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  • The AMES Companies, Inc 1985450 Mini Action Hoe

    • UPC: 049206634732
    • Brand: The AMES Companies, Inc
    • Size: Original version
    • Manufacturer: Ames

    The Ames Mini Action Hoe is great for weeding and cultivating around live growing plants. It works by using a back and forth push-pull motion to cut weed roots deep under the surface. This tool cuts weeding time in half.

  • The Ames Companies, Inc 2825800 Ames Action Hoe

    • UPC: 049206633650
    • ASIN: B00KY4BXQC
    • Brand: The AMES Companies, Inc
    • Size: 54
    • Manufacturer: The AMES Companies, Inc

    The Ames action hoe is great for weeding and cultivating around live growing plants. It works by using a back and forth push-pull motion to cut weed roots deep under the surface. This tool cuts weeding in half the time.

  • Nisaku NJP1010 Medium Length Nejiri Gama Sharpened Weeding Hoe, Authentic Tomita (Est. 1960) Japanese Stainless Steel, 4.5" Blade Width, Polished 45" Wood Handle

    • UPC: 810829029218
    • ASIN: B01N0BNQXU
    • Brand: Nisaku
    • Size: 1-(Pack)
    • Manufacturer: Nisaku

    The Nisaku stainless steel Nejiri hoe is an excellent addition to anyone's collection of outdoor tools. Made from stainless steel, the blade durable & strong to withstand heavy use. The long handle is great for reaching far distances & avoiding back strain.

  • Forgecraft USA Adze Hoe with Fork, Dual Headed Weeding Tool

    • UPC: 099827008849
    • ASIN: B00AIB1SO8
    • Brand: Forgecraft USA
    • Manufacturer: Solid Tools Inc.

    This forged Weeding Hoe-Fork is drop forged from quality carbon steel. Properly heat treated and tempered for maximum strength. Adze Hoe size is 2-3/4" wide,3-1/2"long. With 3 prongs 2-3/4" wide, 4"long. Adze Hoe side is used for digging, grubbing. And Fork side can be used as for raking and soil balancing. The unique square eye hole design provide... [Read More]

  • Flexrake 1000L Hula-Ho Weeder Cultivator with 54-Inch Wood Handle

    • UPC: 010781104996
    • ASIN: B000UGOBSQ
    • Brand: Flexrake
    • Size: 54"
    • Manufacturer: Flexrake

    Hula-Ho Wieder Cultivator With Wood Handle Display 54in Once, one of the most exhaust "g and back break "g garden "g projects was to prepare or manta" the soil " an effort to establish a beautiful garden. That all changed when the Hula-Ho was first "traduced " 1961 "The weedier with the wiggle" forever changed the way gardeners weed, aerate, mulch ... [Read More]

  • Bully Tools 92357 12-Gauge 2-Prong Weeding Hoe with Fiberglass Handle

    • UPC: 735390923577
    • ASIN: B0031575JA
    • Brand: Bully Tools
    • Manufacturer: Bully Tools

    Bully Tools hoes are all made of High strength triple wall fiberglass that resists breakage. The extra thick steel heads easily work tough soil.

  • Tomerry Japanese Weeding Sickle - 17'' Long Handle Sharp Edge Nejiri Kama Hoe

    • ASIN: B07MBV4H5R
    • Brand: Tomerry
    • Manufacturer: Tomerry

    Blade size: 4.8inch Handle size: (wood) 9.4inches Made in Japan.

  • Kyusakichi Weeding Sickle with Steel Sharp Edge Japanese Garden Tool - Hand Hoe/Sickle [UJC Mart Japan Original Package]

    • UPC: 653981112011
    • Brand: Kyusakichi
    • Manufacturer: YOSHIDA HAMONO

  • VILIVIT Garden Hoes Dual Headed Weeding Tool - Carbon Steel Hoe/Cultivator 3 Prongs Combo Garden Tools with Wood Handle

    • UPC: 726587057458
    • Brand: VILIVIT
    • Manufacturer: VILIVIT

    This multi-use style hand cultivator and weeding hoe is designed to match rigorous quality standards at a budget-friendly price. It was made of carbon steel and was treated with coated paint. So it is durable and rust-proof. This garden hoe is ideal for use in weeding, breaking up compacted soil and roots and trenching.

  • Nisaku NJP100 Handheld Nejiri Gama Weeding Hoe, Authentic Tomita (Est. 1960) Japanese Stainless Steel, 4" Blade Width, Polished Wood Handle

    • UPC: 810829028839
    • ASIN: B01M2CSP76
    • Brand: Nisaku
    • Manufacturer: Nisaku

    Well-suited for weeding in tight spaces, the Nisaku Nejirikama stainless steel sickle hoe features an angled blade that executes with sharp, smooth action to prepare & maintain garden beds. This tool is an excellent addition to any collection of outdoor tools. Made with stainless steel, the Nejirikama is durable & strong against tough weeds, soil, ... [Read More]

  • Japanese Weeding Sickle Very Sharp Edge Quick Work

    • ASIN: B000XAN1DU
    • Brand: Joshua Roth
    • Size: Full Size
    • Manufacturer: Joshua Roth

    Weeding Sickle 313 The forged high carbon steel blade of this Japanese weeder has a very sharp edge and will maintain it longer than most hand held weeders in the same price range. The forward weight and sharp edge of the blade helps to make quick work of most weeking tasks. 5" blade, 13" overall. Made in Japan

  • ORIENTOOLS Garden Hoe with 2 Hoe Heads, Steel Weeder with Long Handle Great for Weeding, Cultivation & Moving Dirt

    • UPC: 192717002818
    • ASIN: B07P7N52QK
    • Brand: ORIENTOOLS
    • Manufacturer: Inter Cooperation

    You won't feel slippery when you use this garden toe with the soft PVC grip and handle sleeve

  • HANSHIN Premium Forged Gardening Hand Plow Hoe, Korean Daejanggan Style Ho-Mi(Weeding Sickle) for EZ Digger Tools (1)

    • UPC: 013247028164
    • ASIN: B07VHYHN2P
    • Brand: HANSHIN
    • Size: M
    • Manufacturer: HANSHIN

    Why do you buy expensive homi on Amazon? Because of high quality or Durable! I am going to introduce that the cheaper the homi is, the same quality is. Are you worried about your garden, because of weeds? Or, why don't you try to plant organic potatoes in your back yard with your children? Is it hard to manage? Do not worry! Now South Korean homi w... [Read More]

  • Japanese Weeding Sickle Very Sharp Edge Nejiri Gama HACHIEMON

    • ASIN: B07FP8S3JD
    • Brand: HACHIEMON
    • Size: Оne Расk
    • Manufacturer: HACHIEMON

    On top of cutting and trimming weeds, this sickle allows you to shave the ground itself, making it difficult for weeds to grow back afterwards. The Nejiri-Gama is a specialized tool designed for shaving the ground while removing weeds. Hachiemon sickles are made from a unique steel composite for incredible sharpness and durability. But... be very c... [Read More]

  • CRAFTSMAN CMXMKIT0040 3-Piece Long Wood Handle Weeding Tool Set with Weeding Hoe, 2-Prong Hoe, and Grass Weed Cutter

    • UPC: 049206148888
    • ASIN: B07VKHVYN1
    • Brand: Craftsman
    • Manufacturer: The Ames Companies

    Tackle weeds & tall grass with this CRAFTSMAN weeding tool set. This all-in-one wood long handle set includes a weeding hoe, a 2-Prong weeding hoe & a grass Weed cutter. The durable weeding hoe features a 54 in. Hardwood handle & a looped steel blade for push &-pull action to remove weeds easier. Designed for close cultivation around existing plant... [Read More]

  • The Ames Companies, Inc 26097200 True Temper Forged Garden Hoe

    • UPC: 049206645349
    • ASIN: B00U2KG0C0
    • Brand: The AMES Companies, Inc
    • Manufacturer: The Ames Companies, Inc

    The True Temper garden hoe is ideal for chopping, weeding, and clearing garden growth. The blade is thicker at the center for strength and sharper at the edges for cleaner cutting. The blade is forged from one piece of solid piece of steel for years of service.

  • Prohoe Field Hoes - 7" wide blade - Cotton Hoe, Fiberglass Handle

    • UPC: 784672661836
    • ASIN: B00ZJ7434I
    • Brand: Rogue
    • Manufacturer: Rogue Hoe

    When breaking sod, cultivating crops, or clearing waste trees, you want a tool you can rely on. The Rogue Hoe 7-Inch Field Cotton Hoe is just the tool you can put your trust in. This field cotton hoe from Rogue Hoe features a standard 60-inch handle made of fiberglass. Its 7-inch-wide steel head is welded directly to the ferrule. The hoe is also he... [Read More]

  • Best Quality Handmade Ho Mi - Korean Style Garden Hoe Weeding Hand Forged Steel Gardening Tool And String Knit Red Palm Latex Dipped Working Gloves

    • UPC: 792953734131
    • Brand: Ho Mi
    • Size: 13x7x28.5 cm
    • Manufacturer: iARTidea

    Halloween is Coming! You can try our glove with your scary custom, Trick or treat! Are you looking for the premium quality traditional handmade Hand Forged Steel Gardening Tool? You are at the right place. Many experienced gardeners highly recommended, "Ho Mi [ Hommy ]." "The blade is nicely shaped with sharp edges for digging. This tool cuts t... [Read More]

  • Truper 30006 Tru Tough 54-Inch Welded Garden Hoe, 6-Inch Head, Wood Handle with Rubber-Grip

    • UPC: 755625500113
    • ASIN: B000LF918G
    • Brand: Truper
    • Size: 54-Inch w/Grip
    • Manufacturer: Truper

    Truper 30006, ATJ-E, Tru Tough Welded Garden Hoe, 6-Inch Head, Wood Handle, With Rubber-Grip, 54-Inch. 54-inch North American Ash, lacquered handle for strength and durability. Hoe weeds up by the roots. Clear-coated gray-steel finished heads. Spray clean with garden hose, coat with silicone spray. Tru-Tough: Trupers Best Selling Signature Tool Lin... [Read More]

  • Edward Tools Hoe and Cultivator Hand Tiller - Carbon Steel Blade - Heavy Duty for loosening Soil, Weeding and Digging - Rubber Ergo Grip Handle - Rust Proof

    • UPC: 027132856411
    • Brand: Edward Tools
    • Manufacturer: Edward Tools

    Edward Tools Hoe and Cultivator Hand Tiller is the perfect tool for hand tilling, weeding and digging in and around your garden. Made of high grade carbon steel, this hand hoe feels heavy and durable which makes for easier work in breaking up the soil. The solid oak handle is cover with a soft ergonomic rubber grip that creates less fatigue and mor... [Read More]

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    THE BEST HOE EVER! 2 months of weeds cleared