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  • Naruto Box Set 3: Volumes 49-72 with Premium (3)

    • ASIN: 1421583348
    • ISBN: 9781421583341
    • Brand: VIZ Media LLC
    • Manufacturer: VIZ Media LLC

    The third and final Naruto Box Set contains the thrilling conclusion to one of the most popular manga series of all time. This set features volumes 49~72 at a substantial savings over buying them individually, along with an exclusive premium. As Konoha village rebuilds, the leaders of the ninja world convene for the Gokage Summit. Defeating the Aka... [Read More]

  • Naruto Box Set 2: Volumes 28-48 with Premium (2)

    • ASIN: 1421580802
    • ISBN: 1421580802
    • Brand: VIZ Media LLC
    • Manufacturer: VIZ Media LLC

    The second Naruto Box Set and the start of the Shippuden part of the story. This set features volumes 28~48 at a substantial savings over buying them individually, along with an exclusive mini-comic containing the pilot story of the series and a full-color, double-sided poster. It's been more than two years since Naruto left to train with Jiraiya. ... [Read More]

  • Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Volume 7

    • ASIN: B07D9P5QR4
    • Manufacturer: J-Novel Club

    With the battle at the capital settled, Hajime's next destination is the empire. Together with Lilliana and Kouki, he takes to the skies with his newly built airship. Kouki still has his misgivings, wondering why it is that Hajime doesn't use his power for the 'right' reasons. However, he doesn't have time to dwell on it long, as in the middle of t... [Read More]

  • Berserk, Vol. 26

    • ASIN: 1593079222
    • ISBN: 1593079222
    • Brand: Dark Horse Comics
    • Manufacturer: Dark Horse Manga

    Guts, the Black Swordsman, goes from the frying pan to the fire as he must enter the mating chamber in the horrifying lair of trolls to rescue his love, Casca, and the Lady Farnese from the loathsome attentions of the hideous beasts. But while even an army of trolls cannot stand against Guts's boundless fury, the mightiest of warriors is no match f... [Read More]

  • Berserk, Vol. 2

    • ASIN: 1593070217
    • ISBN: 9781593070212
    • Brand: Dark Horse Manga
    • Manufacturer: Dark Horse Manga

    The evil Count uses his dark powers to transform a defeated guard captain into an inhuman horror to combat Guts, the Black Swordsman. Puck, Guts’ pint-sized fairy sidekick, is captured when he attempts to stop an old doctor’s execution, and he is given as a gift to the count’s daughter, a sweet girl in a gilded cage, imprisoned by her father ... [Read More]

  • Naruto: Itachi's Story, Vol. 2: Midnight (2)

    • ASIN: 1421591316
    • ISBN: 1421591316
    • Brand: VIZ Media LLC
    • Manufacturer: VIZ Media LLC

    A new series of prose novels, straight from the worldwide Naruto franchise. Naruto’s allies and enemies take center stage in these fast-paced adventures, with each volume focusing on a particular clan mate, ally, team…or villain. Together with his sworn friend Shisui, Itachi takes on a mission to assassinate a spy in the village in order to ... [Read More]

  • Berserk, Vol. 1

    • ASIN: 1593070209
    • ISBN: 1593070209
    • Brand: Dark Horse Manga
    • Manufacturer: Dark Horse Manga

    Created by Kentaro Miura, Berserk is manga mayhem to the extreme - violent, horrifying, and mercilessly funny - and the wellspring for the internationally popular anime series. Not for the squeamish or the easily offended, Berserk asks for no quarter - and offers none! His name is Guts, the Black Swordsman, a feared warrior spoken of only in whispe... [Read More]

  • Berserk, Vol. 9

    • ASIN: 1593073305
    • ISBN: 1593073305
    • Brand: Miura, Kentaro (ILT)/ Johnson, Duane (TRN)
    • Manufacturer: Dark Horse Manga

    Griffith, charismatic leader of the elite mercenary Band of the Hawk, has seen better days. His fearless champion, Guts, has left the Band, defeating Griffith in personal combat as his ticket out. With his judgment clouded by this unthinkable humiliation, Griffith eases his pain in the arms of the daughter of Midland’s king. But the King doesn’... [Read More]

  • Berserk, Vol. 27

    • ASIN: 1593079230
    • ISBN: 1593079230
    • Brand: Dark Horse Comics
    • Manufacturer: Dark Horse Manga

    Now equipped with the mystical Berserker Armor, Guts fights on against the dragon-form of Grunbeld and his legion of fanatic apostle soldiers. But the very armor that holds Guts together — in a nightmarishly literal sense — might be the last straw that tears his tortured mind apart! While Guts struggles to hold his own against his inner demons,... [Read More]

  • BladesUSA HK-1482 Red Flame Samurai Fantasy Sword, Black/Silver, 26-Inch Length

    • UPC: 805319058052
    • ASIN: B004I9ZEGO
    • Brand: BladesUSA
    • Size: 26-Inch Overall
    • Manufacturer: Master Cutlery

    This Red Flame Warrior Sword from Survivor features a straight-forward design that looks fit for combat, yet also features a few extra touches that make it all the more appealing to see. This ensures that the sword is not only pleasing to the eye, but it is also fun to handle. The sword features a black stainless steel blade that is decorated with ... [Read More]

  • Berserk, Vol. 8

    • ASIN: 1593073291
    • ISBN: 1593073291
    • Brand: Kentaro Miura
    • Manufacturer: Dark Horse Manga

    The century-spanning war between Midland and Chuder continues unabated. The two warring kingdoms, vying for supremacy, launch headfirst into what will become the final battle. Leading the Midland forces are the Band of the Hawk, lead by the charismatic Griffith, with the fearless Guts as his trusted champion. But should the Hawks triumph again on t... [Read More]

  • Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus Volume 1

    • ASIN: 1616551348
    • ISBN: 1616551348
    • Brand: Dark Horse Comics
    • Manufacturer: Dark Horse Manga

    A samurai epic of staggering proportions, the acclaimed Lone Wolf and Cub begins its second life at Dark Horse Manga with new, larger editions of over 700 pages, value priced. The brilliant storytelling of series creator Kazuo Koike and the groundbreaking cinematic visuals of Goseki Kojima create a graphic-fiction masterpiece of beauty, fury, and t... [Read More]

  • Whitesmith Custom Ninja Scroll The Series Anime Men's Funny T-Shirt 100% Cotton Tee Medium

    • ASIN: B07CL26Z2C
    • Brand: whitesmith T-shirt
    • Size: Medium

    High quality cotton fabric is chose to make 100% cotton t-shirt,extremely delicate texture. We are guaranteed to create your moisture absorption. Every item reflects similar craftsmanship and attention to detail. 2016 newest trend includes o-neck which is not easily deformed that is designed by our best Designers.

  • Berserk, Vol. 7

    • ASIN: 1593073283
    • ISBN: 1593073283
    • Brand: Kentaro Miura
    • Manufacturer: Dark Horse Manga

    Two feudal kingdoms, Midland and Chuder, battle for supremacy in what will become the final clash in a century-long struggle. Spearheading the Midland forces is the Band of the Hawk, a legendary cadre of elite mercenaries led by the charismatic Griffith and with the fearless Guts as its berserker champion. The Hawks' ferocity, courage, and fearsome... [Read More]

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection

    • UPC: 031398157533
    • ASIN: B009474UW4
    • Brand: Nickelodeon
    • Manufacturer: Lionsgate

    Experience the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle saga in this totally tubular 23-disc set of the original animated series, featuring all 10 seasons in one complete cowabunga collection! From their origins on the comic book page to the depths of Dimension X and beyond, the pizza-loving, shell-busting Leonardo™, Donatello™, Raphael™ and Michelangelo... [Read More]

  • Berserk, Vol. 24

    • ASIN: 159307865X
    • ISBN: 159307865X
    • Brand: Miura, Kentaro
    • Manufacturer: Dark Horse Manga

    Desperate to find a sanctuary where his lover, Casca, will be safe from the demons drawn to her Brand of Sacrifice, Guts the Black Swordsman pushes his motley band of followers onward towards fairy Puck’s homeland, Elfhelm. With new allies who make their home in a mystically guarded woodland paradise, Guts’ goal seems within reach, but danger l... [Read More]

  • Detective Pikachu Greninja-Gx Case File: Pokemon TCG: 2 Greninja Foil Trading Cards + 7 Booster Pack Multicolor

    • UPC: 820650803871
    • ASIN: B07ND8TR49
    • Brand: Pokemon
    • Manufacturer: Pokemon

    As excitement continues to build toward the May 10, 2019, theatrical release of Pokémon detective Pikachu, fans can check out some of the products that will be coming out as tie-ins to the eagerly anticipated live-action movie. Here's just some of the stuff you can look forward to! Pokémon Trading Card Game The Pokémon Trading Card Game will fea... [Read More]

  • Berserk, Vol. 28

    • ASIN: 1595822097
    • ISBN: 9781595822093
    • Brand: Brand: Dark Horse
    • Manufacturer: Dark Horse Manga

    Guts, the Black Swordsman, and his companions have finally arrived at the sea, where they discover a mysterious child who seems to share a special bond with Guts and his former lover, the now-mad Casca. The troupe's brief respite at the shore offers moments for quiet introspection and deeper bonding, but such peace is always short lived where Guts ... [Read More]

  • Netflix

    • ASIN: B005ZXWMUS
    • Brand: Netflix, Inc
    • Manufacturer: Netflix, Inc

  • Berserk, Vol. 3

    • ASIN: 1593070225
    • ISBN: 1593070225
    • Brand: Brand: Dark Horse Manga
    • Manufacturer: Dark Horse Manga

    Guts, the feared Black Swordsman, finishes his desperate battle with the monstrous Count, cutting and blasting him to gory scraps when the presence of the Count's daughter makes the monster hesitate. But Guts won't even have the time to clean his gigantic sword when the Count's dying pleas activate the Behelit, summoning the five God Hands, demon l... [Read More]

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