Top 10 John Wayne Westerns

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  • John Wayne Western Collection

    • UPC: 032429273215
    • ASIN: B06XGVF3LZ
    • Brand: Paramount
    • Manufacturer: Paramount


  • John Wayne & The Western Trios - 50 Movie Roundup: McLintock!, The Three Mesquiteers , Forbidden Trails, The Range Busters and more!

    • UPC: 826831071459
    • ASIN: B00UKHJ446
    • Manufacturer: Mill Creek Ent

    Blaze across the range with John Wayne, The Three Mesquiteers, The Rough Riders, and The Range Busters! John Wayne leads a gang of western legends in this trailblazing collection of classic films featuring Hollywood s horseback heroes including Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Crash Corrigan, Robert Livingston, Gabby Hayes, Dusty King and of course, The Duke... [Read More]

  • John Wayne - The Tribute Collection

    • UPC: 683904524225
    • ASIN: B0057P4SAQ
    • Brand: Mill Creek Entertainment
    • Manufacturer: Mill Creek Ent

    John Wayne remains one of the most beloved icons in the history of American film. With more than 142 lead performances, his prolific career established him as the symbol of an American West that epitomized the virtues of courage, toughness, humor and loyalty. This amazing collection contains 25 features starring the ever-popular western icon, John... [Read More]

  • Stagecoach - The Original John Wayne Classic

    • ASIN: B07DTXZ5VF

  • Big Jake

    • UPC: 097363711544
    • ASIN: B00008CMR4
    • ISBN: 0792179404
    • Brand: John Wayne
    • Manufacturer: Paramount

    An aging Texas cattle man who has outlived his time swings into action when outlaws kidnap his grandson and wound his son. He returns to his estranged family to help them in the search for Little Jake.

  • True Grit (1969)

    • UPC: 032429271471
    • ASIN: B06XGX1FKS
    • Brand: Paramount
    • Manufacturer: Paramount


  • El Dorado

    • UPC: 032429268143
    • ASIN: B072ZMMWZQ
    • Brand: Paramount
    • Manufacturer: Paramount


  • John Wayne: The Fox Westerns Collection (The Big Trail / North to Alaska / The Comancheros / The Undefeated)

    • UPC: 024543529620
    • ASIN: B0015TJBXW
    • Brand: 20th Century Fox
    • Manufacturer: 20th Century Fox

  • 4 Film Favorites: John Wayne Collection (Back to Bataan / Flying Leathernecks / Operation Pacific / They Were Expendable)

    • UPC: 085391174233
    • ASIN: B000U1ZV6M
    • Brand: Unknown
    • Manufacturer: WarnerBrothers

    They Were Expendable Supplies are dwindling. Troops are hopelessly outnumbered. But even in defeat there is victory. The defenders of the Philippines ? including PT-boat skippers John Brickley (Robert Montgomery) and Rusty Ryan (John Wayne) will give the U.S. war effort time to regroup after the devastation of Pearl Harbor. Director John Ford's Wor... [Read More]

  • The John Wayne Warhawk Movie: No Substitute for Victory

    • ASIN: B076H8L8GR

  • Hondo (Full Screen)

    • UPC: 097368876149
    • ASIN: B000ANVPP6
    • ISBN: 1415709009
    • Brand: Paramount Home Video
    • Manufacturer: Paramount

    Based on the Louis L'Amour story "The Gift of Cochise," this sparkling western has Wayne as a half-Indian Cavalry scout who, with his feral dog companion, finds a young woman and her son living on a isolated ranch in unfriendly Apache country. A poetic and exciting script, outstanding performances, and breathtaking scenery make this an indisputable... [Read More]

  • Chisum (DVD) (Commemorative Amaray)

    • UPC: 085391158592
    • ASIN: B000O599YE
    • Brand: John Wayne
    • Manufacturer: WarnerBrothers

    Chisum (DVD) (Commemorative Amaray)John Wayne stars as John Simpson Chisum, "King of the Pecos" and themost powerful man in 1870s New Mexico Territory in this Western looselybased on a true story.Chisum has built a cattle empire while battling rustlers, disease,Indians and the land itself. But a ruthless land speculator and acorrupt sheriff threate... [Read More]

  • The War Wagon

    • UPC: 002519202982
    • ASIN: 0783228031
    • ISBN: 0783228031
    • Brand: John Wayne
    • Manufacturer: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

  • McLintock! (Authentic Collector's Edition)

    • UPC: 097368876248
    • ASIN: B000ANVPPQ
    • ISBN: 1415709041
    • Brand: John Wayne
    • Manufacturer: Paramount

  • Rio Lobo (1970) HD

    • ASIN: B01HUI2PFC

  • Rio Bravo [Blu-ray]

    • UPC: 883929472178
    • ASIN: B00THZUSR4
    • Brand: Warner Manufacturing
    • Manufacturer: WarnerBrothers

    Rio Bravo (Blu-ray)On one side is an army of gunmen dead-set on springing a murderous cohort from jail. On the other is Sheriff John T. Chance and two deputies: a recovering drunkard and a crippled codger. Also in their ragtag ranks are a trigger-happy youth and a woman with a past – and her eye on Chance. Director Howard Hawks lifted the Western... [Read More]

  • John Wayne: The Searchers

    • UPC: 085391158653
    • ASIN: B000O599ZS
    • Brand: Warner Manufacturing
    • Manufacturer: WarnerBrothers

    Searchers, The (DVD) (Commemorative Amaray)John Wayne stars with his son Patrick Wayne, Ward Bond and Natalie Wood in this classic Western about a Civil War veteran from Texas who will stop at nothing to find the men who murdered his family.]]>

  • The Sons of Katie Elder

    • UPC: 032429268129
    • ASIN: B074P3ZD6G
    • Brand: Paramount
    • Manufacturer: Paramount


  • El Dorado

    • ASIN: B001KS0THU

  • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance [Blu-ray]

    • UPC: 032429283665
    • ASIN: B074GV3RTN
    • Brand: Paramount
    • Manufacturer: Paramount


  • Top 10 John Wayne Westerns

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