The Best LED poi handles - 2017 buyers guide

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  • Fun in Motion - Spinballs - Flow Poi Balls - Spinning LED Light Toy - Light Up Spinners - Pair

    • UPC: 783327689300
    • Brand: SPIN BALLS
    • Manufacturer: Spinballs

    Spinballs LED poi are serious LED Poi that can be enjoyed by anyone from beginner to advanced - guaranteed. For the fun of fitness, play and exercise our Spinball LED Poi lights are fun for everyone. Perfect for anyone serious about learning poi, or fun for boys, girls, men and women of all ages who are looking for something uniquely fun and satisf... [read more]

  • KEPEAK Magic LED Poi Balls Fun Toys for Dances, Camping & Indoor/Outdoor Activities (Pack of 2)

    • Color: Poi Balls
    • Brand: KEPEAK
    • Manufacturer: Kepeak

    Love DancerAll the new LED Poi Balls suits are perfect for many outdoor dancers like the colors and flashing patterns. The perfect rotator can change out of 20 kinds of toys that refuse such a perfect one.20 different bright colors: the combination of four pre-programmed LED mode, 20 kinds of stunning colors and 6 unique flash pattern for beautiful... [read more]

  • EmazingLights ePoi Lite LED Poi Balls - A Brighter Way to Spin Poi

    • UPC: 737078259589
    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: EmazingLights
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: EmazingLights

    Spin brighter than ever with the EmazingLights ePoi Lite! This LED poi offers an affordable, customizable, and easy-to-use option when you're looking for the perfect set of ultra-bright spinning poi to keep you spinning brightly all night long! These poi balls are perfect for using at EDC. Bring this light toy to EDC and you'll find a crowd around ... [read more]

  • EmazingLights Elite Flow Rave Poi Balls - Spinning LED Light Toy (Set of 2)

    • UPC: 849517008549
    • Color: White
    • Brand: EmazingLights
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: EmazingLights

    The All New EmazingLights Poi Set is perfect for beginner poi spinners who love experimenting with colors and flashing patterns. Utilizing a built-in eLite Flow Chip, spinners can program up to 3 colors at once from a palette of 20 awesome colors. Then, in Demo Mode, these colors will flow automatically between 8 different mind-blowing flashing pat... [read more]

  • Wanby 1 Pair Poi LED Thrown Balls for Professional Hip-hop,Belly Dance Level Hand Props for Kids Gift (Multi-colored)

    • UPC: 849795006626
    • Color: Various
    • Brand: Wanby
    • Manufacturer: Minecraft

    Product Description: ►Product Parameters: -Material: PVC -LED's Size: About Diameter 7.7cm -String's Size: 50cm (Can be adjusted by yourself) -Control Method:Button Switch -Battery:2 X 1632 Lithium Battery -LED's Life: Continuous use about 3 hours -LED's Color: Colorful(Color is adjustable,can be controlled by your setting,can be set as one... [read more]

  • LED Poi Ball Swirling Light Rave Toy (Set of 2)

    • Brand: FlashingBlinkyLights
    • Manufacturer: FlashingBlinkyLights

    LED Poi Ball Swirling Light Toy is the definition of unlimited joy! Swing these Poi Balls around in a multicolor wave of beauty and culture. From the shores of New Zealand to modern day everywhere, these LED Poi Balls are a wondrous and hypnotic display. To activate your Light up Swirling Poi Ball, press the button located on the flat, string side ... [read more]

  • 1 Pair RGB LED Glow POI Juggling Thrown Balls Multi Color Light Up Different Settings Swirling Light Lamp Rave Toy

    • UPC: 746060380439
    • Brand: Dende
    • Manufacturer: Dende

    Recycled! These LED Light Up Poi Balls are perfect for dancing and having fun with your friends or learning new tricks on your own. Each ball has a small button on the top to turn on the LED. Suitable for concert/party/club/birthday party/wedding/bar and so on the choice of active atmosphere Product Parameters Ball's size: Diameter 8cm String's si... [read more]

  • Podpoi v2 LED Poi - the World's Favorite Glowpoi

    • UPC: 696859012167
    • Brand: Flowtoys
    • Manufacturer: flowtoys

    The world's favorite glow poi just got better with the all new capsule 2.0 light unit!All new capsule 2.0 light features:30 adjustable modes, 60 programmable modesfull color spectrum with over 60 billion colorshella bright, custom high-temp LEDs, and global brightness controlaccelerometer responsewireless control, syncing and connectivityUSB rechar... [read more]

  • GloFX LED Poi Balls: PROGRAMMABLE 9-Mode Poi - Bright Flow Toy Light Painting Spin Glow Dancing Light Show Rave Prop

    • UPC: 638932397426
    • Brand: GloFX
    • Manufacturer: GloFX

    - Heavy Duty Swivel for controlled spinning - Push button for On/Off & Mode Functions - Includes 7 solid color and 1 Color-Changing Mode - Solid Colors are Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Aqua, Lime Green, & Sky Blue - Color-Changing Mode includes a fast color fade - Includes 2 CR1632 Batteries (Easily Replaceable) - Screw in battery compartment ... [read more]

  • EmazingLights ePoi, Ultra Bright LED Glow Poi Balls

    • UPC: 737078175810
    • Brand: EmazingLights
    • Manufacturer: Emazing Lights

    We worked alongside some of the top poi spinners in the world to develop this beautiful, eye-catching light poi set. We built the ePoi with the everyday spinner in mind. Our quality-focused construction features a fully adjustable leash, a soft single-loop swivel handle for a light and stable grip, and an easy-to-click button on the bottom of the p... [read more]

  • Fun Central 1 Piece - LED Double Poi Spin Balls - Multicolor

    • UPC: 706611536388
    • Brand: Fun Central
    • Manufacturer: Fun Central

    1 Pair LED Double Poi Ball (2 balls in one string), Light Up Flow Poi Ball Rave Balls, LED Poi Thrown Ball, LED Poi Ball for Beginner and Professional, LED Light Toy, Camping, Party-6 Color Functions

  • ArtCreativity 3 Inch Light-Up Poi Ball for Kids and Adults - LED Spinner Ball with 9 Awesome Lighting Modes - Fun Rave, Festival and Party Accessories - Cool Party Favor for Boys and Girls

    • UPC: 692764137810
    • Brand: ArtCreativity
    • Manufacturer: ArtCreativity

    MASTER THE ART OF POI IN STRIKING STYLE Create a Spectacle Wow everyone with a stunning LED light show; stand out from the crowd the next time you hit up that party! This light up poi ball takes an ancient performance and thrusts it into the modern age in epic fashion. Turn on the switch and it illuminates in solid or rainbow colors; a total o... [read more]

  • Wanby 1 Pair Spinning Led POI Thrown Balls Light Toy for Professional Belly Dance Level Hand Props, Multicolor

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Wanby
    • Manufacturer: Wanby

    Product Parameters: ball's size: diameter 8cm string's size: 50cm (can be adjusted by yourself) power switch: button on the ball LED light's life: continuous use about 3 hours ►package included: 1 pair LED poi balls

  • UltraPoi Helix Poi Set LED Poi for Raves and Concerts LED Glow Sick

    • UPC: 637316818519
    • Brand: UltraPoi
    • Manufacturer: UltraPoi

    Ultra-Poi is proud to introduce our newest Professional LED product, the Ultralight! The Ultralight is the first LED glow stick ever to have independent top/ bottom mode control and custom color selection, not just preset colors! The Ultralight uses our dual micro-processor system to control 4 RGB LEDs offering full spectrums of color, superior bri... [read more]

  • Wannabuy 1 Pair LED POI Thrown Balls for Professional Belly Dance Level Hand Props

    • Manufacturer: Wannabuy

    Product Parameters: Ball's size: Diameter 8cm String's size: 50cm (can be adjusted by yourself) Power switch: button on the ball LED light's life: Continuous use about 3 hours ►Package Included: 1 Pair LED Poi Balls

  • Zeekio Lighted LED Poi - Sold in Pairs

    • UPC: 859378005496
    • Brand: Zeekio
    • Manufacturer: Juggle Zeekio

    Zeekio Lighted LED PoiThe Zeekio Lighted (LED) Poi are great all around Poi.Multi-Color LED rotate between Green, Blue, Red and Gold or a strobing light show. Adjustable string length with reinforced dual finger grips for extra firm hold and a tough plastic ball housing that is soft and squeezable to help avoid bumps on the head from the inevitable... [read more]

  • Speevers LED Poi Optic Fiber Poi for Professionals - Exciting Light Show and Fast USB Charge - Strobe & Fade Light Programs - LED Prop for Spinners 1 Year Warranty

    • UPC: 689749693119
    • Brand: Speevers
    • Manufacturer: Speevers

    This is Shahar from Speevers. 10 years after we first presented our Stardass - Optic Fiber Poi, we are back with a new modular version. The dazzling optic fiber poi became center stage at the best shows. Our quest for the perfect poi led to a world class juggling system we call "Click'n'Play"!How does it work? Just use the connector and plug into a... [read more]

  • Illuminet ILLUMIBALL LED Glow Ball: LED POI Ball, POI Balls, LED Ball Light, Light Up Ball, Rave Light, Spinner Ball, Glow Ball, Stress Ball, Parties, Beach, Dances, Camping Fun

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Illuminet
    • Size: Small
    • Manufacturer: DSCovery LLC

    ILLUMIBALL - FOR GREAT FAMILY FUN! ILLUMIBALL LED Poi Balls are perfect for beginner or advanced spinners who love experimenting with colors and flashing patterns. These balls spin perfectly. With quality production and tons of colors, you can't go wrong! Fun for all ages. Easily create brilliant light shows that transform any event! ILLUMIBALL i... [read more]

  • 5x Pro LED Glow Juggling Balls - Ultra-Bright - MIX COLORS- Battery Powered Glow LED Juggling Ball Set of 5 with Drawstring Travel Bag!

    • Color: Mix
    • Brand: Flames N Games Juggling Ball Sets
    • Manufacturer: Flames 'N Games

    Top quality durable silicone feel juggling balls that each house a super-bright LED unit and are professionally weighted for the perfect and well balanced juggling set! Mix of Blue, Red, Green, Orange and White balls Guaranteed to have you and your spectators mesmerized, these battery operated balls are a must have for all jugglers! Come complete w... [read more]

  • Crystal Poi-FS Lite - Glowstringer LED Light-up Glow Stick Poi for Party, Practice & Flow Arts Play | Batteries & Charger Included

    • UPC: 748252686251
    • Color: Full Spectrum: Rainbow, Multicolor
    • Brand: Flowtoys
    • Size: Standard-size465
    • Manufacturer: flowtoys

    Learn the art of poi spinning with flowtoys crystal poi-FS lite - the world's favorite lightweight glowstick-poi design for glowstringers! This fantastic art form is great for kids and adults, integrating dance and creative exploration of movement with skill-based prop manipulation. Comes with: 1x pair crystal poi lite with j-lace leashes 2x flowl... [read more]

  • The Best LED poi handles - 2017 buyers guide

    ePoi Lite Review: LED poi from Emazinglights

    Visual LED Poi from RaveReady - Pixel Professional Light Up LED Poi