Wet Original: Sex Lube Review

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  • Xdrive's The Moment Stimulating Personal Lubricant for Men, Male Enhancing Silicone-Based Lube, Personal Lubricant for Sex - DreamBrands (1.4 fl oz)

    • UPC: 852388001991
    • ASIN: B007UUCWUO
    • Brand: Ocean Sensuals
    • Size: 40
    • Manufacturer: Dream Brands

    The Moment, Xdrive's stimulating lubricant combines Evening Primrose and Menthol in a rich lubricating base for an enjoyable tingling sensation to maximize your pleasure.

  • Premium Female Arousal Gel - Do Her - Natural Sexual Aid for Arousal Intensifies Orgasms + Personal Lubricant

    • UPC: 620994626620
    • ASIN: B013854BQM
    • Brand: Do Me
    • Size: Do Her
    • Manufacturer: Do Me

    Do Her Clitoral Stimulation GelIS THE BIG 'O' STARTING TO SEEM SMALLER? Not Anymore!Natural Stimulation You don't need strange chemicals reacting with your private parts and messing with your hormones. Do Her uses only natural, harmless extracts. Get it on "O Natural"! Quick and Easy You don't want to spend all night trying to climax. Do Her makes... [Read More]

  • Maxilube Non-staining Personal Lubricant. No Loss of Sensitivity, 5 Oz (4 Pack)

    • UPC: 301780301050
    • ASIN: B01HSIKKJ2
    • Brand: Maxilube
    • Manufacturer: MISSION - OTC

    ilube is a personal lubricant that has a "personal touch" of quality not found in other products. The Maxilube touch is one you will come to love because there is no loss of sensitivity. Maxilube is not greasy, will not stain natural or synthetic fabrics, and like your body's own natural lubricants, Maxilube is absorbed into the skin. If you have n... [Read More]

  • Luxxx Beauty Intensify Female Enhancement and Stimulant Gel Natural Arousal Personal Lubricant for Women

    • UPC: 700112500480
    • ASIN: B01726XNZI
    • Brand: Luxxx Beauty
    • Manufacturer: Luxxx Beauty

  • [G] Female Stimulating Gel with Primrose Oil, Arousal Lube for Sex - Ocean Sensuals

    • UPC: 852388001649
    • ASIN: B004PC49HE
    • Brand: Ocean Sensuals
    • Size: 1.9oz
    • Manufacturer: DreamBrands

    Are you looking for a gel that can add some sizzle to sex? [G] is a natural female stimulating gel that is sure to spice things up. Our unique combination of high-quality ingredients can increase the sensation of the body's most sensitive parts. This product is designed to help you experience stronger and more frequent orgasms. We use Carrizma, a c... [Read More]

  • Climax Couples Warming & Tingling Personal Lubricant Water-Based Extreme Edition, 10 fl.oz. (in 2 Bottles), Heat for Men Tingle for Women, no Stain Easy to Clean, Discreet Packaging

    • UPC: 711347158124
    • ASIN: B079XZHR86
    • Brand: Climax
    • Manufacturer: Climax

    Made by TOPCO SALES, US Company since 1942. Perfect Lube for couple. Enjoy intimate activities with passion and without worrying about dryness. Add fun to your love life.You like it hot, she likes it tingly. Make Love Warming lubricant delivers delightful, warming sensations as it glides onto your waiting member. Non-staining water-based lube is ni... [Read More]

  • Premium Arousal Gel - Slip & Slide - Natural Stimulation and Lubrication for an Intense Climax + Personal Lubricant (15ml)

    • UPC: 641162424169
    • ASIN: B07D8PH7MV
    • Brand: Slip & Slide
    • Manufacturer: Slip & Slide

    NEED SOMETHING TO SPICE THINGS UP? Get a dab of this! This clitoral stimulation gel will have you seeing stars like never before! Slip & Slide Female Arousal Gel is an amazing way to take you to the next level of ecstasy... Naturally Stimulates This gel contains natural herbal extracts that increase blood-flow and excite the nerves simultaneou... [Read More]

  • The Natural, Carrageenan Water-Based Lube, Personal Lubricant with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera - 3.4 fl oz - DreamBrands

    • UPC: 852388001007
    • ASIN: B0017QPOPW
    • Brand: DreamBrands
    • Size: 4 Oz
    • Manufacturer: DreamBrands

    The Natural LubricantThe first and only moisturizing lubricant designed to feel just like you. Intensify the sensation with moisturizing silky smooth Carrageenan. The natural's formula is never sticky. Plus, it contains Organic Aloe and Vitamin E. The Natural does not contain glycerin, parabens nor petroleum-based glycols. Discover the ultimate lub... [Read More]

  • Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray for Men Clinically Proven to Help You Last Longer in Bed - Better Maximized Sensation + Prolong Climax for Him - 2.6 ml

    • UPC: 355636590266
    • ASIN: B07SQ48736
    • Brand: Promescent
    • Size: 2.6 ml
    • Manufacturer: Promescent

    Promescent is a topical spray that is applied just 10 minutes before sex, enabling a man to manage premature . Its unique formula allows for effective absorption of topical lidocaine. Only Promescent is formulated to absorb below the surface of the skin where the nerve endings that control are located. Developed with a leading U.S. University's Sch... [Read More]

  • Duration Spray for Men,  K-Y - Male Genital Desensitizer Spray to last longer, 0.16 fl Oz.,  36 Sprays/0.16 Made With Delay Lube for Men To Help Men Last Longer In Bed

    • UPC: 067981966596
    • ASIN: B01K5S5KWE
    • Brand: K-Y
    • Size: Bottles
    • Manufacturer: Reckitt Benckiser

    Many men use tricks to distract themselves so that they can last longer in bed – picturing Grandma, thinking about baseball, or using the “stop-start” method. All of these take you away from your partner and remove you from the moment. K-Y Duration is an endurance enhancer which temporarily prolongs the time until climax to help you have more... [Read More]

  • 1000 mg Horny Goat Weed Supplement for Drive and Stamina - Pure Epimedium with Tongkat Ali Maca Root Ginseng Saw Palmetto - Boosts Performance for Men and Women 90 Capsules by Natures Craft

    • UPC: 793597661036
    • ASIN: B07F3JRZXB
    • Brand: Natures Craft
    • Size: 90 Count
    • Manufacturer: Natures Design

    Horny Goat Weed is one of the east's best known herbal remedies for increasing drive and desire. Used by both men and women for many years, epimedium is one of the top choices for anyone looking for an all natural way to restore their mojo. Take our potent Horny Goat Weed formula and enjoy an amazing boost to your confidence and performance! What m... [Read More]

  • Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms 36ct

    • UPC: 801321464362
    • ASIN: B0073RBUZ2
    • Brand: TROJAN
    • Size: 36 Count
    • Manufacturer: Trojan

    Trojan ULTRA THIN Condoms are designed for a more natural feeling and for ultra sensitivity. Trusted for more than 100 years, Trojan is America’s #1 Condom!

  • "Man1 Man Oil" 4 oz.- Natural Penile Health Cream - M.B. guarantee - Treat dry, red, cracked or peeling penile skin and increase penile sensitivity

    • UPC: 608729797272
    • ASIN: B00AN5WWJ4
    • Brand: Man1 Health
    • Size: 1 bottle
    • Manufacturer: Man 1 Health

    Men of all ages experience occasional penis skin problems which may cause redness, soreness, itchy penis skin, and a dry, cracked, unattractive appearance. In addition, over 87% of all men report loss of penis sensitivity, often by their thirties or even younger. Man1 Man Oil is specifically formulated to address these issues. Man 1 Man Oil contain... [Read More]

  • LifeStyles SKYN Original Condoms, 24ct

    • UPC: 070907273241
    • ASIN: B004TTXA7I
    • Brand: LifeStyles
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: LifeStyles

    SKYN Premium Polyisoprene Lubricated Condoms easily stretch and conform to your shape so that they are comfortable to use. They're also free from allergens, making them a safe choice. These non-latex lubricated condoms feel soft and natural and provide an extraordinary experience.

  • Trojan ENZ Lubricated Condoms, 36ct

    • UPC: 022600939511
    • ASIN: B0073R7TWU
    • Brand: TROJAN
    • Size: 36 Count (Pack of 1)
    • Manufacturer: Trojan-Enz

    Trojan ENZ Lubricated Condoms is our classic, trusted condom. They have a silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity and a special reservoir end for extra safety. Each condom is electronically tested to help ensure reliability.

  • Edge Delay Gel. Ultimate Staying Power: Natural, Prolonging and Desensitizing Delay for Men. NO Lidocaine, Non-Numbing Long Lasting! Pocket Size Tube! (30 Applications)

    • Brand: Sensuous
    • Size: 7 mL
    • Manufacturer: Sensuous

    GREATER SENSATIONEdge is absorbed by the skin and does NOT numb but instead has anti-serotonergic properties, which means that it delays the orgasm reflex WITHOUT affecting the normal sensations: Starts to work in about 30 to 40 minutes.ORGANIC DELAY GEL FOR ULTIMATE ORGASMUnlike any other delay gel on the market, Edge is made from Natural ingredie... [Read More]

  • Trojan Lubricants Arouses and Releases, 3 Ounce

    • UPC: 767644129343
    • ASIN: B00HX50VPE
    • Brand: TROJAN
    • Size: 3.0 ounces
    • Manufacturer: Trojan

    Unleash the experience. Take yourself to the edge and beyond for a whole new kind of orgasmic experience. Your movement helps to unlock the motion-activated intensifier. For foreplay massage and manual clitoral stimulation. Continuous lubrication for uninterrupted pleasure. Non-sticky and mess-free. Unscented and clear. Both partners may experience... [Read More]

  • Nipple Nibblers -Watermelon by Jelique Products Inc

    • UPC: 784922474575
    • ASIN: B018KT136W
    • Manufacturer: Jelique Products Inc

    Cool and creamy Nipple Nibblers will stimulate more than just your taste buds. Indulge in the smooth, silky richness on your lips or nipples. Watch your lover smile as you both enjoy this tingly taste treat!

  • Carpe Underarm Antiperspirant and Deodorant, Clinical strength with all-natural eucalyptus scent, Manage hyperhidrosis and combat excessive sweating without irritation, Stay fresh and dry all day long

    • UPC: 855769008008
    • ASIN: B07GY241Q3
    • Brand: Carpe
    • Manufacturer: Carpe

    Carpe Underarm Antiperspirant was created to help manage the symptoms of hyperhidrosis and stop the discomfort of excessive sweating. Our clinically tested and dermatologist recommended underarm lotion goes on smooth, with a soft-foam applicator, and is gentle on your skin. Carpe reduces body odor by stopping sweat where it starts, no overpowering ... [Read More]

  • Durex Condom Performax Intense Natural Latex Condoms, 24 Count - Ultra Fine, ribbed, dotted with delay lubricant

    • UPC: 801318738049
    • ASIN: B0070YFJGO
    • Brand: Durex
    • Size: 1-Pack
    • Manufacturer: Reckitt Benckiser

    Designed to speed her up and slow him down, Durex Performax Intense latex condoms are ribbed, dotted and lubricated to intensify sensation featuring a special delay lubricant that prolongs sexual performance and provides a more intense experience for you both. For maximum benefit, carefully follow the condom instructions inside this package. Latex ... [Read More]

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