How To Play Music From Your Nas Over Sonos

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  • Sonos Connect - Wireless Home Audio Receiver Component for Streaming Music - White

    • UPC: 180501001185
    • Color: Light Gray
    • Brand: Sonos
    • Manufacturer: Sonos

    The SONOS CONNECT brings streaming music to your stereo or home theater. Setup is easy, and you can play music on the connected speakers alone or throughout your house with Sonos speakers in every room. Wirelessly stream your entire music library and favorite online music services, and control it all with a free app on your phone, tablet, or comput... [read more]

  • Sonos Open Box ZoneBridge BR100 Wireless Bridge System

    • UPC: 411378260154
    • Brand: Sonos
    • Manufacturer: Sonos

    The Sonos ZoneBridge makes setting up your Sonos system super fast and easy. It's the ideal solution if your house doesn't have Ethernet wiring or your router is in a room where you don't want music. Just connect the ZoneBridge to your broadband router to instantly activate the SonosNet wireless mesh network. Now all ZonePlayers and Controllers wil... [read more]

  • How To Play Music From Your Nas Over Sonos

    What is the Best NAS for my Sonos Wireless Sound System to enjoy your music throughout the home

    How To Set Up Home Wireless Music Streaming With A NAS Drive & Sonos