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  • New York Times:The Complete Front Pages 1851-2009 Updated Edition

    • UPC: 768821128258
    • ASIN: 1579128254
    • ISBN: 1579128254
    • Manufacturer: Black Dog & Leventhal

    New edition of the national blockbuster and New York Times bestseller?with more than a dozen new front pages, including Obama's election and inauguration, his first trip abroad, the financial meltdown, Madoff, and more. One of the most popular gift books of the 2008 holiday season now includes the history-making Obama front pages and so much more. ... [Read More]

  • Front Page Fatality: A Nichelle Clarke Crime Thriller

    • ASIN: B07DV4PLKF
    • Manufacturer: Severn River Publishing

    A suspicious accident. A determined reporter. And a ruthless criminal who will stop at nothing to tie up loose ends.This suspenseful thriller series is recommended for fans of James Patterson, J.D. Robb, and Melinda Leigh."...five stars out of five." - Hot Mystery ReviewsWhen two rookie cops are killed in a fiery crash near Richmond, Virginia, crim... [Read More]

  • New York Times: The Complete Front Pages: 1851-2008

    • UPC: 768821127497
    • ASIN: 1579127495
    • ISBN: 1579127495
    • Brand: Brand: Black Dog Leventhal Publishers
    • Manufacturer: Black Dog & Leventhal

    This stunning and cutting-edge package provides access to the world as reflected in its most influential and respected newspaper. From wars and political assassinations to social movements and space exploration, all the news that is fit to print?or download?can be found in this extraordinary book-and-DVD set.More than 300 of the most significant Ne... [Read More]

  • September 11, 2001

    • UPC: 050837210950
    • ASIN: 0740724924
    • ISBN: 0740724924
    • Brand: Andrews McMeel Publishing
    • Manufacturer: Andrews McMeel Publishing

    On Tuesday September 11, our world changed forever. The United States was attacked by an unknown terrorist organization. Word of this attack spread instantaneously around the world. Billions of people woke up on September 12 to find that the front page of their local newspaper was devoted to the tragedy of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.Se... [Read More]

  • Obama: The Historic Front Pages

    • ASIN: 1402769024
    • ISBN: 9781402769023
    • Manufacturer: Sterling

    Chronicles Obama's improbable journey from Springfield, Illinois to the White House, featuring newspaper front pages from across America and around the world. Also includes verbatim text of five historic speeches from the campaign, victory rally, and inauguration.

  • President Obama Election 2008: A Collection of Newspaper Front Pages Selected by the Poynter Institute

    • UPC: 050837264564
    • ASIN: 0740784838
    • ISBN: 0740784838
    • Brand: Andrews McMeel Publishing
    • Manufacturer: Andrews McMeel Publishing

    The presidential campaign of 2008 was one of the most intense and closely-followed races in US politics. Moments after the presidential election was called for Barack Obama across televisions and computer screens (and probably sooner), editors at newspapers around the world began framing some of the most significant front pages in history. Presiden... [Read More]

  • The Front Page: From Theater to Reality (The Art of Theater Series)

    • ASIN: 1575253100
    • ISBN: 1575253100
    • Brand: Brand: Smith Kraus Pub Inc
    • Manufacturer: Smith & Kraus Pub Inc

    Highly detailed, historically correct annotations by George Woodman Hilton accompany the original text of The Front Page. Character and text analyses, historical and production photos, a chronology of the play's productions, and an extensive index are also included. This book will provide students, directors, producers, theaterphiles, and historian... [Read More]

  • Our Front Pages: 21 Years of Greatness, Virtue, and Moral Rectitude from America's Finest News Source (Onion Presents)

    • ASIN: 1439156921
    • ISBN: 1439156921
    • Manufacturer: Scribner

    From The Birth Of A Nation To The Death Of Journalism Since its founding by a bloodthirsty tyrant in 1756, The Onion has not merely changed the way we think about the news -- it has changed whether we think about the news at all. As the first decade of this new millennium draws to a close, Our Front Pages shows us the first thing that president... [Read More]

  • Front-Page News (The Backyardigans)

    • ASIN: 1416985697
    • ISBN: 1416985697
    • Brand: Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon
    • Manufacturer: Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon

    Tasha is a super snappy photographer. Newspaper editor-in-chief Pablo wants her to catch the perfect story for the front page. With all the exciting superhero stuff happening in Bigopolis, that should be easy! But little does he know, Tasha is one of the secret superheroes. Can she capture the perfect shot AND save the day?

  • Front Pages (an exhibition catalogue)

    • ASIN: 0847820815
    • ISBN: 9780847820818
    • Manufacturer: Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.

    The artist uses rubber stamps and pastels to alter and enhance the front page of the New York Times for each day of 1996

  • Front Page World War II by John Davison (2009-07-04)

    • ASIN: 1840442794
    • ISBN: 1840442794
    • Manufacturer: Brown Reference Group

    The complete story of World War II as told through the contemporary daily newspaper headlines. The 150 front pages featured in this book show how unfolding events were represented in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy, and France, at the same time as giving fascinating insights into other events that were also occupying the front pag... [Read More]

  • The New York Times Page One 1851-2001: Special Commemorative Edition Celebrating 150 Years of the New York Times

    • ASIN: 1578661358
    • ISBN: 1578661358
    • Brand: Brand: Galahad Books
    • Manufacturer: Galahad Books

    The New York Times Page One: 1851-2001: Special Commemorative Edition Celebrating 150 Years of the New York Times. over 400 pages of New York Times post. Read all about the changing events for the past 150 years.

  • The Kennedys: America's Front Page Family: A Collection of Historic Newspaper Pages Selected by The Poynter Institute

    • UPC: 050837272651
    • ASIN: 0740793721
    • ISBN: 0740793721
    • Brand: Andrews McMeel Publishing
    • Manufacturer: Andrews McMeel Publishing

    One of the most influential families in American history, the Kennedys have had their lives documented by the media for the past 50 years. The Kennedys: America's Front-Page Family tells the story of this fascinating family through a collection of newspaper front pages gathered from the archives of The Poynter Institute.From the political rise and ... [Read More]

  • World War II Front Pages

    • ASIN: 0517646188
    • ISBN: 0517646188
    • Manufacturer: Bonanza

    Traces the history of the involvement of American forces in World War II from 1942 to 1945


    • ASIN: 0006377637
    • ISBN: 0006377637
    • Manufacturer: FLAMINGO

  • Everyman News: The Changing American Front Page

    • ASIN: 082621777X
    • ISBN: 082621777X
    • Brand: Brand: University of Missouri
    • Manufacturer: University of Missouri

         One need only look at the front pages of newspapers over the past few years to see that something has changed. Stories are more personal, more inclusive, less distant from readers’ experiences. Once called the first draft of history, news has become more of an anecdotal companion. The evidence is telling: stories use more unofficial sour... [Read More]

  • Holy Bible: KJV Thinline Large Print Thumb Index Edition: Brown (King James Version Bible)

    • ASIN: 1432105493
    • ISBN: 1432105493
    • Brand: Christian Art Gifts, Inc.
    • Manufacturer: Christian Art Publishers

    Classic Brown Faux Leather Bound Thinline Large Print Edition King James Version Bible. The cover is constructed of quality man-made material with the look and feel of real leather (trade name LuxLeather). Design features include a detailed engraved decorative border with gold foil accents on the front and back, gold foiled debossed title, gold gil... [Read More]

  • Van Gogh's Sunflowers Notebook (Decorative Notebooks)

    • UPC: 800759807734
    • ASIN: 0486807738
    • ISBN: 0486807738
    • Manufacturer: Dover Publications

    Vincent van Gogh (1853–90) was a Post-Impressionist master — and now his world-famous sunflowers can inspire your everyday life. Fill the 64 blank pages of this inexpensive notebook with phone numbers, important dates, bright ideas, appointments, or anything else you want to keep handy. Or, if you're feeling artistic, use it as a mini-sketchboo... [Read More]

  • Dressing for Dinner in the Naked City: And Other Tales from the Wall Street Journal's "Middle Column"

    • ASIN: 0786880139
    • ISBN: 0786880139
    • Brand: Brand: Hyperion
    • Manufacturer: Hyperion

    Never mind who's buying and who's selling. The feature that millions of Wall Street Journal readers look for first is the "middle column," a healthy dose of the exotic, intriguing, and entertaining in the midst of the everyday. This first-ever collection brings together the very best of the column's offbeat offerings.

  • Deadline (A Virgil Flowers Novel, Book 8)

    • ASIN: B00INIQTY2
    • Manufacturer: G.P. Putnam's Sons

    The thrilling new novel in the #1 New York Times–bestselling series. In Southeast Minnesota, down on the Mississippi, a school board meeting is coming to an end. The board chairman announces that the rest of the meeting will be closed, due to personnel issues. “Issues” is correct. The proposal up for a vote before them is whether to authoriz... [Read More]

  • How to Design a Newspaper (Front Page) | Adobe Indesign Tutorial

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