5 Non Dairy Probiotic Food Sources That Your Mama Ate

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  • Vegan Prebiotic & Probiotic - Non Dairy 4.4 Billion CFU for Gut & Digestive Support - Patented Non-GMO Ingredients with Lactobacillus Acidophilus. 60 Targeted Delayed-Release Capsules for Men & Women

    • UPC: 856252008147
    • ASIN: B07Q2D9CDZ
    • Brand: sapling
    • Manufacturer: We Are Fit

    Sapling Pre+ Probiotics contains 4.4 billion colony forming units (CFUs). When designing our product, we chose quality over quantity. Many probiotics on the market stuff their products with far more CFUs than the body needs without focusing on the quality of the strains being used or delivery of the probiotics to your body. We believe balance, qual... [Read More]

  • Califia Farms Variety Pack of Strawberry/Super Berry/Mango Probiotic Drinkable Yogurt, 8 Oz (Pack of 9) | Dairy Free | Plant Based | Nut Yogurt | Vegan | Non-GMO

    • UPC: 813636021499
    • ASIN: B07D65RHQ1
    • Brand: Califia Farms
    • Size: Pack of 9
    • Manufacturer: Califia Farms

    Califia Farms variety pack is delicious, dairy free and lower in sugar. Our almond-coconut base features the Califia Culture Blend: 10 billion live, active probiotic CFUs powered by BB-12™

  • Belle + Bella Non Dairy Yogurt, Starter

    • UPC: 793573184863
    • ASIN: B00DX5JBIQ
    • Brand: belle+bella
    • Manufacturer: Nature's Godfather LLC

    Nipple, W/Vent, Stg A, 0-6

  • FloraTummys Probiotic Sprinkles for Kids: 30 Taste-Free, Powder Packets, Free of Food Allergens, Non-Dairy, Gluten & Sugar-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan. 5 Billion CFU, B. Lactis, L. Acidophilus

    • UPC: 764442968426
    • ASIN: B0086GNFRA
    • Brand: FloraTummys
    • Manufacturer: NutraFana Pharmaceuticals

    Can naturally help*: reduce occasional gas, diarrhea and constipation; boosts kids' immune system; restore friendly bacteria. Especially for kids' gentle bellies. 100% natural: no wheat, eggs, yeast, sugar, corn, soy, gluten, artificial flavors or preservatives, non-GMO, non-dairy and vegan. Doctor recommended. 1 a day. Travel friendly and no refri... [Read More]

  • FloraTummys 50 High Potency Probiotic, 50 Billion CFU, 12 Probiotic Strains, Prebiotics, Dairy Free, Gluten Free Probiotic, Non-GMO, Sugar-Free, Free of Food Allergens, Made in USA

    • UPC: 852061004073
    • ASIN: B07D2LFN4S
    • Brand: FloraTummys
    • Manufacturer: FloraTummys by NutraFana

    FloraTummys 50 High Potency Probiotic is the newest of our Family of FloraTummys Probiotics with 50 Billion Live Bacteria, 12 different Probiotic Strains, Fortified with a Prebiotic (FOS). Our products are Made in the USA in GMP Inspected Facility where only probiotics are made. We test for food allergens and provide allergen statements (see below)... [Read More]

  • Probiotic 40 Billion CFU. Guaranteed Potency until Expiration - Patented Delay Release, Shelf Stable - Lactobacillus Acidophilus - Gluten Dairy Free for Women Men - No Refrigeration - Digestive Health

    • UPC: 737212750903
    • ASIN: B00SGF5N1M
    • Brand: BioSchwartz
    • Size: 60
    • Manufacturer: BioSchwartz

    enzyme fiber womens womans men's women's complete highest rated probitiotic casei 20 probotics priobiotics probioti adults refrigerated pribiotics woman dietary capsule vegan soy pro/prebiotics cystex refrigeracion asodopholis christensenellaceae christensenella provioticos bifidobacteria high male probiatic bulgaricus 10 non biotics live indigesti... [Read More]

  • NatureMyst Probiotics 50 Billion per Serving, 18 Probiotic Strains, 60 Veggie Capsules - Non-GMO, Gluten Free

    • ASIN: B071KVK42V
    • Brand: NatureMyst
    • Size: 60 Veggie Capsules
    • Manufacturer: NatureMyst

    NatureMyst Probiotics contains 18 science backed probiotic strains that have been clinically studied.There are 50 Billion microencapsulated living cultures in each serving (2 Veggie Capsules/ Serving). Prebiotics also included in the formula to help increase the growth of good bacteria. Our 100% Natural and Vegetarian Probiotics Provides You with... [Read More]

  • FloraTummys Best Probiotic for Women, Men and Kids. 12 Billion CFU, 4 Probiotic Strains, Prebiotics, Non-GMO, Kosher, Non-Dairy, Gluten Free Probiotic, Sugar Free, Made in The USA.

    • UPC: 852061004042
    • ASIN: B01N5HIYTU
    • Brand: FloraTummys
    • Manufacturer: NutraFana Pharmaceuticals

    The makers of FloraTummys® Probiotic Sprinkles for Kids is now offering you The NEW FloraTummys® Probiotic Capsules for Adults & Kids > 100 lbs. Like FloraTummys Probiotic Sprinkle Packets, FloraTummys Capsules are proudly made in the USA, Non-dairy, gluten & sugar-free, Non-GMO, vegan, free of peanuts, wheat, eggs, soy yeast, and no animal ingre... [Read More]

  • Orgain Organic Green Superfoods Powder, Original - Antioxidants, 1 Billion Probiotics, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, 0.62 Pound (Packaging May Vary)

    • UPC: 851770003957
    • ASIN: B019TUCOF0
    • Brand: Orgain
    • Size: 0.62 Pound (1 Count)
    • Manufacturer: Orgain

    Orgain Organic Superfoods Powder is packed with 50 organic superfoods in every scoop. Providing a healthy mix of organic greens, veggies, fruits, and sprouts that can be conveniently added to water, juice or smoothie. Contains 6 grams of organic fiber, 1 billion clinically proven probiotics, and high in antioxidants, dairy free, soy free, USDA orga... [Read More]

  • PRO45: #1 CLINICAL GRADE Probiotic Formula, 45 billion CFU, 11 patented strains. Dairy Free. Delayed release veggie caps. Promotes immune and digestive health. 30 Day Supply (1)

    • ASIN: B01FV5PFS0
    • Brand: LiveWell Labs Nutrition
    • Manufacturer: LiveWell Labs Nutrition

    LiveWell's Pro-45 Pro-45 live probiotic strains.. baby that's all we need... This broad spectrum probiotic formula features 45 billion guaranteed live cultures and 11 clinically studied probiotic strains (per capsule) that assist with acid and bile resistance and their ability to colonize within the gut. Each vegetarian, delayed-release capsule con... [Read More]

  • Professional Infant, Childrens & Kids Probiotic - Dairy Free - 18 Billion CFU - 60 Servings for Immune and Digestion by Dr. Valerie Nelson

    • UPC: 754262892711
    • ASIN: B01EEU8EFE
    • Brand: Dr. Valerie Nelson
    • Size: 60 Servings
    • Manufacturer: Abundant Life Wellness

    Dr. Valerie Nelson's Professional Children's Probiotic has more CFU's than any other brand.  Strengthen your children's immune system by replacing healthy probiotic bacteria into your loved ones intestines.   80% of your immune system is in the intestines and gastro-intestinal tract.   Dr. Valerie Nelson's Professional Children's Probiotics ar... [Read More]

  • Cultures For Health Vegan Yogurt Starter | Make 4 delicious batches of nutrient-dense vegan yogurt | Non GMO, Gluten Free | 4 Sachets In A Box

    • UPC: 814598020384
    • ASIN: B012PNMB7O
    • Brand: Cultures For Health
    • Size: 4ct
    • Manufacturer: Cultures for Health Inc.

    Make your own nutritious and yummy yogurt with Cultures For Health vegan probiotic yogurt starterObserving a vegan diet or simply prefer the taste of non-dairy yogurt? Let everyone in the family enjoy great-tasting vegan yogurt with Cultures For Health vegan yogurt starter.Combine it with non-dairy milkVegan yogurt is as scrumptious and creamy as c... [Read More]

  • TummyWorks Probiotic Chews for Dogs. Relieves Diarrhea, Upset Stomach, Gas, Constipation & Bad Breath, Itching, Allergies & Yeast Infections. With Digestive Enzymes & Prebiotics. Made in USA 120 count

    • ASIN: B079NFFXJ1
    • Brand: Finest For Pets
    • Size: 120
    • Manufacturer: Finest For Pets

    Why is TummyWorks the Best Probiotic for Dogs? 1. Your Pet's Overall Health Starts With the Bacteria In Their Gut A healthy gut helps your pet to lead a happy, healthy life. An unhealthy gut causes them to suffer problems like diarrhea, yeast infections, allergies, hot spots, itching and scratching, gas and bad breath. 2. TummyWorks Relieves Gut ... [Read More]

  • Belle+ Bella - Yogurt Starter 4 x 5g Packets (Pack of 2)

    • UPC: 750869861174
    • ASIN: B00MAN3RXC
    • Brand: belle+bella
    • Size: 4ct
    • Manufacturer: BELLE AND BELLA

    •Use With any Type of Milk •Makes 4 Quarts Making delicious homemade yogurt has never been so easy. Suggested Use Hint in general non-dairy yogurts has a thinner consistency than dairy yogurts. For a thicker yogurt add tapioca powder, arrowroot powder, corn starch or gelatin. Can be made with Sweetened soy, almond or coconut milk. Cow, goat and... [Read More]

  • Renew Life Women's Probiotic - Ultimate Flora Women's Care Probiotic Supplement - Gluten, Dairy & Soy Free - 25 Billion CFU - 30 Vegetarian Capsules

    • UPC: 631257158635
    • ASIN: B004ZNDFIW
    • Brand: Renew Life
    • Size: 30 Count
    • Manufacturer: Spartan Nash Company (US HPC)

    Feel lighter, brighter and more energized with our #1 selling women's probiotic**, Renew Life Ultimate Flora Women's Care 25 billion. Its potent formula contains 10 specially selected strains designed to support digestive and immune health. It also contains Lactobacilli to help promote vaginal health.* DISCLAIMERS: *Statements regarding dietary sup... [Read More]

  • 50 Billion CFU Probiotics for Women, Probiotics for Men, Probiotics for Kids - Acidophilus Probiotic - Prebiotic Supplement - Vegan, Dairy Free - 11 Strains - 30 Capsules

    • UPC: 743724163063
    • ASIN: B01458YYC2
    • Brand: BioGanix
    • Size: 30 Capsules
    • Manufacturer: BioGanix

    "STOP! Your search for the best, most potent Probiotic Supplement is finally over!" - Are you suffering from health problems and not feeling your best? - Tired of feeling fatigued and have no energy? - Sick of feeling bloated or gassy, with abdominal pain after lunch? - Do you wake up with stomach pain and cramps? - Gastrointestinal issues and Irre... [Read More]

  • Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Complete Probiotic - 25 Billion High CFU Blend, The Original Hypoallergenic Probiotic for Men & Women, Dairy-Free (60 Capsules)

    • UPC: 767644210522
    • ASIN: B00JZ246S6
    • Brand: Klaire Labs
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Klaire Labs

    Ther-Biotic Complete is a robust, broad-spectrum, hypoallergenic blend of 12 probiotic species in a base of inulin. Designed to supply a complete component of synergistic and complementary species, each capsule provides 25 billion CFU protected by proprietary InTactic technology for maximum viability throughout the intestinal tract. Clean and hypoa... [Read More]

  • Probiotic 100B Dairy Free

    • UPC: 791102483609
    • ASIN: B015OL28FO
    • Brand: Physician Nutrients
    • Manufacturer: Physician Nutrients

    Probiotic 100B Dairy Free is a vegetarian, dairy- and gluten-free, four-strain probiotic totaling 100 billion CFU per capsule. Each vegetarian capsule is sealed using state-of-the-art Nitrogen-Purged Blister Pack Technology to provide the highest level of protection from factors proven to compromise the stability of probiotics like moisture, and ox... [Read More]

  • Non-Dairy Yogurt Culture (3-6 gallons) - For Use With Homemade Dairy-Free Nutmilks or Commercial Soy Milk

    • UPC: 799418857794
    • Brand: Know-How Brews & Foods
    • Size: 6 pkts; 1/8 tsp ea; cultures up to 6 gal milk
    • Manufacturer: Know-How Foods

    Non-dairy yogurt starter culture grown on dairy-free medium and designed for use with non-dairy, dairy-free alternative milks. Use with homemade nutmilks or commercial soy milk. Does not work with other commercially available nutmilks because of their poor nutritive content (these require thickeners). See our website for a dairy-free recipe and oth... [Read More]

  • Renew Life Women's Probiotic - Ultimate Flora Women's Care Go-Pack Probiotic Supplement - Gluten, Dairy & Soy Free - 15 Billion CFU - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

    • UPC: 631257158789
    • ASIN: B00E0NDT6K
    • Brand: Renew Life
    • Manufacturer: Renew Life

    Ultimate Flora Women's Care Probiotic 15 Billion is formulated with 8 scientifically studied Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains for women to target your body's unique needs so you always feel your best. It supports digestive and immune health, and contains plenty of Lactobacilli to help promote vaginal and urinary health. These statements ha... [Read More]

  • 5 Non Dairy Probiotic Food Sources That Your Mama Ate

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