60-Second Back Pain Fixes

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  • Back Support Belt by Sparthos - Relief for Back Pain, Herniated Disc, Sciatica, Scoliosis and more! - Breathable Mesh Design with Lumbar Pad - Adjustable Support Straps - Lower Back Brace [Size Small]

    • ASIN: B0721275RT
    • Brand: Sparthos
    • Size: Small (26 - 40 Inch)
    • Manufacturer: Clevum OU

    Sparthos - Forget the Pain! Everyone knows that staying active and mobile is the KEY to a healthy lifestyle. Aching back, sore muscles, strains might keep you on the sidelines of life. With Sparthos Back Brace you can enjoy the freedom of movement again! We designed this top product on the market today to be all-in-one back support solution for gym... [Read More]

  • Back Pain Cold Reusable Ice Pack Belt Therapy For Lower Lumbar , Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Degenerative Disc Disease Coccyx Tailbone Pain Reusable Gel Flexible Medical Grade

    • UPC: 760853612750
    • Brand: MedX
    • Manufacturer: Med-X

    Why treat your back pain with low grade non medical quality products? Why Med-X gel ice pack for back is superior to similar products: -Patented cold pack flex gel technology allows for optimum pain relief.- Medical grade gel stays cool longer for extended lower back pain relief. - Med-X back braces for lower back pain come with extended Velcro str... [Read More]

  • Lower Back Brace by FlexGuard Support - Lumbar Support Waist Backbrace for Back Pain Relief - Compression Belt for Men and Women - Back Braces for Sciatica, Scoliosis and Herniated Disc (XL)

    • UPC: 851985007351
    • ASIN: B07GY1GPY6
    • Brand: Flexguard Support
    • Size: X-Large
    • Manufacturer: FlexGuard Support

    Back Brace

  • BodyMed Digital Moist Heating Pad with Auto Shut Off Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders, Back Pain and Muscle Pain

    • UPC: 885352658204
    • ASIN: B001PM15XI
    • Brand: BodyMed
    • Size: 14 x 27
    • Manufacturer: BodyMed

    BodyMed White Digital Electric Moist Heating Pad Delivers Therapeutic Warmth at Source of Pain 14" x 27" Deliver Therapeutic Warmth Right to the Source of Your Patient's Pain Give patients temporary relief from muscle strains and sprains, joint pain, and inflammation with a BodyMed Digital Moist Heating Pad. Set, monitor and easily adjust treatment... [Read More]

  • ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace CM-102M with Removable Lumbar Pad for Lower Back Pain Relief (LGE 38"-50" Belly)

    • UPC: 794168558038
    • ASIN: B00YUFM4D2
    • Brand: ComfyMed
    • Size: LGE (38"-50" Belly)
    • Manufacturer: ComfyMed

    Size REG - 26"-37" - Size LGE 38" - 50" (measured at the belly button. Refer to last Image for Sizing Chart) What you get with ComfyMed Model CM-102M - The most Comfortable + Removable Lumbar Pad ✅ Innovative Design ✅ Removable Lumbar Pad ✅ Soft Feel ✅ Strong Support ✅ Superior Comfort ✅ Light Weight ✅ Freedom of Movement ✅ Stays ... [Read More]

  • ComfyMed Breathable Mesh Back Brace CM-SB01 (REG 26" to 37")

    • UPC: 806802197159
    • Brand: ComfyMed
    • Size: REG (26" to 37")
    • Manufacturer: Comfy Med

    Size REG - 26"-37" - Size LGE 38" - 50" (measured at the belly button. Refer to last Image for Sizing Chart) What you get with ComfyMed Model CM-SB01 - The most Breathable (Specifically developed for hot Climate) ✅ Innovative Design ✅ Breathable Mesh ✅ Strong Support ✅ Comfort ✅ Light Weight ✅ Freedom of Movement ✅ Stays in Place ... [Read More]

  • Thera-Med Reusable Ice Pack For Back Pain - Dual Temperature Cold Gel Pack - Upper Back and Lower Back Pain Relief Ice Pack, 13.5" x 13.x5"

    • UPC: 037646101402
    • ASIN: B0016L4T8G
    • Brand: Theramed
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: Theramed

    The Thera-med Icy Cold Back Pad is dual-sided with a white side for optimal cold therapy and a soft, blue fabric side for a gentler cold compress treatment. This back pad remains flexible when frozen and can go straight from the freeze to your body without the need for additional sleeves or towels. The innovative design helps to keep the gel evenly... [Read More]

  • Medique Products 07333 Back Pain-Off Back Pain Relief Tablets, 50-Packets of 2

    • UPC: 347682073336
    • ASIN: B005JS75YC
    • Brand: Medique
    • Size: 100 Tablets
    • Manufacturer: Medique Products

    You shouldn’t have to put up with any sort of pain, especially back pain! Instead, turn to Medique Products for help. Our back pain relief tablets are designed to treat and relieve issues related to pain, muscle aches, strains, and inflamed joints of the lumbar and sacral regions. What helps make these tablets so effective is their powerful activ... [Read More]

  • Percogesic Maxmium Strength Backache Relief | Relieves Backache and Muscle ache | 48 Coated Caplets

    • UPC: 375137212108
    • ASIN: B000GGKPKI
    • Brand: Percogesic
    • Size: 48 Count
    • Manufacturer: Momentum

    Percogesic Backache Relief, Maximum Strength, 48 Count Bottle

  • MedCline LP Shoulder Relief Wedge and Body Pillow System | Shoulder Pressure Relief for Right or Left, Side-Sleeping Comfort | Medical Grade | Body Pillow Included, One Size

    • UPC: 854992005310
    • ASIN: B07GTB5BFB
    • Brand: MedCline
    • Manufacturer: Amenity Health

    Why MedCline? MedCline LP Shoulder Relief Bed Wedge and Body Pillow System is designed for the ultimate in side-sleeping comfort. Its patented arm pocket allows you to sleep on your side without putting pressure on your downside shoulder and arm. For those feeling the lingering effects of an old sports injury to those suffering with arthritis in t... [Read More]

  • Large Gel Ice Pack by TheraPAQ: Reusable Hot & Cold Pack for Your Hips, Shoulders, Back, Arms, Legs, Knees - Refreezable & Microwavable Gel Pad for Pain Relief & Faster Injury Recovery (XL 14" X 11")

    • ASIN: B076VTP8YJ
    • Brand: TheraPAQ
    • Size: X-Large Ice Pack
    • Manufacturer: TheraPAQ

    Finally! A Gel Ice Pack Large Enough To Cover Wider Areas Of Your Body! Sure, you can get a small gel ice pack, but it will be able to only cover a small part of your back, shoulders, legs and arms. On the contrary, the TheraPAQ large ice pack can cover your entire thigh, hip area, and most of your back effortlessly! So get our cooling gel pack and... [Read More]

  • JAYGENICS Hemp Oil Healing Pain Rub: Pure Organic Hemp Pain Relief Cream 500mg| Anti-Inflammatory Arthritis, Back, Knee, Hands, Joints, Neck, Feet & Muscle Soreness Hemp Cream with 10% EMU Oil | 3.8Oz

    • Brand: JAYGENICS
    • Size: 3.8
    • Manufacturer: JAYGENICS

    Time You Started Enjoying Life Pain-Free? The #1 Pure Hemp Oil Pain Relief cream Is Here To- help your muscles recover faster after gym workout- relieve your neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, back, hip, heel or leg pains- alleviate sciatica, tennis elbow, arthritis, carpal tunnel and all joint ailments- soothe and relax your aching muscles Get Yo... [Read More]

  • ComfyMed Advanced Back Brace CM-AB18 (LGE 38" to 50") for Lower Back Pain Relief - Support Belt for Men and Women - Treatment of Sciatica, Scoliosis, Herniated Disc or Degenerative Disc Disease

    • UPC: 806810376638
    • ASIN: B07D77LNL9
    • Brand: ComfyMed
    • Size: LGE (38"-50" Belly)
    • Manufacturer: ComfyMed

    ⚡ NEW RELEASE ⚡ be the first to try the all new advanced Back Brace RISK FREE - LOVE IT OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK All ComfyMed Lower Back Braces come in two sizes: ✅ REG (26"-37" Waist) ✅ LGE (38"-50" Waist). Please measure your waist around your abdomen at the level of your belly button. This is not your pants size. For Men: In most case... [Read More]

  • Xtra-Comfort Lumbar Support for Office Chair- Lumbar Pillow For Car, Gaming, Men, Women - Ergonomic Orthopedic Foam Roll & Adjustable Strap For Therapeutic Lower Pain Relief - Mesh Cover

    • UPC: 683405234395
    • ASIN: B00U6GTB0I
    • Brand: Xtra-Comfort
    • Manufacturer: VIVE Health

    Chair Lumbar Support by Xtra-ComfortProviding cushioned support, the Xtra-Comfort chair lumbar support easily secures into any chair for comfortable seating at home, in the office or on the go. Ideal for those required to sit for prolonged periods of time, the resilient foam cushions the back without flattening for exceptional support. Contoured to... [Read More]

  • ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Sciatica Relief, Back Pain, Leg Pain, Pregnancy, Hip and Joint Pain - Memory Foam Wedge Contour

    • UPC: 703510477989
    • ASIN: B01ARJ7SBM
    • Brand: ComfiLife
    • Size: 9.8Lx7.9Wx6.7H
    • Manufacturer: ComfiLife

    Do you have trouble sleeping because of sciatic or nerve pain? Does your back pain keep waking you up at night? If sciatic pain, lower back pain or hip discomfort keeps you awake at night ComfiLife 100% Memory Foam Knee pillow can help alleviate your pain. ComfiLife Knee Body Pillow is ergonomically designed to provide ideal spinal alignment and s... [Read More]

  • DMI Lumbar Support Pillow for Office or Kitchen Chair, CarSeat or Wheelchair comes with Removable Washable Cover and Firm Insert to Ease Lower Back Pain and Discomfort while Improving Posture,Burgundy

    • UPC: 041298999034
    • ASIN: B0001X22WU
    • Brand: Duro-Med
    • Size: 14" x 13"
    • Manufacturer: Duro-Med

    "Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac Lumbar Back Support Cushion Pillow with Insert and Strap Turn your favorite chair into a more ergonomically correct seating solution! This attractive lumbar support cushion gives you relief where you need it most – in the lower back. Whether you suffer from chronic back pain or just get fatigued after a long day, this pillow... [Read More]

  • Salonpas lidocaine (3 pack) pain relieving maximum strength gel patch!

    • ASIN: B07466M3QM
    • Brand: Salonpas
    • Size: 6ct (Pack of 3)
    • Manufacturer: Salonpas

    Salonpas Lidocaine Pain Relieving Gel- Patch provides temporary relief of pain associated with back, neck, shoulders, knees and elbows. Maximum strength available without a prescription, Desensitize aggravated nerves, and Numbing relief.

  • Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Back Brace with Removable Pad, Black, Regular(Package May Vary)

    • UPC: 074676002552
    • ASIN: B00267SFKC
    • Brand: MUELLER
    • Size: 28" - 50"
    • Manufacturer: Mueller

    Lumbar Back Brace w/Removable Pad This premium back brace helps relieve lower back pain from strains, sprains and muscle spasms. Double layer design allows for custom fit and adjustable compression to abdomen and lower back. Helps provide relief from injuries and strenuous activity to keep you active. Breathable fabric for comfortable all-day wear.... [Read More]

  • Bayer Aspirin, Back & Body, 500 mg, Coated Tablets, 200 count

    • UPC: 312843559967
    • ASIN: B00L45KPG4
    • Brand: Bayer
    • Size: 200 Count
    • Manufacturer: Bayer

    Bayer Back & Body’s dual action formula includes aspirin and a pain relief booster to provide fast relief at the site of pain.

  • Pain Relief Flexible Ice Pack for Injuries by TheraPAQ | Hot & Cold Therapy Reusable Gel Pack/Heat Wrap - Great for Back, Waist, Shoulder, Neck, Ankle, Knee and Hip (Large Pack:14" X 6")

    • UPC: 641361359835
    • ASIN: B016KZOSB0
    • Brand: TheraPAQ
    • Size: Large-Size
    • Manufacturer: TheraPAQ

    Flexible Ice Pack with Strap : TheraPAQA must-have for alleviating pain and injury recovery.Don't settle for a smaller or lighter gel pack or a hot water bottle.Grab a TheraPAQ - The only hot & cold pack with a strap wide and long enough to comfortably and securely wrap around your waist, or any body part.GENERAL✓Great for lower back pains, stoma... [Read More]

  • 60-Second Back Pain Fixes

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