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  • The High Performance Planner

    • ISBN: 1401957234
    • Manufacturer: Hay House Inc.

    This combination planner-and-journal helps readers strategize their lives and increase their performance via writing prompts, self-assessments, and calendars--all backed by science and the author's 20 years coaching the highest performers in business, athletics, entertainment, and beyond.The High Performance Planner is a 2-in-1 day planner and jour... [read more]

  • Beyond Powerful Radio

    • UPC: 000240522249
    • ISBN: 0240522249
    • Brand: Focal Press
    • Manufacturer: Routledge

    Beyond Powerful Radio is a complete guide to becoming a powerful broadcast communicator on radio or internet! This how-to cookbook is for broadcasters who want to learn the craft and improve. This practical and easy-to-read book, filled with bullet lists, offers techniques to learn everything from how to produce and host a show, to news gathe... [read more]

  • Chumby one

    • UPC: 810542010395
    • Brand: Chumby Industries
    • Manufacturer: Chumby Industries

    Chumby takes your favorite parts of the Internet and delivers them to you in a friendly, always on, always-fresh format. It's a window into your internet life that lives outside your desktop, so content like weather, news, celebrity gossip, podcasts, music, and more has a place to play away from your world of documents and spreadsheets. Just plug i... [read more]

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