10 Best Ice Packs for Coolers 2018

Best Ice Packs For Lunch Boxes on September 2020 Shopping Deals at Bestonio.com

  • Set of 5 Cooler Shock lunch bag size ice packs - high performance 18 degree Fahrenheit using phase change science to achieve 8-10 hour cooling - avoid spoilage so you can eat your lunch!

    • UPC: 854850006251
    • ASIN: B078FR9CND
    • Brand: Cooler Shock
    • Size: small
    • Manufacturer: Cooler Shock

    Five Cooler Shock high performance, reusable, fill and save lunch packs use phase change science to prevent bacteria and spoilage. This is an 18 ° extended time pack. Final filled weight is 1 pound which is 2 to 3X the performance and size of typical packs. Non-Hazardous large and cold so that you can eat your lunch. USA sourced formula, not China... [Read More]

  • Ice Pack for Lunch Box - Freezer Packs - Original Cool Pack | Slim & Long-Lasting Ice Packs for your Lunch or Cooler Bag (Set of 4)

    • UPC: 688474606456
    • ASIN: B01M06AQLF
    • Brand: Healthy Packers
    • Size: 4-Pack
    • Manufacturer: Healthy Packers

  • Blue Ele BE01 Ice Pack for Lunch Box and Cooler, BPA Free, Reusable and Long Lasting, Slim and Lightweight Design for Kids, Set of 4, Fun & Colorful

    • UPC: 614552716038
    • ASIN: B07MVKZ1ZW
    • Brand: Blue Ele
    • Size: Set of 4
    • Manufacturer: Blue Ele

    BLUE ELE ICE REUSABLE ICE PACKS - ENJOY A FRESH AND HEALTHY LUNCH! Lunch is the most important meal of the day and it provides energy and nutrients to keep the body and brain working efficiently through the afternoon. Unfortunately, by the time you open your lunch box, milk, meat and sliced fruits you packed early in the morning may have become uns... [Read More]

  • Ice Pack for Lunch Boxes - 4 Reusable Packs - Nautical Prints - Keeps Food Cold - Cool Print Bag Designs - Great for Kids or Adults Lunchbox and Cooler

    • UPC: 651950838191
    • ASIN: B07BRQRPX2
    • Brand: Thrive
    • Size: Nautical Prints
    • Manufacturer: Thrive

    Looking for the best lunch Ice pack? Then Look No Further! The Thrive Brand gel cold pack is the ideal cold pack for lunch boxes, lunch bags and coolers. What Makes the THRIVE Brand Ice Packs Different? ✓DESIGN: Four different fun vibrant colorful artist designed prints. Each 4-pack contains one of each design. Each pack is 6.7 inches l... [Read More]

  • Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Slim Reusable Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes, Lunch Bags and Coolers, Set of 6, Multicolored

    • UPC: 700522189824
    • ASIN: B074XKD4PQ
    • Brand: Fit & Fresh
    • Size: 6 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Fit & Fresh

    Multicolored Cool Coolers Ice Packs by Fit + Fresh are slim reusable ice packs that can be used inside your lunch bag, cooler or grocery shopping tote to help keep food and drinks cool and fresh for hours. These fun, bright ice packs are great for kids and adults and are so versatile that you’ll find yourself reaching for them daily. Packing lunc... [Read More]

  • Healthy Packers Cool Pack, Slim Ice Pack for Lunch Box - Quick Freeze and Long-Lasting - Freezer Cold Packs for Cooler Bag and Lunch Boxes - Original Long-Lasting Formula (5 Pack)

    • UPC: 039294755471
    • ASIN: B07F95S5SX
    • Brand: Healthy Packers
    • Size: 5 pack
    • Manufacturer: Healhy Packers

  • Fit & Fresh 336KFF Cool Coolers Ice Packs, 4 pack, Blue

    • UPC: 700522003366
    • ASIN: B003FO2B5U
    • Brand: Fit & Fresh
    • Size: 4 pack
    • Manufacturer: Fit and Fresh

    Don’t you hate it when you pack your sandwich and fruit for work or a day at the beach only to have it lukewarm by the time you’re ready to eat? We have the solution! Cool Coolers Ice Packs are slim reusable ice packs that can fit in your lunch bag, cooler or grocery tote to keep your cold or frozen items chilled. Going to the grocery store dur... [Read More]

  • Fit & Fresh XL Cool Coolers Reusable Ice Packs, Long Lasting Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes, Lunch Bags and Coolers, Set of 4, Blue

    • UPC: 700522205746
    • ASIN: B07CTXRKH8
    • Brand: Fit & Fresh
    • Size: Large
    • Manufacturer: Fit & Fresh

    Larger, thicker and longer lasting Cool Coolers reusable ice packs by Fit & Fresh are great to have on-hand for school, work, camp, beach days, tailgate parties and picnics. The versatile shape is perfect for lunch boxes and coolers of all sizes. The set includes (4) rectangular ice packs. Each pack measures 7" x 4.5" x 0.50". The larger, thicker s... [Read More]

  • TOURIT Ice Packs for Coolers Reusable Long Lasting Freezer Packs for Lunch Bags/Boxes, Cooler Backpack, Camping, Beach, Picnics, Fishing and More (Set of 8)

    • Brand: TOURIT
    • Size: 8 Pack
    • Manufacturer: TOURIT

    SLIM, CONVENIENT AND LONG LASTING ICE PACKS. Each ice pack measures 8.75 x 1.5 x 1.25 inches. Keep your insulated cooler bag/backpack freezer-cold for longer!

  • Stay Cool Reusable Ice Pack (6 Pack) for Lunch Box - Slim, Lightweight Freezer Cold Packs For Coolers, Lunch Boxes & Camping

    • ASIN: B076495TFF
    • Brand: Stay Cool
    • Manufacturer: Stay Cool

    Reusable Ice Pack - Best Ice Pack for Lunch Box to Bring To School Features & Benefits: ✓ Super Slim and Lightweight - Great for use in your kids lunch box or lunch bag, even for the little ones ✓ Long-Lasting Gel - The slim ice pack is ultra slim and compact, but still powerful. ✓ Reusable - use it as many times you want, just put it back in... [Read More]

  • Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers, Slim Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes, Bags and Coolers, Aquatic Shapes for Kids, Set of 4, Multicolored

    • UPC: 700522178255
    • ASIN: B06XNTM1RL
    • Brand: Fit & Fresh
    • Size: Aquatic
    • Manufacturer: Fit & Fresh

    Cool Coolers ice packs are perfectly sized to fit in all types of lunch bags and boxes. So go ahead and send them off to school with cheese, milk, fruit or veggies knowing that what you pack will stay cool and fresh. With the cool Coolers ice packs no matter what food you pair with them, it will stay safe and fresh from morning 'til lunch and beyon... [Read More]

  • Cool Pack w/Insulated Pad (patent pending) - Cold Longer - Cool Pack for Lunch Box, Cooler Bag, Ice Pack Food. Flat Ice Pack. Reusable Hard Ice Pack. Used Gel Ice Pack. Can Gel Ice for Coolers.

    • UPC: 857353006476
    • ASIN: B01MDM3DG6
    • Brand: iPrimio
    • Manufacturer: iPrimio

    "Cold Longer" Blox 4 Pack - COLD Hours Longer - "Extra Thick Gel" With "Foam Pad Technology" (patent pending) - Great for Lunch / Coolers / Snacks - Non toxic - by iPrimio "COLDER HOURS LONGER" Using Newest Patent Pending Design - You Wanted a Cold Pack to be Cold Longer...We Did It. Thicker Gel Filled Cooling Block - 3/4" Thick - Keeps Cool Long... [Read More]

  • TREKPROOF Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes (4-Piece Set) | Reusable Freezer and Cold Travel | Bento Lunchbox, Cooler Bag for Work, School, Picnic or Camping | Colorful & Kid Friendly

    • UPC: 850002027044
    • ASIN: B01MYXPO44
    • Brand: TREKPROOF
    • Manufacturer: KASM International

    Keep your lunches, snacks, and picnic meals and beverages fresh and crisp by cooling them down with TrekProof Ice Packs! Nobody likes to eat a warm bologna sandwich or popping open a hot Dr. Pepper when it's time for lunch; especially when you're under the summer sun. That's why we've developed TrekProof Ice Packs to keep all your favorite snacks ... [Read More]

  • KoldPacks 4 Reusable Can Coolers Ice Packs, Long Lasting Perfect Lunch Boxes, Lunch Bags and Coolers for Camping

    • UPC: 649870646224
    • ASIN: B07RQ8SQFP
    • Brand: KoldPacks
    • Manufacturer: Sorillo Brands

    Fits Standard Aluminum Cans: Sodas & Beer

  • [NEW] Ice Packs for Lunch Box - Freezer Packs - Original Cool Pack | Slim & Long-Lasting Ice Pack for your Lunch or Cooler Bag (4pk)

    • UPC: 686751129018
    • ASIN: B075F9Q9XL
    • Brand: Healthy Packers

  • 4 Mid-Size Cooler Freeze Packs 10x10 inch Screw Cap. The Coldest Pack at 18 Degrees F. No Ice Needed, Reusable. You Add Water & Save. C.S. Brand Packs Have 4,000 Reviews Avg. 4.6 Stars

    • UPC: 854850006206
    • ASIN: B0773FVRZY
    • Brand: Cooler Shock
    • Size: Mid-Size
    • Manufacturer: GenTap

    Non-Hazardous cooler gel pack made in the USA, (not a chemical copy from China or Taiwan) Food safe. Outperforms ice and other gel packs. Originally designed to keep blood shipments cold, these packs have as much energy as a freezer! Packs are designed to phase-change at 18 degrees (go from solid to liquid). This releases the largest amount of ener... [Read More]

  • Bentgo Ice Lunch Chillers - Ultra-Thin Ice Packs (4 Pack) (Grey)

    • UPC: 853975005262
    • ASIN: B011SOCCYI
    • Brand: Bentgo
    • Manufacturer: Bentgo

    Keep your food fresh longer with Bentgo's colorful array of slim Lunch Chillers. These hard, extra-thin ice packs freeze quickly and take up virtually none of the precious space you need in your lunch bag or cooler for food and beverages. Pack your favorite meals, dairy snacks, beverages and more with complete confidence that they will stay cold th... [Read More]

  • Long Lasting Ice Pack - Great for Can Coolers and Breastmilk Bottles Storage | 6-Can (2 Pack)

    • UPC: 032748818685
    • ASIN: B07GT7FCRZ
    • Brand: Healthy Packers
    • Size: 6-Can (2 Pack)
    • Manufacturer: Healthy Packers

    Ice pack for coolers cans and breastmilk bottles

  • Healthy Packers Ice Pack for Lunch Box - Freezer Packs - Original Cool Pack (Set of 6) | Slim & Long-Lasting Ice Packs for Your Lunch or Cooler Bag

    • UPC: 686751128912
    • ASIN: B06W2GQ3CV
    • Brand: Healthy Packers
    • Size: 6-Pack
    • Manufacturer: Healthy Packers

    Set of 6 slim and versatile ice packs. Special formula to keep your food cold and fresh for longer! Perfect chillers for everyday use in lunch bags, bento boxes and coolers. Great for taking to school or to the office! Each ice pack measures 7" x 4.7" x 0.5" Made with 100% BPA-Free, non-toxic materials. We know you'll be completely satisfied with ... [Read More]

  • Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes, Kids Lunch Ice Pack, Coolers, and Cooler Bags - Slim and Long-Lasting To Keep Food Cold and Fresh - 6 Compact Reusable Freezer Packs

    • UPC: 700254967301
    • ASIN: B00GWDYD48
    • Brand: Trendy Bartender
    • Size: 6 Pcs
    • Manufacturer: Screaming Emu Marketing

    Wherever you travel, fish, hunt or camp or any other outside activities that requires to carry away with you food and beverage, you need to keep everything fresh and chilled. The Trendy Bartenders 6 pack ice freezers GUARANTEES TO KEEP YOUR FOOD AND BEVERAGE COLD AND FRESH! Innovative, high performance these coolers saves you money, time, water and... [Read More]

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