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  • LAVODA Polishing Compound Fine Buffing Compounds 4.2 Oz. Leather Strop Sharpening Stropping Compounds

    • UPC: 738920095737
    • Brand: lavoda
    • Manufacturer: LAVODA

    What is LAVODA honing compound? LAVODA Honing compound is extremely fine abrasive used in the final polishing stages of sharpening. These abrasives are sometimes loose, but are usually held in a medium like a wax bar, a paste or a spray. The particles in our selection of compounds range from 6 microns, roughly equivalent to a 2500 grit water stone,... [read more]

  • Enkay 150 Carded Polishing Compound Kit, 4 Piece

    • UPC: 011499150015
    • Brand: Enkay
    • Size: 1-Pack
    • Manufacturer: Enkay

    Enkay Products has been an importer and distributor of hand tools, drill accessories, hobby tools and polishing accessories since 1952. Enkay's mission is to provide customers with a less expensive alternative to the larger more expensive tool distributors without compromising quality.

  • Polishing Compound Fine Green Buffing Compound 1.6 OZ Leather Strop Sharpening Polishing Compounds

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: BeaverCraft
    • Size: Small
    • Manufacturer: BeaverCraft

    Polishing compound paste Details: ✔ Material: chrome oxide green and alumina✔ Size: 2.95 x 1.6x 0.63 Inches✔ Color: Green✔ Weight: about 1.6 OZ.✔ The grain size of the compound is 7-5 micron✔ Usage: Suitable for Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel, Stainless Steel and Chrome. Just imagine a situation, you are going to finish your cutting but... [read more]

  • French Green Chromium Oxide Extra-Fine (0.3 microns or 60,000 grit) Stropping Polishing Finishing Compound Paste 50 Gram Jar 107224

    • UPC: 700667471860
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Taytools
    • Manufacturer: Taylor Toolworks

    This extra-fine polishing compound is made in France and is the finest available anywhere. This paste can not only be used on all types of strops, but with felt and leather polishing wheels. One of the great advantages of this paste is that it does not have liquid oil as a major component and hence does not "run" all over the place when in storage ... [read more]

  • Leather Strop Honing Sharpening Strop Knives Chisel Tools 3 x 8 inch Double-Sided Stropping Leather + Polishing Compound - Vegetable Tanned Leather Stropping Polishing Carving Gouges - BeaverCraft

    • Color: Leather Honing Strop + Polishing Compound
    • Brand: BeaverCraft
    • Size: Leather Strop
    • Manufacturer: BeaverCraft

    If you’d be the one who manufactures stropping tools what width would you define as the proper one? By what-if method, we found out that the strop 3 inches will be perfect for sharpening purposes. Such way the leather strop ideal rate was taken into account. Then we managed to discover the most accomplishing strop material - vegetable tanned leat... [read more]

  • Sharpening Wheel Stropping Wheel Leather Wheel Honing Wheel Leather Polishing Wheel Knife Sharpening Wheel Kit Leather Stropping Buffing Wheel Leather Strop Wheel

    • Brand: BeaverCraft
    • Manufacturer: BeaverCraft

    Your search is over. You found the leather wheel you were looking for all this time. Let us give you 5 more details on the sharpening wheel we have: ✅ Proper size of the stropping wheel is much needed for convenient sharpening. A bulky knife sharpening wheel is not good if you’re into serious carving. ✅Wide choice of use. You can use the leat... [read more]

  • Woodstock D2902 1-Pound Extra Fine Buffing Compound, Green

    • UPC: 718472968789
    • Color: Green - Extra Fine
    • Brand: Woodstock
    • Size: 16 Ounces
    • Manufacturer: WOODSTOCK

    Woodstock 1 lb. Buffing Compound, Green, Extra Fine, For Most Metals D2902

  • Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone and Leather Honing Strop Set :#1000/6000 Grit Water Stone/Wet Stone, Angle Guide | Knife Stropping Block with Polishing Compound, Bamboo Base -with eBook

    • UPC: 784046668515
    • Color: Blue/White
    • Brand: HOMOO ART
    • Manufacturer: Homoo Art

    HOMOO ART -Complete whetstone and leather strop set - ONE STEP SOLUTION for Sharpening & Polishing & Honing ! WHY TO CHOOSE:HOMOO ART Complete Sharpening stone kits Includes :✅#1000 Grit Sharpening Stone ✅#6000 Grit Finishing Stone✅ Classic Leather Strop Block ✅ Compound ✅15~20degree angle guider✅Silicone Non-Slip Stone Holder... [read more]

  • Lansky Leather Stropping Polishing Hone

    • UPC: 885583677654
    • Color: N/A
    • Brand: Lansky
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Lansky Sharpeners

    For use with Lansky Sharpening Systems. Polishing a knife edge or "stropping" with leather will result in the most keen edge your blades have seen since they left the factory. Stropping with leather is an age old technique for polishing a blade edge that delivers unparalleled results. Already possessing the largest amount of accessories, the additi... [read more]

  • Stropping Leather - Leather Strop - Knife Sharpening Kit - For Honing Knives - Includes Polishing Compound And Instructions - 8" x 2.25"

    • Brand: American Made Upgrades

    One new leather knife strop with .5 oz. green polishing compound. Comes with basic instruction sheet for stropping. Measures 8" x 2.25" x .75" We use only top grade, full grain, 8-9oz. veg tan cowhide, undyed and unfinished. The included piece of fine grit green polishing compound will be at least .5 oz. Apply the polishing compound to the leather,... [read more]

  • The Viking Edge Double Leather Strop (Two Large 3 inch x 10 inch Leather Surfaces) Honing Stropping Paddle Block Knife Razor & Tool Sharpening with Compound

    • Color: Natural Leather
    • Brand: The Viking Edge
    • Size: Large 3" x 12 " Leather Strop
    • Manufacturer: Free Mountain Rush LLC

    Natural Double Sided Cow Leather Strop. Used for Honing, Stropping, Sharpening Knives, Razors, Tools, and Blades. Quality 1/8" Thick Leather, One Suede and One Smooth Side Leather. Large 3" x 10" Stropping Surface. 12" Paddle Board Block. Two Pieces of Compound used for Enhancing the Sharpening Process.

  • Leather Honing Strop 3 Inch by 8 Inch with 2oz. Green White Compound

    • UPC: 738920095683
    • Color: LEATHER STROP
    • Brand: lavoda
    • Manufacturer: lavoda

    What is Leather Strop? Our Strops is a premium vegetable tanned hide with abrasive green compound that will put the sharpest edge possible on knives. It should be used as the final step in sharpening. You can use the it to maintain an edge by conducting a few swipes after each use of a blade. What can I sharpen? Woodworking Chisels Straight Razors ... [read more]

  • Leather strop 3 x 8 inch paddle strop with compound - knife strop leather strops for sharpening knives leather stropping block - honing strop stropping leather carving sharpening strop with compound

    • Color: Brown Ashwood
    • Brand: BeaverCraft
    • Size: Large
    • Manufacturer: BeaverCraft

    Leather Strop details: ✔️ Double-sided paddle strop with suede leather and comfortable handle ✔️ Strop is great for use with all types of polishing compounds ✔️ The stropping leather area on our knife strop measures 9" x 3" in size. ✔️ Leather strop handle material - Ashwood The strop leather isn't new to sharpening and honing knive... [read more]

  • Stropping Compound Set of 3 Diamond Strop Paste Tubes (3x5g) to Make Your Knives and Razors Scary Sharp by Green Elephant

    • Color: red, gray, blue
    • Brand: Green Elephant
    • Manufacturer: Green Elephant Kitchen

    3-Part diamond compound kit to make your knives and tools SCARY SHARPGreen Elephant sharpening compound kit is specifically designed for sharpening needs as the 3 syringes are filled with 5g (each) water-soluble diamond paste starting from coarser abrasive paste (6microns), then middle-grade abrasive paste (3microns), to the last step for putting t... [read more]

  • Sharp Pebble Classic Leather Strop kit with Polishing Compound- Knife Stropping Block for Sharpening & Honing- Knives, Straight Razor, Woodcarving Chisels - with eBook

    • UPC: 792481369065
    • Brand: Sharp Pebble
    • Manufacturer: Sharp Pebble

    3 inch small strob strapping best compounds wood fromm illinois illionis chromium oxide sharpener shaving gbs 127 pro belt wheel 8 manyee damascus spanking tandy gold dollar dovo guide slipstrop double sided upon red deer whittling kangaroo beavercraft carving flexxx barber flexx shave plane hand jig hoaning and planes iron eclipse planer honong be... [read more]

  • Pocket Leather Honing Strop 2.5"x 4.5" & 3 One Oz. Black, Green & White of Knife Sharpening Polishing Compound (One of Each) | 4 pcs Set by Upon Leather

    • UPC: 045927994087
    • Color: Natural Cowhide
    • Brand: UPON LEATHER
    • Manufacturer: Upon Company

    ◙ What is a Strop? A Leather Strop is used for the final stage of sharpening and to maintain a sharp edge. The function is to polish the edge and work off any burr left behind by sharpening stones. It can be mounted to a rigid base like a board or used directly as it comes. ◙ Using a Strop. Strops are frequently used with compounds, the extre... [read more]

  • KRAMER by ZWILLING 34999-103 Hardwood Stropping Block with Leather

    • UPC: 035886297701
    • Color: Brown, Black
    • Brand: KRAMER by ZWILLING
    • Size: N/A
    • Manufacturer: KRAMER by ZWILLING

    KRAMER by ZWILLING Hardwood Stropping Block w/Leather Stropping

  • Kit of 2 Leather Honing Strop 3 Inch by 10 Inch with 3 One Oz. Black, Green & White Sharpening Polishing Compounds (One of Each) & Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes by Upon Leather

    • UPC: 045927994063
    • Color: Natural Cowhide
    • Brand: UPON LEATHER
    • Manufacturer: Upon Company

    ◙ What is a Strop? A Leather Strop is used for the final stage of sharpening and to maintain a sharp edge. The function is to polish the edge and work off any burr left behind by sharpening stones. It can be mounted to a rigid base like a board with our double-sided tape. ◙ Using a Strop. Strops are frequently used with polishing compounds, t... [read more]

  • Extra Fine Honing and Polishing Compound

    • UPC: 019213372309
    • Brand: Termo 400
    • Manufacturer: Termo 400

    The paste like consistency of this polishing and stropping compound was developed in our metal working shop over the past 28 years. In an attempt to alter the harsh form factor and scratchy characteristics of the polishing bars we diluted them with different ingredients for our own needs and use. The result was an easy to use creamy compound for po... [read more]

  • Leather Stropping Block Kit - Knife Sharpening Kit - Leather Honing Strop for Sharpening Knives - 8'' Long BeaverCraft Wood Carving Sharpening Strop - Stropping Leather Block with Polishing Compound

    • Brand: BeaverCraft
    • Manufacturer: BeaverCraft

    HOW TO USE A STROP? ◙ Leather strops for sharpening knives is frequently used with polishing compounds that give a mirror polish to an edge. That’s why our set consists of the sharpening strop with compound. Start by applying it to the surface of the strop with the leather. ◙ After that, you need to spread all the area of a block strop with t... [read more]

  • BEST Stropping Compound(For me)

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