top 10 Manhwa/Webtoon of 2019

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  • To Take An Enemy's Heart Volume 1

    • ISBN: 1600093280
    • Manufacturer: NETCOMICS

    “Careful! Orders are no one is to tell him that he was sold to his enemy.” Kassan is believed to be the sole survivor of the Azkun clan, after Master Igen, a ruthless ruler, slaughters his family. Master Igen brings the young boy as a slave into his home, exploiting, beating and starving him. The only one who cares about him enough to risk the... [read more]

  • 100% Perfect Girl Volume 1

    • ISBN: 1600092160
    • Manufacturer: NETCOMICS

    by Wann A giddy romantic fable, this story depicts Jay Jinn, a headstrong teenage rebel who's determined to prove she's serious about making art. J. Max is a tall debonair foreigner in Korea on business. On the surface it seems they have nothing in common. But then there are the interventions of friends and family who think they know what's best fo... [read more]

  • Snow Drop, Book 1

    • ISBN: 1591826845
    • Manufacturer: TokyoPop

    Hae-Gi and So-Na love each other, but their relationship faces many difficulties, mostly related to the hatred So-Na's rich father feels towards Hae-Gi's poor family, and a terrible past that they share.

  • Yongbi the Invincible 2

    • ISBN: 158664968X
    • Manufacturer: CPM Manhwa

    Yongbi finds out that the amulet given to him by a little boy has more value than the gold it is made of. Now hunted by a trio of assassins, Yongbi heads to Mt. Ge-Hung to find some clues as to what makes the amulet valuable enough to kill for.

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