Does Cedar Mulch Repel Insects?

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  • Green Gobbler All Natural Orange Oil Concentrate - 22.5 oz (D-Limonene)

    • UPC: 853908006762
    • ASIN: B071JGCQ2W
    • Brand: Green Gobbler
    • Manufacturer: EcoClean Solutions Inc

    Some of the many uses include: Window Cleaner, Kitchen and Bathroom counter tops, Floors, Sinks, Bathtubs, Showers, Toilets, Carpets, Jewelry, Stove Tops, Upholstery, Ovens, Grills, Exhaust Hoods, Tape/Glue residue, Driveway Oil Spots, Drain lines, Air Freshener etc Description: Cold Pressed Orange Oil is a powerful degreaser and cleaner that is c... [Read More]

  • Wood Smith USA Cedar Sachet Bags, Moth Repellent, Keep Fleas, and Other Pesky Pests Away, Natures Natural Deodorizer, 6 Bags of Western Red Cedar Chips in Each Resealable Package

    • UPC: 731236292845
    • ASIN: B078YF6JJB
    • Brand: Wood Smith USA
    • Size: 3" X 4" Muslin Bag
    • Manufacturer: Wood Smith USA

    Tired of musty smells in your drawers and closets? Don't want the overpowering smells of moth balls and strong cedar smells on your clothes? We have the solution for you!! Cedar Sachet Bags; 6 Sachet Bags in each High Quality Resealable Bag By Wood Smith USA Easy to Use Remove the Sachet bag and roll around in your hands then place in the desired a... [Read More]

  • Nature's MACE Cat Repellent-2.2lb Shaker Granular

    • UPC: 014181453739
    • ASIN: B014I8IR9A
    • Brand: Nature's MACE Cat Repellent
    • Size: 2.2lb Granular Shaker
    • Manufacturer: Nature's MACE

    Nature's MACE Cat Repellent Technology Works Best - keeping your pets, your neighbors' pets, and strays, away from treated areas. Protect your lawn, trees flower beds, shrubs, trash containers, and garden areas. Train unwanted pets to avoid protected areas.

  • Vet's Best Flea and Tick Yard and Kennel Spray | Yard Treatment Spray Kills Mosquitoes, Fleas, and Ticks with Certified Natural Oils | Plant Safe with Ready-to-Use Hose Attachment | 32 Ounces

    • UPC: 031658103492
    • ASIN: B00393HSLY
    • Brand: Vet's Best
    • Size: 32 fl. oz.
    • Manufacturer: Bramton Company

    Declare war on fleas and ticks with our easy to use Vet's Best Flea and Tick Yard & Kennel Spray. Our plant-based formula is safe to use around your family, and effectively eliminates pests by contact. Attaches to your garden hose and treats up to 4,500 sq. ft. This stuff works.

  • Household Essentials 35704-1 CedarFresh Clothes Protector and Moth Repellent Storage Accessories Value Pack (71 Items)

    • UPC: 716080041771
    • ASIN: B00DEF8KCI
    • Brand: Household Essentials
    • Size: A
    • Manufacturer: Hosuehold Essentials

    Household Essentials 71pc Cedar Value Pack transforms your closet into a cedar oasis. This value pack has our most popular cedar products: 6 Cedar Hang Ups, 20 Cedar Hanger Rings, 40 Cedar Cubes, and 5 Cedar Sachets for a truly powerful punch of cedar freshness for every closet in home. Made of solid, natural red cedar, each item helps to naturally... [Read More]

  • Ram-Pro Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock - Looks & Feels like Real Stone - Safe for Outdoor Garden or Yard, Geocaching

    • UPC: 815518020286
    • ASIN: B018RH0TYE
    • Brand: Ram-Pro
    • Size: 1
    • Manufacturer: Mix N More Inc.

    What will you do if you forget your key some place and you get to your house and doesn’t have your key on you? Of course you need to save a key around the home outside in case you’ll need it, but then the problem starts: where do you hide a key to access your own place but still only you should have access to it and nobody else that is unwanted... [Read More]

  • BirdBlock 604 Reusable Netting for Bird Protection, 7 feet x 20 feet, Black

    • UPC: 724137213378
    • ASIN: B00004RA0P
    • Brand: BirdBlock
    • Size: 7 feet x 20 feet
    • Manufacturer: Easy Gardener

    Solve your bird issues with Birdblock bird netting specifically designed to protect fruits and vegetables, prevent birds from roosting in unwanted areas in your yard or garden. A Jobe’s Company product, a leader in the gardening and landscape industry, bringing gardeners reliable gardening products season after season. BirdBlock is a durable, UV-... [Read More]

  • Cat Repellent Granular 6lb

    • UPC: 747906578409
    • ASIN: B072LSRFG6
    • Brand: Nature's Mace
    • Size: 6lb Shaker Treats 3,500 sq.ft
    • Manufacturer: Nature's MACE

    Cat MACE 6lb, Treats 3,500 sq.ft. Nature's MACE Cat Repellent Technology Works Best - keeping your pets, your neighbors' pets, and strays, away from treated areas. Protect your lawn, trees flower beds, shrubs, trash containers, and garden areas. Train unwanted pets to avoid protected areas.

  • BONIDE PRODUCTS INC (BND2361 Animal Repellent Granules, ((3 lb.)

    • UPC: 037321023616
    • ASIN: B002ITKVKU
    • Brand: Bonide
    • Size: (3 lb.)
    • Manufacturer: Arett Sales - LG

    Shot-Gun Repels-All Animal RepellentRepels nuisance animals including skunks, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and many more from gardens and planting areas. Repels through smell, taste, and irritation of eyes and nose. The formula will not harm animals. Safe to use in pet and children's play areas. Granules last up to 60 days.About Bonide:Bonide ha... [Read More]

  • Spicy World Crushed Pepper Chilli Flakes, Red, 5 Pound

    • UPC: 692991106108
    • ASIN: B00AT7XRLS
    • Brand: Spicy World
    • Size: 80 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Spicy World

    Spicy World crushed red pepper is perfect for pizza, pasta, salads, soups, and more. Our restaurant pack offers a great value at this price. Get 5 pounds of fresh crushed red pepper in each bag.

  • PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence

    • UPC: 897786530865
    • ASIN: B000TZ8SFU
    • Brand: PetSafe
    • Manufacturer: Do It Yourself Containment

    The PetSafe Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence has been proven safe, comfortable, and effective for all cats over 6 lb. and at least 6 months old. The system works by producing a radio signal from the Fence Transmitter through up to 4000 ft. of Boundary Wire. The Boundary Wire is buried or attached to a fixed object to enclose the Pet Area. You temporarily... [Read More]

  • Summit Mosquito and Gnat Barrier Covers 10,000 Square Feet, 1/2 gallon

    • UPC: 018506000127
    • ASIN: B00B7WO1P0
    • Brand: Summit...responsible solutions
    • Size: 0.5 gallon
    • Manufacturer: SUMMIT...responsible solutions

    Contains permethrin, a residual insecticide that provides up to four weeks of repellency. Controls a wide variety of insects including mosquitoes, ants, fleas, ticks and more. Spray outdoor insect resting areas, pet areas and quarters. Reduce the chance for Lyme disease and heartworm disease.

  • HomeDo 12Pack Cedar Sachet Bags, Natural Red Cedar Chips Sachets for Closets and Drawers, Clothes Storage Protector (12, Cedar Bags)

    • UPC: 634458128681
    • ASIN: B07K7MBGL3
    • Brand: HomeDo
    • Size: 12Pack
    • Manufacturer: HD

    MATERIAL: ✓Made of red cedar wood which come from North America, natural aroma, environment friendly. NOTICE: ✓【SOFT AROMA】:The cedar wood are pure natural wood products, the aroma is soft. You feel the smell is weak especially used in an open space, but it does not influence the effect, because insects have a more powerful sense of sme... [Read More]

  • Signature Plants - Citronella Mosquito Plant in 4" Nursery Flower Pot - Easy to Grow

    • UPC: 097289300037
    • ASIN: B07J52L41J
    • Brand: Signature Plants
    • Size: 4" Pot
    • Manufacturer: Joann's Greenhouses, Inc.

    Citronella Mosquito plants are a zone 9-10 hardy plant with fragrant leaves. Plants are vigorous growers reaching a mature height of 24 to 36 inches in height. Citronella are favored for their drought tolerant and fresh scent. Be sure to provide adequate water and sunlight upon arrival for fastest recovery. Citronella Mosquito plants (Pelargonium C... [Read More]

  • Amish Aromatic Red Cedar Wood Shavings. 100% All Natural. 8 lbs or 4 lbs of Shavings/Curls. Made in The USA! (4 lbs)

    • UPC: 745150372507
    • Brand: Wood-Hawk
    • Size: 4 lbs
    • Manufacturer: Wood-Hawk

    Made by the Amish from 100% pure red cedar logs. NO chemicals. NO preservatives. Wood-Hawk screens out the sawdust leaving you with pure shavings. All natural and biodegradable. Excellent for indoors or outdoors. Provides a wonderful cedar scent. Can be used for gardening, crafting and air freshening. Fill sachets for your drawers and closets. Safe... [Read More]

  • Coconut Coir Fiber - 4 Pack of Convenient Blocks - All Natural and Environmentally Friendly Coconut Peat

    • UPC: 736680900070
    • ASIN: B071KT45QV
    • Brand: Triumph Plant
    • Size: 8oz - 13oz Brick (10oz Average)
    • Manufacturer: Triumph Plant

    100% natural sustainable alternative to peat moss convenient small bricks great for potted plants or container gardens. Coir (also called pith) is a 100-percent natural product from coconut husks. Coir is made of the coarse fibers extracted from the husk on the outer shell of a coconut. Because of its superior water holding capacity, excellent air ... [Read More]

  • EcoGuard Plus, 8 oz, All Natural Tick and Mosquito Control, Kid Safe, Pet Safe, Non-Staining Lawn Spray Concentrate

    • UPC: 714343977591
    • ASIN: B01NAQEL2N
    • Size: 8 ounce
    • Manufacturer: Eco Innovations, Ltd

    EcoGuard Plus is an all natural insecticide specially formulated for control of Mosquitos, Ticks and Fleas. EcoGuard Plus kills labeled insects on contact and repels with a residual of 30 days. The proprietary blend of essential oils and plant derived active ingredients ensures a safe a effective application. EcoGuard Plus kills in two ways, (1) by... [Read More]

  • Compost Bin with 7 FREE Charcoal Filters by Silky Road | 1.3-Gallon / 5-Liter | Vintage Cream Powder-Coated Carbon Steel | Kitchen Pail with Lid, Trash Keeper Container Bucket, Recycling Caddy

    • ASIN: B07982D8WW
    • Brand: Silky Road

    So, you love composting, but it could be quite an eyesore in your kitchen?Here is your solution: This beautiful cream-colored compost bin with "COMPOST" emblazoned in the most beautiful font right in front.This vintage-style bin WILL be noticed and it will impress.You will enjoy just looking at it.Environmentally friendly way to create nutrient-ric... [Read More]

  • Clothes Protector Cedar Moth Repellent Set Fresh Storage Accessories Blocks, Ring, Hang up (72 Pieces)

    • UPC: 759754421042
    • ASIN: B06XT698WN
    • Brand: Moth Busters
    • Manufacturer: Moth Busters

    Cedar is a natural pesticide and is toxic to many insects and even to some small rodents, (Please make sure to keep away from any rodent pets). The cedar repels by producing an aroma that is toxic to pest. This aroma is not toxic to humans or other common household pets such as cats and dogs. Our Cedar can go beyond the closet. From the hangers to ... [Read More]

  • Havahart Critter Ridder 3146 Animal Repellent, 5-Pounds Granular Shaker

    • UPC: 036348031468
    • ASIN: B0016PC4TS
    • Brand: Havahart
    • Size: 5 lbs
    • Manufacturer: Havahart

    Havahart Critter Ridder 5 lb. Animal Repellent repels skunks, groundhogs (woodchucks), dogs, cats, and squirrels. Also a very effective raccoon repellent - keeps them from garbage cans! Havahart Critter Ridder animal repellent contains the scent and taste deterrent ingredients of oil of black pepper, piperine and capsaicin. These active ingredients... [Read More]

  • Does Cedar Mulch Repel Insects?

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