Atlantic Starr Greatest Hits

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  • Secret Lovers: Best of

    • UPC: 731455254129
    • Manufacturer: Polygram Uk


  • Ultimate Collection: Atlantic Starr

    • Manufacturer: HIP-O (UC)

  • Atlantic Starr: All-Time Greatest Hits

    • UPC: 805087303620
    • Manufacturer: K-tel

    Atlantic Starr: All-Time Greatest Hits by Atlantic Starr

  • Millennium Collection - 20th Century Masters

    • UPC: 606949307028
    • Brand: A & M
    • Manufacturer: A&M


  • My Best Friend by Atlantic Starr

    • UPC: 792837031134
    • Manufacturer: Atlantic Starr

  • Radiant

    • Brand: Novelty Hill
    • Manufacturer: Ptg Records

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  • Secret Lovers...the Best of Atlantic Starr

    • Manufacturer: A&M Records

    Includes: Circles Silver Shadow Send For me Secret Lovers Love Me Down When Love Calls Am I Dreaming and many more

  • Atlantic Starr - Greatest Hits

    • UPC: 022775387827
    • Manufacturer: K-Tel

  • The Best Of Atlantic Starr: The Millennium Collection by Atlantic Starr (2001-07-31)

    • UPC: 735084294594

  • Am I Dreaming

    • Manufacturer: A&M

  • Atlantic Starr

    • Brand: PTG
    • Manufacturer: Ptg Records

    1978 self-titled debut album by R&B/Funk band Atlantic Starr. This nine-piece band had an impressive chart list with 4 single hits on the Billboard R&B charts in 1978 with "Stand Up", "Keep It Comin'", "(I'll Never Miss), "The Love I Never Had" and "With Your Love I Come Alive". Includes 1 bonus track "Stand up" (single version).

  • Send For Me

    • Manufacturer: A&M

  • R&B Chart Toppers: Atlantic Starr's Greatest Hits

    • UPC: 084296360925
    • Manufacturer: Sterling Ent

    R&B Group

  • When Love Calls

    • Manufacturer: A&M

  • B e s t Of (SecretIovers)

    • Manufacturer: International

    Best Of Atlantic Starr [12 Titel/Tracks]: Circles, Silver Shadow, Send For Me, Secret Lovers, Love Me Down, When Love Calls, Am I Dreaming, Freak-A-Ristic, Touch A Four Leaf Clover, Let's Get Closer, If Your Heart Isn't In It, Stand Up

  • Atlantic Starr - Greatest Hits by Atlantic Starr (1997-05-06)

    • UPC: 792231582157

  • Atlantic Starr: All-Time Greatest Hits by Atlantic Starr

    • UPC: 764699628210

  • The Best Of

    • Manufacturer: MMT

  • Secret Lovers: Best of Import Edition by Atlantic Starr (1996) Audio CD

    • UPC: 521258003730

  • Always

    • Manufacturer: A&M

  • Atlantic Starr Greatest Hits

    Atlantic Starr - I'll Remember You

    Atlantic Starr Always 12 Extended Version HQ