303 Interior Dressing vs Meguiar's Interior Dressing

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  • Shine Armor Car Interior Cleaner for Car Detailing - Car Carpet Cleaner, Car Seat Cleaner, Interior Car Cleaner for Upholstery, Car Leather Cleaner, Carpet, Plastic, and More

    • UPC: 309272980318
    • Brand: Shine Armor
    • Manufacturer: Shine Armor

    Shine Armor's Interior Car Cleaner is formulated using the latest nanotechnology to effectively protect and restore your interior surfaces back to a brand new factory matte finish. This dust resistant cleaner will leave your car interior looking great, for longer. Our Interior Cleaner is non greasy, and made to prevent dust buildup, remove dirt, gr... [read more]

  • Shine Society Semi Gloss Protective Dressing for Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Leather and More, with Microfiber Towel Included (18 oz.)

    • Brand: Shine Society
    • Size: 18oz
    • Manufacturer: Shine Society

    Shine Society's OG Black is the #1 choice for keeping the trim on your vehicle looking great - guaranteed to give you the shine you're looking for. OG Black is formulated with long lasting gloss agents which ensures you're getting a semi gloss finish that dries quickly and promises a natural, new car finish to any plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfa... [read more]

  • Chemical Guys TVD_102 New Car Shine Premium Dressing (1 Gal)

    • UPC: 816276010380
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: 1 Gallon (128 Ounces)
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    This product delivers a dry-to-the-tough high shine finish to vinyl, rubber and tires fast and easy. Developed for dealerships and detailing professionals. It is a premium dressing designed for use on both exterior and interior surfaces of automobiles, trucks, RV's and boats. This has been refined to OEM standards the all new formation contains a s... [read more]

  • Meguiar's G14716 Ultimate Protectant, 15.2 oz.

    • UPC: 070382005306
    • Brand: MEGUIAR'S
    • Size: 15.2 oz.
    • Manufacturer: Meguiar's

    Meguiar’s Ultimate Protectant features breakthrough UV clear coat technology that provides superior UV protection and a deep shine that lasts for weeks on end. Ideal for vinyl, rubber and plastic, our powerful protectant creates rich shine and darkness on interior surfaces such as dashboard and door panels, and brings new life to exterior trim, m... [read more]

  • Meguiar's G4000 Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes, 25 wipes

    • UPC: 787854770197
    • Color: -
    • Brand: MEGUIAR'S
    • Size: 25 wipes
    • Manufacturer: MEGUIARS WAX

    Give your interior vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces a glossy shine with Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes. Our wipes are great for dashboards and other interior surfaces. They quickly remove dust and fingerprints to leave a high glossy finish, while UV protection and Scotchgard defend against fading, cracking and aging. Our non-greasy, n... [read more]

  • Chemical Guys TVD_109 - Silk Shine Sprayable Dry-to-The-Touch Dressing for Tires, Trim, Vinyl, Plastic and More (1 Gal)

    • UPC: 816276010410
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: Gallon, 128 fl. Oz (Single Unit)
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    This product cleans and protects while restoring a natural pleasant look and feel without leaving behind even a hint of oily, greasy, sticky, or shiny residue. New Weather-Tek formula means it lasts through numerous washes and tough weather. Chemical this delivers a durable high-shine finish to rubber, vinyl, black plastics, tires, dashboard and ev... [read more]

  • Stoner Car Care 91034-12PK Trim Shine Protectant - 144-Fluid Ounces 12-Pack

    • Brand: Stoner Car Care
    • Size: 144 fl. oz, 12 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Stoner Car Care

    Stoner Car Care 91034-12PK trim shine Protectant - 12-ounce aerosol can - case of 12 is engineered to instantly brighten and rejuvenate dull or faded plastic, vinyl, and rubber. The long lasting formula not only restores color and shine it also protects against sunlight and UV rays that can cause cracking, fading, and discoloration over time. It pr... [read more]

  • CarGuys Plastic Restorer - The Ultimate Solution for Bringing Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic Back to Life! - 8 oz Kit

    • UPC: 762952133587
    • Brand: CarGuys
    • Manufacturer: CarGuys

    - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Car Guys Plastic Restorer -QUESTION: Is this only for interior and exterior automotive surfaces?ANSWER: No! This can be used for a variety of applications such as a cars bumper, a jeep or chevy avalanche truck that has tons of plastic, plus your RV or motorcycle! Also has marine applications for things such as the ... [read more]

  • Sprayway SW936 Aerosol Instant Shine Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant, 11 oz.

    • UPC: 041911009362
    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Sprayway
    • Size: 11 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: SPRAYWAY

    Multi-Purpose Shine, 11 oz., Aerosol Can, Clear, Clear Liquid

  • CarGuys Super Cleaner - Effective All Purpose Cleaner - Best for Leather Vinyl Carpet Upholstery Plastic Rubber and Much More! - 18 oz Kit

    • UPC: 762952133600
    • Brand: CarGuys
    • Size: 18 Ounces w/ Towel
    • Manufacturer: CarGuys

    - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Car Guys Super Cleaner -QUESTION: Is this only for automobile cleaning?ANSWER: No! This is for cars, boats, and even your home! Clean furniture such as your sofa or carpet, outdoor accessories like a spa cover or sunbrella. Excellent boating cleaner for a vinyl seat or mildew! There are a variety of applications, th... [read more]

  • Meguiar's G16216 Ultimate Interior Detailer, 15.2 oz

    • UPC: 070382010324
    • Brand: MEGUIAR'S
    • Size: 16 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Meguiar's

    Clean and protect all the interior surfaces of your car in one step with Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer. Our powerful solution safely cleans all the areas you come into contact with every day, including the steering wheel, stereo, navigation screens, dashboards, door panels and center consoles. Leaves behind a satin-sealed finish that lasts... [read more]

  • Malco Clean & Shine Interior Cleaner and Dressing, 1 gal (125901)

    • UPC: 075929359010
    • Brand: Malco
    • Manufacturer: Malco

    Clean & Shine powers away grease, grime and dirt from beneath the surface of your leather, vinyl and plastic interiors. In just one step, this ready-to-use formula cleans, protects and restores to a satin, semi-gloss finish, free of streaks or greasy residue. Your vehicle interior will look like new again! Instructions: Note: Before you begin, appl... [read more]

  • Turtle Wax 50733 Complete ICE Premium Car Care Kit, 8-Piece

    • UPC: 074660507339
    • Brand: Turtle Wax
    • Size: 76 oz, 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Turtle Wax

    The Complete ICE Premium 8-Piece Car Kit includes the essentials to Turtle Wax's premium ICE car care line. Turtle Wax ICE Smart Shield Technology features the most advanced scientific polymer engineering to intensify and maximize car care results. Layers of interlocking synthetic polymers build an invisible barrier to provide superior weatherproof... [read more]

  • Tire Shine Spray - Best Tire Dressing Car Care Kit for Car Tires After a Car Wash - Car Detailing Kit for Wheels and Tires with Included Tire Shine Applicator - by Car Guys Auto Detailing Supplies

    • UPC: 762952133518
    • Brand: CarGuys
    • Size: 18 Ounces
    • Manufacturer: CarGuys

    After spending all that time car washing, you finish with a typical tire shine on your tires.Your car looks perfect!But... it only ends up lasting a couple of days.. and after your first drive, what happens??Tire shine foam and gunk is flung all over the side of your newly washed car!!Stop the madness! You have just found a brand new tire shine unl... [read more]

  • Meguiar's D17001 Hyper Dressing - 1 Gallon - Give Your Car's Trim Pieces the Best Shine & Gloss

    • UPC: 703822700188
    • Brand: MEGUIAR'S
    • Size: 1 Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Meguiar's

    Pay attention to the details. Give your car’s interior and exterior plastic, rubber and vinyl pieces the shine you want with Meguiar's D17001 Hyper Dressing. This advanced formula dilutes up to 4:1, varying the gloss from high to satin. Hyper Dressing is also a versatile product many different application.

  • Chemical Guys SPI22016 Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant, 16. Fluid_Ounces

    • UPC: 811339029125
    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • Size: 16 oz
    • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

    Chemical Guys total interior cleaner & Protectant is the one product for cleaning and protecting virtually every car interior surface. Everybody loves a clean interior, but not everyone has time to figure out how to clean All the different materials correctly. Between the glass, dashboards, electronics, cup holders, wood dashboard trim, leather, an... [read more]

  • Wizards 182896 High Gloss Car Detailing, Surface Cleaner Spray, 22. Fluid_Ounces

    • UPC: 606435012146
    • Brand: Wizards
    • Size: 22 oz.
    • Manufacturer: Wizards

    Whether you’re a proud owner of a new car, show car, motorcycle, RV or just a nice vehicle, you will appreciate the quick spray and shine performance of our best-selling and highly regarded Mist-N-Shine Professional Detailer. Anytime you want to quickly dust off your car, bike or pickup just use our detail spray with a quality microfiber cloth to... [read more]

  • Black Magic 31700 Pro Shine Protectant, 16 oz.

    • UPC: 077249317008
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Black Magic
    • Size: 16 oz.
    • Manufacturer: Rain-X

    Black Magic Pro Shine Protectant is an excellent protection for vinyl, leather, rubber, and plastics. Over time, the sun’s rays can cause vehicle surfaces to become brittle, which leads to cracking or fading. This unique Pro Shine formula replenishes these surfaces for a smooth, clean, brilliant finish. It cleans, shines, and protects against UV ... [read more]

  • California Cover All - Automotive Tire Shine Spray & Professional Grade Tire Dressing - High Gloss - Water Repellent & Made in America (1 Gallon)

    • UPC: 767823191017
    • Brand: Superior
    • Size: 1 Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Superior Products

    California Cover All high gloss tire dressing is a leading tire shine and auto rubber protection product that gives your car tires the shine you want with a water replant protection you need. California Cover All is used nationwide by car care and automotive professionals who want their vehicles to look great weeks after application. Our high gloss... [read more]

  • Meguiar's G4116 Natural Shine Protectant - 16 oz.

    • UPC: 070382141165
    • Brand: MEGUIAR'S
    • Manufacturer: Meguiar's

    Maintain that "like new" look on dashboards, trim, tires and more with Meguiar's Natural Shine Protectant's complex formula includes mild cleaning agents that help remove daily dirt and grime and restore original, natural finish. Includes UV blockers to help reduce the effects caused by the sun.

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