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  • Heirloom Tomato Seeds Assortment - Ten Organic and Non-GMO Varieties: Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Green Zebra, Amish Paste, Yellow Brandywine, Matt's Wild Cherry, Yellow Pear, San Marzano

    • UPC: 713001626574
    • ASIN: B01DOVRP4K
    • Brand: Sweet Yards Seed Co.
    • Manufacturer: Sweet Yards Seed Co.

    This variety pack contains ten of the most delicious and beautiful heirloom tomato varieties around. All seeds are Certified Organic and GMO Free. Each comes in its own individual packet containing approximately 30-40 seeds!The freshest and best tasting tomatoes will always come from your own backyard. And these ten heirloom varieties will really w... [Read More]

  • Bonide (BND861) - Fungal Disease Control

    • UPC: 037321008620
    • ASIN: B000BWZ9JO
    • Brand: Bonide
    • Size: 16 oz
    • Manufacturer: BFG Supply

    Mancozeb Flowable with Zinc Fungicide ConcentrateA broad spectrum fungicide for use on a wide variety of vegetables and ornamentals. Controls leaf spot, downy mildew, blights, anthracnose, botrytis and other listed diseases. Optimum disease control is achieved when applied in a regularly scheduled preventative spray program.About Bonide:Bonide has ... [Read More]

  • Tomato Purple Cherry Grape Tomato 80+Seeds -Tiny Small Sweet Purple Cherry Tomato Organic Non-GMO Sweet Fresh Fruit Vegetable Garden Seeds for Planting Tasty Great for Salads Juice

    • UPC: 707409763337
    • ASIN: B07BBHB7QT
    • Brand: Kuting
    • Manufacturer: Kuting

    Tomato Purple Cherry Grape Tomato 80+Seeds -Tiny Small Sweet Purple Cherry Tomato Organic Non-gmo Fruit Vegetable Garden Seeds For Planting Tasty Great for Salads JuiceHigh Quality, High Yield,Easy To Plant,Long Harvest Period.

  • Organic Heirloom Cherry Tomato Garden Seeds - 6 Non-GMO Varieties: Yellow Pear, Chadwick Cherry, Black Cherry, Rainbow Cherry, Roma & Green Zebra

    • UPC: 740006037838
    • ASIN: B071XJPLVT
    • Brand: Mountain Valley Seed Company
    • Manufacturer: Mountain Valley Seed Company

    Stunning collection of certified organic, heirloom cherry tomato seeds. A veritable rainbow of cherry tomatoes. Tomato seeds include: Yellow Pear, Chadwick Cherry, Black Cherry, Rainbow Cherry, Roma & Green Zebra.

  • Bonide (BND802) - Leaf Eating Worm & Moth Killer, Thuricide Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt) Outdoor Insecticide/Pesticide Liquid Concentrate (8 oz.)

    • UPC: 037321008026
    • ASIN: B009ONSQ6O
    • Brand: Bonide
    • Size: 8 oz
    • Manufacturer: BFG Supply

    Thuricide Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt) Outdoor Insecticide/Pesticide Liquid ConcentrateA liquid formulation of bacteria that controls caterpillars, loopers, cabbageworms, hornworms, leaf folders and leaf rollers. Designed to protect vegetables, fruits, nuts, shade trees and ornamentals. Product instantly mixes with water and can be applied up to the... [Read More]

  • Southern Ag - Liquid Copper Fungicide - Fungicide, 16oz

    • UPC: 051538029025
    • ASIN: B0052NL4FK
    • Brand: Southern Ag
    • Size: 16oz
    • Manufacturer: Southern Ag

    Liquid copper fungicide> controls diseases caused by bacteria & fungi new formulation works well with hose end sprayers labeled for control of moss & algaecontains: 27.15% copper diammonia diacetate complex (8% Metallic copper equivalent, 0.772 lbsper gallon)use on: many fruits, vegetables, turfgrass (algae control), live Oak, (Spanish Moss control... [Read More]

  • RDR Seeds 50 Tiny Tim Tomato Seeds - Patio Tomato, Dwarf Heirloom, Cherry Tomato

    • ASIN: B06ZYS65VD
    • Brand: RDR Seeds
    • Manufacturer: RDR Seeds

    Tomatoes do not appreciate cold weather, ensure warm temperatures either by planting well after the last frost, or by starting indoors. Plant 1/4" deep in full sun and well-drained soil. Keep soil moist. Once plant is established water once per week. This annual plant will mature in about 60 days. All RDR Seeds brand products come in RDR Seeds bran... [Read More]

  • Bird Netting [Heavy Duty] Protect Plants and Fruit Trees - Extra Strong Garden Net is Easy to Use, Doesn't Tangle and Reusable - Lasting Protection Against Birds, Deer and Other Pests (7.5x65 Foot)

    • UPC: 654391793654
    • ASIN: B00XIRH1CC
    • Brand: De-Bird
    • Size: 7.5x65 Foot
    • Manufacturer: De-Bird

    PROTECT YOUR BOUNTY FROM HUNGRY BIRDS Flying and furry thieves ransacking your crops is one of summer's biggest gardening headaches. Extra strong Garden Netting from De-Bird is your most reliable defense against common garden pests of the feathered and four-legged variety. HOW PROTECTIVE NETTING WILL KEEP BIRDS OFF YOUR FRUIT TREES AND OTHER CROPS... [Read More]

  • Juliet Grape Tomato 15 Seeds - High yields!

    • ASIN: B000TZVJWY
    • Brand: Hirt's Gardens
    • Manufacturer: Hirt's Gardens

    TOMATO: Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and the seeds are high in fiber. The green parts are mildly poisonous, which is not surprising, as tomatoes are closely related to both nightshade and tobacco. The tomato was originally believed to be poisonous when introduced into Europe, and was used solely as an ornamental plant during the ... [Read More]

  • GROWNEER 3-Pack Plant Cages Assembled Tomato Garden Cages Stakes Vegetable Trellis, with 9Pcs Clips, for Vertical Climbing Plants

    • UPC: 653334367068
    • ASIN: B07CG7KQND
    • Brand: GROWNEER
    • Size: 3-Pack
    • Manufacturer: GROWNEER

    3-Pack Plant Cages Assembled Tomato Garden Cages Stakes Vegetable Trellis, w/ 9Pcs Clips, for Vertical Climbing Plants

  • Bonide (BND544) - Ready to Use Tomato and Blossom Set Spray, Plant Hormone Spray (32 oz.)

    • UPC: 037321005445
    • ASIN: B002CA92NC
    • Brand: Bonide
    • Manufacturer: BFG Supply

    Ready to Use Tomato and Blossom Set SprayHormone spray that makes blossoms set fruit despite poor weather. Nearly every blossom will produce larger, meatier, healthier, and almost seedless tomatoes, ripening up to three weeks earlier. Can be used on other vegetable plants, too.About Bonide:Bonide has been trusted since 1926 as the leader in providi... [Read More]

  • AeroGarden Salsa Garden Seed Pod Kit

    • UPC: 810705014253
    • ASIN: B0042VK7RO
    • Brand: AeroGarden
    • Size: 3-Pod
    • Manufacturer: AeroGrow

    Fresh, homemade salsa fixings year round! The salsa garden seed Pod Kit comes with everything you’ll need to grow fresh tomatoes & peppers in your AeroGarden & we’ve carefully selected varieties Proven to produce. We’ve paired our red Heirloom Cherry tomatoes with our spicy Jalapeno pepper for an attractive, productive, & long-lasting garden.... [Read More]

  • AeroGarden Salad Greens Mix Seed Pod Kit (6-Pod)

    • UPC: 810705133848
    • ASIN: B01614SRAS
    • Brand: AeroGarden
    • Size: 6 pod
    • Manufacturer: AeroGarden

    Our fastest growing gourmet lettuce garden! A gourmet blend of red and green leaf, romaine, and butter head lettuce varieties that are so easy to grow. The Salad Greens Seed Pod Kit germinates in just days with daily harvests in as little as 2 1/2 weeks - now you can grow and enjoy delicious, fresh lettuce all year round. Kit works in all AeroGarde... [Read More]

  • David's Garden Seeds Tomato Grape Nova 9898 (Orange) 25 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds

    • ASIN: B07GDVNY5Y
    • Brand: David's Garden Seeds
    • Manufacturer: David's Garden Seeds

    Performs well in containers, shines in the field, and has sugar-acid balanced fruits that resist cracking. Smooth, bright red fruits are solid, oval, and weigh about 1/2 ounce each. Unlike other determinate grape varieties, compant plants are strong, have good leaf cover preventing sun damage and require minimal support. Resistant to Fusarium Crown... [Read More]


    • ASIN: B00PL0ST7U
    • Brand: Country Creek Acres
    • Manufacturer: Country Creek Acres


  • Plenty: Vibrant Vegetable Recipes from London's Ottolenghi

    • ASIN: B005CRY2O6
    • Manufacturer: Chronicle Books LLC

    The cookbook that launched Yotam Ottolenghi as an international food celebrityIf you are a fan of Plenty More, Forks Over Knives, Smitten Kitchen Every Day, or On Vegetables, you'll love this Ottolenghi cookbookA vegetarian cookbook from the author of Jerusalem: A Cookbook and other Ottolenghi cookbooks: A must-have collection of 120 vegetarian rec... [Read More]

  • V8 +Energy, Healthy Energy Drink, Natural Energy from Tea, Pomegranate Blueberry, 8 Ounce Can (Pack of 24)

    • ASIN: B00CPTR7WS
    • Brand: V8
    • Size: Pack of 24
    • Manufacturer: V8 V-Fusion

    "Steady energy from tea. That's what V8 +Energy is all about. The kind of energy that helps you get the most out of your day, provides a restorative boost, and helps you be present for the amazing life you're creating. Wakeful--not wired. Made with B vitamins and 80 mg. of caffeine from tea, V8 +Energy drinks harness their great taste from a blend ... [Read More]

  • Radorock Plant and Garden Plant Binding Machine for Bundled Machines of Plants Such As Grape Tomato Cucumber Pepper etc.

    • UPC: 683848666340
    • ASIN: B07S9BV699
    • Brand: Radorock
    • Manufacturer: Radorock

    Features: You can easily tie plants to support stakes and lines. This tape binding machine with plastic belt as the binding material and stitching needles to fix the belt. Farmers can operate it with only one hand. Easy to operate and convenient to carry, works with high efficiency and would not hurt the plant. The opening width can be adjusted... [Read More]

  • mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets, 10-Count

    • UPC: 899532002008
    • ASIN: B001LXYA5Q
    • Brand: mberry
    • Size: 10 tablets
    • Manufacturer: mberry

    mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets are the taste sensation that is sweeping the nation. Mberry tablets transform ordinary foods into something extraordinary. What is miracle berry? The Miracle Berry (Synsepalum dulcificum) is a fruit native to West Africa. It is also known as Miracle Fruit or Miraculous Fruit. The berry is approximately the size of a cra... [Read More]

  • Easytle Stretch Tie Tape Roll, 1/2" 150ft Garden Tie Tape, Thick Sturdy Plant Ribbon Garden Green Vinyl Stake Gardening Tools for Indoor Outdoor Patio Plant Use

    • ASIN: B07RT6FWPK
    • Brand: Easytle
    • Manufacturer: Easytle

    Stretch Tie Tape Roll works wonders tying up tomato plants & grape vines. Garden Tie Tape is strong flexible without binding the plant itself. If you are a gardener you will love this product for garden use, it's elastic so it stretches with your plants as they grow.

  • Tomato Taste Test Contest #1 Sun Sugar Cherry Container Garden Varieties Best Flavor Septoria Blight

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