Crown 4 by UWELL - Leak Resistant Sub Ohm Tank??

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  • EXELint 60 ml Disposable Syringe, Sterile Single Pack, 50 ml to 60 ml Medical Grade Catheter Tip

    • UPC: 646437226929
    • Brand: Med Chalet
    • Manufacturer: EXELint

    TIRED OF LEAKY SYRINGES? These high quality syringes will not leak. Used for a variety of purposes in personal healthcare, scientific labs, veterinary clinics and more. Personal use and healthcare: Liquid can be dispensed through catheter tube. Lab use: Science labs use to dispense liquids. Medical use: administer medication. Veterinary use: Veteri... [read more]

  • White SiliconeTubing, 3/8"ID, 1/2"OD, 1/16" Wall, 10' Length

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Small Parts
    • Manufacturer: Small Parts

    This soft, flexible tubing is odorless, tasteless, and inert and is suitable for air, water, food, and beverage applications. It is made of silicone rubber which is nonreactive, flexible, and resistant to high temperatures. Silicone is resistant to ozone, weather, detergent, salt water, engine and transmission oil, non-petroleum brake fluid, hydrau... [read more]

  • Motorad MGC-910 Locking Fuel Cap

    • UPC: 055644009100
    • Brand: MotoRad
    • Manufacturer: Motorad

    This locking cap has an added feature that allows you to slowly release fuel pressure by pushing down the key after it is inserted. Deters vandalism and fuel theft. Manufactured with OEM quality materials and safety standards by an OE Supplier. Manufactured to pass all state and federal emissions requirements. Specifically designed pressure and vac... [read more]

  • Crown 4 by UWELL - Leak Resistant Sub Ohm Tank??

    NO TOP CAP! NO LEAKING! The Paragon SubOhm Tank! VAPTIO!