Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in my Fender American Standard HSS Strat

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  • Seymour Duncan SL59-1 Little 59 Humbucker Strat Pickup - Black Bridge

    • UPC: 717443465685
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Seymour Duncan
    • Manufacturer: Seymour Duncan

    Single-coil-sized Humbucking P.A.F. Bridge Pickup for Strat-style Guitars - Black

  • SSH Loaded Prewired Pickguard Set Alnico Dual Rail Humbucker for Fender Strat ST Electric Guitar Replacement - (Black)

    • UPC: 725350662332
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: BESOUND
    • Manufacturer: BESOUND

    SSH Pickguard mirror and"2T"  1V" Knob and swicth tip with chrome colorMaterial:Alnico 5 and copper wire,Neck Alnico 5 single Pickup R :7.6-8kMiddle Alnico 5 single Pickup R: 10KBridge Alnico 5 humburker Pickup R:12KFeatures:The Pickup is an exact replica of the original Alnico V Stratocaster pickups.The same type of magnet wire is used, as well a... [read more]

  • KAISH 11 Hole ST Strat One Humbucker Guitar Pickguard Scratch Plate Fits Fender Delonge Black Pearl

    • UPC: 647731180665
    • Color: Black Pearl
    • Brand: KAISH
    • Manufacturer: Kaish Music

    11 Hole ST Strat One Humbucker Guitar Pickguard Scratch Plate Fits Fender Delonge, 11 Brand New Pickguard Screws are included

  • Musiclily Pro 11 Hole HSH Guitar Strat Pickguard Humbuckers for Fender American/Mexican Standard Stratocaster Modern Style, 3Ply Black

    • UPC: 700115961639
    • Color: 3Ply Black
    • Brand: Musiclily
    • Manufacturer: Musiclily

  • Musiclily SSH Loaded Prewired Guitar Strat Pickguard Humbucker Pickups Set for Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar,3Ply Black

    • UPC: 700115939300
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Musiclily
    • Manufacturer: Musiclily

  • Metallor Electric Guitar Pickguard 3 Ply 11 holes 2 Single Pickup 1 Humbucker Pickup SSH Compatible with Strat Style Modern Guitar Parts Replacement(Black)

    • UPC: 669614150756
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Metallor
    • Manufacturer: Sunsmile

    Product Description: American/Mexico strat style pickguard. This 11 holes, 3 ply pickguard is an affordable way to replace your American/Mexico strat style pickguard while keeping the original look. Pre-Sheilded for interference and noise reduction. 2 single pickup 1 humbucker pickup SSH configuration. Please note, as with most pickguards, some m... [read more]

  • FLEOR Dual Hot Rail Humbucker Single-Coil-Sized Guitar Humbucker Pickup Black Fit Fender Strat Squier Tele Electric Guitar

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: FLEOR
    • Manufacturer: iknmusic

    Specifications: Magnet: Ceramic Bar. Resistance: Total is 9-10k ohms, Single Coil Pickup is 4-5K ohms. Color: Black. Output line: one 4 cores cable can be Switched to Single. These are fully wax posted and vacuum sealed to eliminate any unwanted feedback and noise. Package Included: 1 x Humbucker Pickup 2 x Screws 2 x Springs

  • Musiclily Dual Hot Rail Guitar Single Coil Humbucker Pickups for Fender Stratocaster Squier Telecaster Electric Guitar, Black

    • UPC: 632963169731
    • Color: Black Body
    • Brand: Musiclily
    • Manufacturer: Musiclily

    Thanks Bob and Mike's great reviews: Bob: * One coil starts with white and finishes with red, the other starts with green and finishes with black * the Red and Green go together and get capped off (tape, shrink wrap, etc..). (In old version is black one for green) * The Black and the cable shield go together and connect to ground. * The White is "h... [read more]

  • HSH Loaded Pickguard Black Wired Plate For Fender Strat Guitar Replacement

    • UPC: 701385471668
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: JIUWU
    • Manufacturer: JiuWu

    Specification: 100% Brand New and Never Used Prewired 1 single-coil and 2 humbucker magnet pickups 11 mounting screw holes 3-Ply Black-White-Black 5 way switch, 1 volume and 2 tone knobs Anti-scratch to protect the guitar Package Included: 1 x Loaded Strat Pickguard

  • DiMarzio DP189 Tone Zone S Strat Humbucker Pickup White

    • UPC: 663334022768
    • Brand: DiMarzio
    • Manufacturer: DiMarzio

    Tremendous mid-range, bass response, and great harmonics. The DiMarzio DP189 Tone Zone S Strat Humbucker Pickup brings the famous performance of The Tone Zone to a humbucking Strat replacement pickup. Built-in is the tremendous mid-range and bass response of the original Tone Zone, and the same patented dual-resonance design produces great harmonic... [read more]

  • Ascendas Electric Guitar Pickup S Strat Humbucker Pickup Dual Rail Humbucker 4 Conductor (SHF5)

    • UPC: 614591170822
    • Color: white brown
    • Brand: ASCENDAS
    • Size: SHF5

    Product Description: Designed for slanted bridge position Parallel humbucking and split-coil modes Twin "hot rail" style twin coil humbucker strat neck pickup Suitable for electric guitar such as S Strat Magnet: Ceramic Magnets The rail length is :59MM Pole Piece: Single Row Adjustable Screws Package Include: 1 * Electric guitar humbucker 4*Screws... [read more]

  • BQLZR Black Prewired Pickguard 1 Humbucker For Electric Guitar

    • UPC: 700443081528
    • Brand: BQLZR
    • Manufacturer: BQLZR

    Item's color might be different from the picture because of the aberration. This loaded pickguard is COMPLETE! Black Prewired Pickguard 3-ply black/white/black 11 mounting holes One Humbucker,Single Volume knob pot Pickup Output is a Hot 11.6k All wired and ready.Solder wires to your input jack and bridge ground Package Include: 1 x Prewired Pick... [read more]

  • EMG SA/SA/81 Active Strat Guitar Pickup Set, Black

    • UPC: 654330206030
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: EMG
    • Manufacturer: E M G

    Back in the early 80's adding a humbucker pickup to a Strat took off. Since then we've added just about every conceivable combination you can think of, and they're all available factory pre-wired. The SA/SA/81 brings together the classic EMG 81 with two Alnico V loaded single coils for a combination that is aggressive in the bridge and smooth yet a... [read more]

  • Musiclily Pro 11 Hole Guitar Strat Pickguard HH Humbucker for American/Mexican Fender Standard Stratocaster Modern Style, 3Ply Black

    • UPC: 700115961905
    • Color: 3Ply Black
    • Brand: Musiclily
    • Manufacturer: Musiclily

  • ammoon 3-ply SSH Loaded Prewired Humbucker Pickguard Pickups Set for Fender Strat ST Electric Guitar Black Pearl

    • UPC: 714973586828
    • Color: White
    • Brand: ammoon
    • Manufacturer: ammoon

    Specifications: Material: Plastic & Copper Screw Hole: 11 48mm Neck Pickup R: 5.0 - 5.5kohm 50mm Middle Pickup R: 5.0 - 5.5kohm 52mm Bridge Humbucker Pickup R: 10-11kohm Item Size: Approx. 28.5 * 22 * 6cm / 11.2 * 8.7 * 2.4in Item Weight: 400g / 14oz Package Size: 32.5 * 25.5 * 9.5cm / 12.8 * 10.0 * 3.7in Package Weight: 441g / 15.6ozPackage List: ... [read more]

  • Oripure Hot Rail Pickups Single-Coil-Sized Humbucker 10.6K Alnico5 Guitar Pickup Fit Fender Strat Squier Tele Electric Guitar, White

    • UPC: 600685816295
    • Brand: OriPure
    • Size: 10.6K
    • Manufacturer: iknmusic

    Specifications: Type: Handmade Pickup. Position: Neck / Middle Position. Magnet: Alnico 5. Pole Pieces: Chrome Rail, 58.5mm Long. Resistance: 10.6-11K. Peak Frequency: 8.6H. Based on the Frequency Ratio of Each Pickup Per Se: Treble-35% ; Middle-35%; Bass-30%. Fully Wax Potted and Sealed. Tones Features :Light,Warm, Exquisite and Dynamic tone of a ... [read more]

  • Musiclily Pro 11-Hole Round Corner HSS Guitar Strat Pickguard Humbucker for USA/Mexican Stratocaster Open Pickup, 3Ply Black

    • UPC: 700115965040
    • Color: 3Ply Black
    • Brand: Musiclily
    • Manufacturer: Musiclily

  • Kmise MI0345 1 x Guitar Single Coil Pickup Neck for Strat Invader Type, Black

    • UPC: 634458617949
    • Color: MI0345
    • Brand: Kmise
    • Manufacturer: Kmise

    high quality and testing is fine Item 100% like the picture shown 1 piece single coil pickup. Can be used on neck position. black color. Resistance : 5.4K ohms Package include: 1 x single coil pickup 2pcs mounting screws 2pcs mounting springs

  • Surfing Triple Rails Loaded Prewired Pickguard Electric Guitar Guard Plate - Mint Green

    • UPC: 799632601982
    • Color: Mint Green
    • Brand: Homeland
    • Manufacturer: Surfing Musical

    Feature: - Brand new with a protective film on the pickguard - 3ply pick guard / anti-scratch plate, mint green - 3 mini humbucker / dual rail pickups(2*Black / 1*White) - 1 volume(black) and 2 tone(black/white) control knobs - 5-way pickup selector toggle switch - Material: hardware, plastic, copper - Neck humburcker pickup R: 9.2--9.3kohm - Middl... [read more]

  • DiMarzio DP218 Super Distortion S Strat Humbucker Pickup White

    • UPC: 663334025752
    • Brand: DiMarzio
    • Manufacturer: DiMarzio

    Proven performance with your choice of colors. The DiMarzio DP218 Super Distortion S Strat Humbucker Pickup offers the performance of the famous Super Distortion in a humbucking Strat bridge direct replacement-size pickup. It's built with the same blend of power and tone that made the original Super Distortion the worldwide standard for high-output... [read more]

  • Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in my Fender American Standard HSS Strat

    DiMarzio Pro Track - The Best Single Coil Sized Humbucker! DP188 Stratocaster Pickup Demo and Review

    Seymour Duncan pearly gates bridge pickup & Texas special