Top 10 Medical Devices Companies 2018

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  • An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back

    • ISBN: 0143110853
    • Manufacturer: Penguin Books

    A New York Times bestseller/Washington Post Notable Book of 2017/NPR Best Books of 2017/Wall Street Journal Best Books of 2017 "This book will serve as the definitive guide to the past and future of health care in America.”—Siddhartha Mukherjee, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Emperor of All Maladies and The Gene  At a moment of dra... [read more]

  • The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains

    • ISBN: 9780393339758
    • Brand: W. W. Norton & Company
    • Manufacturer: W. W. Norton & Company

    Finalist for the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfiction: “Nicholas Carr has written a Silent Spring for the literary mind.”―Michael Agger, Slate “Is Google making us stupid?” When Nicholas Carr posed that question, in a celebrated Atlantic Monthly cover story, he tapped into a well of anxiety about how the Internet is changing us. He a... [read more]

  • Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children

    • ISBN: 9780323088541
    • Brand: Brand: Mosby
    • Manufacturer: Mosby

    With easy-to-read, in-depth descriptions of disease, disease etiology, and disease processes, Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children, 7th Edition helps you understand the most important and the most complex pathophysiology concepts. More than 1,200 full-color illustrations and photographs make it easier to identify n... [read more]

  • Staying Sober: A Guide for Relapse Prevention

    • ISBN: 083090459X
    • Manufacturer: Independence Press

    Staying Sober: A Guide for Relapse Prevention- Based Upon the CENAPS Model of Treatment (Paperback).

  • Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (Thumb Index Version))

    • Manufacturer: F A Davis

    Taber’s brings meanings to life. Put the language of nursing, medicine and the healthcare professions at your fingertips. In hand, online, or on your mobile device—anywhere and everywhere, Taber’s 23 is the all-in-one, go-to source in the classroom, clinical, and beyond. Under the editorial direction of Donald Venes, MD, MSJ, a team of exper... [read more]

  • Anatomy Coloring Workbook, 4th Edition: An Easier and Better Way to Learn Anatomy

    • ISBN: 0451487877
    • Manufacturer: Princeton Review

    An Easier and Better Way to Learn Anatomy.The Anatomy Coloring Workbook, 4th Edition uses the act of coloring to provide you with a clear and concise understanding of anatomy. This interactive approach takes less time than rote memorization, and thoroughly fixes anatomical concepts in your mind for easier visual recall later.An invaluable resourc... [read more]

  • Gray's Anatomy: The Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice

    • ISBN: 0702052302
    • Brand: imusti
    • Manufacturer: Elsevier

    In 1858, Drs. Henry Gray and Henry Vandyke Carter created a book for their surgical colleagues that established an enduring standard among anatomical texts. After more than 150 years of continuous publication, Gray’s Anatomy remains the definitive, comprehensive reference on the subject, offering ready access to the information you need to ensure... [read more]

  • Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for Our Connected World

    • ISBN: 9780804171458
    • Brand: Anchor Books
    • Manufacturer: Anchor

    From former FBI Futurist, Interpol advisor and beat cop Marc Goodman, a deep dive into the digital underground illuminating the alarming ways criminals, corporations, and even countries are using new and emerging technologies against you—and how this makes everyone more vulnerable than you ever thought possible.NEW YORK TIMES and WALL STREET JOUR... [read more]

  • Reference Manual for Magnetic Resonance Safety, Implants, and Devices: Edition 2018

    • ISBN: 0989163253
    • Manufacturer: Biomedical Research Publishing Group

    Reference Manual for Magnetic Resonance Safety, Implants, and Devices: Edition 2018 - Frank G. Shellock, Ph.D. ( 2018). This internationally acclaimed series continues to be the most indispensable MRI safety textbook for radiologists, MRI technologists, and facility managers. This textbook includes fully updated guidelines and recommendations from ... [read more]

  • Medical Device Design for Six Sigma: A Road Map for Safety and Effectiveness

    • ISBN: 0470168617
    • Manufacturer: Wiley-Interscience

    The first comprehensive guide to the integration of Design for Six Sigma principles in the medical devices development cycle Medical Device Design for Six Sigma: A Road Map for Safety and Effectiveness presents the complete body of knowledge for Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), as outlined by American Society for Quality, and details how to integrate a... [read more]

  • Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

    • ISBN: 1984833634
    • Manufacturer: Random House Large Print

    NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER •  NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY: NPR, The New York Times Book Review, Time, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post • The McKinsey Business Book of the Year   The full inside story of the breathtaking rise and shocking collapse of Theranos, the one-time multibillion-dollar biotech startup founded by Eli... [read more]

  • Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition

    You can set this dictionary as your default Kindle dictionary and look up words while reading. The default setting is The New Oxford American Dictionary included on your Kindle, but you have the option to change your default setting to this compatible dictionary after purchase. America’s Best-Selling Dictionary defines the current, active vocabul... [read more]

  • Retail Disruptors: The Spectacular Rise and Impact of the Hard Discounters

    • ISBN: 9780749483470
    • Manufacturer: Kogan Page

    Hard discounters are stores that sell a limited selection of consumer packaged goods and perishables - typically fewer than 2,000 Stock Keeping Units - for prices that are usually 50-60% lower than national brands. The best known hard discounters are Aldi and Lidl, but global brands include Trader Joe's, EuroSpin, Biedronka, Netto and Leader Price.... [read more]

  • Healing is Voltage: Cancer's On/Off Switches: Polarity

    • ISBN: 1515055558
    • Manufacturer: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    Theodor Heinrich Boveri was a German biologist. He also reasoned in 1902 that a cancerous tumor begins with a single cell in which the makeup of its chromosomes becomes scrambled, causing the cells to divide uncontrollably. This was the predominant theory until 2014 when Thomas Seyfried et al proved that genetic changes were secondary in cancer. Th... [read more]

  • Anatomical Chart Company's Illustrated Pocket Anatomy: Anatomy of The Brain Study Guide

    • ISBN: 078177683X
    • Color: False
    • Brand: Anatomical Chart Company
    • Size: False
    • Manufacturer: ACC

    Now in its Second Edition, Anatomy of the Brain Illustrated Pocket Anatomy folding study guide takes the Anatomical Chart Company's most popular anatomical images and puts them in a durable, portable format that is perfect for the on-the-go student. Printed on a write-on, wipe-off laminated surface, this guide shows numbered anatomical structures ... [read more]

  • Our Inner Conflicts: A Constructive Theory of Neurosis

    • ISBN: 0393309401
    • Brand: Horney, Karen
    • Manufacturer: W. W. Norton & Company

    Here Karen Horney develops a dynamic theory of neurosis centered on the basic conflict among attitudes of "moving forward" "moving against," and "moving away from" people. Unlike Freud, Horney does not regard neurosis as rooted in instinct. In her words, her theory is constructive because "it allows us for the first time to tackle and resolve neuro... [read more]

  • Getting Started with EEG Neurofeedback (Second Edition)

    • ISBN: 0393712532
    • Manufacturer: W. W. Norton & Company

    The long-awaited update to Demos’s classic book for the practitioner looking to add neurofeedback. Neurofeedback training combines the principles of complementary medicine with the power of electronics. This book provides lucid explanations of the mechanisms underlying neurofeedback as well as the research history that led to its implementation. ... [read more]

  • Human and Machine Hearing: Extracting Meaning from Sound

    • ISBN: 9781107007536
    • Manufacturer: Cambridge University Press

    Human and Machine Hearing is the first book to comprehensively describe how human hearing works and how to build machines to analyze sounds in the same way that people do. Drawing on over thirty-five years of experience in analyzing hearing and building systems, Richard F. Lyon explains how we can now build machines with close-to-human abilities in... [read more]

  • Zapped: Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn't Be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution

    • ISBN: 0061864285
    • Brand: HarperOne
    • Manufacturer: HarperOne

    A groundbreaking exposé of the hidden truths of electropollution, Zapped is the first comprehensive, step-by-step guide to counteracting the invisible hazards of everyday electromagnetic exposure. Award-winning author, nutritionist, and First for Women magazine columnist Ann Louise Gittleman combines the best of energy medicine with the latest sci... [read more]

  • Fast Facts for Nurses about Home Infusion Therapy: The Expert's Best Practice Guide in a Nutshell

    • ISBN: 0826160050
    • Manufacturer: Springer Publishing Company

    Providing key information at a glance, this timely resource for the home care nurse offers clear, current practice guidelines for safely delivering IV therapy within the home. Written by one of the foremost experts in the field, the guide delivers not only evidence-based information in an easy-to-access, bulleted format, but also extensive descript... [read more]

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