - 50 Count

  • Double Edge Safety Razor with Long Natural Bamboo Handle | Safety Razor Wood | Eco Friendly | For Men or For Women | Sustainable and Durable | Saftey Razor | Bambaw

    • ASIN: B079VJSFCK
    • Brand: Bambaw
    • Manufacturer: Bambaw

    Experience a better shave, for you and the environment! We have appreciated the convenience of "disposable" plastic razors since 1974 when they were first introduced. However, they are not, and never have been, recyclable or biodegradable. We were sucked in with convenience but forgot about our impact on the earth we live in. Bambaw' s double edg... [Read More]

  • Merkur Futur MK 23C Long-Handled Traditional Double Edge Safety Razor - Excellent Comfort, Control, and Design - 4.2 Inches, Chrome Finish

    • UPC: 749447356096
    • ASIN: B000NL0T1G
    • Brand: merkur
    • Manufacturer: Merkur

    Merkur Futur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor is the razor for man-sized hands. With its long handle that is four inches long, you will be given a comfortable and safe grip. Its double edge feature provides the perfect shade with the perfect blade for a clean, nice shave. The 23C razor gives an excellent design with its chrome finish.Merkur Futur is am... [Read More]

  • VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Double Edge Safety Razor (Gentle & Mild)

    • UPC: 641361983238
    • ASIN: B019QLSRT4
    • Brand: Vikings Blade
    • Manufacturer: Vikings Blade

    In continuation with our family tradition of making high end shaving products at an affordable price, here is another brand new release from Vikings Blade: the Godfather safety razor. Please check out reviews from other Vikings Blade products to see what others are saying about us. Ahoy, fellow Viking! Welcome to the elusive world of real men! Man... [Read More]

  • Merkur Super Platinum Blades for All Standard Double Edge Safety Razors, 3 ct.

    • UPC: 065946007797
    • ASIN: B01M712V20
    • Brand: Merkur
    • Manufacturer: Merkur

    MERKUR's double-edge safety blades are not only long-lasting, they're very forgiving, too. With this set, you get 3 packages of 10 super platinum blades for a total of 30 razors overall. Each blade is individually wax-paper wrapped. Just some of the popular safety razors your double platinum razors will fit into include: MERKUR, parker, Edwin Jagge... [Read More]

  • Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Heather, Long Handle, 5 blades

    • UPC: 794168597990
    • ASIN: B00K6Z1R60
    • Brand: Edwin Jagger
    • Size: Long
    • Manufacturer: Edwin Jagger Limited

    Heather is the perfect ladies double edged safety razor; including 5 DE blades to get you started, this genuine Edwin Jagger razor comes with a product registration card for authenticity. Edwin Jagger is a leading, English manufacturer of wet shaving accessories. This fabulous, Amazon exclusive, traditional double edge safety razor has the latest p... [Read More]

  • VIKINGS BLADE Swedish Steel Replacement Razor Blades, 50 Count (9 to 12 months supply), Mild & Safe

    • UPC: 641361983412
    • ASIN: B073F55BLC
    • Brand: Vikings Blade
    • Manufacturer: Vikings Blade

    Due to overwhelming demand, Vikings Blade has finally decided to sell our own in-house mild profile blades independently. Please read the bullet points to see if these are suitable for your needs.

  • VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain JR Double Edge Safety Razor, Meteorite Gray (Slim & Mild)

    • ASIN: B07QN6M3NZ
    • Brand: Vikings Blade
    • Manufacturer: Vikings Blade

    Starter-friendly sibling of the legendary Chieftain safety razor. Constructed from brass, the Chieftain JR Junior is a budget-friendly & raw barebone razor without sacrificing quality. It retains Vikings Blade's signature BBS shave and super tight quality control. Does not come with blades, please purchase sample blades separately.

  • Feather Styling Razor Disposal Case

    • ASIN: B00DWGEY1K
    • Brand: Feather
    • Manufacturer: Derby International LLC, dba KANAR

    Blade disposable case.

  • 100 Feather Razor Blades NEW Hi-stainless Double Edge

    • UPC: 885177869472
    • ASIN: B004RWTQTS
    • Brand: Feather
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Feather

    FEATHER is a renowned razor blade manufacturer with over 80 years of blade making history. FEATHER Hi Stainless steel platinum coated double edge razor blade is one of the finest blade in the world manufactured in Japan under strict quality control procedures. FEATHER has developed the perfect cutting blade angle on a high quality stainless steel t... [Read More]

  • BAILI Classic Long Handle Wet Shaving Stainless Safety Razor Chrome Shaver for Men Women with 5 Platinum+ American Blades, BD191

    • UPC: 611968122392
    • ASIN: B01LZBCC1L
    • Brand: BAILI
    • Manufacturer: WEIDI BAILI

    Manual razors are not only a shaving tool, but also an artwork for special you. Feature: Premium high-end heavy duty ZAMAK Zinc Alloy material. And with a brilliant chrome electroplated finish which provides a noble and elegant look. Traditional razor head offers old school and retro feel. Microcomb system provides extra safety than the old design... [Read More]

  • BEST SHAVING / Razor / BLADE - COMPARISON - find the right one, out of 9

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