Planting Creeping Thyme

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  • Outsidepride White Dutch Clover Seed: Nitro-Coated, Inoculated - 5 LBS

    • UPC: 678482956728
    • Color: white
    • Brand: Outsidepride
    • Size: D) 5 LBS
    • Manufacturer: Outsidepride

    This is a branded, inoculated, Nitro-Coated clover seed sold by Outsidepride. Please ensure your clover seed comes from Outsidepride or you are not buying Outsidepride seed. White Dutch Clover, Trifolium repens, is a perennial white clover. It is versatile and widely used for ground cover, cover crops, erosion control, in pasture mixtures and in la... [read more]

  • BIG PACK x ALYSSUM ROYAL CARPET Flower Seeds (10,000) - Fragrant Lobularia maritima - Attracts HONEY BEES BIRDS BUTTERFLY - Ground Cover for Zones 3 And UP - By MySeeds.Co (Big Pack - 10,000 Seeds)

    • UPC: 648507226976
    • Brand: MySeeds.Co
    • Size: Big Pack - 10,000 Seeds
    • Manufacturer: MySeeds.Co

    Common Name Alyssum - Royal Carpet Botanical Name Lobularia maritima Cycle Annual Bloom Time Spring to Fall Color Lavender Light Requirements Mostly Sun Estimated Mature Height 3-6 inches tall Soil Moisture Wide Range Soil Type Wide Range Germination Time 15- 20 Days Zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Suggested Uses Border Plant Flowers & Groundcover Ot... [read more]

  • Outsidepride Irish Moss Ground Cover Plant Seeds - 10000 Seeds

    • UPC: 678482952089
    • Color: white
    • Brand: Outsidepride
    • Size: C) 10000 Seeds
    • Manufacturer: Outsidepride

    Irish Moss (Sagina Subulata) - Very small Irish Moss seeds create a moss-like, emerald-green foliage that forms a compact 1 - 2 inch tall carpet. Irish moss ground cover is excellent for planting between flagstones. Grown as a lawn substitute, it creates the effect of a moss-covered meadow. Irish Moss is very soft to walk on barefoot, and it has a ... [read more]

  • Outsidepride Herniaria Glabra Green Carpet Ground Cover Plant Seeds - 10000 seeds

    • UPC: 678482332591
    • Color: green
    • Brand: Outsidepride
    • Size: B) 10000 Seeds
    • Manufacturer: Outsidepride

    Green Carpet (Herniaria Glabra) - Looking for a drought tolerant lawn alternative that only gets 3 inches tall? If so, then look no further than Herniaria Glabra, also known as green carpet. Not only can this be used as a lawn alternative, Herniaria gets a tap root on it instead of surface roots so it is very drought tolerant. Doesn't need to be mo... [read more]

  • Outsidepride White Miniclover Seeds - 2 LBS

    • UPC: 678482988873
    • Color: green
    • Brand: Outsidepride
    • Size: C) 2 LBS
    • Manufacturer: Outsidepride

    Miniclover (Trifolium repens) is a perennial clover which is great to use in lawn mixtures as a natural fertilizer similarly to other dwarf, low growing, micro clover products. White clover takes nitrogen out of the air, bringing this most essential fertilizer "down-to-earth" by means of nitrogen-fixing bacteria living in nodes along the roots. Of ... [read more]

  • Outsidepride Dichondra Repens Grass Seed - 1 LB

    • UPC: 678482952027
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Outsidepride
    • Size: 1 LB
    • Manufacturer: Outsidepride

    If you live in a warmer climate, there is a lawn alternative that many people enjoy. Dichondra repens is a perennial ground cover that only reaches about 2 inches in height. It prefers full sun, and it can handle light foot traffic. Dichondra has a creeping growth habit and stays low to the ground. The leaves are circular and bright green. Dichondr... [read more]

  • Outsidepride Alyssum Deep Purple Groundcover Seed - 2000 Seeds

    • UPC: 678482992962
    • Color: purple
    • Brand: Outsidepride
    • Size: B) 2000 Seeds
    • Manufacturer: Outsidepride

    Alyssum (Lobularia Maritima Wonderland Deep Purple) - This deep purple alyssum shows off its very low growing growth habit making it an excellent ground cover. This Wonderland variety of alyssum only grows approximately 3 inches tall and is covered with dainty, fragrant purple flowers. These alyssum plants are fast to flower in spring giving you an... [read more]

  • IRISH MOSS SEEDS, Sagina subulata, Heath Pearlwort, Perfect In Garden, Lawn Substitue or In-Between Stones, Groundcover Heath Pearlwort, Zones 4-10 - By MySeeds.Co (10000 Seeds)

    • UPC: 648507225481
    • Brand: MySeeds.Co - BIG PACK Seeds
    • Size: Irish Moss 10000 Seeds
    • Manufacturer: MySeeds.Co - BIG PACK Seeds

    ~ ~ ~ WE OFFER BOTH PKT. & BULK SIZES ~ ....Sagina subulata (Heath Pearlwort or Irish Moss, syn. Sagina pilifera auct. non is a species of Sagina, native to Europe, from Iceland south to Spain, and east to southern Sweden and Romania. It occurs on dry sandy or gravelly soils In just eight weeks after germination, the Irish moss becomes thick and fu... [read more]

  • 500+ Bulk Perennial Groundcover Seeds - Dichondra "Kidney Weed" Forms Thick Mat!

  • White Clover Seeds, Nitro-Coated and Inoculated, 1 Pound

    • UPC: 760680312458
    • Brand: SEEDS2GO
    • Manufacturer: SEEDS2GO

    White Clover is a legume that does best in well-drained soil and is commonly planted in the western part of the US. It is extremely fast and easy to grow, spreading each year. White Clover can be planted between row plantings or as a solid seeded cover both in the spring and fall. White Clover does not grow well in highly alkaline soils. It has sha... [read more]

  • Dichondra Repens Seeds - 1 Pound

    • UPC: 760680312991
    • Brand: Seeds2Go
    • Manufacturer: Seeds2Go

    Dichondra repens is a perennial ground cover plant (in USDA zones 7-11) that has a somewhat upright, creeping habit with circular leaves. It is not usually over 2 inches in height and retains its bright green color in temperatures as low as 25 F. (-3 C.). When this ground cover becomes full, it appears as a dense carpet-like grass and is often plan... [read more]

  • Thyme Mother of (Creeping) 5,000 Seeds

    • UPC: 702974269888
    • Brand: US real seeds
    • Manufacturer: US real seeds

  • 100pcs/bag Creeping Thyme Seeds or Blue Rock Cress Seeds Perennial Ground cover flower, Natural growth for home garden 8

    • Color: 8
    • Brand: SVI
    • Size: Show In Picture
    • Manufacturer: SVI

    Unit Type: lot (100 pieces/lot) Package Weight: 0.02kg (0.04lb.) Package Size: 20cm x 10cm x 10cm (7.87in x 3.94in x 3.94in) Brand Name: Panago Product Type: Bonsai Style: Perennial Applicable Constellation: Virgo Flowerpot: Excluded Classification: Novel Plant Function: Beautifying Full-bloom Period: Spring Use: Outdoor Plants Model Number: NKM99 ... [read more]

  • Dwarf Creeping Thyme Herb Seeds - Thymus Serpyllum - Excellent Ground Cover - Non-GMO Seeds by MySeeds.Co (Dwarf Creeping (Packet Size))

    • UPC: 648507248251
    • Brand: MySeeds.Co - Flower Seeds by the LB
    • Size: Dwarf Creeping (Packet Size)
    • Manufacturer: MySeeds.Co

    Creeping Thyme (Thymus Serpyllum) : robust, long-blooming beauty of the more expensive plant varieties. Well, this creeping thyme ground cover has swept all that away! This super-vigorous, lemon-scented, brightly-flowered variety spreads 18 inches in no time in the sunny garden, giving you months of deep pink blooms and heavenly fragrance for mere ... [read more]

  • Outsidepride Sedum Acre Ground Cover Plant Seed - 5000 Seeds

    • UPC: 678482955622
    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Outsidepride
    • Size: A) 5000 Seeds
    • Manufacturer: Outsidepride

    This perennial ground cover, Sedum Acre, is a perfect choice for a fast-growing carpet that only reaches 2 - 3 inches in height. Some common names for Sedum Acre are: Goldmoss Stonecrop, Goldmoss Sedum, Biting Stonecrop or Wallpepper. It is fairly drought tolerant, and it loves a position in full sun to partial shade. In the late spring, golden yel... [read more]

  • Weform Seedshome - 30 Pcs Blue Star Creeper Seeds Ground Cover Perennial Flower Seeds Flowers

    • UPC: 661954094493
    • Color: white
    • Brand: Weform Seedshome
    • Manufacturer: Onener

    Material: SeedColor: Green WhiteQuantity: 30 pcs/BagSize: Full sizeType: Blue Star Creeper SeedClassification: Mini GardenClimate: TemperateStyle: PerennialLocation: Ground Growing Function: BeautifyingTraining Difficulty: Very EasyType: Blooming PlantsFull-flowering Period: Mid Summer to FallOccasion: Roof, Garden, Outdoor, etc.Features:Blue Star ... [read more]

  • Outsidepride Creeping Speedwell Ground Cover Plant Flower Seed - 2000 Seeds

    • UPC: 678482952157
    • Color: blue
    • Brand: Outsidepride
    • Size: B) 2000 Seeds
    • Manufacturer: Outsidepride

    Veronica repens, or commonly referred to as Creeping Speedwell, is a perennial, low-growing ground cover that produces masses of light blue little blooms. This Veronica is perfect for the front of the flower border or in-between stepping stones. It is considered to be an alpine plant and will perform at an elevation of up to 7500 feet. Sow Veronica... [read more]

  • 10,000 x (DWARF) CREEPING THYME Herb Seeds - Thymus Serpyllum - Excellent Ground cover - Butterflies love it - By MySeeds.Co (DWARF Creeping Thyme - Pkt. Size)

    • UPC: 648507223807

  • Outsidepride Pink Vinca Periwinkle Ground Cover Plant Flower Seed - 2000 Seeds

    • UPC: 678482968486
    • Color: Pink
    • Brand: Outsidepride
    • Size: A) 2000 Seeds
    • Manufacturer: Outsidepride

    Vinca Rosea Dwarf (Little Delicata) - Vinca has transformed the way flowers grow in hot and humid climates, growing even in poor soils. Periwinkle is known for its disease resistance, heavy flowering, and lush foliage, plus large blooms that resist fading and seem to last forever blooming clear up until frost season. Fill your flowerpots, hanging b... [read more]

  • Caiuet Seed house - 100pcs Scented Carpet Phlox Seeds Ground Cover Creeping Thyme Perennial Flowers Perennial Border Stone herb Flower Seeds Hardy Perennial

    • UPC: 631064691059
    • Color: Color 3
    • Brand: Caiuet & Seed house
    • Manufacturer: Caiuet

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