8 Christmas Pranks! Mean Gift Wrapping Ideas and Funny Pranks

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  • Prank Gift Box"Shower Margarita Machine" - Perfect Gag Gift and Funny White Elephant Idea

    • UPC: 638126553195
    • ASIN: B07H9DS5JP
    • Brand: Maad
    • Manufacturer: Maad Brands

    Gift giving is an art form, and this Shower Margarita Machine joke gift box will undoubtedly elevate your artistry to a whole new level, helping you solidify your reputation as the most awesome gifter ever. What better way to create a memorable gifting moment than to prank your friend or loved one by disguising your present as something completely ... [Read More]

  • Prank Pack "Pet Sweep" - Standard Size Prank Gift Box

    • UPC: 818538011111
    • ASIN: B00A26IUJK
    • Brand: Prank Pack
    • Size: 11.25 (W) x 9 (H) x 3.25 (D)
    • Manufacturer: Prank Pack

    Todd Lawson's Pet Sweep comes with four dust boots that will fit most paws. Just slip them on their paws and the micro fiber strands will pick up dust, insects and hair (most likely their own) wherever they walk! They're the boxes for screamingly funny, hilariously awful, but scarily plausible products that don't really exist. The photography, typo... [Read More]

  • Prank Pack "Earwax Candle Kit" - Wrap Your Real Gift in a Funny Joke Gift Box - by Prank-O

    • UPC: 795418425308
    • ASIN: B016V6TAZC
    • Brand: Prank Pack
    • Size: 11.25 x 9 x 3.25
    • Manufacturer: Prank Pack

    Emma Dean's Earwax Candle Kit is the perfect gag gift box for any occasion - CHRISTMAS, HOLIDAY & BIRTHDAY parties, BACHELORETTE PARTIES, WEDDING SHOWERS & more.They're the boxes for screamingly funny, hilariously awful, but scarily plausible products that don't really exist. The photography, typography and layout of these boxes are perfect. I mean... [Read More]

  • Prank Pack Nap Sack

    • UPC: 794271108489
    • ASIN: B00G4GQFMG
    • Brand: Prank Pack
    • Manufacturer: Prank Pack

    Let the napper in your life see why Chillaxation Weekly proclaims the Nap Sack to be the best "Public Sleep Product." On the couch, in the house, by the pool, in your school, in the rain, at the game, you'll never nap the same! The Nap Sack Sleep Hood let's you take a nap, anytime... anywhere! *THIS IS A GIFT BOX. NO ACTUAL PRODUCT IS INSIDE/INCLUD... [Read More]

  • ArtCreativity Realistic Rainforest Rubber Snake Toys - Pack of 12 - 14 Inches Long - Real Look Scales - Reptile Birthday Party Favors, Fake Prank Prop, Gift Idea for Boys and Girls

    • UPC: 692764136035
    • ASIN: B07KQDYH1J
    • Brand: ArtCreativity
    • Manufacturer: ArtCreativity

    REALISTIC PLAY SNAKES FOR SHRIEK-FILLED FUN Rainforest Slitherers Make that geography lesson pop. Make the little ones at that party giggle in glee. Make that time in the tub extra fun. Pull an epic prank on that unsuspecting someone. These rain forest rubber snakes are a gasp-elicting treat! What makes them really special? The realistic scales... [Read More]

  • Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

    • UPC: 827165744958
    • ASIN: B003DM3MN4
    • Brand: Accoutrements
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: Archie McPhee

    "Better safe than sorry" is what I always say. Carry these emergency underpants just in case an unwanted emergency comes up. Remember, no one wants to be walking in soiled pants. Just imagine all the embarrassment. Emergency underpants are packaged in a small container so no one will know that you are carrying them.

  • FunFamz The Original Spider Prank Box- Funny Wooden Box Toy Prank, Hilarious Money Gift Box Surprise Toy and Gag Gift Practical Joke

    • UPC: 612608457614
    • ASIN: B07H75BJWW
    • Brand: FunFamz
    • Manufacturer: FunFamz

    We were created by a dad who is looking to bring a little more fun into his family's life by creating products that make people smile. The Original SPider Prank Box will do just that. It will startle and suprise anyone who opens it. It is a harmless practical joke prank that can be used over and over again. IT IS GREAT AS A GIFT BOX for a small obj... [Read More]

  • aGreatLife Money Maze Puzzle Box - Unique Money Storage

    • UPC: 646437258159
    • ASIN: B012FFTMRY
    • Brand: aGreatLife
    • Size: 3x3
    • Manufacturer: aGreatLife

    aGreatLife Money Maze: Make Giving Presents Fun With a Challenging Maze Puzzle Box When it feels so awkward to give money in envelopes and you're tired of wrapping present boxes, and you just want to make your loved ones experience something more exciting and unusual, then you know you need to get something as creative and fun as the Money Maze Puz... [Read More]

  • Gears Out Did I Just Shit My Pants Hand Sanitizer Gel 2 oz Bottle Funny Stocking Stuffers Poop Gags for Adults Office Prank Ideas White Elephant Secret Santa

    • UPC: 703158139409
    • Brand: Gears Out
    • Manufacturer: Gears Out

    Did I Just Shit My Pants Hand SanitizerFinally, sanitizer has managed to capture the true essence of daily adulthood in one important question: Did I Just Shit My Pants?Whether you're asking yourself figuratively or literally, we all know the instant panic that comes with wondering if you just blew it hardcore. Was telling my mother-in-law I love h... [Read More]

  • The Original Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder - Funny Donald Trump White Elephant Gift and Christmas Present

    • UPC: 190907909732
    • ASIN: B01KJJS8F0
    • Brand: Dump-a-Trump
    • Manufacturer: Dump-a-Trump

    Make America's Desks Great Again! The Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder is here to remind us sometimes politics is just a big joke. If you're as amused by Trump as we are, we know you'll love the Dump-a-Trump. We designed it to be extremely high quality, realistic, and hilarious. This one of a kind product is sure to get a lot of attention and laughs from y... [Read More]

  • Funny Fake Business Cards - Gag Gift for Men, Women, Friend, Coworker (Variety Pack)

    • UPC: 691327137489
    • ASIN: B07FV2643C
    • Brand: Thingamagift
    • Manufacturer: Thingamagift

    Everyone wonders what it would be like to live in someone else's shoes for a while. Help a curious friend, coworker, or family member find out by giving them access to identities they probably never considered. This variety pack of bizarre and hilarious business cards provides credentials for 12 of the strangest jobs you've never heard of. Whether ... [Read More]

  • Daron Shock Ball Hot Potato Game

    • UPC: 094732939783
    • ASIN: B001074TGS
    • Brand: Daron
    • Size: 3.5"
    • Manufacturer: Daron World wide Trading Inc.

    For 1 to 100 players! Pass the shock ball amongst you and your friends or work colleagues. The shock ball will randomly shock an unsuspecting victim. If you drop the ball, You are out. Last person standing wins the game. The shock ball emits an electric shock between 10 - 30 seconds. The shock ball will glow when a shock is being emitted. Two 1.5V ... [Read More]

  • Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll - Funny Novelty Gag Gift for Democrats and Republicans - 3 Ply Toilet Tissue 200 Full-Color Image Sheets in Each Roll | Hilarious Political White Elephant Gift Idea

    • UPC: 647356887048
    • ASIN: B01N1ZHCEB
    • Brand: Gagster
    • Manufacturer: Gagster

    The Most Hilarious Take A Dump With Trump Toilet Paper Rolls - The funniest political gift TP now in full color! Are you a huge fan of Donald Trump? Do you detest the guy and want to watch his face stuck in the bottom of your bathroom toilet basket? No matter what your beliefs are, we may assure you that our hilarious toilet rolls will make everyon... [Read More]

  • Prank Pack "Roto Wipe" - Wrap Your Real Gift in a Funny Joke Gift Box - by Prank-O. The Original Novelty Prank Gift Box!

    • UPC: 818870021427
    • ASIN: B07586Y1T9
    • Brand: Prank Pack
    • Size: 11.25 x 9 x 3.25
    • Manufacturer: Prank Pack

    They're the boxes for screamingly funny, hilariously awful, but scarily plausible products that don't really exist. The photography, typography and layout of these boxes are perfect. I mean, they look exactly like the cheesiest products you'd buy from TV infomercials. Anyway, the point is that you put people's real presents inside the empty Prank P... [Read More]

  • Potty Putter Toilet Golf (Original Version)

    • UPC: 841819181135
    • ASIN: B01GZVLDV2
    • Brand: SYZ
    • Manufacturer: SYZ

    When you're sitting on the porcelain throne, thinking about philosophy, science, and the colonic impact of Mexican food, you can take a break and play a quick game of putt-putt. The SYZ comes with its own putter, green and hole, all in one. You may not be able to hit the toilet when taking a wee, but you can get a hole in one when you making a numb... [Read More]

  • Lightning Reaction Reloaded - Shocking Game

    • UPC: 885165482843
    • ASIN: B0006B2Q50
    • Brand: Lightning Reaction
    • Manufacturer: Paladone

    Lose most games, it hurts your feelings. Lose THIS game, it REALLY hurts. Here's how Lightning Reaction works -- Anywhere from two to four people can play at once. You remove a handle from the base and get ready. When you press the button in the center, a red light pulses and suspenseful music plays. As soon as the red light turns green, you press ... [Read More]

  • Donald Talking Pen, 8 Different Sayings, Trump's Real Voice, Just Click And Listen, Funny Gifts For Trump and Hillary Fans

    • UPC: 819368600032
    • ASIN: B014RE0LD0
    • Brand: Hillary Laughing Pen
    • Manufacturer: Green Straw LLC

    The greatest presidential talking pen god ever created when you play this hilarious Donald trump talking pen for friends and family, you'll be the center of attention. Just like Donald simply press down on his famous hair and he'll tell you exactly how to make America great again this highly collectible Donald trump talking pen features a beautiful... [Read More]

  • Talking Emoji Poop Pen - Makes 7 FUNNY FART SOUNDS - the Funniest Farting Friend Ever - Cute for Kids, Tweens and Teen Parties

    • UPC: 859496006092
    • ASIN: B01M8NEFZ1
    • Brand: Green Straw LLC
    • Manufacturer: Green Straw LLC

    With 7 Different Rip-Roaring Fart Sounds, the Emoji Poop Pen Is the Funniest Farting Friend You'll Ever Have! Love texting smiling poop emojis to your friends? Can't stop the giggles when you hear a great big fart sound? Then we've got a friend for you! - The Emoji Poop Pen makes 7 different poopy and farty sounds to make your friends laugh wit... [Read More]

  • Dad No Matter What, Ugly Children Funny Coffee Mug - Best Dad Fathers Day Gifts - Gag Present Ideas For Him From Daughter, Son, Wife - Cool Birthday Gifts For Dads, Men, Guys - Fun Novelty Cup -11oz

    • ASIN: B071J1NFKS
    • Brand: Wittsy Glassware and Gifts
    • Size: 7+522
    • Manufacturer: Wittsy Glassware and Gifts

    What would this funny mug make a great gift for? Cool Birthday gifts for dad from daughter, son or wife Happy Father’s Day gifts for dad or step dad to let him know he’s the best dad ever New dad gifts for those who recently became a father Funny husband gifts Novelty mugs for men showing they are a proud dad Christmas gifts and anniversary gi... [Read More]

  • Witty Yetis Dehydrated Water 16oz Can. NEW Formula! Essential Camping & Survival Supply. Funny Gag Gift & Adult Stocking Stuffer for Men & Women. Hilarious Novelty & Practical Joke.

    • UPC: 817244023371
    • ASIN: B072L38SGT
    • Brand: Witty Yeti
    • Size: Large
    • Manufacturer: Witty Yeti's Next Level Pranks & Gag Gifts

    Is this real life? If you're not sure, then you may be dehydrated. Which of course can be cured quickly by just a pinch of dehydrated water mixed in equal parts with water! But seriously, what the hell is this product? As we stated earlier, this is a 16oz can of Dehydrated Water, specially formulated by Witty Yeti for long-term stability. All you ... [Read More]

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