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  • BodyGlide Foot Anti Blister Balm, 0.80 oz (USA Sale Only)

    • UPC: 605296004420
    • Brand: BodyGlide
    • Size: 0.80 oz
    • Manufacturer: W Sternoff, LLC

    Protect your feet and toes against rubbing that causes blisters, chafing, raw skin, and hot spots. The advanced formula is a dry, invisible, non-greasy barrier. Stay active, pain free. The Original Anti Blister Stick.

  • Dr. Frederick's Original Better Blister Bandages - 12 ct Variety - Waterproof Hydrocolloid Bandages for Foot, Toe, Heel Blister Prevention & Recovery - Blister Pads

    • UPC: 851081007927
    • Color: Tan
    • Brand: Dr. Frederick's Original
    • Size: Variety
    • Manufacturer: Frederick Medical Supply

    We've all been there: one hour into a long day at a theme park, on a family hike, or seeing your favorite band, and that familiar pain pops up on your heel or the side of your toe. And, before you know it, a painful blister has formed. With the aid of our Better Blister Bandages, blister prevention is a reality! Just apply a bandage to the irritate... [read more]

  • Solemates Anti Friction Balm - Blister Blocker - Natural, Unscented, Long Lasting Chafing Relief - Cruelty Free - Travel Friendly - Hypoallergenic

    • UPC: 896818002301
    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Solemates
    • Size: Pack of 1
    • Manufacturer: Solemates

    Your Secret to Minimizing Friction on your Heels and Shoes The Solemates Blister Blocker provides an invisible barrier to defend your feet against excessive rubbing and blisters. Easy to apply, with no residue left behind The non-greasy formula enables direct application to your skin, without a left-over mess that might stain your shoes or make y... [read more]

  • Rigid Strapping Tape - for Blister Prevention & McConnell Knee or Feet Taping for Backpacking Walking Running Hiking Trail Climbing in Shoes or Sock Liners - Perfect with Gaiters (2 Pack)

    • Color: Beige
    • Brand: Hampton Adams
    • Manufacturer: Hampton Adams

    PhalaTape is a high strength, rigid strapping tape, with a very strong, zinc oxide adhesive. It is porous and hand-tearable, yet offers extra strong support for sprains and strains. Protects skin from scratches and rubbing. Ideal for patellofemoral taping and shoulder taping techniques. Specified for use with Underwrap Bandage.

  • HikeGoo Blister Prevention Cream Specifically Formulated for Feet (3 oz)

    • UPC: 013964311600
    • Color: green
    • Brand: Foot Kinetics
    • Size: 3 oz
    • Manufacturer: Foot Kinetics

    HikeGoo is specifically formulated to prevent blisters on feet. It provides an advanced friction barrier between the skin and sock that protects feet from blisters, nerve abrasion, and foot fatigue all day. High melting point waxes slow its skin absorption to create a protective layer that stays on the skin's surface and is highly effective in both... [read more]

  • Corn Pads Toe Sleeves - Toe Pads to Protect & Cushion Sore Toe Corns, Blisters & Toe Calluses. Cover, Pad & Guard Your Corns, Blister or Callus for Fast Pain Relief

    • Size: 16 Pack
    • Manufacturer: ARMSTRONG AMERIKA

    Are Painful and Ugly Toe Corns a Problem For You? Do You Want Simple and Fast Solution? Here's Your Smart Choice! 16 Piece Multi Pack - Premium Corn Pads are Both Comfortable and Super Effective Whether You Need Toe Protection From Corn or Blisters While Walking or Running or Just Looking to Reduce Your Corn Pain From a Long Day on Your Feet Corn S... [read more]

  • SINGER Even Feed Walking Presser Foot for Quilting or Thick Fabric Sewing on Low-Shank Sewing Machines

    • UPC: 885189858525
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: SINGER
    • Manufacturer: Singer Sewing Co.

    Specification: Model Number - 2500271 Dimensions – 3 x 2 x 1 Inches Weight – 2.24 ounces The SINGER even feed foot, sometimes called a walking foot, is used for sewing several layers of fabric, and is a must-have when quilting. It is also great for matching plaids or stripes and sewing fabrics with nap or pile, to keep them from shifting. The... [read more]

  • Band-Aid Brand Hydro Seal Adhesive Bandages For Toe Blisters, Waterproof Blister Pads, 8 ct

    • UPC: 381371174201
    • Color: Tan
    • Brand: Band-Aid
    • Size: 1 Pack (8 ct)
    • Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson - Ketotifen

    Band-Aid Brand Hydro Seal Blister Bandages Toes instantly provide an optimal healing environment.. Featuring a wraparound design that’s ideal for use on toes, these blister bandages provide cushioning against painful blisters and shield toes from further rubbing. These waterproof bandages last through multiple days and showers for long-lasting pr... [read more]

  • No More Blisters Anti-Blister Foot Protection Spray

    • UPC: 857532007065
    • Brand: No More Blisters
    • Manufacturer: PreHeels

    Forms a clear, durable barrier on you skin to block friction from causing irritating rubbing. Great for those good looking shoes that rub your feet in a couple spots.

  • Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Rohan Royal Guard on Foot Blister Pack

    • Brand: Games Workshop
    • Manufacturer: GAMES WORKSHOP

    The Royal Guard of Rohan are the pick of the best soldiers, equipped with the fastest horses and best equipment. This blister pack contains 3 Royal Rohan Guard on Foot. All models are to 28mm scale and will need assembly and painting.

  • Band-Aid Brand Hydro Seal Blister Cushion Bandages, Variety Pack of Waterproof Blister Pads, 5 ct

    • UPC: 381371175499
    • Brand: Band-Aid
    • Size: Mixed
    • Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson - Ketotifen

    Band-Aid Brand Hydro Seal Bandages Blister Cushions protects from rubbing and pressure to help prevent blisters. These blister bandages cushion and protect skin from rubbing and pressure that can lead to painful blisters. The blister pads stay in place for multiple days, even through showers for long-lasting protection. This variety pack contains a... [read more]

  • PetSilver 50 ppm Wound Spray with New Chelated Silver for Cats, Dogs and Horses

    • UPC: 718122643462
    • Brand: PetSilver
    • Size: 4 oz
    • Manufacturer: Pet Silver

    Pet Silver wound spray with chelated silver wound care. Pet Silver can be used on a variety of skin issues including cuts, abrasions, wounds, burns, bacteria infections, skin rashes or dermatitis. Pet Silver is all natural and non-toxic and testing has shown to kill over 650 disease causing organisms. Pet Silver has shown to relieve pain and itchin... [read more]

  • Band-Aid Brand Hydro Seal Adhesive Bandages for Heel Blisters, Waterproof Blister Pads, 6 ct

    • UPC: 381371174195
    • Color: Tan
    • Brand: Band-Aid
    • Size: 6 Count (Pack of 1)
    • Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson - Ketotifen

    Band-Aid Brand Hydro Seal Blister Bandages Heels instantly provide an optimal healing environment. Ideal for use on heels, these hydrocolloid gel bandages are designed to provide cushioning against painful blisters and shield them from further rubbing. These waterproof bandages last through multiple days and showers for long-lasting protection. Wit... [read more]

  • LA Active Baby Toddler Grip Ankle Socks - 6 Pairs - Non Slip/Skid Covered (Girls, 12-36 Months)

    • UPC: 789404063728
    • Color: Girls
    • Brand: LA Active
    • Size: 12-36 Months (Shoe Sizes 4-9)

    GIVE YOUR CHILD THE BEST LA Active Baby Grip Socks are the perfect everyday sock for children. Designed with a non-slip, breathable fit and a functional grip pattern, these cushioned socks are perfect for a baby's first steps or toddlers running around the house. SLIM PROFILE GRIP PATTERN Our custom-designed dot pattern maximizes traction on any su... [read more]

  • Reborn on the Run: My Journey from Addiction to Ultramarathons

    • Manufacturer: Skyhorse

    Aside from her rock star looks, Catra Corbett is a standout in the running world on her accomplishments alone. Catra is the first American woman to run over one hundred miles or more on more than one hundred occasions and the first to run one hundred and two hundredmiles in the Ohlone Wilderness, and she holds the fastest known double time for the ... [read more]

  • Compeed Advanced Corn Care Active Gel Cushions, Package of 10 Cushions (2 Count)

    • UPC: 810000310104
    • Color: Corn Cushions
    • Brand: Compeed
    • Size: Small (2 Count)
    • Manufacturer: Emerson Healthcare LLC for Concepts in Health, Inc

    Compeed Corn Cushions, 10 Pack of Corn Cushions (2 Count), Pads and Protects, Adhesive Bandage Sticks Like Second Skin, Prevents Rubbing, Pressure and Friction

  • Forsake Patch - Women's Waterproof Premium Leather Hiking Boot (10, Black/Tan)

    • UPC: 046655249104
    • Color: Black/Tan
    • Brand: Forsake
    • Size: 10
    • Manufacturer: Forsake

    Premium waterproof leathers, rugged craftsmanship, molded EVA soles, and Peak-to-Pavement traction elevate the Patch from classic tyrolean lace-up to durable all-terrain adventurer.

  • Engo Oval Blister Prevention Patches (6 Patches) | Fits in all types of footwear

    • UPC: 094922209689
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Engo
    • Manufacturer: Tamarack Habilitiation Technologies

    If you dread putting on your shoes because of painful blisters, this is the solution for you. Get immediate relief from the painful friction that causes rubbing, calluses, and blisters. ENGO patches immediately reduce friction and protect your skin. How ENGO patches work unlike traditional blister bandages, ENGO patches are applied to footwear or a... [read more]

  • 25FT Handset Cord White Premium Retail Blister Pack

    • UPC: 734338421502
    • Color: White
    • Brand: STEREN
    • Size: 25 Feet
    • Manufacturer: STEREN

    Steren BL-322-025WH 25' Coiled Handset Cord

  • Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator Manual Grass Dethatching Turf Plug Core Aeration Tool ID-6C

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Yard Butler
    • Manufacturer: Lewis Lifetime Tools

    The Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator revitalizes old lawns while using less water and fertilizer. By removing two ½” plugs 3 ½ inches long, this manual lawn plug aerator and dethacher reduces compaction and thatch to let air, water, and fertilizer down to the root zone. At the same time it stimulates root growth by “pruning” the roots. As an... [read more]

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