Raspberry Pi - How to start programming with Python

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  • Raspberry Pi: 2 Manuscripts: Rasperry Pi A Complete Step By Step Raspberry Pi 3 Programming Guide - Raspberry Pi 3 Projects From Beginner To Master Explained Step By Step (Computer Programming)

    Are you ready to get your complete Raspberry Pi 3 education?With this bundle, you will learn everything there is to know to become a Raspberry Pi 3 MasterGetting a real education can be difficult, when it comes to learn programming. Most books out there do not offer a 360 degrees knowledge and, more often than not, the reader will be left with a se... [read more]

  • Raspberry Pi Cookbook: Software and Hardware Problems and Solutions

    • ISBN: 9781491939109
    • Brand: O Reilly Media
    • Manufacturer: O'Reilly Media

    With millions of new users and several new models, the Raspberry Pi ecosystem continues to expand—along with a lot of new questions about the Pi’s capabilities. The second edition of this popular cookbook provides more than 240 hands-on recipes for running this tiny low-cost computer with Linux, programming it with Python, and hooking up sensor... [read more]

  • Learn to Program Using C++ on the Raspberry Pi: An easy introduction to programming for beginners using Linux and GNU C++

    • ISBN: 0995791813
    • Manufacturer: Nielsen

    An easy introduction to programming for beginners using Linux and GNU C++Over 200 C++ programs for you to try, each illustrating important ideas and techniques.Harness the power of C++ with the GNU Compiler Collection - included with the Raspbian operating system or available to download for Ubuntu users. Super-clean code that runs up to 60 times f... [read more]

  • Darknet: A Beginner's Guide to Staying Anonymous (Penetration testing, Kali Linux) Book 1

    • Manufacturer: Lance Henderson

    Darknet: The ULTIMATE Guide on HOW TO BE ANONYMOUS OnlineWant to surf the web anonymously? Cloak your online activities? I will show you how to become a ghost on the internet, leaving no tracks back to your ISP. This book covers it all! Encrypting your private files, securing your PC, masking your online footsteps, and all while giving you peace of... [read more]

  • Programming in C, C#, C++: 3 Manuscripts - The most comprehensive tutorial about C, C#, C++ from basics to advanced (Programming for Beginners, Coding)

    C - C# - C++ PROGRAMMING 3 BOOKS! Click Add To Cart Now!Do You Want to Become An Expert Of Programming in C, C# and C++ ?? Get this Book and Follow My Step by Step Explanations!This Bundle Contains:C Programming: ultimate step-by-step guide to learning C programming fastC# Programming: step-by-step guide to C# programming for beginnersC++ for Be... [read more]

  • Raspberry Pi: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Take you from Beginner to Expert, Set Up, Programming, Projects For Raspberry Pi 3, Hints, Tips, Tricks and Much More!

    Learn How To Use Raspberry Pi Today With This Easy Step-By-Step Guide! Do you want a guide on Raspberry Pi that takes you from beginner to expert? Do you want to learn about Raspberry Pi in a style and approach that is suitable for you, regardless of your experience?This book not only provides step-by-step coding instructions to some of the basic ... [read more]

  • Learn to Program with Minecraft: Transform Your World with the Power of Python

    • UPC: 689145767025
    • ISBN: 1593276702
    • Brand: Penguin Books
    • Manufacturer: No Starch Press

    You’ve bested creepers, traveled deep into caves, and maybe even gone to The End and back—but have you ever transformed a sword into a magic wand? Built a palace in the blink of an eye? Designed your own color-changing disco dance floor?In Learn to Program with Minecraft®, you’ll do all this and more with the power of Python, a free language... [read more]

  • CSS (with HTML5): Learn CSS in One Day and Learn It Well. CSS for Beginners with Hands-on Project. Includes HTML5. (Learn Coding Fast with Hands-On Project Book 2)

    • Manufacturer: Learn Coding Fast

    Master HTML and CSS with Interactive Exercises and a Unique Hands-On Project. Learn them fast and learn them well.Have you always wanted to learn to build your own website but are afraid it'll be too difficult for you? Or perhaps you are a blogger who wants to tweak your blog's design, without having to spend money on an expensive theme. This book ... [read more]

  • Raspberry Pi 3: Learn How to Create Your Own Projects with Raspberry Pi (raspberry pi 3 model b, raspberry pi model 3, raspberry pi projects, raspberry ... Programming, Raspberry Pi,Tips & Tricks)

    Raspberry Pi 3 Sale price. You will save 66% with this offer. Please hurry up! Learn How to Create Your Own Projects with Raspberry Pi (raspberry pi 3 model b, raspberry pi model 3, raspberry pi projects, raspberry computer) A Raspberry Pi can be one of the most powerful tools in a tinkerer’s arsenal. These inexpensive, palm-sized computers can ... [read more]

  • Raspberry Pi: Step By Step Guide From Beginner To Advanced

    Step By Step Guide From Beginner To AdvancedUpdated VersionHave you ever wanted to discover something new but were unsure of what you could learn that would not only be useful but would challenge your way of thinking? With Raspberry Pi 3, you will have the challenge that you are looking for. Raspberry Pi allows you to work with a wide variety of co... [read more]

  • Raspberry Pi: The Complete Beginner's Guide To Raspberry Pi 3: Learn Raspberry Pi In A Day - A Comprehensive Introduction To The Basics Of Raspberry Pi ... Raspberry Pi Guide, Raspberry Pi 2, Ruby)

    Would You Like To Learn Exactly How To Get Up & Running With Latest Model Of Raspberry Pi? - NOW INCLUDES FREE GIFTS! (see below for details)Are you new to Raspberry Pi and looking for a super-simple, step by step guide that will take you through the basics and get you up and running?If so, this book will provide you with all the information you ne... [read more]

  • Hello World!: Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners

    • UPC: 884352970446
    • ISBN: 1617290920
    • Brand: Brand: Manning Publications
    • Manufacturer: Manning Publications

    SUMMARYA gentle but thorough introduction to the world of computer programming, it is written in language a 12-year-old can follow, but anyone who wants to learn how to program a computer can use it. Even adults. Written by Warren Sande and his son, Carter, and reviewed by professional educators, this book is kid-tested and parent-approved.ABOUT TH... [read more]

  • RASPBERRY PI: Step-By-Step Guide To Mastering Raspberry PI 3 Hardware And Software (Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi Programming, Python Programming, C Programming)

    Second Edition June 8, 2018: Perfectly ProofreadRASPBERRY PI - RASPBERRY PI 3 - RASPBERRY PI FOR BEGINNERS This book is for all those who are willing to build interesting projects with the Raspberry Pi Platform. You can start with this book without any knowledge of programing or electronics or Linux. All of the projects in this book explained ste... [read more]

  • Computer Programming For Beginners: Learn Python Programming and Raspberry Pi 3 Coding For Starting Your Own Projects RIGHT AWAY!

    Do You Want to Master The Python coding language and Raspberry Pi 3?The Python coding language and Raspberry Pi 3 are the perfect options for you to go with if you are just learning how to work with the world of computers and technology. Both of them have been designed for those who are not used to working with programming and technology in the pas... [read more]

  • Coding: Raspberry Pi & Python: Step By Step Guide From Beginner To Advanced: Two Manuscripts In One

    Raspberry & Python 2 books in 1Regular price $5.98 for a limited time $3.99PYTHON PROGRAMMING, STEP BY STEP GUIDE Updated VersionPython and programming in general may seem like very complicated subjects, but there is nothing to worry about because it is actually very easy.In this book, you will learn the following:•What Python is•How to get sta... [read more]

  • DK Workbooks: Coding with Scratch Workbook: An Introduction to Computer Programming

    • ISBN: 1465443924
    • Manufacturer: DK Children

    Perfect for beginner coders ages 6–9, this highly visual workbook builds basic programming skills using Scratch, a free computer coding programming language, and will take kids from browsing to building.DK Workbooks: Coding with Scratch Workbook explains how computer coding works and teaches kids how to complete simple coding actions with clear, ... [read more]

  • Coding: The Bible: 2 Manuscripts - Python and Raspberry PI

    CODINGPYTHON & RASPBERRY PI★★ Buy the Paperback version of this book, and get the Kindle eBook version included for FREE! ★★Do You Want to Become An Expert Of PYTHON AND RASPBERRY PI 3 ?? Get this Book and Follow My Step by Step Explanations! Click Add To Cart Now!PYTHONPython language is widely used all over the globe. Its popularity is ... [read more]

  • Raspberry Pi For Dummies

    • ISBN: 1118904915
    • Brand: imusti
    • Manufacturer: For Dummies

    Master your Raspberry Pi in a flash with this easy-to-follow guide Raspberry Pi For Dummies, 2 Edition is a comprehensive guide to this exciting technology, fully updated to align with the Rev 3 board. Veteran technology authors provide expert insight and guidance that get you up and running fast, allowing you to explore the full capabilities of yo... [read more]

  • Best of Make: Volume 2: 65 Projects and Skill Builders from the Pages of Make:

    • Manufacturer: Maker Media, Inc

    After ten years, Make: has become one of most celebrated magazines to hit the newsstands, and certainly one of the hottest reads. If you're just catching on to the Maker Movement and wonder what you've missed, this book contains the best projects and articles from the magazine. Find out what keeps Makers coming back to Make: with this assortment of... [read more]

  • Raspberry Pi: The Essential Guide On Starting Your Own Raspberry Pi 3 Projects With Ingenious Tips & Tricks! (Computer Programming, Raspberry Pi 3)

    Do you want to start programming but don't know where to start?Then this book is for you! The Raspberry Pi 3 is a minicomputer/microcontroller that allows you to not only learn about programming and technology, but it allows you to become an inventor! It is extremely easy to start irrespective of age or skill level.Raspberry Pi: The Essential Guide... [read more]

  • Raspberry Pi - How to start programming with Python

    Programming Languages for the Raspberry Pi | Lonneke Dikmans

    Raspberry Pi Your first C program