How To Grease Your M1 Garand!

Best Grease For M1 Garand on January 2020 Shopping Deals at

  • Lubriplate L0043-004 130 Series Beige ISO-9001 Registered Quality System, ISO-21469 Compliant 135 cSt Multi-Purpose Grease, 1 pack

    • UPC: 089215704316
    • Color: Off-White
    • Brand: Lubriplate
    • Size: 14oz
    • Manufacturer: FISK BROTHERS

    Our price is for one can. The can is now made of hard plastic which prevents denting in shipping

  • Lubriplate 130-AA Multi-Purpose Calcium Type Grease L0044-086 (1.75oz Tube)

    • UPC: 680569078780
    • Color: Beige
    • Brand: Lubriplate
    • Size: 1.75oz Tube (1-3/4oz)
    • Manufacturer: Fiske Brothers Refining

    LUBRIPLATE 130-AA is designed for those applications where a grease-type lubricant possessing extremely good water repellency and superior lubrication characteristics are desired. Recommended for plain bearings, cams, guides, open gears, slides and chassis lubrication and where temperatures do not exceed 170°F. Soft, workable and designed for wate... [read more]

  • MILITARIA M1 Garand Mil Spec Buttstock Cleaning Kit

    • Brand: MILITARIA
    • Manufacturer: MILITARIA

    Keep your rifle cleaning tools and chemicals right in the buttstock and never be without them. Perfect for cleaning and maintenance of your gun between competitive matches or other uses. Mil-Spec tools provide a very close substitute to the original military buttstock cleaning kits.Keep your service rifle cleaning tools right in the buttstock and n... [read more]

  • TACBRO M1 Garand Mil Spec Buttstock Cleaning Kit

    • UPC: 601209949567
    • Brand: TACBRO
    • Manufacturer: TACBRO

  • How To Grease Your M1 Garand!

    M1 Garand Firearm Maintenance: Part 3 Lubrication

    How to lubricate and grease the M1 Garand