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  • Luminette 2 - SAD Bright Light Therapy Glasses - As Effective as 10,000 lux White Light

    • UPC: 702382929671
    • ASIN: B01553VBD6
    • Brand: Luminette
    • Manufacturer: Lucimed

    Light therapy on the move Luminette is a portable and lightweight (just 2.2 oz.) pair of light therapy glasses, letting you go about your activities, while providing ideal light exposure. You don't have to sit any more in front of a cumbersome light therapy lamp for 30 min but you can carry on with your daily routine while enjoying the benefits of ... [Read More]

  • Nature Bright - Sun Touch Plus -10000 LUX Light Therapy Lamp - UV-Free Light Mimics Sunlight - Daylight Lamp - Built-in Personal Air Purifier - Light Therapy - Enhances Mood - 13"H x 9"W x 6"D

    • UPC: 899071000848
    • ASIN: B000W8Y7FY
    • Brand: Nature Bright
    • Manufacturer: NatureBright

    Whether you seek to start your day with positive momentum or need a quick boost of positive energy, Nature Bright offers a powerful yet gentle solution. The Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus is a 2-in-1 Light Therapy Lamp that harnesses the power of a blue sky to help elevate your mood and general wellness. Powered by SkyEffect technology, the Sun Touch... [Read More]

  • 15,000 Lux A5 Size Happy Natural Sun Lamp Bright Light Box Portable Energy Health Light Therapy Adjustable Portable Black (White, A5 Size)

    • UPC: 664248701152
    • ASIN: B078FXMB6H
    • Brand: AMZBIRD
    • Size: A5 Size
    • Manufacturer: AMZBIRD

    A5 Size Light Area: 6.6x4.1 (inch) The light therapy lamp bring you daylight indoor by 15,000 Lux bright light, no-flicker and UV-free. Provide a natural sunlight on a snowy day, rainy day, cloudy day, and other moment lack of sunlight. Tablet designed with wood stand, blends seamlessly into your home or office, easy to carry and use. How to Use... [Read More]

  • Verilux HappyLight Compact Personal, Portable Light Therapy Energy Lamp

    • UPC: 768533126504
    • ASIN: B00K08ZDBI
    • Brand: Verilux
    • Size: 1 Lens
    • Manufacturer: Verilux

    The Verilux HappyLight Compact makes the indoors brighter. For millions of people, light therapy can make a not-so-great day much better - and brighter. The bottom line is, almost none of us get outside as much as we should to get as much natural full spectrum sunlight that we, as humans, need. Our bodies have evolved to actually require sunlight, ... [Read More]

  • INLIFE Energy Lamp Portable Bright Daylight 10,000 Lux Adjustable with Metal Stand

    • ASIN: B07DWRDZ5V
    • Brand: INLIFE
    • Manufacturer: INLIFE

    Main features: - Light function: Gives off natural light without ultraviolet light, which can cheer you up and improve your sleep, You can choose our LED daylight lamp if you don't want to go out or the light isn't enough. - Easy to control: Power it by connecting the AC adapter and the lamp is on. Then, you can touch the power button to select the... [Read More]

  • Light Therapy Lamp, Sakobs LED Therapy Light with UV-Free 10000 Lux Brightness, LED Therapy Box with 3 Adjustable Brightness Levels, Touch Control, Standing Bracket & Compact Size for a Happy Life

    • UPC: 192802123084
    • ASIN: B07SJYVRD4
    • Brand: sakobs
    • Manufacturer: SAKOBS

    Light Plays an Important Role in Our Daily Life! With this Sun Lamp, Start to Enjoy a Happy Life with the natural mood light! We need light to adjust our internal clock to ensure a healthy 24-hour sleep-wake cycle We need light to maintain a happy mood and improve focus We also need light to beat fatigue, reduce exhaustion and boost energy SAKOBS ... [Read More]

  • Verilux HappyLight VT32 Touch 10,000 Lux LED Light Therapy Lamp with Adjustable Color and Brightness Controls

    • UPC: 768533140043
    • ASIN: B07J6PTZ3Y
    • Brand: Verilux
    • Size: 8.6" H x 3" W x 12.4" D
    • Manufacturer: Verilux

    HappyLight Touch(TM) is an LED lamp which takes personalized light therapy to a new level of comfort and convenience with a modern design. Boost mood, increase energy and improve sleep patterns with our simple to use and stylish HappyLight. At 10k lux, the HappyLight Touch(TM) offers a natural spectrum of healthy light. The Verilux HappyLight Touch... [Read More]

  • ZenShine Portable Light Therapy Energy Lamp, Daylight Full Spectrum Light Lamp, 10000 LUX Adjustable LED Light, Tablet One Touch, 100% UV Free by Sensual-U

    • UPC: 084282637574
    • ASIN: B07MDX95XB
    • Brand: Sensual-U
    • Size: Unisex Lot 2205
    • Manufacturer: Sensual-U

    How does light therapy work? Sitting in bright light - at least 10,000 lux - for 15-30 minutes daily helps stimulate cells in the retinas that connect to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that controls circadian rhythm, the body's 24 hour internal clock that regulates the natural sleep/wake cycle. If circadian rhythm is... [Read More]

  • FITFIRST Portable Light Therapy Energy Lamp, Daylight Full Spectrum Light Lamp, 10000 LUX Adjustable LED Light, Tablet One Touch with Timer, 100% UV Free

    • UPC: 736900936759
    • ASIN: B07H78CJV2
    • Brand: FITFIRST
    • Manufacturer: Fitfirst

    Feature: This light therapy lamp is designed only with 10-12 watts energy costing, and simple pad style with only one touch timer while 2 level brightness adjustable 5000lux,10000lux. It can adjust different light sensitive depend on the usage environment, suggest you start use with 10minutes and low light intensity then extend to 30minutes each t... [Read More]

  • (New) Circadian Optics Luxy Light Therapy Lamp | Ultra Compact 10,000 LUX Full Spectrum LED Light (USB Powered)

    • ASIN: B07MG4JL45
    • Brand: Circadian Optics
    • Manufacturer: Circadian Optics

    AWARD-WINNING DESIGN | Winner of the Cleverest Award by Architectural Digest.

  • Aurora Lightpad - SAD Light Therapy Box - Brightest 10,000 LUX Seasonal Depression Lamp

    • UPC: 080253300126
    • ASIN: B00ZQ30YOS
    • Brand: Alaska Northern Lights
    • Manufacturer: Alaska Northern Lights

    The Aurora Lightpad MiniThe most compact, brightest LED on the market. It is a proven, natural remedy for fighting Winter Blues. It is ultra sleek, ultra thin design make it the best light therapy box on the market. Distance matters with light therapy and the Aurora LightPad Mini is a full 10,000 LUX at 25 inches. There is no other light therapy bo... [Read More]

  • Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Light Therapy Lamp | 10,000 LUX Ultra Bright LED | Full Spectrum UV Free | Adjustable Light Panel (2019 Model)

    • UPC: 711746558266
    • ASIN: B01IU9MMPI
    • Brand: Circadian Optics
    • Manufacturer: Circadian Optics

    Patent-pending - All intellectual property infringement will be pursued aggressively. *This lamp blocks 100% of UV light and is not suitable for the treatment of Vitamin D deficiency. Featured in Vogue magazine and Ergonomics and Design The Lumos Daylight Lamp is designed based on the modern principles of sleek lines and functi... [Read More]

  • Deluxe Feel Bright Light Portable Light Therapy Device with Visor & Rechargable Battery and Charger

    • UPC: 000033902005
    • ASIN: B0014ZPAFK
    • Brand: Physician Engineered Products (Pep)
    • Size: 8,000 or 12,000 Lux (two settings)
    • Manufacturer: Feel Bright Light

    The Feel Bright Light Visor is a portable device that works just as well as a 10,000 lux desktop unit. The portable nature of the visor allows the user the freedom to move around while enjoying the light. The Visor's high intensity LED lights emit a choice of 12,000 lux or 8,000 lux at the push of a button. Just select your light intensity setting ... [Read More]

  • 15,000 Lux A4 Size Sunlight Therapy Table Lamp Natural Energy Light Therapy Happy Health Bright Light Box Adjustable Portable

    • UPC: 664248966667
    • ASIN: B07PBWQJK2
    • Brand: AMZBIRD
    • Manufacturer: AMZBIRD

    A4 Size Light Area: 10x6.6/in. How to Use 1,Put it on: Place the light on the stand, and put it in a convenient location like on a desk or table top and turn it on. 2, Adjust it: Find a comfortable distance which sould be facing to you, but you can't looking directly into it. 3, Start: Adjust the brightness, We suggest using low brightness and a... [Read More]

  • Circadian Optics Lampu Light Therapy Lamp | 10,000 LUX Ultra Bright LED | Full Spectrum UV Free | Organically Round (2019 Model)

    • UPC: 011922138900
    • ASIN: B075XRZTV1
    • Brand: Circadian Optics
    • Manufacturer: Circadian Optics

    Circadian Optics - Turn On Your Day. Do Something Brilliant.

  • Aurora LightPad Max - 10,000 LUX Bright Light Therapy Box

    • UPC: 863958000207
    • ASIN: B0192503GE
    • Brand: Alaska Northern Lights
    • Manufacturer: Alaska Northern Ligths

    The Aurora LightPad is a 10,000 LUX LED light therapy box used to enhance your mood and increase your energy in a natural way! The Aurora Lightpad is the largest LED box on the market with 600 bright white LED lights and includes a fully adjustable stand. You can control the angle of the light with thirteen different angle options and a low to high... [Read More]

  • Aura® Day Light Therapy Lamp, 10,000 Lux of Full Spectrum Bright Light with Adjustable Lux Dial and Timer- 100% UV Free{2 Year Warranty Includes Bulb and Lamp}

    • ASIN: B01IAEV13W
    • Brand: Aura Daylight
    • Size: Aura Daylight Lamp
    • Manufacturer: Aura Daylight®

    How Does Light Therapy Work? The human body takes its cues from the environment, particularly from sunlight. During the winter, when we spend most of our day exposed to artificial lighting it may adversely affect our circadian rhythm. Underexposure to natural sunlight may cause: *Winter Blues *Low Energy *Sleeplessness *Trouble Concent... [Read More]

  • Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp - 10,000 LUX - Sun Lamp Mood Light

    • UPC: 642896665521
    • ASIN: B00PCN4UVU
    • Brand: Carex Health Brands
    • Size: 31.13" x 15.75" x 12"
    • Manufacturer: Carex Health Brands

    The Day-Light Classic Plus, from the leaders in Bright Light Therapy, is a clinical lamp that meets every expert requirement for therapeutic use. The Day-Light Classic Plus, the next generation of the popular Day-Light Classic (Model #DL930) light therapy lamp, features 10,000 LUX of glare-free white light at 12 inches, 99.3% UV blocked for eye saf... [Read More]

  • Circadian Optics Lumine Light Therapy Lamp | 10,000 LUX Ultra Bright LED | Full Spectrum UV Free | Modern Minimalist (2019 Model)

    • UPC: 011922138887
    • ASIN: B075H39NDL
    • Brand: Circadian Optics
    • Manufacturer: Circadian Optics

    2019 MODEL UPGRADES | NO MORE DOTS - We have upgraded the light panel to emit a uniform, fully diffused light. IMPROVED ADAPTER - To further improve reliability and durability. (Released Feb 2019).

  • Verilux HappyLight Lucent 10,000 Lux LED Bright White Light Therapy Lamp

    • UPC: 768533140036
    • ASIN: B079YBGPM5
    • Brand: Verilux
    • Manufacturer: Verilux

    HappyLight Lucent is an LED light therapy lamp which takes personal light therapy to a new level of comfort and convenience with a modern design. Boost mood, increase energy and improve sleep patterns with our simple to use and stylish HappyLight. At 10k lux, the HappyLight Lucent offers a natural spectrum of healthy light. The Verilux HappyLight L... [Read More]

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    Portable Light Therapy for Anxiety, Depression and Mood Disorders

    [NOT CONVINCED🤔] Lumie Zest Combination Light Therapy - Portable SAD Lamp