That Pedal Show – Classic Fuzz Tones: Where To Begin?

Best Fuzz For Humbuckers on January 2020 Shopping Deals at

  • Dunlop FFM3 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Mini Distortion

    • UPC: 710137066533
    • Color: Turquoise
    • Brand: Other
    • Manufacturer: Other

    The fuzz face mini pedal line features legendary fuzz face tones in smaller, more pedal board-friendly housings with several modern appointments: true bypass switching, a bright status LED, an AC power jack and a convenient Battery door. The Ffm3 Jimi Hendrix fuzz face mini has the exact same circuit as the Jhf1 in smaller housing, delivering the t... [read more]

  • EarthQuaker Devices Erupter Ultimate Fuzz Tone Guitar Effects Pedal

    • UPC: 858933004974
    • Color: MultiColored
    • Brand: Earthquaker Devices
    • Size: Version 1
    • Manufacturer: Earthquaker Devices

    The Erupter is the result of over two years’ worth of tone-chasing, tweaking, and experimentation in search of what EarthQuaker president and product designer Jamie Stillman calls “the ultimate classic fuzz tone . . . with a big low end, but not too mushy, a biting top end without being too harsh, and just enough output to politely send a tube ... [read more]

  • Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker

    • UPC: 616086507021
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Electro-Harmonix
    • Manufacturer: New Sensor

    The Big Muff with Tone Wicker taps into the sonic power of the legendary Big Muff Pi to create new tonal possibilities at the flick of a switch. Create your personal Big Muff by opening up the top end or you can bypass the tone control for a gutsy distortion that truly makes this the Wicked Wicker.

  • JHS Muffuletta Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

    • UPC: 637390552804
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: JHS Pedals
    • Manufacturer: JHS

    The Big Muff fuzz has been around so long, been on so many classic recordings, and been through so many variations that every guitarist out there has a favorite version of its iconic tone. JHS wanted to pay tribute to that undeniably classic fuzz pedal, but we couldn’t come to a consensus about which Muff was king. With the Muffuletta, our indeci... [read more]

  • Distortion Pedal, Biyang Guitar Effects Fuzz BABY BOOM Series True Bypass Full Metal Shell 3 Mode Normal, Bright, Warm

    • UPC: 555152136249
    • Color: White / Cream
    • Brand: MIMIDI
    • Size: FZ-10
    • Manufacturer: MIMIDI

    Biyang Fz-10 Fuzz Star

  • Electro-Harmonix Soul Food Distortion/Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal

    • UPC: 602003601231
    • Color: Off-White
    • Brand: Electro-Harmonix
    • Manufacturer: Electro-Harmonix

    Tone aficionados kept telling EHXs Mike Matthews about a pedal that had achieved a lot of buzz because it was only obtainable at an exorbitant price. That pedal was the KLON CENTAUR.A believer in bringing great tools to starving musicians, Mike tasked his trusty team to create an affordable alternative, and that is how the SOUL FOOD was cooked up. ... [read more]

  • THANK YOU Distortion and Sustain Effect Pedal by Deadbeat Sound

    • UPC: 700516594559
    • Brand: Deadbeat Sound
    • Manufacturer: Deadbeat Sound

    Rich, creamy, violin-like sustain. Easy to adjust and blend with any set-up. Massive bottom end. Huge, creamy sustain for days. Distortion/sustain by Deadbeat Sound, you'll be saying thank you. (please note: no longer comes with power supply and patch cables)

  • AZOR Fuzz Mini Guitar Effect Pedal Aluminium-Alloy

    • UPC: 708210535434
    • Color: Grey Fuzz
    • Brand: AZOR
    • Manufacturer: AZOR

    Introduction: Very small and exquisite LED Light:LED indicator shows the working state. Full metal shell:Aluminum-alloy classic, stable and strong. True Bypass:True bypass for zero tone coloration. Specifications: Input: 1/4" monaural jack (impedance: 470k Ohms) Output: 1/4" monaural jack (impedance: 1k Ohms) Power Requirements: AC adapter ... [read more]

  • Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge Humbucker - White

    • UPC: 682500016998
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Seymour Duncan
    • Size: x
    • Manufacturer: Seymour Duncan

    High-output Bridge Humbucker - White

  • Railhammer Bob Balch Signature Humbucker Bridge Pickup for Electric Guitar Chrome

    • UPC: 888365195438
    • Color: Chrome
    • Brand: Railhammer
    • Manufacturer: Railhammer

    Bob Balch Signature Humbucker Bridge Pickup for Electric Guitar Chrome. Designed in collaboration with Bob Balch, riffmeister with stoner rock/fuzz metal progenitors Fu Manchu. This humbucker is based on Railhammer's Chisel model, but features a brass cover and brass baseplate. The brass slightly reduces output and treble, while enhancing the overa... [read more]

  • Snake Oil Chrome Mini Humbuckers - Neck and Bridge Matched Pair

    • UPC: 608866409205
    • Brand: C. B. Gitty
    • Manufacturer: C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply

    Shane Speal, the King of the Cigar Box Guitar, says "These are my favorite pickups... bar none! They're the perfect mix of smooth 'molasses' blues tones of a humbucker and mean 'snarl' of a single coil." What you will receive is a matched set of mini chrome covered-humbucker pickups, meant to be used near the neck and bridge of an electric guitar. ... [read more]

  • Fulltone Fulldrive 3 Overdrive Boost Pedal

    • UPC: 676891000599
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Fulltone
    • Manufacturer: Fulltone

    Guitar Overdrive Pedal with NOS JRC4558D Chip, Boost-order Switch, and Selectable Voicings

  • FOXNOVO Professional Sealed Humbucker Pickups Set for Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Guitars (Black)

    • UPC: 888566234868
    • Brand: Foxnovo
    • Manufacturer: FOXNOVO

    Description The item is a professional and practical sealed humbucker pickups set, which is ideally designed for the bridge and neck positions, and compatible with Gibson Epiphone Les Paul guitars. These excellent quality pickups are designed to duplicate that classic warm sound yet they have slightly more output to give you a bit more crunch for t... [read more]

  • Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive

    • UPC: 700315930275
    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: BOSS
    • Manufacturer: Boss

    Overdrive Pedal for Electric Guitar

  • TOM ANDERSON H3+ Humbucker Guitar Pickup

    • UPC: 704660986765
    • Brand: Tom Anderson
    • Manufacturer: Tom Anderson

    All of the Tom Anderson humbucking pickups have an exceptionally smooth overdrive tone and upper end clarity without a harsh fuzz quality. By using a larger pole piece and redesigned string spacing, Tom Anderson has eliminated high and low string dropouts with a uniform magnetic field. Also, every humbucking comes with 4 conductor shielded cable t... [read more]

  • ammoon Guitar Amplifier Portable Electric Guitar Amp 5 Watt Multi Effects Pedal Built-in 80 Drum Rhythms Support Tuner Tap Tempo Functions

    • UPC: 705346972263
    • Brand: ammoon
    • Manufacturer: ammoon

    Specifications: Brand: ammoon Model: POCKAMP Drum Rhythms: 80 types Tempo Range: 60-270 BPM Speakers: 2 * 3" speakers Guitar Input: 1/4" monaural jack Phones: 1/8" stereo jack Aux In: 1/8" stereo jack Effect Types: Clean, Overdrive, Distortion, Metal, Chorus, Tremolo, Reverb Power Supply: DC 9V power adapter(included) 6 * AA batteries(not included... [read more]

  • CALINE CP-25 HIghway Man Overdrive Pedal True Bypass US Seller

    • UPC: 965265764251
    • Color: CP-25
    • Brand: Caline
    • Manufacturer: Caline USA

  • Jim Dunlop MC401 MXR Boost/ Line Driver

    • UPC: 710137031944
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: JIM DUNLOP
    • Manufacturer: Dunlop


  • Mooer Black Secret, distortion micro pedal

    • UPC: 610395797173
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: MOOER
    • Manufacturer: KMC Music Inc

    Moore Black Secret, distortion micro pedal

  • CNZ Audio Dumble - Guitar Effects Pedal

    • UPC: 643307666571
    • Brand: CNZ Audio
    • Manufacturer: CNZ Audio

    Look & FeelThe DumbleOverdrive Guitar Effects Pedal is part of the Vintage Pedal Series from CNZ Audio. It is a smooth and slick grey with a vintage classed themed white design. While it has a solid build, its mini size also allows it to be lightweight, easy to travel with, and leaves plenty of room on your pedalboard. The bottom of the pedal has a... [read more]

  • That Pedal Show – Classic Fuzz Tones: Where To Begin?

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