Best Crops for Hydroponics: Strawberries

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  • Large 5 Tier Vertical Garden Tower - 5 Black Stackable Indoor / Outdoor Hydroponic and Aquaponic Planters (24 Quart Tower - 13x13x26)

    • UPC: 645871964343
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Mr. Stacky
    • Size: 1-(Pack of 5)
    • Manufacturer: YP Supplier LLC

    Large 5 Tier Vertical Garden Tower - 5 Black Stackable Indoor / Outdoor Hydroponic and Aquaponic Planters Heavy Duty Large Black Planters Made of Very Durable Polypropylene. Designed for indoor and outdoor use. Keeps light away from roots and great for indoor hydroponic gardeners.

  • WePlant PVC Pipe Hydroponic System 54 Plant Holes with Mute Pump and Sponge, Hydroponic Hutdoor Garden for Strawberry and Vegetable

    • UPC: 686603389409
    • Brand: weplant
    • Size: 3*2 Pipe
    • Manufacturer: WePlant

    Design Principle:1.Timeable circulatory system: The default setting of the timer allows the pump to work for 5 minutes every 30 minutes to achieve NFT. Not only make the pump more durable and save nutrient solution, but also make the vegetables grow better!2.The unique inner plug design is used in the piping system. The inner plug is a PE material ... [read more]

  • Mr. Stacky 5 Tiered Vertical Gardening Planter, Indoor & Outdoor

    • UPC: 729440926625
    • Color: Stone
    • Brand: Mr. Stacky
    • Manufacturer: YP Supplier

    5 Large Heavy Duty Mr Stacky Planters. Great for growing almost anything (strawberries, herbs, succulents, flowers, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, and much more). Saves a ton of space while maximizing your growth in that space. Waters from the top down. Flow through design prevents root rot due to over-watering. Recommend using a good moisture retaini... [read more]

  • 5 Tier Stackable Strawberry, Herb, Flower, and Vegetable Planter - Vertical Garden Indoor/Outdoor

    • UPC: 722301863428
    • Color: Stone
    • Brand: Mr. Stacky
    • Manufacturer: YP Supplier

    The stackable planter is great for growing strawberries, herbs, succulents, flowers, and more in a small amount of space! The planter design has water reservoirs on each layer. With this planter you will not need to worry about over-watering your plants. Truly Gardening Made Easy! Can also be used for hydorponics, just ask us how :) The contents in... [read more]

  • INTBUYING Hydroponic Grow Kit Hydroponic Growing System for Leafy Vegetables 10 Pipes 3 Layers 90 Plant Sites

    • UPC: 704298058216
    • Brand: INTBUYING

    Attention: You may need to prepare one reservoirtank. Non-transparent tank and with cover is better. The capicity is best 15-20L And you need to bring your own power strip. Because of the big volume after the insallation, for the convenient transport,we didn't install it. You need to install by yourself. This will expend a little effort. The teflon... [read more]

  • Keter Urban Bloomer 22.4 Gallon Resin Plastic Wood Look Elevated Raised Patio Garden Flower Planter Bed, Graphite

    • UPC: 731161050688
    • Color: Anthracite
    • Brand: Keter
    • Manufacturer: Keter

    Take your gardening efforts to the next level with the Urban Bloomer elevated garden bed from Keter. You don't need a house in the country to enjoy farm-fresh produce and herbs. Whether you want to become more self-sufficient, reduce grocery costs or just savor the flavor of freshly picked fruits and veggies, our planter offers easy access to natur... [read more]

  • NEW (20) Individual Stacking Hydroponic 13" Pots - Build Your Own Vertical Container Growing System - Grow Vegetables Herbs Strawberries Greens - Mr Stacky Food Safe Plastic Stackable Planters

    • UPC: 722301863374
    • Color: Stone, Pink
    • Brand: Mr. Stacky
    • Manufacturer: YP Supplier

    Use to create your own desired vertical hydroponic, aquaponic, or soil growing system. Stack on the ground or use a 3/4" conduit pipe and 1" PVC pipe to raise pots off the ground for easier harvesting. For automatic watering run a water line over top with drip lines going to the top of each tower. Set your water source on a timer. As a general reco... [read more]

  • AeroGarden Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit

    • UPC: 885302473307
    • Brand: AeroGarden
    • Size: 7-Pod
    • Manufacturer: AeroGrow

    Plant and grow your OWN seeds in your AeroGarden! Our Grow Anything Kits allow you to plant and grow your own choice of favorite seeds in the AeroGarden. Whether you like to grow snap peas, cucumbers, or wildflowers, you can do it with the Grow Anything Kit. Either grow your plants to maturity and harvest right from your AeroGarden or easily transp... [read more]

  • T4U Stackable Vertical Planter Garden Pot with Caddy - 6 Tier Set, for Growing Strawberries Herbs Vegetables Flower Plant Indoor Outdoor Gardening Tower Trio Stacking Pot Porch Gate Wedding Decoration

    • Color: Stackable Vertical Planter
    • Brand: T4U
    • Size: Stackable Vertical Planter
    • Manufacturer: T4U

    [ 6-Tiered Stackable Pot]- Package Content:- White Pot x 6 ( Material: plastic, Soil Volume: 4.75 Quart/Tier; Height: 6.5", Length: 11" from the protuberant side to the depressed side )- Plant Caddy x 1 ( Material: plastic; Diameter: 12.75" )- Drainer Plate x 6 ( inside of the pot )Key Feature:- Stackable: You can stack 1 tier, 2 tiers, 3 tiers, 4 ... [read more]

  • AeroGarden Salad Greens Mix Seed Pod Kit

    • UPC: 810705133848
    • Brand: AeroGarden
    • Size: 6 pod
    • Manufacturer: AeroGarden

    Our fastest growing gourmet lettuce garden! A gourmet blend of red and green leaf, romaine, and butter head lettuce varieties that are so easy to grow. The Salad Greens Seed Pod Kit germinates in just days with daily harvests in as little as 2 1/2 weeks - now you can grow and enjoy delicious, fresh lettuce all year round. Kit works in all AeroGarde... [read more]

  • 5-Tier Strawberry and Herb Garden Planter - Stackable Gardening Pots with 10 Inch Saucer (Stone)

    • UPC: 645871962226
    • Color: Stone
    • Brand: Mr. Stacky
    • Size: Small Set
    • Manufacturer: Mr. Stacky

    Ideal Strawberry and Herb Garden Planter.

  • Formline Supply Premium 10 Gallon Grow Bags [Pack of 5]. Fabric Flower Pots are The Smart Way to Garden. Add These Heavy Duty Planters to Your Grow Tent Kit or Hydroponic System to Increase Yields.

    • UPC: 045922794729
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Formline Supply
    • Size: 10 Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Formline Supply

    5-Pack 5 Gallon Heavy Duty Fabric Grow Bags with Handles by Formline Supply. (10 Gallon, Black) Enjoy all the benefits of a Fabric Grow Pot with added durability with these heavy duty 10 gallon grow bag set [5 Pack] from Formline Supply. A perfect addition to your indoor grow tent, these Pots were designed with the grower in mind. Each 10 gallow gr... [read more]

  • Vertical Gardening Planters - Build A Custom Stacking Container Drip or Recirculating System - Great for Hydroponics and Aquaponics - Use Soil, Hydroton, Vermiculte, Perlite, or Coco Fiber - Enjoy Growing Strawberries, Vegetables, Herbs, Lettuce, Peppers Indoor And Outdoor - Food Grade Safe Stackable Pots (1, Terracotta)

    • UPC: 852672961666
    • Color: Terracotta
    • Brand: Mr. Stacky

    Choose from 6 to 36 planters depending on your needs. Stack these 10 high and just water the top pot to take care of the 40 plants below! Over 1/2 a pound of pure material used in each pot. These pots are built to last and are the same pots many use in commercial growing applications. Diameter of each pot measures 13 inches with a height of 6 i... [read more]

  • Yardeen Micro Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit Self Watering System Sprinkler Controller for Indoor Potted Plants Color Green

    • UPC: 613869410288
    • Color: watering timer
    • Brand: Yardeen
    • Manufacturer: Yardeen

    Product Description: > indoor use only. > use clean water only. > Automatic water your plants and flowers precisely and at ease. > Reduce water by 70% over traditional sprinklers by focusing water directly to the root. >flowers, plants, bonsai and potted fruit, for family homes, hotels, clubs, offices and other plants of intelligent care. Watering ... [read more]

  • HOT- Nursery Trays & Lids - Hydroponic Pots for Hydroponics Vertical Tower Vegetables Strawberry Growing System Tower Hydroponics Soilless Device 40 Pcs - by GTIN - 1 PCs

    • UPC: 302122661764
    • Color: only cup
    • Brand: Garlic.
    • Manufacturer: Garlic.

    Type: Nursery Trays & Lids Model Number: 10653,10654 Material: PLASTIC Plastic Type: PP Finishing: Not Coated Name: PVC Pipe Hydroponics soilless fixed plant cup Applicable scope: Seed cultivation Soilless culture Size: inner diameter about 32mm Color: Random used for: vegetables, fruit, Flower,Green Plant Material: Plastic or sponge Unit Type: lot... [read more]

  • AeroGarden Bounty - Black

    • UPC: 810705134395
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: AeroGarden
    • Manufacturer: AeroGrow

    Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit - Grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more. Let your imagination grow wild!

  • Hirt's Gardens B00U2PZJPE Everbearing Ozark Beauty Strawberry 20 Bare Root Plants

    • UPC: 612068951028
    • Brand: Hirt's Gardens
    • Manufacturer: Hirt's Gardens

    Everbearing Strawberry or Fragaria produces sweet tasting fruit that is usually eaten raw and a usual ingredient in baked goods. They are very hardy and very resistant to disease. Everbearing is the type of strawberry that only produces two to three abundant harvest per year that usually happens in spring, summer and fall season. Strawberry has unc... [read more]

  • HTGSupply 3.5-Gallon Bubble Boy 4 Banger Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket System

    • Brand: HTG Supply
    • Manufacturer: HTGSupply

    Bubble Boy - the practical hydroponic system that delivers professional results! Bubble Boy deep water culture (DWC) systems are perfect whether you're a green-thumb or you're just "a little green" when it comes to hydroponics. Regarded as one of the easiest hydroponic methods, DWC self-contained systems are simple to operate, economical to maintai... [read more]

  • Huge GreenStalk 5 Tier Vertical Garden Planter w/Patented Internal Watering System Great for Growing a Variety of Strawberries, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers on a Balcony or Deck (Beautiful Black)

    • Color: Beautiful Black
    • Brand: Greenstalk
    • Size: 5 Tier
    • Manufacturer: GreenStalk

    WHY GREENSTALK? The only stackable system that waters all levels equally using only gravity Top water reservoir shows you how much to water Slow drip system is beneficial for plants Waters roots, not leaves Waters all pockets/plants at the same time Limited soil exposed to minimize water evaporation When used correctly, no water waste Takes... [read more]

  • Water Herb Garden, AIBSI Hydroponics Growing System, Organic Self Watering Planter Indoor Sprouts Gardening Starter Kit Aquaponics Small Fish Tank, Best Gift Set for Women and Kid, Seeds Not Included

    • UPC: 614251862470
    • Color: Light Blue
    • Brand: AIBSI
    • Manufacturer: AIBIS LLC

    Color:Translucent BlueMaterial:PSFeatures: -Translucent, stable and pollution-free, omnibearingly enjoy the graceful posture of the fish, adds natural beauty to any room in the home, office, kitchen, countertop, windowsill, restaurant and bar. - Compatible With most house plants, potted plants, vegetable, flowers or herbs, perfect for mint, su... [read more]

  • Best Crops for Hydroponics: Strawberries

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