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  • TROPHY ROCK Redmond All-Natural Mineral Rock/Salt Lick, Attract Deer and Big Game (10lb)

    • UPC: 018788502050
    • Brand: TROPHY ROCK
    • Size: 10lb
    • Manufacturer: REDMOND

    Placing Trophy Rock in staging areas or near bedding areas usually works best. We recommend placing Trophy Rock on a stump or another flat rock keeping it up off the ground. It will last much longer in the field if you avoid mud puddles. We have also found deer to be much more relaxed at mineral sites when Trophy Rock is elevated so they can lick o... [read more]

  • Nationwide Scents Antler Power Deer Minerals - Whitetail Deer Vitamin & Mineral Lick Attractant Feed Antler Growth Powder for Deer Hunting

    • UPC: 645249325202
    • Brand: Nationwide Scents
    • Manufacturer: Nationwide Scents

    Antler Power Deer Minerals Key Features Proprietary blend of chelated vitamins & minerals Grows bigger antlers Supports lactation and pregnancy Produces an irresistible scent that attracts deer to your plot Installing Licks Place licks near secluded, well-traveled areas or bedding locations. Choose spots where the deer will be comfortable, which me... [read more]

  • Nationwide Scents The Original Jurassic Rock All-Natural Mineral Supplement 12 lb Salt Lick to Attract and Grow Trophy Deer, Elk, and Big Game

    • UPC: 645249325219
    • Brand: Nationwide Scents
    • Manufacturer: Nationwide Scents

    The Jurassic Rock 12 lb Mineral Rock supplements any Big Buck's diet with the minerals they need to get larger, healthier bodies and bigger rack sizes. Expertly developed with minerals that deer love to lick, Jurassic Rock can be used year round and couldn't be easier to use.  Place it on a stump, on a flat rock, or even on the ground to start get... [read more]

  • Whitetail Institute Men's Break-Away Deer Block Mineral Supplement, 25 lb

    • UPC: 789976200255
    • Color: As Shown
    • Brand: Whitetail Institute
    • Size: 25 lb
    • Manufacturer: Whitetail Institute of North America

    30-06 mineral block delivers essential macro and Trace minerals along with vitamins a, D and E needed for a healthy Herd and for bucks to reach more of their genetic potential in antler growth. 30-06 mineral block is a true, professionally formulated, high quality mineral and vitamin supplement - not a glorified salt lick. Our exclusive scent and f... [read more]

  • Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral/Vitamin Deer Mineral Supplement, 5-Pound

    • UPC: 789976200057
    • Brand: Whitetail Institute
    • Size: 5-Pound
    • Manufacturer: Whitetail Institute

    30-06 Mineral/Vitamin Supplement delivers essential macro and trace minerals along with vitamins A, D and E needed for a healthy herd and for bucks to reach more of their genetic potential in antler growth. 30-06 Mineral/Vitamin Supplement is a true, professionally formulated, high quality mineral and vitamin supplement - not a glorified salt lick.... [read more]

  • Hunters Specialties 200006 Atomic Game Call Accessories

    • UPC: 021202000063
    • Brand: Hunters Specialties
    • Manufacturer: Big Rock Sports

    Hunters Specialties 200006 Atomic. GAME Seed feed & nutrition. This product is manufactured in United States.

  • Evolved 24502 Deer Co-Cain BlackMagic, 4.5-Pounds

    • UPC: 786541245024
    • Brand: Evolved Habitat
    • Manufacturer: Standard Plumbing Supply

    A premium formulation of Deer Cane with more minerals and flavor attractants that requires no mixing and begins instantly attracting deer. Once placed on the bare ground, Black Magic is enriched with calcium, phosphorus and sodium to continually contribute to the health of your deer herd.

  • TROPHY ROCK Redmond FOUR65 30lb Bag - All-Natural Crushed Granular Mineral, Attract Deer and Big Game

    • UPC: 680490996955
    • Color: FOUR65 30lb Bag
    • Brand: TROPHY ROCK
    • Manufacturer: REDMOND

    Help your herd reach their full potential by safely and effectively restoring electrolytes and trace minerals. Simply mix one or two bags with topsoil to create a mineral site. To attract more deer, put one mineral site every 80 acres and refresh four times a year. HOW DO I USE IT? After selecting a mineral site for free choice feeding, clear the d... [read more]

  • Evolved Habitat Deer Cane Block

    • UPC: 786541242986
    • Brand: Evolved Habitat
    • Size: 4 lb
    • Manufacturer: Evolved Habitats

    A time release block of habit forming beneficial mineral attractant. This blocked formula last longer in sandy soil and is excellent for reactivating old mineral sites. 4. 25 pound block.

  • Antler King Power Rack Deer Mineral

    • UPC: 747101000507
    • Color: Multiple
    • Brand: Antler King
    • Size: No Size
    • Manufacturer: Green Supply

    Antler King has researched deer nutrition for over 25 years. In the past couple of years, research has pointed to the vast importance of certain special trace minerals that will greatly enhance overall health and antler growth. antler king’s power rack is loaded with these special trace minerals and in the proper proportion. power rack may be us... [read more]

  • Rack Snack Deer Attractant Bait Salt Lick 8 Pound

    • UPC: 899548002153
    • Brand: Rough Ridge
    • Size: 8-Pound
    • Manufacturer: Rough Ridge

    At Rough Ridge we strive to make hunting the most pleasurable experience possible, because it's what we LOVE to do. Rack Snack is specially blended for maximum performance, nutrition, and growth. Use of this product year round is one of the most effective ways to nourish, grow, and manage your herd. This blend is loaded with what doe and buck need ... [read more]

  • Genix Mineral Supplement Blocks - Dominant Block 25 lb

    • UPC: 024589849584
    • Brand: Genix Trophy Supplements
    • Manufacturer: Genix Trophy Supplements

    Our Dominant Block is professionally forumulated specifically for the needs of Deer and Big Bucks. Backed by science, this block will attract and sustain deer, providing them the nutrients they need to grow long, dense racks.

  • Big & J BB2 Nutritional Deer Granular Attractant and Supplement, Long Range Deer Attractant, Protein Based Formula, Strong Aroma, Whitetail Hunting, 6 Pound Bag

    • UPC: 705105987262
    • Brand: Big & J Industries, LLC
    • Size: 6 lbs
    • Manufacturer: Big & J Industries, LLC

    Proper nutrition is essential to the overall health of deer and elk herds, especially in the harsh winter months. With Big & J's BB2 Nutritional Deer Supplement and Attractant, you can ensure proper herd health, while yielding bigger, stronger bucks during the hunting season. BB2 Nutritional Deer Supplement is a protein based deer feed that is ... [read more]

  • Himalayan Nature Deer Salt Brick 3-5 lbs, Natural Himalayan Rock Licking Salt Block for Animals

    • UPC: 818581015203
    • Color: Deer Salt Brick 3-5 lbs
    • Brand: Himalayan Nature
    • Size: 2x4x8 inch
    • Manufacturer: WBM

    Salt and minerals are the essential components required for the proper growth and nutrition of living beings. In this modern electronic era, where purity of nature has faded away, and natural composition of nutrition no more exist , Himaliyan Nature has designed Deer Salt Lick Blocks containing Himaliyan Pink Salt that contains more than 84 mineral... [read more]

  • Ani-Logics Outdoors Ani-Supplment GOLD 20lb

    • UPC: 812375020008
    • Brand: Ani-Logics Outdoors
    • Size: 20 lb
    • Manufacturer: Standard Plumbing Supply

    Ani-logics, 20 lb, supplement 365, year round deer nutrition in our scientifically formulated, grain based whitetail deer feed, packed with vitamins, minerals, balanced proteins & our exclusive ani-shield TX4, designed to optimize the immune system while maximizing Genetics & antler growth, powerful Attractants for irresistible flavor & aroma, feed... [read more]

  • Ani-Logics Outdoors ANI-Protein Block 365-25lb

    • UPC: 812375020367
    • Brand: Ani-Logics Outdoors
    • Manufacturer: Ani-Logics Outdoors

    Are your deer lacking protein? If your hunting area is in the south, in the woods, remotely located, or if your protein sources are limited, Ani-Protein Block 365 provides a long-lasting solution. But this is no ordinary block! Ani-Protein Block 365 is also fortified with vitamins and minerals that are vital to the overall health of the herd. Conve... [read more]

  • Primos Hardwood Grunter Call

    • UPC: 891172845557
    • Color: N/A
    • Brand: Primos Hunting
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Primos

    Primos introduced its first deer grunt call in 1984. Made from a select hardwood, this call was an instant winner. Now the quality and rich tones of old have been combined with a few twists of new technology. The combined durability, flexibility, and convenience of an extendible grunt tube with the rich tones of a high quality hardwood barrel to br... [read more]

  • Primos Buck Roar Call

    • UPC: 022141990286
    • Brand: Primos Hunting
    • Manufacturer: Primos

    The Buck ROAR reproduces a deep, resonating aggressive grunt that is made by bucks during the rut. Bucks make this aggressive grunt when they are trying to get an Estrus doe to stop or to warn other bucks to get away from the hot doe they are trailing. Now you can reproduce that aggressive grunt sound bucks make when their testosterone levels are t... [read more]

  • Primos Hunting 713 Deer Call, The Can Family Pack

    • UPC: 890645060640
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Primos Hunting
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Primos

  • Primos Power Buck and Doe Call

    • UPC: 010135007294
    • Brand: Primos Hunting
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Primos

    This call allows you to bleat and grunt using just one call. The Power Buck & Doe's dual reed assembly for inhale-exhale operation produces the throaty grunts and clicking tones of aggressive bucks and Estrus Bleats and cries of does. It includes a built-in compass. Features: - Dual-reed assembly for inhale-exhale operation- Throaty grunts and clic... [read more]

  • Deer mineral comparison test | best minerals for deer

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