Top 7 Best Guitar Tuners...Pedal or Clip-On?

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  • Boss TU-3 Tuner Pedal w/Power Supply

    • UPC: 799491181908
    • Color: White
    • Brand: BOSS Audio Systems
    • Manufacturer: Boss

    Adding value to your purchase, Austin Bazaar bundles your instrument with necessary accessories. Everything you need to start playing immediately comes in one box. Save yourself the hassle and save some money while you're at it. A power supply is included so you can plug in and play right away. The world's top-selling stage tuner, the Boss TU-2, ev... [read more]

  • TC Electronic Guitar Pedal Tuner (Polytune 3 Mini)

    • UPC: 653341337733
    • Color: White
    • Brand: TC Electronic
    • Manufacturer: Music Tribe

    TC Electronic Polytube 3 Mini tiny polyphonic tuner with multiple tuning modes and built-in bonfire buffer.

  • Donner Dt-1 Chromatic Guitar Tuner Pedal True Bypass

    • UPC: 701936595386
    • Brand: Donner
    • Manufacturer: Donner

    Specification: 1. Chromatic 2. Tuning range: a0 (27.5Hz) ~c8 (4186 Hz) 3. Precision: 1cent 4. Detection method: audio signal input 5. Tuning method: auto 6. Display: LCD screen 7. Power: dc9v adaptor 8. Dimension: 95 x 46 x 49 cm 9. Weight: 112g Operation: 1. Connected with power and audio cable, dt-1 will go to bypass mode. Press bypass... [read more]

  • TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini Pedal Tuner

    • UPC: 642892770670
    • Color: White
    • Brand: TC Electronic
    • Size: Polytune Mini
    • Manufacturer: TC Electronic

    TC Electronic POLYTUNE 2 MINI ultra-compact tuner with polyphonic, chromatic and strobe modes plus 109-led display for ultimate tuning performance.

  • Peterson StroboPlus HD Desktop Strobe Tuner | Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, Harp, Brass, Woodwind, Orchestral, Pedal and Steel Guitar | Tuner Choice of Luthiers, Technicians, Builders, Manufacturers

    • UPC: 805265500568
    • Color: Multi-Colored
    • Brand: Peterson
    • Manufacturer: Peterson

    Optional Body Beat metronome features: Audio, Visual or Tactile tempo delivery modes Feel the beat from the optional vibration clip 4 different audio choices, Rims hot, Clave, Wood Block and Beep Feel or hear a variety of subdivisions and accent patterns 10 to 280 BPM tempo range with tap tempo input feature Independently selectable time signature ... [read more]

  • Rowin High Precision Guitar Chromatic Tuner Pedal Ture Bypass

    • UPC: 611393140848
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Rowin
    • Manufacturer: Rowin

    Good Deluxe TunerChromatic which is suitable for wide range tuning. Tuning range is A0(12Hz) ~ C8(4186Hz). LED Light indicator shows the working state, and display leads clear results of tuning. And it's easy to read the right tone. New fast precise strobe mode with +/- 0.1% accuracy. Enjoy your own fun and colorful life. Easy to Use Connected with... [read more]

  • D'Addario Accessories PW-CT-9V DC Power Adapter - Minimize Need to Change Batteries on Pedalboard and Other Devices Requiring 9V - 500mA Max Current - Tip-Negative, Sleeve-Positive Power Supply

    • UPC: 019954950972
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: D'Addario Accessories
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: D'Addario &Co. Inc

    Don’t let a dead battery in your pedalboard ruin your next performance. Rely on the consistent, battery-free direct power of a D’Addario Accessories (formerly Planet Waves) AC-DC 9-Volt Power Adapter. The tip-negative, sleeve-positive power supply can deliver 500mA to fuel even your most power-hungry devices. The 9V adapter will minimize or eli... [read more]

  • Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Bundle with Instrument Cable, Patch Cable, Picks, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth

    • UPC: 030955395548
    • Brand: BOSS
    • Size: Bundle w/ Cables
    • Manufacturer: BOSS

    Adding value to your purchase, Austin Bazaar bundles your instrument with necessary accessories. Everything you need to start playing immediately comes in one box. Save yourself the hassle and save some money while you're at it. Picks are included so you can start playing right out of the box. An instrument cable is included so you have an extra. A... [read more]

  • Monoprice Guitar Tuner (611220)

    • UPC: 888817040613
    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Monoprice
    • Manufacturer: Monoprice Inc.

    Easily tune your guitar or bass on stage with this chromatic pedal tuner from Monoprice! This tuner is designed to fit into your pedal rack and features a heavy-duty metal construction and activation button. It has two 1/4; TS outputs, normal and bypass. The normal output is muted whenever the tuner is activated and the bypass output ignores the tu... [read more]

  • Korg Tuner (PBAD)

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Korg
    • Manufacturer: Korg USA Inc.

    As the clear standard in pedal tuners for the guitarist or bassist, the Pitch-black is loved by professionals and amateurs around the world. The Pitch-black advance is the next-generation model, a further evolution that features an advanced cutting-edge form and many of the functions and technologies developed for previous models of the Pitch-black... [read more]


    • UPC: 842510100678
    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Behringer
    • Manufacturer: Behringer USA

  • D'Addario Accessories Chromatic Pedal Tuner, by D'Addario (PW-CT-20)

    • UPC: 019954242435
    • Color: Nickel
    • Brand: D'Addario Accessories
    • Manufacturer: D'Addario &Co. Inc

    The D'Addario chromatic pedal tuner is the perfect combination of innovation, simplicity and style. Housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure, the tuner features fast note detection, superb accuracy, wide calibration range and true-bypass wiring with an easily accessible Foot switch. The tuner full-color vertical display allows for quick intuitive tuni... [read more]

  • Guitar Tuner Pedal Chromatic for Guitar (6-7 strings) and Bass (4-6 strings) High Definition Color Screen Pitch 430-450Hz 4 Flat Options True Bypass Nano Size (pedal tuner)

    • Brand: Aroma
    • Size: pedal tuner
    • Manufacturer: AROMA MUSIC

    Guitar Tuner Pedal Chromatic for Guitar (6-7 strings) and Bass (4-6 strings) High Definition Color Screen Pitch 430-450Hz 4 Flat Options True Bypass Nano Size   EASY TO USE UNDER ANY LIGHTING CONDITIONS OR AMBIENT NOISE. High definition 4 colors screen makes the tuner easy to see on a complicated lighting or dark stage. The smart chip inside ensu... [read more]

  • BOSS TU-3 Chromatic Tuner for Electric & Bass Guitars Bundle with Blucoil Guitar Pedal Power Supply Adapter 9 Volt 670mA and 4-Pack of Celluloid Guitar Picks

    • UPC: 652827495455
    • Brand: blucoil
    • Manufacturer: Blucoil

    BOSS TU-3 Chromatic Tuner for Electric & Bass GuitarsThe TU-3 Chromatic Tuner is an improved effect-type pedal tuner housed in a tank-tough BOSS stompbox body. The unit features 21-segment LED meter with brightness control. Even when you're outdoors or under harsh stage lights, the High-Brightness mode cuts through glares, thus enhancing your meter... [read more]

  • Boss TU3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal

    • UPC: 700315930183
    • Color: White
    • Brand: BOSS
    • Manufacturer: BOSS

    The BOSS "TU" line is synonymous with reliable, roadworthy and accurate tuning. Today, the world's most famous tuner prefix gets "clipped-on" with the debut of the TU-10. Reinventing the traditional image of clip-on tuners, the TU-10 offers a stylish design and robust body with high-performance features derived from other BOSS tuners, such as Ace-P... [read more]

  • KLIQ TinyTune Tuner Pedal for Guitar and Bass - Mini - Chromatic - with Pitch Calibration and Flat Tuning (Power Supply Required)

    • UPC: 603895700040
    • Color: TinyTune
    • Brand: KLIQ Music Gear
    • Manufacturer: KLIQ Music Gear

    NOTE: Due to Its Mini Enclosure, This Pedal Has No Battery Option, and Requires a Standard 9V Power Supply to Operate (Not Included) We know there's only so much room on your pedalboard. Here's a no-nonsense mini pedal that will get you ready to rock in seconds... Discover Some of the Reasons That Make the TinyTune a Must Have in Your Effects Ped... [read more]

  • Donner DT Deluxe Guitar Chromatic Tuner Pedal ± 1 Cent

    • Brand: Donner
    • Manufacturer: Donner

    Specification: 1.Tonal Range: 12Hz~4186Hz (C8) 2.Input: 1/4″Monaural Jack (Impedance: 100K Ohms) 3.Output: 1/4″Monaural Jack (Impedance: 0 Ohms) 4.Power Supply: DC 9V (negative in the center ) 5.Working Current: 90mA 6.Dimensions: 95(D)*45(W)*48(H)mm 7.Weight: 268g(With box) Display Instruction: 1.Step the footswitch to into tonal model, the in... [read more]

  • Snark SN-10S Pedal Tuner

    • UPC: 611820001780
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Snark
    • Manufacturer: KMC Music Inc

    Snark Pedal Tuner

  • Korg Guitar Pedal Tuner (PB05)

    • Color: MultiColored
    • Brand: Korg
    • Manufacturer: Korg USA Inc.

    Featuring a 3D visual meter that's so beautiful you'll think of it as an aspect of your stage performance, The Korg pitch black Pro RACK mount tuner's three-dimensional expression of light delivers an unprecedentedly visual element. Although it's in a rack mount form factor, The body is ultra-lightweight and slim, allowing it to be used anywhere. T... [read more]

  • GUITARX X9 - Guitar Tuner Pedal Mini - Chromatic with Pitch Calibration - Also for Bass - Flat Tuning (Power Supply Required)

    • UPC: 617724718236
    • Brand: GUITARX
    • Manufacturer: xGuitarx

    Mini version. No battery option requires 9v power supply (not included). Introducing the new guitarx x9 tuner pedal: Tuning accuracy: +/-0.5 cent. Tuning range: A0-c8 (great range for electric instruments). Pitch calibration: 430-450 hz. Drop or flat tunings up to 4 semitones below standard pitch. Clear and simple display with the perfect visibili... [read more]

  • Top 7 Best Guitar Tuners...Pedal or Clip-On?

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