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  • Longman Introductory Course for the TOEFL Test, The Paper Test (Book with CD-ROM, with Answer Key) (Audio CDs or Audiocassettes required)

    • ASIN: 013184718X
    • ISBN: 013184718X
    • Manufacturer: Pearson Education ESL

    This comprehensive course provides intermediate students (TOEFL test scores 380-480) with the skills, strategies, practice, and confidence they need to improve their scores on all sections of the paper TOEFL test, including the Test of Written English (TWE®). The Introductory Paper Test book features: Language skills sections that cover the ... [Read More]

  • Arabiyyat al-Naas (Part One): An Introductory Course in Arabic

    • ASIN: 0415516935
    • ISBN: 0415516935
    • Brand: Routledge
    • Manufacturer: Routledge

    ‘Arabiyyat al-Naas (Part One) offers a groundbreaking introduction to Arabic as it is written and spoken by native speakers. It combines a progressive and rigorous grounding in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) – the form employed for reading, writing and formal speaking – with an innovative integration of the spoken Levantine variety used in ever... [Read More]

  • Answer Key For Linguistics: An Introduction to Linguistic Theory

    • ASIN: 0631228497
    • ISBN: 9780631228493
    • Brand: Wiley-Blackwell
    • Manufacturer: Wiley-Blackwell

    Linguistics: An Introduction to Linguistic Theory is a textbook, written for introductory courses in linguistic theory for undergraduate linguistics majors and first-year graduate students. Twelve major figures in the field bring their expertise to each of the core areas of the field - morphology, syntax, semantics, phonetics, phonology, and langua... [Read More]

  • Living Language: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (Primers in Anthropology)

    • ASIN: 1119060605
    • ISBN: 9781119060604
    • Brand: Wiley-Blackwell
    • Manufacturer: Wiley-Blackwell

    Revised and updated, the 2nd Edition of Living Language: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology presents an accessible introduction to the study of language in real-life social contexts around the world through the contemporary theory and practice of linguistic anthropology. Presents a highly accessible introduction to the study of language in... [Read More]

  • Nakama 1B: Introductory Japanese Communication, Culture, Context (World Languages)

    • ASIN: 0547208405
    • ISBN: 0547208405
    • Brand: Brand: Cengage Learning
    • Manufacturer: Cengage Learning

    Nakama 1 is a complete, flexible introductory program designed to present the fundamentals of the Japanese language to college students. Presented in two parts, Nakama 1a and Nakama 1b, the program focuses on proficiency-based language learning, emphasizes practical communication and student interaction, and fosters the development of all four lang... [Read More]

  • Second Language Acquisition set: Second Language Acquisition: An Introductory Course (Volume 1)

    • ASIN: 0415894956
    • ISBN: 0415894956
    • Brand: imusti
    • Manufacturer: Routledge

    Now in a fourth edition, this bestselling introductory textbook remains the cornerstone volume for the study of second language acquisition (SLA). Its chapters have been fully updated, and reorganized where appropriate, to provide a comprehensive yet accessible overview of the field and its related disciplines. To reflect current developments, new ... [Read More]

  • The Best Punctuation Book, Period: A Comprehensive Guide for Every Writer, Editor, Student, and Businessperson

    • UPC: 884759585632
    • ASIN: 1607744937
    • ISBN: 9781607744931
    • Brand: Ten Speed Press
    • Manufacturer: Ten Speed Press

    This all-in-one reference is a quick and easy way for book, magazine, online, academic, and business writers to look up sticky punctuation questions for all styles including AP (Associated Press), MLA (Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Association), and Chicago Manual of Style.Punctuate with Confidence—No Matter the Style ... [Read More]

  • Best Nonfiction: Introductory

    • ASIN: 0890618828
    • ISBN: 0890618828
    • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Education

    The Best Series is a fresh and innovative way to introduce and study genre-specific literature in your classroom. Students can explore and gain appreciation for exceptional and diverse writings in nonfiction, poetry, plays, short stories, and selections from novels. This enriching series strengthens students' reading and writing skills and literary... [Read More]

  • Speech and Language Processing, 2nd Edition

    • ASIN: 0131873210
    • ISBN: 9780131873216
    • Brand: Jurafsky, Daniel/ Martin, James H.
    • Manufacturer: Prentice Hall

    For undergraduate or advanced undergraduate courses in Classical Natural Language Processing, Statistical Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Computational Linguistics, and Human Language Processing.   An explosion of Web-based language techniques, merging of distinct fields, availability of phone-based dialogue systems, and much mo... [Read More]

  • Linguistics For Dummies

    • ASIN: 1118091698
    • ISBN: 1118091698
    • Brand: Brand: For Dummies
    • Manufacturer: For Dummies

    The fascinating, fun, and friendly way to understand the science behind human language Linguistics is the scientific study of human language. Linguistics students study how languages are constructed, how they function, how they affect society, and how humans learn language. From understanding other languages to teaching computers to communicate, li... [Read More]

  • Introducción a la Lingüística Hispánica, 2nd Edition

    • ASIN: 0521513987
    • ISBN: 0521513987
    • Brand: Brand: Cambridge University Press
    • Manufacturer: Cambridge University Press

    Written entirely in Spanish, this is the ideal introduction to Spanish linguistics for students. Using clear explanations, it covers all the basic concepts required to study the structural aspects of the Spanish language - phonetics and phonology, morphology and syntax - as well as the history of Spanish, its dialects and linguistic variation. This... [Read More]

  • Living Language Ultimate Spanish Beginner-Intermediate (Ultimate Beginner-Intermediate)

    • ASIN: 1400009618
    • ISBN: 1400009618
    • Brand: Living Language
    • Manufacturer: Living Language

    Rare book

  • Débuts: An Introduction to French, 3rd edition

    • ASIN: 007338643X
    • ISBN: 007338643X
    • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Education

    Welcome to Débuts: a completely integrated film-based introductory course for learning French language and culture. The film narrative of Le Chemin du retour is what drives the scope and sequence of vocabulary and grammar, the presentation of culture, and the development of reading and writing. A two-hour feature-length film, Le Chemin du retour i... [Read More]

  • Introducción y aplicaciones contextualizadas a la lingüística hispánica (Spanish Edition)

    • ASIN: 1118990218
    • ISBN: 1118990218
    • Brand: Wiley-Blackwell
    • Manufacturer: Wiley-Blackwell

    Introducción y aplicaciones contextualizadas a la lingüística hispánica provides a contemporary introduction to the study of Spanish, helping students apply linguistics analysis to the study of language. It encourages the reader to analyze language in action and understand how linguistic components interact to convey conceptual and social meani... [Read More]

  • Learning Biblical Hebrew: Reading for Comprehension: An Introductory Grammar

    • ASIN: 1683590848
    • ISBN: 1683590848
    • Manufacturer: Lexham Press

    What's the best way to learn a new language? By approaching it not as a series of facts to memorize but as something alive, with a personality you can get to know and tendencies you can sometimes predict.Designed for long-term retention, Learning Biblical Hebrew focuses on helping students understand how the Hebrew language works and providing a so... [Read More]

  • The Writing Systems of the World

    • ASIN: 0631180281
    • ISBN: 0631180281
    • Brand: Wiley-Blackwell
    • Manufacturer: Wiley-Blackwell

    This book is an account of the writing systems of the world from earliest times to the present. Its aim is to explore the complex ways in which writing systems relate to the language they depict. Writing, Coulmas contends, is not only the guide or garment of spoken language, but has a deep and lasting effect on the development of language itself. H... [Read More]

  • Basic Course in American Sign Language

    • ASIN: 0932666426
    • ISBN: 0932666426
    • Brand: Harris Communications
    • Manufacturer: T. J. Publishers

    There are obvious problems with writing a text for a visual gestural language. This text attempts to alleviate some of these problems by using illustrations and scripts for signed sequences. The text is composed of 22 lessons each of which contains two to four basic explanations of the language structures to be learned. As a resource for the studen... [Read More]

  • Ethics: The Essential Writings (Modern Library Classics)

    • ASIN: 0812977785
    • ISBN: 0812977785
    • Brand: Brand: Modern Library
    • Manufacturer: Modern Library

    In Ethics: The Essential Writings, philosopher Gordon Marino skillfully presents an accessible, provocative anthology of both ancient and modern classics on matters moral. The philosophers represent 2,500 years of thought—from Plato, Kant, and Nietzsche to Alasdair MacIntyre, Susan Wolf, and Peter Singer—and cover a broad range of topics, from ... [Read More]

  • Poetics: With the Tractatus Coislinianus, Reconstruction of Poetics II, and the Fragments of the On Poets (Bk. 1)

    • ASIN: 0872200337
    • ISBN: 0872200337
    • Brand: Brand: Hackett Pub Co
    • Manufacturer: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.

    Richard Janko's acclaimed translation of Aristotle's Poetics is accompanied by the most comprehensive commentary available in English that does not presume knowledge of the original Greek. Two other unique features are Janko's translations with notes of both the Tractatus Coislinianus, which is argued to be a summary of the lost second book of the ... [Read More]

  • Workbook for Wheelock's Latin

    • ASIN: 0060956429
    • ISBN: 0060956429
    • Brand: HarperResource
    • Manufacturer: Collins Reference

    Make learning Latin faster and easier with this essential companion to the esteemed classic introductory textbook, Wheelock’s Latin. Reflecting the trend toward more active use of classroom Latin, this supplemental workbook focuses on listening and speaking skills to help students new to the language master its basics.Workbook for Wheelock's Lati... [Read More]

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