Build a Rabbit Hutch Design #2

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  • Aivituvin Cage for Bunny Indoor and Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Wood House for Small Pet Animals with Run - 4 Casters Included

    • ASIN: B07HT53C89
    • Brand: Aivituvin
    • Size: Large
    • Manufacturer: Aivituvin

    Give your furry friends an ideal mix of freedom and security with Aivituvin Quality Rabbit Hutch ● Overall Dimensions of Rabbit Hutch: 39.4"L x 23.6"W x 36.2"H ● Package Weight of Rabbit Hutch: 41lbs Designs and Functions: ● Treated with WATER-BASED paint which is safer for your pet. ● Newly camel and grey trim. ● The box can fit 1-2... [Read More]

  • PawHut 48" 2-Story Elevated Stacked Wooden Rabbit Hutch Small Animal Habitat with Ramp

    • UPC: 842525115834
    • ASIN: B078LZPMKJ
    • Brand: PawHut
    • Manufacturer: Pawhut

    Give your furry friends an ideal mix of freedom and security with our 2-story rabbit playpen hutch from PawHut. Designed with your pet in mind, one side of the enclosed hutch is designed for privacy and rest while the other offers a more open style built for play. The non-slip ramp allows your pets to roam both upstairs and downstairs for ideal com... [Read More]

  • Best Choice Products 2-Story Outdoor Wooden Pet Rabbit Hutch Animal Cage for Backyard, Garden, 48x41in, Brown, with Ladder

    • ASIN: B07HFGLV2P
    • Brand: Best Choice Products
    • Manufacturer: Best Choice Products

    Give little animals a home they can be comfortable in. Designed with a living room for lounging and running area for playing, this rabbit hutch is made to provide a healthy lifestyle for rabbits and other furry critters. The built-in ramp with timber rides keeps them safe from slipping as they walk up to the next level, and with a durable Fir wood ... [Read More]

  • Aivituvin Extra Large Chicken Coop, Rabbit House Wooden Hen House Outdoor Bunny Hutch - Upgrade with Bottom PVC Layer

    • ASIN: B07SKH8BMP
    • Brand: Aivituvin
    • Size: X-Large
    • Manufacturer: Aivituvin

    Give your furry friends an ideal mix of freedom and security with Aivituvin Quality Rabbit Hutch ● Overall Dimensions of Rabbit Hutch: 58"L x 21"W x 34"H ● Package Weight of Rabbit Hutch: 44lbs

  • CO-Z 2 Story Outdoor Wooden Bunny Cage Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig House in Nature Color with Ladder for Small Animals

    • ASIN: B07JHKLKR3
    • Brand: CO-Z
    • Manufacturer: CO-Z

    Give your pets a deluxe and functional home! If you are looking to keep rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens or other small animals in your backyard, try our Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch! With its super sturdy wooden construction and roomy inner space with ladders connecting the two tiers, this pet house is undoubtedly perfect for your pets!... [Read More]

  • PawHut Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch w/Outdoor Run

    • UPC: 799975630038
    • ASIN: B00AWVJ904
    • Brand: PawHut
    • Size: Small
    • Manufacturer: Aosom Direct - Lawn & Garden

    This new model of rabbit hutch from Pawhut is a great new addition to Pawhut's line of quality pet products. Perfect for use with rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals.This great 2-story model features sturdy construction from China Fir wood coated with a water-based preservative to ensure long lasting use whether used indoor or outside in t... [Read More]

  • Tangkula Large Chicken Coop, 58'' Wooden Hen House Outdoor Backyard Garden Bunny Rabbit Hutch with Ventilation Door, Removable Tray & Ramp Chicken Nesting Box (58 inches)

    • ASIN: B07PB85GRB
    • Brand: Tangkula
    • Manufacturer: Tangkula

    DescriptionCrafted of solid fir wood for superior strength and stability, the cage is a perfect shelter for rabbits, chickens, ducks, and other small animals. Made of water-resistant roof and green asphalt composite material, the cage is aimed to give your rabbits and chickens the freedom and comfort. The ladder gives easy access to upper and lower... [Read More]

  • Prevue Hendryx 461 Large Rabbit Hutch

    • UPC: 823951063418
    • ASIN: B004HSQQY0
    • Brand: Prevue Hendryx
    • Size: Large
    • Manufacturer: Prevue Pet Products, Inc.

    Prevue Pet Products Large Rabbit Hutch 461 provides your rabbit with a safe, secure hutch that they will be happy to call home. Crafted from a fine weather-resistant variety of fir tree lumber and coated with a protective, non-toxic stain, this rabbit hutch also features a water-resistant roof made of asphalt shingles and is designed to protect you... [Read More]

  • Lovupet Wooden Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage Wooden Small Animal Habitat w/Tray 4 Doors

    • Brand: Lovupet
    • Size: 48" L
    • Manufacturer: Newacme LLC

    Product Updates in July 2019: Adjusted the direction of bolt for each door, it prevents doors from opening easily to prevent the loss of pets. Features Suitable for raising Rabbits, Chickens, Guinea Pigs, Or Other Small Pet. The top is covered with waterproof asphalt material so it can protect your animals. The roof can be peaked, closed or complet... [Read More]

  • PawHut 62" Outdoor Guinea Pig Pet House/Rabbit Hutch Habitat with Run

    • UPC: 786714076141
    • ASIN: B008CB764C
    • Brand: PawHut
    • Size: 62"
    • Manufacturer: Aosom Direct - Lawn & Garden

    This wonderful rabbit house acts as two distinct structures in one. On one side it has the fenced run that allows the rabbits to enjoy the comfort of the outdoors. A ramp leads into an indoor location that is protected from the elements. This indoor space has a netting bottom and a waste collection area, as well as a nice window to add light. The e... [Read More]

  • PawHut Large Elevated Indoor Outdoor Wooden Rabbit Hutch w/Hinged Asphalt Roof

    • UPC: 842525131247
    • ASIN: B07M9K3DJB
    • Brand: PawHut
    • Manufacturer: Aosom LLC

    Give your small animals a place to call home with the PawHut 1-story Raised Rabbit Hutch. Constructed from solid fir wood with a non-toxic painted finish, this hutch will provide years of use with very little maintenance. The hinged asphalt roof provides protection from the elements, and gives you easy access to the inside. A locking arm keeps the ... [Read More]

  • Merax Rabbit Bunny Hutch House with Black Linoleum Roof, Auburn and White

    • ASIN: B00YBS6MBS
    • Brand: Merax
    • Manufacturer: Merax

    This bunny hutch is idea for bunny use. Capacious living area and running area is a idealized combination for bunny.Made from high quality kiln-dried fir wood with waterproof paint on surface. Heavy duty wire keep your bunnies in and safe from other animals. Give them the chance to be close to grass and nature in a safe way. The tray is removable ... [Read More]

  • PawHut 54" 2-Story Weatherproof Stackable Elevated Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Enclosed Run and Pull-Out Trays

    • UPC: 842525115841
    • ASIN: B078LZ7Q17
    • Brand: PawHut
    • Manufacturer: Pawhut

    This 2-in-1 dual rabbit playpen hutch from PawHut includes a treated wood finish that is both stable and aesthetically pleasing. Designed with your pet in mind, one side of the enclosed hutch is designed for privacy and rest while the other offers a more open style built for play. This rabbit starter kit allows you to separate and house your furry ... [Read More]

  • Lovupet 2 Story Outdoor Wooden Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop Bunny Cage Guinea Pig House with Ladder for Small Animals 0323(Grey)

    • ASIN: B07SJ6RLKX
    • Brand: Lovupet
    • Size: 48"L
    • Manufacturer: Newacme LLC

    Pets deserve our love for all their precious qualities including loyalty, geniality and wisdom.      Lovupet Guinea Pig Cage Bunny Hutch Indoor 2 Stories Outdoor Wooden Rabbit Cage with Ladder for Small Animal Ramp roof design for drainage Two stories which can be used separately or combined with a ramp ladder inside Larger areas of ventil... [Read More]

  • Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cages,Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

    • ASIN: B01LKRMTI2
    • Brand: Petsfit
    • Manufacturer: Xiamen JXD Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd

    Storefront Link: information:Wood: natural cedarPaint: water-based paintOuter dimension:31.5"L x 26"W x 46"HNOTE: KEEP PETS FROM SWALLOWING THE COMPONENTDesigns and Functions:1. Treated with WATER-BASED paint which is safer for your pet.2. Big entrance allows bunny or small dog run in and out.3. Ideal condo for pet... [Read More]

  • PawHut 47" 2-Story Raised Stacked Wooden Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Small Animal Cage with Pull-Out Trays

    • UPC: 842525116039
    • ASIN: B078XBKZ5P
    • Brand: PawHut
    • Manufacturer: Pawhut

    Give your furry friends an ideal mix of freedom and security with this double-decker outdoor rabbit cage from PawHut. This 2 story, stacked habitat is suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals and is crafted from solid fir wood for superior strength and durability. An easy to access ramp connects the two floors together. The rabbit... [Read More]

  • PawHut 48" Weatherproof Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Slant Roof and Screened Outdoor Run

    • UPC: 842525115858
    • ASIN: B078M1YRJJ
    • Brand: PawHut
    • Manufacturer: Pawhut

    This 48" outdoor rabbit cage from PawHut is perfect for use with rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals. This great 2-story rabbit playpen features sturdy construction from Fir wood coated with a water-based preservative to ensure long-lasting use whether used indoors or outside in the elements. This rabbit starter kit hutch has a sturdy ste... [Read More]

  • Tangkula Chicken Coop, Wooden Outdoor Garden Backyard Poultry Cage, Bunny Rabbit Small Animals Hen Cage with Tray, Rabbit Hutch (36''L x 18''W x 28''H)

    • ASIN: B07PQV4XJP
    • Brand: Tangkula
    • Size: 36''L x 18''W x 28''H
    • Manufacturer: Tangkula

    Description: This rabbit house features natural fir wood and wire, beautiful, stable and durable.The slant roof design protect the house from rain and other bad weather. Addition to that, the hinged roof with one locking arms so that can be opened from above conveniently. The tray is easy to pull out for easy cleaning to ensure a neat and comfortab... [Read More]

  • Tangkula 52'' Rabbit Hutch, Outdoor Garden Backyard Poultry House, Wooden Hen House/Wood Chicken Coop, Bunny Rabbit Hutch (Double-Layered)

    • ASIN: B07S4DRX6J
    • Brand: Tangkula
    • Manufacturer: Tangkula

    Description:The 2-floor rabbithutch provide your small animals a dry, warm, safe and healthy lifestyle.Original wood with waterproof paint chicken coop will last long for years inthe outside environment. Metal wire with Zn painted fencing brings animalssufficient ventilation and protect them from outsidepredators and is rust-proof. Thesecoops have ... [Read More]

  • Good Life Two Floors Wooden Outdoor Indoor Bunny Hutch Rabbit Cage with Feeding Trough Guinea Pig Coop PET House for Small Animals Gray & White Color PET548

    • UPC: 611864697635
    • ASIN: B07H2Q7SJZ
    • Brand: GOOD LIFE USA
    • Size: 48" x 19.7" 40"
    • Manufacturer: Not Available

    Here is the most comfortable rabbit hutch for your pet. This is a newer design Rabbit cage with a Feeding Trough. Our wooden house is your best choice. This hutch is similar to a bunk bed as there are two cages stacked on each other. The house includes raised legs to keep it off the ground and makes it much more difficult for any other pests to be... [Read More]

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