Logical Order of Effects

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  • Donner Guitar Effect Pedals Power Supply DP-4 8 Plus Isolated Output for 9/12/18V 4~9V Pedals

    • ASIN: B073W8P6QY
    • Brand: Donner
    • Size: DP-4
    • Manufacturer: Donner

    Product Description Donner pedal power supply DP-4 is professional range of dedicated multi-output power supplies for effect pedals. Switchable for 115V or 230V wall voltage. High quality loops of wire to produce perfect tone and supply stable current. Internal toroidal transformer with additional magnetic field shielding. The radiation and current... [Read More]

  • Ampeg Guitar Compression Effects Pedal (Opto Comp)

    • UPC: 663961053944
    • ASIN: B079H4YYP7
    • Brand: Ampeg
    • Manufacturer: Loud Technologies, Inc.

    The Ampeg Opto Comp analog optical compressor pedal utilizes an optical circuit to deliver smooth, vintage style compression to add headroom and sustain to your guitar or bass. Dial in a fast, subtle style to control peaks or crank up the compression to add a unique character. Featuring a roadworthy all-metal chassis and true bypass switching, the ... [Read More]

  • Donner DPA-1 Pedal Power Supply Adapter 9V DC 1A Tip Negative 5 Way Daisy Chain Cables for Effect Pedal

    • ASIN: B012VQ5A7S
    • Brand: Donner
    • Manufacturer: Donner

    Introduction: Donner 5 way power cable adapter for use with electric guitar multiple effect pedals. High quality daisy chain with special anti-hum. Power chain DC cables specially designed for guitar players who want to power few pedals at the same time with only one adaptor or one outlet from the power supply. The professional noise isolation perf... [Read More]

  • Nipple Breast Covers, Sexy Breast Pasties Adhesive Bra Disposable 5 Pairs Beige

    • ASIN: B07CTCBM5X
    • Brand: Goldfarm
    • Size: One Size

    Breast Pasties are a fashion accessory meant for instances when women are unable, or unwilling, to wear a bra. Breast Pasties cover the nipple and areola in order to preserve modesty, limit exposure of the body and are generally used as undergarments for swimwear, formal dresses, and revealing tops that may not provide enough back coverage for wear... [Read More]

  • Substance: Inside New Order

    • ASIN: 0062307975
    • ISBN: 0062307975
    • Brand: Deystrbks
    • Manufacturer: Dey Street Books

    In this final installment of his internationally bestselling three-part memoir—including The Hacienda and Unknown Pleasures—British rocker Peter Hook focuses on the 1980s New Wave and Dance Punk scene and the rise of one of the most influential bands of the Second British Invasion: New Order.1980. Resurrected from the ashes of Joy Division afte... [Read More]

  • Rowin Tiny Looper Electric Guitar Effect Pedal 10 Minutes of Looping Unlimited Overdubs

    • UPC: 611393140992
    • ASIN: B01J2TKNIS
    • Brand: Rowin
    • Manufacturer: Rowin

    PROMOTION:To receive 1 GUITAR CAPO free when you purchase 1 tiny looper pedal please check the "Special offers and product promotions" and add both to cart.Please note this promotion can not display on your mobile phone. To get the free CAPO you need to order them all on PC.About Rowin CompanyRowin music is the professional manufactures of guitar p... [Read More]

  • Zoom B3n Bass MultiEffects Pedal

    • UPC: 884354017309
    • ASIN: B01MS79HSN
    • Brand: Zoom
    • Manufacturer: Zoom

    Bass Multi-effects Pedal with Stompbox-style Controls, 5 Amp Models, 5 Cabinet Models, and 67 Effects

  • VOX STOMPLAB2G Modeling Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

    • ASIN: B009703N6M
    • Brand: Vox
    • Manufacturer: VOX

    The Vox Stomp Lab series of effect pedals, of which the Stomp Lab IIG modeling guitar pedal is a part of, are impressive new contenders that pack powerful sounds into compact and sophisticated looking metal bodies. Sound variations are categorized by style, such as rock, blues, and ballad, making it easy for even novice users to recall the desired ... [Read More]

  • Zoom B1on  Bass Effects Pedal

    • UPC: 884354012953
    • ASIN: B00JXO6ED6
    • Brand: Zoom
    • Manufacturer: Zoom

    Zoom B1on Bass Multi-Effects Processor

  • Voodoo Lounge Uncut [2 CD/Blu-ray]

    • ASIN: B07HGGBX6P
    • Manufacturer: Eagle Rock Entertainment

    Voodoo Lounge Uncut presents for the first time the full, unedited show filmed in Miami in '94. Features 10 performances omitted from its previous release in the 90s, and the full show is now presented in its original running order. Guest appearances from Sheryl Crow, Robert Cray and Bo Diddley, and a setlist combining classic tracks with (then) ne... [Read More]

  • Logitech G X56 H.O.T.A.S. RGB Throttle and Stick Simulation Controller for VR Gaming

    • UPC: 097855136145
    • ASIN: B079P6SSHP
    • Brand: Logitech G
    • Manufacturer: Logitech

    The updated X56 HOTAS features a new stealthy black and gray finish. The changes go beyond cosmetic, with engineering updates to address the feedback from the community delivering a more amazing experience for all flight enthusiasts; from fun, plug-and-play gaming all the way to professional fine-tuned simulation. The X56 has a multitude of customi... [Read More]

  • Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby Wah Guitar Effects Pedal

    • UPC: 710137064508
    • ASIN: B0002CZVK0
    • Brand: Dunlop
    • Manufacturer: Dunlop

  • TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Effects Pedal

    • UPC: 642892772087
    • Brand: TC Electronic
    • Size: Pedal
    • Manufacturer: TC Electronics

    Ditto Looped is the only Looped designed specifically for guitarists. It combines all essential Looped functionalities with an intuitive One-Button UI, a true-bypass, analog dry-through design, ultra-small footprint and 24 bit uncompressed high quality audio. With 5 minutes looping time, unlimited overdubs and undo/redo functionality, Ditto Looped ... [Read More]

  • Silicone Adhesive Nipple Covers / Pasties - Ultra Thin Smooth Coverage - Reusable Gel Petals, 3 Colors Available

    • UPC: 750253431556
    • ASIN: B071VLGH9C
    • Brand: Bae Cups
    • Size: One Size

    Wear What You Want, Whenever You Want - With BaeCups! Are you tired of embarrassing and unwanted nipple marks under your outfits? Do you avoid tight tops, white clothing, sheer dresses, or even light colored swimwear? Are you choosing modest outfits when what you really want to wear is a sexy fashion forward piece? Stop avoiding what you want and u... [Read More]

  • Zoom G3Xn MultiEffects Processor for Guitar

    • UPC: 884354017200
    • ASIN: B01N4N0TBF
    • Brand: Zoom
    • Manufacturer: Zoom

    Pedalboard-style Guitar Multi-effects with 5 Amp Models, 5 Cab Models, 68 Effects Models, and Built-in Expression Pedal

  • Rowin Analog Dumbler Guitar Effect Pedal

    • UPC: 611393140510
    • Brand: Rowin
    • Size: Mini
    • Manufacturer: Rowin

    Please check how it sound from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8Q5C0HdVBE.The Rowin Dumbler effects pedal is a vintage Dumble amp simulator, which provides an unmistakeable, classic overdrive sound. Shape your sound via the gain, tone and master volume dials; these functions provide optimum control for your desired effect. This great value p... [Read More]

  • Sonicake Multi Guitar Effect Strip Pedal Sonicbar BLACK HAMMER Combining 4 Moder Heavy Metal Guitar Effects in 1 Unit of Boost Hi-Gain Distortion Chorus and Delay Effect

    • UPC: 843037100080
    • ASIN: B07FSVK775
    • Brand: SONICAKE
    • Manufacturer: SONICAKE

    SONICAKE BLACK HAMMER is a multi-effect combo pedal designed for all the metal heads out there. Combing 4 of the most essential tonal components of metal music (Boost + Hi-Gain + Chorus + Delay), BLACK HAMMER gives you the ultimate hardcore metal experience. Also, BLACK HAMMER comes with a fast and responsive noise gate in the Hi-Gain module, to fu... [Read More]

  • Zoom G1Xon Guitar Effects Pedal with Expression Pedal

    • UPC: 884354012793
    • ASIN: B00IOSJ72M
    • Brand: Zoom
    • Manufacturer: Zoom

    Zoom G1Xon Guitar Multi-Effects Processor with Expression Pedal

  • BOSS ME-50B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal Bundle with Blucoil 9V DC Power Supply with Short Circuit Protection, 4-Pack of Celluloid Guitar Picks and 2-Pack of Pedal Patch Cables

    • UPC: 704751850906
    • ASIN: B07KPJ7Y9D
    • Brand: blucoil
    • Manufacturer: Blucoil

    BOSS ME-50B Bass Multi-EffectsThe BOSS ME-50B Bass Multi-Effects helps resolves bassists' headaches about pedal orders. It has dedicated knobs for each effect section so no menu-surfing like what you would do with an FX processor. This pedal features a killer COSM compressor/limiter and drive effects. It provides a T-Wah, Defretter and Slow Gear to... [Read More]

  • BOSS Audio Electric Guitar Single Effect (ME-50B)

    • UPC: 750408391599
    • ASIN: B0002D00B4
    • Brand: BOSS Audio Systems
    • Size: medium
    • Manufacturer: Boss

    The BOSS ME-50B puts world-class bass effects in a rugged floor unit with easy pedal-style control. Effects are divided into six sections—compressor/limiter, master, filter/tone, drive/synth, delay/modulation and expression pedal—giving bassists a range of unique and powerful tones including new effects like sound hold, octave up and kick drum.... [Read More]

  • Logical Order of Effects

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