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  • JDR Fog Machine with Controllable lights, DJ LED Smoke Machine(Red,Green,Blue) with Wireless and Wired Remote Control for Holidays Parties Weddings Christmas Halloween, with Fuse Protection

    • UPC: 607994059375
    • ASIN: B07R7KR6Y5
    • Brand: JDR
    • Manufacturer: JDR

  • CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1000 Compact Fog Machine w/Wired Remote

    • UPC: 781462214197
    • ASIN: B014PHJF2C
    • Brand: CHAUVET DJ
    • Manufacturer: Chauvet Lighting

    Hurricane 1000 is a lightweight and compact fog machine combining dense fog output and portability. It can be operated from a distance using either the included wired or wireless remote. After an initial heat up period, the Hurricane 1000 is always ready to provide fog on demand. A manual fog button provides easy control at your fingertips and the ... [Read More]

  • 1 Gallon (128 Oz.) Great Party & DJ Fog Juice for Water Based Fog Machines - American Made - Perfect Fog Fluid for Small 400 Watt to Higher Wattage 1500 Watt Foggers

    • UPC: 839226025982
    • ASIN: B005UQPPK4
    • Brand: Froggys Fog
    • Size: 1 Gallon (128 Oz.)
    • Manufacturer: Froggys Fog

    Premium fluid for all foggers. Water-based non-toxic formula for clean, safe operation with minimal irritation. Produces dense, unscented, long lasting fog. Great for Lighting Effects this Fog Juice is a water based fog machine fluid formulated to create a high density, medium hang time fog. It is perfect for Club live sound concerts, DJ's, laser ... [Read More]

  • ADJ Fog Machine, Black (Mister Kool II)

    • UPC: 819730019929
    • ASIN: B071H1P45N
    • Brand: ADJ Products
    • Manufacturer: ADJ Products

    Mister Kool II works with water based fog fluid and ice cube to chill fog and keep it low to the ground. It includes the ADJ VFTR13 timer remote to help you customize control and output of your low-lying fog. It also includes a water drainage system with a valve, plastic hose and plastic water collection bag. This is used to collect the water forme... [Read More]

  • FogWorx Extreme High Density Fog Juice - Long Lasting, High Output, Odorless Water Based Fog Machine Fluid - 1 Quart, 32 ounces for 400 Watt to 1500 Watt Machines

    • UPC: 768980600220
    • ASIN: B0777S56RB
    • Brand: Sanco Industries
    • Size: HD Quart
    • Manufacturer: Sanco Industries

    FogWorx Fog Juice is made with all organic ingredients and works in all fog machines designed for water based fluid. Specially formulated fog machine fluid with premium pharmaceutical grade chemicals, approved by the FDA, to produce a medium density fog with great hang time and dispersion. Ideal for Parties, Lighting Enhancement Applications, Night... [Read More]

  • JDR Fog Machine with Controllable lights, DJ LED Smoke Machine(Red,Green,Blue) with Wireless and Wired Remote Control for Holidays Parties Weddings Christmas Halloween, with Fuse Protection

    • UPC: 607994059368
    • ASIN: B07R8PMQ5X
    • Brand: JDR
    • Manufacturer: JDR

  • Chauvet Lighting Chauvet DJ 700 Hurricane Fog Machine, BLACK (H700)

    • UPC: 781462202941
    • ASIN: B0002D0JX8
    • Brand: Chauvet
    • Manufacturer: Chauvet Lighting

    450W Heater Output: 1500 CFM ,1 Pint Tank Capacity Free Pint Of Fog Includes Wired Remote (Fc-1) Manual Fog Button Dim: 9.5"H X 5.5"W X 4.3"D Power 110V

  • Fog Machine, 7 Color LED Lights, Crenova FM-03 Compact Portable Smoke Machine, Wireless Remote, Best Mist Machine for Halloween Party Festival Wedding Stage Effect, 500W-Black

    • UPC: 612590712036
    • ASIN: B079BRGY26
    • Brand: Crenova
    • Manufacturer: Wuhan First Dream Land E-Commerce Ltd.

    The Crenova fm-02 is a compact 400W fog machine that provides great fog effect. Traditionally used by DJs, venues, and bands to help create atmosphere and enhance lighting effects. It is perfect size for your next house parties, clubs, bar, wedding, parade floats & stage performances. Specifications: voltage: 240V. Warm-up time: 4-5 minutes. Power:... [Read More]

  • Tengchang 1500W Dry Ice Effect Low Lying Smoke Fog Machine DJ Stage Remote Fogger (Style D)

    • ASIN: B01MT79EA9
    • Brand: Tengchang
    • Manufacturer: Tengchang

    This is a new type of fog machine that is a replacement for dry ice machines. It works with standard fog juice. It can achieve the effect of dry ice machine in an inexpensive way. It is cheaper but more efficient and is a perfect replacement for dry ice machines. Safety Tips: 1. Make sure the voltage is correct; keep the machine well grounded. 2. K... [Read More]

  • Fog Machine, softeen 500W Led Fog Machine with Lights (Red, Blue, Green) Wireless Remote Control, Huge Fog 2000 CFM, Smoke Fog Machine for Holidays Parties Weddings Christmas Halloween Stage Effect

    • UPC: 726853279850
    • ASIN: B07DWLC328
    • Brand: softeen
    • Manufacturer: softeen

    Hosting an event soon? Want to create a boisterous atmosphere? softeen fog machine is perfect for creating a good atmosphere of live concerts, stages, festivals, wedding ceremonious or family entertainment gatherings. Features: - 4 buttons (ONE MODE) to make great stage effects with colorful light (Red, Blue, Green) and fog - 500 watt, 2000 CFM (C... [Read More]

  • CHAUVET DJ High-Density Fog Machine Fluid - One Gallon | Fog Machines (Packaging May Vary)

    • UPC: 781462203917
    • ASIN: B001EWDE88
    • Brand: CHAUVET DJ
    • Size: 1-Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Chauvet Lighting

    High density water-based fog fluid, 1 gallon, Chauvet DJ high-density fog machine fluid - one gallon | Fog machines, can be combined with other Chauvet products.

  • CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1600 Compact High-Output Fog Machine w/Timer Remote & Automatic Shut-Off

    • UPC: 781462213671
    • ASIN: B014PHJFJA
    • Brand: CHAUVET DJ
    • Manufacturer: Chauvet Lighting

    The Hurricane 1600 is a compact, lightweight high output fog machine that with DMX control to enhance any light show. Variable output control from DMX or the included timer Remote allows for precise effect operation. The Hurricane 1600 features always ready technology providing fog on demand. A manual fog button provides easy control at your finger... [Read More]

  • American DJ 1300 Watt 2.3 L Tank Mobile Fog Machine w/ Remote Controls | VF1300

    • UPC: 750408417879
    • ASIN: B01KGFW9XY
    • Brand: American DJ
    • Manufacturer: ADJ

    Are you looking to make a cool special effect that makes your lighting look amazing? Do you want to set a mysterious or flashy atmosphere? The American DJ 1300 Watt Fog Machine is a great tool for entertainers, medium sized nightclubs and bars, or for special effects at any party. This fog machine has a 2.3 liter external tank that uses high qualit... [Read More]

  • ADJ Products VF400 Compact 400-Watt Fog Machine

    • UPC: 658700921608
    • Brand: ADJ Products
    • Manufacturer: ADJ Products

    The ADJ VF400 is a very compact, 400W mobile Fog Machine that is great for mobile entertainers, and small nightclubs and bars that want to add atmosphere to their events.

  • Fog Machine, Miric Smoke Machine Portable with LED Lights Equipped with Wired and Wireless Remote Control for Party, Christmas, Halloween and Weddings (400W)

    • UPC: 680727197056
    • ASIN: B07K2RY793
    • Brand: Miric
    • Size: ML-4
    • Manufacturer: Miric

    How to Operate: 1. Place the fogger on a solid, level surface near the power source 2. Pour in professional fog oil. 3. Connect the fogger plug to the power outlet4. The machine warm-up time of about 2-3 minutes, The red light is on, it means that it starts to warm up, the green light is on, it means that the preheating is finished5. You can use th... [Read More]

  • CHAUVET DJ H1200 Compact and Lightweight Fog Machine w/Timer Remote

    • UPC: 781462213664
    • ASIN: B014PHJEU0
    • Brand: CHAUVET DJ
    • Manufacturer: Chauvet Lighting

    Hurricane 1200 is a powerful and portable fog machine that brings any light show to life with a thick fog output. The included timer remote controls the output of fog for precise a precise performance. After an initial heat up period, the Hurricane 1200 is always ready to provide fog on demand. A manual fog button puts easy control at your fingerti... [Read More]

  • Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1200 H1200 Pro 1 Liter Fog Smoke Machine with FC-W Wireless Remote

    • UPC: 784644738382
    • ASIN: B005PZ2WDS
    • Brand: Chauvet
    • Manufacturer: CHAUVET

    This sale is for 1 Brand New CHAUVET Hurricane 1100 (H1100) + 1 Brand New CHAUVET Wireless Remote (FC-W). The HurricaneTM Series Foggers provide the quality, performance and innovation for which CHAUVET® is known. All come with generous-capacity tanks and quick heat up of water-based fog to fill a venue within minutes. The FC-W is a wireless rem... [Read More]

  • CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1302)

    • UPC: 781462216474
    • ASIN: B07286B1MY
    • Brand: CHAUVET DJ
    • Manufacturer: Chauvet Lighting

    Add dramatic atmosphere to any event with Hurricane 1302, a compact fog machine that emits thick bursts of water based fog. The manual fog button provides easy control and fog effects can be triggered on demand with the on board Always Ready technology feature. LED-illuminated tank enhances operation and safety.

  • Yugee Professional Haze Fog Machine 400W Wireless Remote Control with Lights LED Cold Smoke Maker Chiller Portable Fog Generator System with LED Colorful Smoke Fog Ejector for Stage Party Club Bar

    • UPC: 756790169303
    • ASIN: B072KKH47P
    • Brand: Easife
    • Manufacturer: Easife

    Yugee All for making life better Quick steps to start the fog machine with LED lights 1. After unpacking the box, unscrew and remove the cap at the top of the tank. 2. Fill the tank with a water-based fog fluid(normally 1 part fog luiquide and 5 parts water). 3. Screw the cap back onto the top of the tank so it is secure. 4. connect the wireless ... [Read More]

  • ADJ Products F1L PREMIUM,ADJ FOG JUICE 1L, 1 liter (

    • UPC: 819730010957
    • ASIN: B00JL5HKVM
    • Brand: ADJ Products
    • Size: 1 liter
    • Manufacturer: ADJ Products

    Fog effects are great for improving the quality of special effects lighting at parties, clubs, theaters, Halloween events or any light show production.

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