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  • Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb, Professional Stainless Steel Louse and Nit Comb for Head Lice Treatment, Removes Nits, COLORS MAY VARY

    • UPC: 593159090744
    • Color: Colors May Vary
    • Brand: Nit Free
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Nit Free

    Fight head lice at the source with the Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb. Get underneath and remove even the tiniest lice eggs (nits) from hair with this comb's spiral micro-grooved teeth. Tightly grip the comb with the anti-slip bands on the handle and protect the scalp and hair thanks to microscopically-rounded tooth ends that prevent pricking, scrat... [read more]

  • Lice Treatment Kit by Lice Clinics-Guaranteed to Cure Lice, Even Super Lice-Safe, Non-Toxic, Pesticide-Free (Complete Head Lice Treatment & Lice Removal Kit with Lice Shampoo, Metal Lice Comb & More)

    • UPC: 858344006024
    • Brand: Lice Clinics of America
    • Manufacturer: Larada Sciences

    The Lice Treatment Kit from Lice Clinics of America (the world's largest network of urgent care head lice treatment clinics) contains a non-toxic, pesticide-free head lice shampoo treatment that kills lice, detangles hair and facilitates the removal of lice and eggs (nits)-all with no mess. We developed the product in our urgent care lice clinics, ... [read more]

  • Licefreee Spray Head Lice Spray- Super Lice Treatment for Kids and Adults- Kills lice, Super Lice and Eggs on Contact- Includes Professional Nit Comb - Family Size- 12 oz

    • UPC: 083926243140
    • Brand: Tec Labs
    • Size: 12 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Tec Laboratories, Inc

    New larger 12 oz size! Just spray on non-toxic Licefree Spray and it starts killing head lice and nits on contact. Licefree was previously only available in a 6 oz size. Since 1999, the Licefree brand has changed the traditional approach of head lice remedies by effectively killing head lice and lice eggs (nits) without using chemical pesticides. J... [read more]

  • Honeydew Head Lice Treatment Shampoo - Tea Tree & Rosemary Lice Removal Hair Care for Men & Women Anti-Lice Essential Oils - Relieve Itchy Scalp - Moisturizing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Dry Hair

    • UPC: 806810287224
    • Brand: Honeydew
    • Size: 8 FL Oz
    • Manufacturer: Honeydew

    Our head lice treatment for adults and kids is an easy to use, quick defense. Our hypoallergenic therapeutic repair for sensitive skin and scalps is a head lice removal product that works as a preventative measure as well. Lice are repelled by the fresh scent of lavender, tea tree and rosemary, making this an extra strength, alternative option that... [read more]

  • Beurer Electric Lice Comb Chemical Free, Non Invasive Treatment for Removing & Detecting Head Lice Louse & Nits, Great for Pets, Pain Free HT15

    • UPC: 853879007935
    • Brand: Beurer
    • Manufacturer: Beurer North America LP

    The Beurer HT15 Electric Lice Comb is a simple, pain free solution to removing lice/louse & nits (lice eggs) from the scalp without the need of harsh chemicals. Rest assured that when the HT15 comes into contact with a louse, it removes it through an electrical impulse which safely, & painlessly, zaps it.  Having a child come home from school wit... [read more]

  • Fairy Tales Terminator Lice and Nit Comb (Color may vary)

    • UPC: 882254545359
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Fairy Tales
    • Manufacturer: Fairy Tales

    Fairy Tales terminator lice and nit comb. Revolutionary stainless steel comb. The ultimate lice nit fighter. Drags nits out and destroys them. To prevent head lice infestations, comb with the fairy tales terminator regularly.

  • Premium 5 Piece Lice Kit - Nit Removal Fine Tooth Comb and Magnifier Full Treatment Set

    • Brand: MARS WELLNESS
    • Size: 5 PC Lice Remover Kit
    • Manufacturer: Mars Wellness

    Long-tooth comb is specially designed for removing nits (the empty lice eggshells). The short-tooth comb is great for removing lice eggs near the base of the hair shaft. Use the debris brush to clear nits, eggs, and lice from between the combs' teeth. The magnifier will help in locating any remaining nits, eggs, or lice. To clean the combs, simply ... [read more]

  • HERKLIN Terminator Lice and Nit Removal Comb, Professional Grade Stainless Steel Effectively Removes Nits and is Durable and Long Lasting

    • UPC: 375940000282
    • Brand: HERKLIN
    • Size: 1 Count
    • Manufacturer: HERKLIN

    Herklin's Terminator Lice and Nit Removal Comb gets down to the root of the hair follicles and removes even the tiniest lice eggs (nits) from hair with the comb's spiral micro-grooved teeth. The microscopically-rounded tooth ends protect your child's scalp. The blue anti-slip bands provides a excellent grip and control when handling your child's ha... [read more]

  • TuNan Set of 10 Pet Dog Grooming Comb, Metal Head Comb for Long Hair, Dog Tear Stain Remover Combs, Hair Combs Remover for Dogs Cats, Removes Crust Mucus and Stains - 5 Types

    • Color: 10 Pieces
    • Brand: TuNan
    • Manufacturer: TuNan

    About Product: --One-sided and double-sided types --Short-pin and long-pin. --Suitable for wet or dry, long or short hair. --Dog tear stain comb is a gentle, tear stain remover solution. --10 PCS Fine Tooth Combs for a variety of grooming needs, can also remove tear stain, crust and mucus around your dogs or cats eyes and face. --Stainless steel... [read more]

  • Head LICE Comb Set for Fast Nit and Lice Removal - Best Results on All Different Types of Hair from HandyHealer

    • UPC: 643690842002
    • Color: Blue and Red
    • Brand: HandyHealer
    • Manufacturer: HandyHealer

    Contracting lice is sometimes unavoidable. Our premium class lice comb set helps you get rid of head lice and nits - Three carefully designed, stainless steel and plastic combs offer excellent results of head lice removal without expensive trips to a professional. This highly effective lice & nit removal set will give you a powerful solution to ... [read more]

  • LiceMD Head Lice Treatment- Liquid Gel and Lice Comb Eliminates 100% of Lice & Their Eggs, Pesticide Free & Non-Toxic Hair Conditioner, 4 oz. (Pack of 3)

    • Brand: LiceMD
    • Manufacturer: Reckitt Benckiser

    LiceMD Head Lice & Egg Removal Treatment Kit Pesticide Free eliminates 100% of head lice and their eggs in 3 easy steps and offers an alternative to pesticide head lice treatments. It includes a liquid gel that lubricates and detangles hair and a comb to facilitate the removal of lice, eggs, and nits. Comb-out is easy, even for long, thick, or curl... [read more]

  • Licefreee Kit All-in-One Complete Lice Killing Treatment, Daily Maintenance Shampoo & Professional Nit Comb in One Box, 16 fl. oz.

    • UPC: 083926249005
    • Brand: Tec Labs
    • Manufacturer: Tec Laboratories, Inc

    Head lice treatment and aftercare is now easier than ever! We have packaged our original Non-Toxic Licefreee Gel head lice treatment, with root applicator, along with our daily maintenance shampoo, Licefreee Everyday, to take the hassle out of head lice. Licefreee Gel's new conditioning formula is tough on lice and nits (head lice eggs), not your h... [read more]

  • Head Hair Comb Double Sided Removal Dandruff Comb

    • UPC: 759185123829
    • Brand: zYoung
    • Manufacturer: AODA

    4 Pack hair Combs-- We are so confident in the quality of our product that you'll love it. If you're not completely satisfied with your product,please feel free to tell us .We will solve the problem immediately.

  • LiceMD Head Lice Treatment Kit, 4 oz

    • UPC: 062200003489
    • Color: Sss
    • Brand: LiceMD
    • Size: 4.0 ounces
    • Manufacturer: Quality King

    LiceMD Head Lice & Egg Removal Treatment Kit Pesticide Free eliminates 100% of head lice and their eggs in 3 easy steps and offers an alternative to pesticide head lice treatments. It includes a liquid gel that lubricates and detangles hair and a comb to facilitate the removal of lice, eggs, and nits. Comb-out is easy, even for long, thick, or curl... [read more]

  • Lice Comb - (Pack of 2) Stainless Steel Professional Lice Combs and Head Lice Treatment to Effectively Get Rid of Hair Lice and Nits, Best Results for Infection and Re-Infection in Kids & Adults

    • UPC: 711841514365
    • Brand: MEDca
    • Manufacturer: MEDca

    Being told that you have lice can be one of the most stressful and discouraging things to happen. It can feel like it takes forever to go away and can spread to everyone in the house. With our 2 pack lice comb you'll be able to effectively get rid of head lice and nits to prevent all types of infection and re-infection! With 2 combs, you can be pre... [read more]

  • Head Hunters Natural Lice Products Lemon Heads Repellent Spray (8oz)

    • UPC: 639266939306
    • Color: color will vary
    • Brand: Head Hunters Natural Lice Products
    • Size: 8oz
    • Manufacturer: Head Hunters Lice Removal Specialist

    The Lemon Heads Repellant Spray will assist in the removal of any head lice infestation. This multi-functional product is a natural repellent against head lice with the added benefit of being a natural scalp cleanser and disinfectant. Ingredients are included to reduce the itching and increase the healing aspects associated with a head lice infesta... [read more]

  • Ladibugs Lice Prevention Detangler Spray 8oz | Leave-in Conditioner & Head Lice Deterrent | Natural, Sulfate-free, Made in the USA | No More Tangles!

    • UPC: 853785005285
    • Brand: LADIBUGS
    • Manufacturer: Ladibugs Hair Care Products

    Ladibugs Mint Detangling Spray can be used daily to detangle and condition the hair. It is formulated with the highest quality ingredients, making this a superior product for both its conditioning properties as well as a quality head lice deterrent. Including essential oils like spearmint and neem, this sulfate-free, natural formula does double dut... [read more]

  • Ladibugs Lice Prevention Mint Spray 8oz | Natural, Pesticide-Free | Highly Effective Daily Repellent

    • UPC: 853785005025
    • Brand: LADIBUGS
    • Size: 8 oz
    • Manufacturer: Everready First Aid

    We are two moms that are both registered nurses, whose daughters acquired head lice through a school outbreak. Like many families who have had to deal with this unwelcome guest, we tried the toxic shampoos and things that we heard would work and spent hours combing and nit-picking our daughter’s hair. We were frustrated with our options, the hour... [read more]

  • Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner with Tea Tree Oil - Argan Oil Hair Growth Therapy - Lice Treatment for Kids - Hair Loss Products for Men Hair Loss Prevention for Women - With Lavender Aloe & Menthol

    • UPC: 806802192697
    • Brand: Maple Holistics
    • Manufacturer: Honeydew

    Our hair treatment promotes healthy hair growth as it thickens the hair leaving you with beautiful, luscious locks. We have worked hard to develop a treatment that uses natural ingredients, like Sea Buckthorn and botanical keratin, to encourage the hair to grow as it eliminates frizz. Our botanical formula strengthens hair follicles from the inside... [read more]

  • Nix Premium Metal 2-Sided Lice Removal Comb | Designed to Remove Lice and Nits

    • UPC: 767674071094
    • Brand: NIX
    • Manufacturer: Emerson Healthcare LLC for Concepts in Health, Inc

    The Nix Premium Metal 2-Sided Lice Removal Comb has a smaller tooth side ideal for straight hair and for removing lice and their eggs (nits), while the wider tooth side is designed to tackle tight curls, snarls, and tangles. The comb is effective to remove head lice and their eggs (nits), which is an important part of treating head lice. Use with N... [read more]

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