Top 10 Job Interview Questions & Answers (for 1st & 2nd Interviews)

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  • Amazing Interview Answers: 44 Tough Job Interview Questions with 88 Winning Answers

    • ASIN: B073P38SX9
    • Manufacturer: Amazing Job Skills Publishing

    Job hunting? Or know someone who is? This book is perfect to help anyone gain an advantage during the toughest part of the process, the dreaded job interview. In Amazing Interview Answers, you'll find everything you need to successfully interview for the jobs you want.The author includes step-by-step instructions for preparing for interviews. He a... [Read More]

  • The Everything Job Interview Question Book: The Best Answers To The Toughest Interview Questions

    • UPC: 045079569553
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    • ISBN: 144056955X
    • Brand: imusti
    • Manufacturer: Adams Media

    An expert guide to the answers that will get you hired! What's the surefire way to overcome the stress of a job interview and get the job you want? Be prepared! It isn't enough to be qualified and have a stellar resume--you need to ace the interview as well. The Everything Job Interview Question Book arms you with the best answers to hundreds of qu... [Read More]

  • Winning Answers to 500 Interview Questions

    • ASIN: B00KB1U87I
    • Manufacturer: H. Delilah Business & Career Press

    Have you ever left an interview thinking you could have done better? Interviewing is a high stakes game. You need to learn how to play the game, and play to win. If you are getting interviews but not the job, you have to improve your ability to interview. Prepare yourself to answer any interview question with a response that makes the reason the ... [Read More]

  • 15 Minutes to a Better Interview: What I Wish EVERY Job Candidate Knew

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    "Do you want to Interview like an expert in 15 minutes? Amazing insights direct from a Fortune 500 executive can land you that offer!"Featured in Business Insider (Nov 6, 2014)Featured in Woman's World Magazine (Jan 12, 2015)Over 12,000 people have been helped by this book!If you get no value out of this book, and it doesn't improve your interview... [Read More]

  • Get That Job!: The Quick and Complete Guide to a Winning Interview

    • ASIN: 0998380822
    • ISBN: 0998380822
    • Manufacturer: Thea Kelley

    Praised as "Excellent" on, this concise interview guide gives readers proven tips and clear instructions to prepare for breakthrough interviews.Job seekers will learn to: Identify and communicate their unique strengths, their "key selling points." Understand why employers ask many of the most common interview questions - and how to ans... [Read More]

  • Answers to the Top 20 Interview Questions: Conquering the Job Interview Process

    • ASIN: B071DH958H

    A Career Coach's Expert Guide on How to Answer the Top 20 Interview QuestionsYour resume got you in the door or someone referred you to the perfect job. That is great! But, all of a sudden that sinking feeling begins to set in because the interview date is fast approaching. You wonder what questions are going to be asked, how to best represent your... [Read More]

  • High-Impact Interview Questions: 701 Behavior-Based Questions to Find the Right Person for Every Job

    • ASIN: 0814473016
    • ISBN: 0814473016
    • Brand: Hoevemeyer, Victoria A.
    • Manufacturer: AMACOM

  • 101 Toughest Interview Questions: And Answers That Win the Job! (101 Toughest Interview Questions & Answers That Win the Job)

    • ASIN: 158008849X
    • ISBN: 158008849X
    • Brand: Brand: Ten Speed Press
    • Manufacturer: Ten Speed Press

    Nothing is more crucial to landing your dream job than a stellar performance in the all-important interview, that nerve-wracking final step to every job search. Extensively updated and revised for today's highly competitive employment market, this compact, concise handbook will prepare you for the most challenging and frequently asked questions you... [Read More]

  • 101 Job Interview Questions You'll Never Fear Again

    • ASIN: B013Q703Q4
    • Manufacturer: Plume

    “An insider's guide to the perfect interview.” —Daily Express    What are job interviewers actually looking for in a candidate? What questions will they ask? What does each question really mean?  What are the answers that will secure you the job?   James Reed, chairman of one of the world’s largest recruiting agencies, takes you into t... [Read More]

  • Cracking the Coding Interview: 189 Programming Questions and Solutions

    • ASIN: 0984782850
    • ISBN: 0984782869
    • Manufacturer: CareerCup

    I am not a recruiter. I am a software engineer. And as such, I know what it's like to be asked to whip up brilliant algorithms on the spot and then write flawless code on a whiteboard. I've been through this as a candidate and as an interviewer. Cracking the Coding Interview, 6th Edition is here to help you through this process, teaching you what ... [Read More]

  • The 250 Job Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked

    • UPC: 045079201170
    • ASIN: 1580621171
    • ISBN: 1580621171
    • Brand: Adams Media
    • Manufacturer: Adams Media

    Why do you want this job? Why should I hire you? Why do you want to leave your current job? Do you have convincing answers ready for these important questions? Landing a good job is a competitive process and often the final decision is based on your performance at the interview. By following the advice of prominent career planning and human resourc... [Read More]

  • How to Answer Interview Questions: 101 Tough Interview Questions

    • ASIN: B00AQ4CAFI
    • Manufacturer: Career Confidential

    Can you explain why you’re the person they need to hire?Employers ask you a hundred different interview questions… but what they really want to know is, “Why should we hire you?” If you get interviews but you don’t get the job, you have not explained that to them. This is the book that will show you how to use your answers to get the job.... [Read More]

  • Cracking the PM Interview: How to Land a Product Manager Job in Technology

    • ASIN: 0984782818
    • ISBN: 0984782818
    • Brand: Jackie Bavaro Gayle McDowell
    • Manufacturer: CareerCup

    How many pizzas are delivered in Manhattan? How do you design an alarm clock for the blind? What is your favorite piece of software and why? How would you launch a video rental service in India? This book will teach you how to answer these questions and more.  Cracking the PM Interview is a comprehensive book about landing a product management rol... [Read More]

  • 301 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview, Second Edition

    • ASIN: 0071738886
    • ISBN: 9780071738880
    • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Education

    Revised and updated for today’s job market, the bestselling handbook for the ahead-of-the-curve job seeker "Is there anything you'd like to ask us?" This question can paralyze even the most seasoned job applicants. But with 301 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview at your side, you’ll be ready with a response that demonstrates your confidenc... [Read More]

  • Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions, Second Edition

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    • Brand: McGraw-Hill
    • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Education

    Answers that will get you hired―from the bestselling interview guide, now completely updated! In today's job market, there are thousands of qualified candidates battling it out for a few jobs. Beat out the competition and learn how to give the best interview with Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions―the essential jo... [Read More]

  • 96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire

    • ASIN: 0814439152
    • ISBN: 0814439152
    • Manufacturer: AMACOM

    Every manager and human resources department has seen it time and time again--candidates whom they viewed from across the table as promising individuals loaded with potential turning out to be disappointing and underwhelming employees. Meanwhile, numerous resources are wasted yet again while the company continues to seek out the right fits for thei... [Read More]

  • Java/J2EE Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked (Job Interview Questions Series)

    • ASIN: 1946383236
    • ISBN: 1946383236
    • Manufacturer: Vibrant Publishers

    • 280 Java/J2EE Interview Questions• 75 HR Interview Questions • Real life scenario based questions• Strategies to respond to interview questions• 2 Aptitude Tests Java/J2EE Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked is a perfect companion to stand ahead above the rest in today’s competitive job market. Rather than going through c... [Read More]

  • High-Impact Interview Questions: 701 Behavior-Based Questions to Find the Right Person for Every Job

    • ASIN: 0814438822
    • ISBN: 0814438822
    • Manufacturer: AMACOM

  • Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs

    • ASIN: B00OZM4ANM
    • Manufacturer: Bloomsbury USA

    The New York Times BestsellerThe Book Behind the Viral TED TalkFor the first time, the startling full story of the disastrous war on drugs--propelled by moving human stories, revolutionary insight into addiction, and fearless international reporting.What if everything you think you know about addiction is wrong? One of Johann Hari's earliest memori... [Read More]

  • Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

    • ASIN: 1501111116
    • ISBN: 1501111116
    • Manufacturer: Scribner

    In her instant, multi-month New York Times bestseller, Angela Duckworth shows anyone striving to succeed that the secret to outstanding achievement is not talent, but a special blend of passion and persistence she calls “grit.” “Inspiration for non-geniuses everywhere” (People).The daughter of a scientist who frequently noted her lack of ... [Read More]

  • Top 10 Job Interview Questions & Answers (for 1st & 2nd Interviews)

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