1st place Mousetrap Car Ideas- using SCIENCE

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  • DOC FIZZIX Build Your Own Mousetrap Car

    • Brand: DOC FIZZIX
    • Manufacturer: Doc Fizzix Products

    DESCRIPTION: Not a kit, but a collection of all the hard-to-find parts and accessories in one package. Perfect for those who cannot use a kit and/or for those who want to design and build their own mousetrap racer from scratch. Includes a top secret builder's guide filled with performance tips and tricks. The Build Your Own Kits is a complete do-it... [read more]

  • Pitsco Balsa Wood Mousetrap Vehicle Kit (For 10 Students)

    • UPC: 818975012443
    • Brand: Pitsco
    • Size: For 10 Students
    • Manufacturer: Pitsco

  • StarRoad PVC high-Speed Rolling Mouse Trap Bucket Mousetrap Continuous Capture Log Catch Mice Rat Traps Include No Need Drilling Required Fit 5 Gallon Buckets (White)

    • UPC: 710525511546
    • Color: White
    • Brand: StarRoad
    • Manufacturer: StarRoad

    Precautions: 1: We only sell the drum, not sell buckets, please ready a bucket and ladder by yourself. 2: The total length of the mousetrap is: 11.4 inches, the drum length is:10.5inches, width: 0.98inches 3: If you want to achieve the desired effect of the mouse, please make sure add water to one-third ways of the bucket and the bucket deep enough... [read more]

  • Pitsco Basic Mousetrap Vehicle Kit (Individual Pack)

    • UPC: 818975012498
    • Brand: Pitsco
    • Size: For 1 Student
    • Manufacturer: Pitsco

    The Pitsco Balsa Wood Basic Mousetrap Vehicle kit provides students in grades 6-12 a hands-on activity to design and build a model car that demonstrates scientific concepts including velocity, force, motion, and Newton's laws of physics, and it teaches engineering design. Students can build the car from the kit and can modify the car for improved ... [read more]

  • Mousetrap Vehicle Car Kit - Project Kit for Building a Mousetrap Car - Create - Race - Compete Using Your Own Fast Mousetrap Car - Great for Student Classroom Projects

    • UPC: 603784199238
    • Brand: Activity Based Supplies
    • Manufacturer: Activity Based Supplies

    Mousetrap Vehicle Car Kit DESCRIPTION This mousetrap car kit comes ready to assemble with all the parts required and multiple wheel options so you can be ready for action and racing on the same day. The kit comes with fun secret instructions that are only meant to be used if needed as life does not always have instructions and we like for student... [read more]

  • UCatch Tunneled Rat Trap - Dual Entry Rodent Snap Trap with Child Safe, Pet Safe Trigger Pedal - Pack of 2

    • UPC: 852683008015
    • Brand: UCatch
    • Size: Pack of 2
    • Manufacturer: UCatch

    Parents and pests: meet your match! Many of the most effective rattraps on the market integrate incredibly dangerous elements, from poison and glue to electricity and metal jaws of life. As a doting parent and pet owner, don't you wish there was a safe, humane solution for those pesky rodents? With the new Rat Trap, homeowners can finally enjoy the... [read more]

  • Plastic Project Wheels with 1/8" Hole - Made for Co2 Dragster Cars, Mousetrap Vehicles, and All Your Hobby Project Kits or Class Room Activities (Pack of 100) (Black)

    • UPC: 603784199290
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Activity Based Supplies
    • Size: Small
    • Manufacturer: Activity Based Supplies

    Hobby and Project Kit Wheels These wheels provide students and hobbyists a great wheel for any or most project kits, miniature car models, dragsters and more. These wheels allow us to build hands-on activities for ourselves, others, or students. The wheels are used to design, build, and race a model CO2 car "dragster", Mousetrap Cars, Electric Cars... [read more]

  • Carolina STEM Challenge: Mousetrap Cars Kit

    • Brand: Carolina Biological Supply Company
    • Manufacturer: Carolina Biological Supply Company

    Grades 6–12. Speed to excitement with a car powered by a mousetrap. Improve car performance by accounting for friction, mechanical advantage, and mass while learning about potential and kinetic energy, conservation of energy, torque, and inertia. Addresses Next Generation Science Standards®: MS-PS3-1, MS-PS3-2, MS-ETS1-2, HS-PS2-3, HS-PS3-1, HS-... [read more]

  • 1st place Mousetrap Car Ideas- using SCIENCE

    How To Build A Fast Mouse Trap Car

    Making a mousetrap car for speed (basic) Pt. 1