Top 10 Aquarium Fish for Beginners

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  • Luffy 4 Giant Marimo Moss Balls - Aesthetically Beautiful & Create Healthy Environment - Low-Maintenance - Suit All Aquarium Sizes - Shrimps & Snails Love Them

    • UPC: 735899171264
    • Brand: Luffy
    • Manufacturer: Luffy Pets Collection

    The 4 LUFFY Giant Marimo Moss Balls are the natural live plants that may not be perfectly spherical in shape and lush green in color. You will receive around 1.5 - 2-inch diameter ball which is three times larger than the nano marimo balls. Since we sell 100% non-synthetic and safe marimos, sometimes there might be a few brown spots here and there.... [read more]

  • SunGrow 2 Betta Heart Marimos - Beautiful & Rare Aquatic Plants - Pair of 0.6" Heart-Shaped Moss Balls - Low Maintenance Good Luck Charms for Betta Fish Tanks - Creative Addition to DIY Home Decor

    • UPC: 735899171578
    • Brand: Luffy
    • Manufacturer: Luffy Pets Collection

    Interesting Folklore of Marimo Rare and beautiful, marimo moss is a unique aquatic plant species of Chlorophyta that grows bright green, silky and spherical. These one-of-a-kind plants are only found in freshwater lakes of Iceland, Scotland, Estonia and Japan. In Japan, marimos are considered national treasures that bring love, luck and prosperity... [read more]

  • EcoQubeC Aquarium - Desktop Betta Fish Tank For Living Office And Home Décor

    • UPC: 029741885165
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: EcoQube
    • Size: EcoQube + Wireless Remote (No Accessories)
    • Manufacturer: Aqua Design Innovations

    The EcoQube C is the lowest maintenance desktop aquarium currently available. This small fish tank uses a Basil plant as part of the aquaponics filter to purify aquarium water. With this, you never have to change the filters or the aquarium water. Simply feed the fish 3-6x/week and top off with water 1-2x/month. We recommend you to never change ... [read more]

  • Luffy 9 Marimo Moss Balls - Jumbo Pack of Aesthetically Beautiful Plants - Create Healthy Environment for Aquatic Pets - Low Maintenance Live Plant - Shrimps & Snails Love Them

    • UPC: 688977508110
    • Brand: Luffy
    • Manufacturer: Marimo Pet Store

    9 LUFFY Marimo Moss Balls are the live plants that may not be perfectly spherical in shape and lush green in color. You will receive around 1.5 - 2-inch diameter ball which is three times larger than the nano marimo balls. Give them proper care and if in a few days, the balls are not healthy green, please write to us and we will send you a free rep... [read more]

  • Betta Coco Mini Moss (1pc) --- 3" x 1.75" Java Moss on a Coconut Shell - Fun for Fish to Swim Around and Hide - Safe, Low Maintenance and Organically Hardy - Beautiful Aquatic Decor for Betta Tank

    • UPC: 735899170397
    • Brand: Luffy
    • Manufacturer: Luffy Pets Collection

    Create a Dynamic Habitat! Bettas are a playful and intelligent fish that love to move around in a fun, dynamic environment. Keep your pet bettas entertained, as well as mentally and physically stimulated, by adding the Luffy Mini Moss Coco Shell in various ways. The java moss comes pre-attached to a curved coconut shell to weigh it down. You can l... [read more]

  • Homyl Low Maintenance Aquarium Fish Tank Top Filter Box,External Water Filter Box - S

    • UPC: 705220401230
    • Color: S
    • Brand: Homyl
    • Manufacturer: Homyl

    Description: - Pump NOT Included,Only Top Filter Box. - Replacement filter box safe for fish and plants. - Strong plastic box protects your pump, provides biological and mechanical filtration. - Less maintenance. - Material:Plastic,Color:BlackSpecification: - Pipe Outlet Length:Approx.86cm/33.86inch - L Size(LWH):Approx.33.5x12x10cm/13.19x4.72x3.94... [read more]

  • Decorative Aquarium Cave (1pc) --- Low Maintenance Artificial Stone Cave Decor for Fish Tanks and Terrariums - Realistic, Hand Painted Details - Includes 3 Plastic Plants for Bonus Colorful Beauty

    • UPC: 688977509155
    • Color: Wood brown
    • Brand: SunGrow
    • Manufacturer: MARIMO PET STORE

    Is this aquarium cave decor safe for my saltwater tank? Absolutely. The delightful Hiding Cave from SunGrow is safe to use in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Not only is the lightweight rock cave great for your goldfish, danios, cichlids and gourami, but it is also a fantastic choice for turtles, frogs, lizards, spiders and other small ... [read more]

  • Tetra 78000 Whisper IQ Power 10 Gallon Filter

    • UPC: 046798780007
    • Brand: Tetra
    • Size: 10-Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Tetra

    For 50 year, fishkeeping enthusiasts have looked to the Tetra name for products and solutions that add ease and beauty to their home. Whether you're an experienced hobbyist or just starting out, Tetra has everything you need–-from a large variety of quality fish food and innovative equipment to test kits and decor. The Tetra Whisper IQ 10 is made... [read more]

  • Hygger 110GPH 7-watt Internal Aquarium Power Filter for 2-8 Gallon Fish Bowl Betta Tank with Spray Bar Low Flow Submersible Filter Pump

    • UPC: 688209999846
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Hygger
    • Manufacturer: hygger

    Hygger Aquarium Internal Filter can be used in 2-8 gallon tank with preload filter media. It delivers effective, easy, 2-stage aquarium filtration to filter out impurities, fish waste, debris leaving nothing but crystal clear water for fish to thrive. Features: -Semi-submerged design -2 stage filtration to filter out waste matter-Easy to install... [read more]

  • Cosequin for Cats (80 Capsules)

    • UPC: 755970404548
    • Brand: Cosamin DS
    • Size: 80 Count
    • Manufacturer: Nutramax

    Cosequin for Cats is a nutritional supplement to help your pet maintain healthy joints. As your pet ages, it’s common for his joints to become less flexible, which impacts his mobility and quality of life. Cosequin is the top recommended brand of veterinarians to support and maintain the health of your cat’s joints. The only joint health supple... [read more]

  • As Seen on TV 56028 My Fun Fish Tank, 4 3/4 x 6 x 10-Inch

    • UPC: 600606403832
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: As Seen On TV
    • Size: Fish Tank
    • Manufacturer: As Seen On TV

    The As Seen On TV My fun Fish Tank uses gravity cleaning technology to clean itself. It makes A perfect, low-maintenance introduction to pet care for children. When you pour clean water on top of the aquarium, dirty water on the bottom pushes out through the cleaning spout. The My fun fish cleaning tank utilizes A half-gallon, freshwater aquarium a... [read more]

  • Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat Real Meat Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food with Wild Caught Salmon 30lb

    • UPC: 074198613847
    • Color: standart
    • Size: 30 lb
    • Manufacturer: Diamond Pet Foods, Inc.

    Made with ingredients of exceptional quality, Diamond Naturals provides complete, holistic nutrition for every pet. Each Diamond Naturals dry formula is enhanced with superfoods and guaranteed probiotics, for optimal nutrition and digestive support. With wild-caught salmon and zero grains, this formula is great for dogs that may have food-related s... [read more]

  • Luffy Betta Coco Mini Moss (1pc) - 3" x 1.75" Java Moss on a Coconut Shell - Low-Maintenance Aquatic Decor for Betta Tank - Create Stunning Aquascape - Gives Vertical or Horizontal Space to Explore

    • UPC: 735899170953
    • Brand: Luffy
    • Manufacturer: Luffy Pets Collection

    How to Prep Your Mini Moss When you receive the package, you may spot some brown spots on the moss surface. These spots are perfectly fine and will turn green as soon as the moss adjusts to its new environment and water conditions. Simply give it a quick, gentle rinse before adding it to your large or small tank, then leave it as it is and take in ... [read more]

  • API Freshwater Master Test Kit 800-Test Freshwater Aquarium Water master Test Kit

    • UPC: 317163010341
    • Color: Not Applicable
    • Brand: API
    • Size: Single
    • Manufacturer: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

    Most water problems are invisible to the eye. Quickly measure and modify the six aquarium levels that are most important to the health of your freshwater fish with the API FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT. To stay healthy and thrive, fish need properly balanced levels of ammonia, pH, high range pH, nitrite and nitrate. These levels can change rapidly and... [read more]

  • Luffy 4 Giant Marimo Betta Balls (1.5") - Aquarium Play Toy for Betta Fish - Creates Aesthetically Appealing Backdrop - Round-Shaped Marimo Balls - Supports 5-30 Gallon Tanks - Low-Maintenance Unlik

    • UPC: 688977507601
    • Brand: Luffy
    • Manufacturer: Luffy Pets Collection

    What is a giant marimo moss ball? Three times larger than the nano, the Luffy Giant Marimo Moss Balls have already aged about seven years and reached sizes of between 1.5"-2.0" (4-5cm) before it arrives at your home. This rare spherical aquatic plant lives in rolling around on the bottom of freshwater lakes. With ideal conditions, these exotic plan... [read more]

  • TEMPTATIONS MixUps Treats for Cats SURFER'S DELIGHT Flavor, 16 oz. Tub

    • UPC: 023100109251
    • Brand: Temptations
    • Size: 16 oz
    • Manufacturer: Temptations

    Every day is a perfect day for delicious cat treats! TEMPTATIONS MixUps Treats for Cats SURFER’S DELIGHT Flavor feature a unique pocket shape that is delightfully crunchy on the outside and scrumptiously soft and creamy on the inside that your cat will love. Just shake the pack, and they’ll come running! Your feline friend will adore the tempti... [read more]

  • kangle 1 pcs Marimo Moss Balls - Easy Maintenance -Eco-Friendly, Cleans Aquarium Water - Create Healthy Surroundings - Low Maintenance Live Plant for Aquatic Pets

    • UPC: 733482645123
    • Color: 1 Pcs
    • Brand: kangle
    • Manufacturer: kangle

    Description:Is a chic aquatic species, beautiful appearance, easy to keepVery suitable for shrimp and other small cylinder feeding, can increase the aestheticsHelp to stabilize water qualityBring home a live plant that benefits your aquariumPrevents excessive algae growthEco-friendly, adds to the aesthetic beauty andamp; are low maintenanceSnail-pr... [read more]

  • biOrb Classic 30L Aquarium, Silver with LED lighting

    • UPC: 822728000441
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: biOrb
    • Size: 8 gallon/30 liter
    • Manufacturer: biOrb

    The biOrb CLASSIC 30 Aquarium combines good looks with high tech filtration. Most aquariums use small box filters and/or smooth gravel which easily clogs with dirt. Like all biorbs, the biOrb CLASSIC 30 uses special ceramic media to provide biological filtration, which has a surface area equivalent to the size of a soccer field. Any excess waste is... [read more]

  • MFR BackOrder 051017 Pioneer Pet Replacement Filters for Ceramic and Stainless Steel Fountains (3 Pack)

    • UPC: 854602007956
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Pioneer Pet
    • Size: 3 Filters
    • Manufacturer: Pioneer

  • biOrb CLASSIC 60 Aquarium with LED Light - 16 Gallon, Black

    • UPC: 822728001912
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: biOrb
    • Size: 16 gallon/60 liter
    • Manufacturer: biOrb

    The biOrb CLASSIC 60 Aquarium is ideal if you're looking to keep larger and more advanced species of fish. It's often the natural choice when looking for a Saltwater set up. It can also be easily converted to Saltwater with our Marine Conversion Kit (available separately). The proven filtration used with all biOrb aquariums gives the biOrb CLASSIC ... [read more]

  • Top 10 Aquarium Fish for Beginners

    Top 10 Aquarium Fish For Beginners

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