Dr.Modovan on the Doctors Show treating periodontal disease

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  • Goodbye Gum Disease - Organic Home Remedy for Oral Gum Disease | 100% Pure Neem and Clove Essential Oils for Oral Care | Effective and Natural Gingivitis Treatment

    • UPC: 680140554139
    • Brand: GoodBye Styes
    • Manufacturer: GoodBye Styes

    The health of your mouth has an impact on everything you do. If you are suffering from sore gums, a gum infection or a toothache, it has a tremendously negative impact on your life. It affects the important aspects of talking, eating and drinking. Plus, if you are experiencing pain, it affects your mood and enjoyment. For these reasons, superior or... [read more]

  • Thyroid Support Complex with Iodine - Energy, Metabolism & Focus Formula - Vegetarian, Soy & Gluten Free - 'Feel Like Your Old Self Again'

    • UPC: 637769765873
    • Brand: Zhou Nutrition
    • Manufacturer: Zhou Nutrition

    Symptoms of an underactive thyroid may include: Weight gain, depression, dry skin and hair, feeling tired or fatigued, joint pain, aches, pain or stiffness, and increased sensitivity to cold. Zhou Nutrition's Thyroid Support combines ancient wisdom with modern research and includes the following ingredients: L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that plays a... [read more]

  • NZ Country 100% Manuka Oil 10ml Pure East Cape Natural Anti-Fungal Antiseptic Stronger Than Tea Tree Oil for Skin Conditions Like Acne Foot Fungus Tinea Boils Roseca etc

    • UPC: 885397180012
    • Color: White
    • Brand: NZ Country Manuka
    • Size: 10 ml
    • Manufacturer: Gault Enterprises

    This product includes a FREE Ebook on the many many uses of this unique oil which will automatically be emailed to you when purchased. This rare & pure natural Manuka Essential Oil has been called " Natures Medicine Cabinet in a Bottle " due to its unique Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Ant-Viral & Analgesic properties. Unlike Tea T... [read more]

  • Professional Dental Hygiene Kit, Calculus Plaque Remover Set , Stainless Steel Tools, Tarter Scraper, Tooth Pick, Dental Scaler and Mouth Mirror Instruments. Hygienist Kit, Home Use Tools For Adults

    • UPC: 602401563421
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Dental Duty
    • Manufacturer: Dental Duty

    Dental care kit healthy oral hygiene takes much more than just regular brushing, flossing, or using teeth whitening products. While it doesn't mean you should say goodbye to the dentist's chair forever, using Dental Duty teeth care tools for extra deep cleaning at home, will certainly help. Dental Duty tools set promotes effective interdental clean... [read more]

  • SmartMouth Mouthwash Packets, Clean Mint, 10 Count

    • UPC: 697366001408
    • Brand: SmartMouth
    • Size: Single
    • Manufacturer: Smart Mouth

    THE BAD BREATH EXPERTS SmartMouth has specialized in bad breath prevention since 1993. It was then that our founder, Dr. Marvin Cohen, recognized the need for a real solution to bad breath. description change to :Our SmartMouth Travel Mouthwash Packets are the perfect take along treatment for bad breath. Whether you are battling morning breath, an ... [read more]

  • ACT Total Care, Dry Mouth Lozenges, 18 Count (Pack of 6), Soothing Mint Flavored Lozenges with Xylitol Help Moisturize Mouth Tissue to Sooth and Relieve Discomfort from Dry Mouth, Freshens Breath

    • UPC: 787734621755
    • Brand: ACT
    • Size: 18 Count (Pack of 6)
    • Manufacturer: Chattem Inc.

    ACT dry mouth lozenges contains a soothing mint flavor and xylitol, to help and soothe dry mouth on-the-go. Specially-formulated with xylitol.

  • Gum Disease Toothpaste, Gingivitis Treatment, Bleeding Gums - OraMD Original Superior Toothpaste and Mouthwash - 100% Pure All-Natural - Dentist Recommended Over 15 Years

    • Brand: OraMD
    • Manufacturer: Trusted Health Products

    OraMD is a superior toothpaste and mouthwash alternative. For best results use OraMD in place of your toothpaste and mouthwash. It may take a few days to adapt to the powerful sensation of OraMD. OraMD is gentler on your teeth than sensitive toothpastes. Use our 3-step oral hygiene program that includes daily brushing, rinsing and flossing to comba... [read more]

  • The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Wash, Orange Zest, 16.9 Ounce (Pack of 3)

    • UPC: 714132000042
    • Brand: Natural Dentist
    • Size: 3 Count
    • Manufacturer: Emerson Healthcare LLC for Concepts in Health, Inc

    The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Antigingivitis Rinse is a clinically-proven, mint-free mouth rinse for the prevention and treatment of bleeding gums - made with botanical ingredients, including Aloe vera. 16.9 FL OZ.

  • Chewable Oral Probiotics~Dentist Formulated 60 Tablet Bottle~Attack Bad Breath, Cavities and Gum Disease ~ Bad Breath Treatment ~Contains BLIS M18 and BLIS K12~Mint Flavor~83 Page eBook Included!

    • UPC: 867171000006
    • Color: Mint Flavor
    • Brand: Great Oral Health
    • Size: 60 Tablets-1 Bottle
    • Manufacturer: Probi USA

    To be effective, ORAL PROBIOTICS MUST PENETRATE and COLONIZE your MICROBIOME: We engineered our oral probiotics with a MILD CHALKINESS to boost the effectiveness of the GOOD BACTERIA to LOCK ON, DIG IN and go to work. A FULL SPECTRUM of SEVEN Top Oral Probiotic Strains: Unlike other oral probiotics, we use the synergy of 7 POTENT STRAINS of oral pr... [read more]

  • NOW Supplements, OralBiotic, Developed for Adults & Children, Strain Verified, 60 Lozenges

    • UPC: 758399753228
    • Brand: NOW
    • Size: 60
    • Manufacturer: Now Foods

    Among the most numerous beneficial bacteria in the mouth, Streptococcus salivarius is typically the first one acquired in infancy. BLIS K12 is a powerful strain of S. salivarius that, when taken regularly, colonizes the mouth and throat and helps to maintain the natural defense system of the main entry point of the body.* BLIS K12 has been clinical... [read more]

  • The Tongue Cleaner, Color may Vary

    • UPC: 617545001005
    • Color: Colors Will Vary
    • Brand: Tongue Cleaner
    • Size: 1
    • Manufacturer: Tongue Cleaner

    Tongue Cleaner 1 EachWidely regarded as the leader in quality and effectiveness. Pureline Oralcare is a primary supplier of tongue cleaners to dentists and dental hygienists. Scientific studies confirm that the primary cause of bad breath is odor-causing bacteria on the tongue. Primarily during sleep, the tongue accumulates this unpleasant plaque f... [read more]

  • Dr Christopher's Formula Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment, 4 Ounce

    • UPC: 084783340058
    • Color: Black, Green, White
    • Brand: Dr. Christopher's Formula
    • Size: 4.0 ounces
    • Manufacturer: Dr Christopher's Formula

    Dr Christopher's Formula Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment, 4 Ounce

  • Zinc Oxide Powder (4 oz.) by Pure Organic Ingredients, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Non-Nano, Uncoated, Food & USP Grade, For Sunscreen, Diaper Rash Ointment, Burn Relief & Chapped Lips Remedy

    • UPC: 016463996491
    • Brand: Pure Organic Ingredients
    • Size: 4 OZ (0.25 lb) Multiple Sizes Available
    • Manufacturer: Pure Organic Ingredients

    Pure Organic Ingredients Zinc Oxide is a Food & USP Pharmaceutical Grade, Non-Nano, Uncoated, White Powder. MAKE TREATMENTS FOR: i. Severely Chapped Skin ii. Minor Skin Irritations iii. Diaper Rash iv. Minor Burns v. Acne vi. And More! Applications: Mix with any of your favorite skin lotions to make your own sunscreen. It is widely used as an addit... [read more]

  • Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum 24 Count (Pack of 3)

    • UPC: 765857712055
    • Brand: Sea-Band
    • Manufacturer: SEABAND

  • Majestic Pure Clove Essential Oil, Pure and Natural Therapeutic Grade 1 fl oz

    • Brand: Majestic Pure
    • Size: 1 Fl Oz
    • Manufacturer: Majestic Pure

    Majestic Pure Clove Leaf Oil is pure and natural. It is extracted by distillation from the leaves. Clove oil is used in aromatherapy, as massage blend, as mouthwash and also known for its skin care properties. Clove oil blends well with citronella, grapefruit, lemon, orange, peppermint, rosemary, and rose oils. For topical use only, need to be dilu... [read more]

  • Amish Origins Draw Salve Ointment for Splinters, Sores, Bee Stings, Foreign Objects Embedded in The Skin, and Skin Irritations, 2 Ounce (1 Pack)

    • UPC: 782195072955
    • Brand: Amish Origins
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Amish Origins

    Amish Origins All Natural Draw Salve Ointment, 2 Ounce Tin> Amish Origins All Natural Draw Salve has become a very popular product. The draw salve is for splinters, sores, bee stings, it is great for drawing out slivers/foreign objects embedded in the skin, skin irritations, rashes and bug bites. INGREDIENTS Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Chickweed, Comfrey,... [read more]

  • 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil with high conc. of Terpinen - A Known Solution to Help in Fighting Acne, Toenail Fungus, Dandruff, Yeast Infections, Cold Sores. (1 fl oz)

    • UPC: 602519445602
    • Brand: First Botany Cosmeceuticals
    • Size: 1 fl oz
    • Manufacturer: First Botany Cosmeceuticals

    Tea Tree Oil, known by the botanical name Melaleuca Alternifolia, is known to possess antiseptic properties. The First Botany's Melaleuca oil is one of the best natural Australian oil and is extracted from the leaves and twigs by steam distillation. Tree Tea Oil is a key ingredient of soaps, creams, lotions, and disinfectants throughout the world. ... [read more]

  • Vicco Vajradanti Toothpaste- 200g (Pack of 3)

    • Brand: Vicco
    • Size: 200 g*3
    • Manufacturer: Vicco

    It Is A Perfect Blend Of 18 Ayurvedic Herbs And Barks, Tested Over Generations. It Has Natural Astringent, Antiseptic, And Analgesic Properties. Each And Every Medicinal Ingredient Used In This Paste Is Very Beneficial For Good Health Of Your Teeth And Strong Gums. These Ingredients Stimulate And Reinforce Gums, While Resisting Plaque Formation. It... [read more]

  • REGROW Remineralizing Tooth Powder - Stop Sensitive Teeth and Gums - Whiter Teeth Naturally - Cleans, Heals, & Protects Teeth and Gums

    • UPC: 861764000404
    • Brand: REGROW BRAND

    ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A NATURAL WAY TO CLEAN, HEAL AND PREVENT TOOTH DECAY? ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM SENSITIVE TEETH GUMS? Teeth Are Living Crystalline Structures that are constantly exchanging minerals internally and externally. We can support the health of our teeth and gums by eating a healthy diet and support its remineralization process by prov... [read more]

  • Tea Tree Oil - 100% Pure and Natural Therapeutic Grade Australian Melaleuca Backed by Medical Research - Large 4 fl oz - with Premium Glass Dropper by Essential Oil Labs

    • UPC: 731236159629
    • Brand: Essential Oil Labs
    • Manufacturer: Essential Oil Labs

    Be Careful of Cheap Low Quality Tea Tree Oil! Every wonder why Tea Tree oil is an ingredient in so many health and beauty products? The secrets of Beauty Experts, Hollywood Celebrities and Spa Owners for years is now available to you. But not every tea tree oil is equal. Before you buy make sure the formula is 100% Pure and Natural (an easy cla... [read more]

  • Dr.Modovan on the Doctors Show treating periodontal disease

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