Tonight, She's Yours Cuckold Fantasies.By Kaylee Ryan. audiobook

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  • Best Hotwife Erotica: Summer Confessions

    Naughty wives indulge in their filthiest fantasies in this collection of short stories from the masters of the genre. Ben Boswell, Arnica Butler, Kirsten McCurran, Max Sebastian, and Kenny Wright, the five hottest authors in the hotwife/swinger/cuckold genres, have collaborated to bring you sizzling stories about wives going wild in the heat of sum... [read more]

  • Separate Schools

    Harrison Wade and Taylor Brooks have been best friends for ten years and professing reciprocal love since they were sixteen.Two inseparable friends are about to face their profoundest challenge. Taylor is going away to a college twenty-four hundred miles away. She’s leaving her best buddy-slash-boyfriend behind.Every end-of-summer since Harrison ... [read more]

  • Best Hotwife Erotica Volume 5: More's the Charm

    Another wicked volume of sexy stories comes your way from the hottest authors in the hotwife/swinger/cuckold genres — this time with the theme of naughty wives indulging forbidden desires with multiple partners.With tales from the likes of Ben Boswell, Arnica Butler, Kirsten McCurran, Max Sebastian and Kenny Wright — you simply can’t beat the... [read more]

  • Best Hotwife Erotica Vol.3: Caught!

    • Manufacturer: Aphrodite Omnimedia

    Five sizzling new stories from the undisputed masters of the Hotwife genre. Kirsten McCurran, Kenny Wright, Arnica Butler, Max Sebastian, and Ben Boswell have prepared a batch of brand new tales of naughty wives with dirty desires, and their devoted husbands. When these wives are bad, things get good—very good—for their husbands.One wife sneaks... [read more]

  • Hotwife: Sold to the Highest Bidder - A Wife Sharing Romance

    Hotwife auctions her body to the highest bidder!Martin is shocked to discover his faithful wife has been stripping in a gentlemen's club; Initially confused by the stark revelation, he confronts Jenny learns of her dark secret.In an unexpected turn of events, Jenny learns her husband is drawn to the idea of sharing her with other men and they decid... [read more]

  • Best Served Bare: Taboo Interracial FMF Erotica

    Mark works as a sales manager in a company that sells printers to large corporations. He has been doing well and had landed countless contracts for his company without much difficulty. All because he has a secret that can melt the toughest client to incline in his favor.His wife, Amy was an at-home masseuse who had relieved many of Mark’s client... [read more]

  • FFM: Sharing My Husband with My Best Friend: First Time FFM Short Story

    Delilah goes clubbing with her gorgeous best friend, Sammy. Sammy's been known to flirt with married men and then tell Delilah about her experiences. Delilah delights in hearing about Sammy's questionable adventures. The night goes as planned at first, but then Sammy heads back to Delilah's place where she'll test the waters with Delilah and her... [read more]

  • Best Of Cuckold Fantasies POV { # 5

    • UPC: 000000004091
    • Brand: Roman Video
    • Manufacturer: Roman Video


  • The Husband (Allure of the Vixen)

    In the past, wives accepted that their husbands had lovers. The world has come a long way since then. Shouldn’t husbands accept that their wives can—and should—have lovers?Joanne doesn’t need men (or a husband) in the traditional sense. She has created a unique way of life where sexually she is pleasured and satisfied and challenged. She li... [read more]

  • 15 x Barcode BLACK OWNED Temporary Tattoos Fetish BBC Hotwife Queen of Spades (15)

    • UPC: 710144461970
    • Brand: Tattoodrucker
    • Manufacturer: TMP

    15 Black Owned temporary fetish tattoos for those who know the symbols. Tattoo with a barcode and a mini Queen of Spades. Tattot approx 5.9 x 3.1 cm. Backward instruction with positioning aid. Easy to use with water and baby oil to remove..... The tattoos last up to one day or longer and are also water and soap proof. The application is very eas... [read more]


    The Spades Club is not your ordinary club. It's a swingers club... of sorts. The Club caters to white couples in which the female desires the company of hot well hung black men. The club has two areas dividing it in half, they are the Hotwife side and the Cuckold Side. Interracial debauchery abounds on both sides, each with their own special flav... [read more]

  • #cuckold - 12oz Hashtag Stainless Steel Camping Mug, Black

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Knick Knack Gifts
    • Size: 12 ounce
    • Manufacturer: Knick Knack Gifts

    Need a gift for your boss, spouse, friend, neighbor, mailman, or anyone else in your life? This 12oz stainless steel camping mug makes a great choice for a gift!

  • #cuckold - 20oz Hashtag Stainless Steel Water Bottle, White

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Knick Knack Gifts
    • Manufacturer: Knick Knack Gifts

    This 20oz water bottle makes a great gift for yourself or someone else. Premium quality stainless steel and our new durable printing method mean this water bottle is sure to last.

  • #Cuckold - Hashtag LED USB Rechargeable Edge Lit Sign

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Knick Knack Gifts
    • Manufacturer: Knick Knack Gifts

    Our LED base lit sign makes a great way to say something without saying it out loud. Included with your purchase is your engraved acrylic piece, 16 color changing base, remote with batteries, rechargeable battery for the base, and an usb cable to charge the base up again. This makes a great little addition to your home, restaurant, bar, man cave or... [read more]

  • How To Be A Hotwife: Cuckold and Hotwife Stories (The Hotwife Diaries - Cuckold Erotica Stories Book 1)

    • Manufacturer: Addictive Press

    She's about to have the night of her life... but not with her husband.Connie is smart, sexy, thirty-something and married. Her husband is desperate to watch her with another man, but Connie's not so sure. When Tom, a young stud who Connie has flirted with at work, reveals he's leaving for a new life in another state she realises that this could be ... [read more]

  • Stephanie's Hotwife Seduction

    • Manufacturer: Aphrodite Omnimedia

    Stephanie is on a rare date night with her husband Andy when they spy a curious sight. Her coworker Dez, an attractive younger black man, is out with an older white couple. Curiosity gets the better of her and Stephanie asks Dez what his deal is. Dez explains he's a Bull and a whole new world is opened to Stephanie and Andy.Stephanie can't help but... [read more]

  • Alternative Intentions Silver Toe Ring - Slut - Whore - BBC - HOTWIFE - QOS - Queen of Spades - Sissy Swinger Jewelry Lifestyle (Sissy)

    • Color: Silver Plated
    • Brand: Alternative Intentions
    • Manufacturer: QOS

    Silver Toe Rings are sexy. But what brings the sensuality out of beauty are your lovely fetishes that add flavor to any captivating jewelry as the arousing gloss from the seducing silver toe ring is that sweet reminder of your fetish & need to satisfy it. Be as overt, or incognito with your toe ring! Either way its a little daring, and a lot sexy!!... [read more]

  • 15 x Big Queen of Spades Tattoo in black - temporary Tattoo - Hotwife Tattoo - BBC (15)

    • UPC: 710144461345
    • Brand: Tattoodrucker
    • Manufacturer: TMP

    15 Big Queen of Spades logo tattoos for people who know the symbol of QoS. Subject approx 4.2 x 4.7 cm. Easy to use with water and baby oil to remove. Includes rear German manual. On the back there is a more practical form to the ideal placement. The tattoos can last up to several days and are also water and soap proof. The application is very ... [read more]

  • What Lisa Did: A Hotwife and Cuckold Erotica Story

    • Manufacturer: Addictive Press

    Is it really cheating if your husband wants it too?When Lisa's husband, Rob, buys her a mysterious present for her 35th birthday she finds herself swept up in an evening of fantasy, seduction and voyeurism. What starts out as a bit of fun becomes increasingly passionate and erotic as Lisa finds herself forced to make a choice - should she walk away... [read more]

  • Because He's Watching (A Husband's Obsession)

    • Manufacturer: Aphrodite Omnimedia

    Married mother of two Emily is flattered by her younger co-worker Ray's attention, but she never gives it a second thought until he makes a pass at her and she likes the kiss. When Emily confesses her transgression to her husband Ian, he doesn't give the reaction she expects. Not only does Ian not mind, her encourages Emily to see Ray again outside... [read more]

  • Tonight, She's Yours Cuckold Fantasies.By Kaylee Ryan. audiobook

    I Want To Tell My Wife About My Cuckold Fantasy

    Things a cuckold loves to watch and hear from his hotwife