Review the best fog fluid for the American DJ Mister kool low lying cool fogger machine

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    • UPC: 819730015136
    • ASIN: B01DUBUI70
    • Brand: ADJ Products
    • Manufacturer: ADJ Products

    One gallon of Kool Fog Low-Lying Fog Fluid from ADJ; designed to make the a high quality crisp white cloud low to the floor when used with an American DJ Low-Lying Fog Machine will stay low longer than standard fog juice.

  • Froggys Fog - Freezin Fog- Outdoor Low Lying Ground Fog Juice Machine Fluid - 1 Gallon

    • UPC: 689076311847
    • ASIN: B001DJZNHW
    • Brand: Froggys Fog
    • Size: 1 Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Froggys Fog

    Froggys Freezin Fog is a water based fog machine fluid formulated to create optimum low lying fog effects for outdoor graveyard scenes. It is super thick on the front end and creates the perfect graveyard ground fog but here comes the good part; it is formulated to hang in the air to create the spooky graveyard scene as well. You get a 2 for 1 dea... [Read More]

  • Ground Stalker Fog Juice. Low Lying Fog fluid. Fog It Up!

    • UPC: 640864850689
    • ASIN: B01E6NFT8Y
    • Brand: Fog It Up!

    This is the perfect low lying fog juice. It produces a nice thick cloud of fog that stalks the ground. It has a hang time that is long enough for it to creep on by. Note: You must use a fog chiller to get a low lying fog effect.

  • Froggys Fog - Bog Fog - Extreme High Density Fog Juice - Water Based, American Made - 1 Gallon

    • UPC: 839226004352
    • ASIN: B004B470XG
    • Brand: Froggys Fog
    • Size: 1 Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Froggys Fog

    The Bog Fog Extreme High Density HDF mix from Froggys Fog generates an extremely high density, white, airborne fog with a very high index of refraction and slower evaporation rate. It is well suited for scenic obscuring and strobes "white-out". It is a very high density fog and is the perfect choice for complete loss of visual reference. The only c... [Read More]

  • Professor Mysterious Ground Hugger Fog Machine Fluid, Quart

    • UPC: 855889008056
    • ASIN: B07DPS5YG7
    • Brand: Professor Mysterious
    • Manufacturer: Professor Mysterious

    Lies low till it dissapears! Professor Mysterious Ground Hugger Fog Machine Fluid works best with a fog cooler, to generate long-lasting, spooky, ground-hugging fog. Great for dance floors, so you can have light-reflecting fog and still let everyone see each other! To generate amazing low-lying fog effects, a fog cooler or cooled fog machine is req... [Read More]

  • Black Label Low Lying Ground Fog Juice - 1 Gallon

    • UPC: 656238026383
    • ASIN: B00MOL2UWO
    • Brand: Black Label
    • Manufacturer: Black Label

    Low Lying Ground Fog Juice - 1 Gallon. Specially formulated to provide a ground-level dry-ice effect when used with chillers and ground fog machines. Black Label Premium Fog Fluids provide a variety of high-impact effects for your next party, light show, stage production, band gig or classic haunted house. No matter the application, Black Label is ... [Read More]

  • Froggys Fog - Cryofreeze - Low Lying Fog Fluid for Stage and Studio - Use in Fog Chillers, Ground Foggers and Low Lying Fog Generators - 1 Gallon

    • UPC: 840472101498
    • ASIN: B004B4902K
    • Brand: Froggys Fog
    • Manufacturer: Froggys Fog

    Froggys CyroFreeze Fog Juice is the perfect Stage & Studio Fog Fluid for Indoor & Stage Ground Effects, for use in Theatrical Environments where a great fog effect is desired but the fog does not need to linger. This blend works perfect for use in the motion picture industry and is now extensively used for many other applications. This fluid is al... [Read More]

  • Froggys Fog - Swamp Juice - Long Lasting Fog Fluid - 1 Gallon - For Professional and Home Haunters, Theatrical Effects, DJs

    • UPC: 689076311243
    • ASIN: B000FLLUU8
    • Brand: Froggys Fog
    • Size: 1 Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Froggys Fog

    Froggys Fog Swamp Juice is a water based fog machine fluid formulated to create an extremely long lasting / super long hang time fog. When you hear about Froggy's Fog, you almost always hear the words Swamp Juice as well. It is being used by thousands of theme parks, haunted attractions, laser tags, skating rinks, family entertainment centers, nig... [Read More]

  • American DJ Kool Fog Low Lying Fog Fluid

    • UPC: 658700907800
    • ASIN: B000FVZUJA
    • Brand: American DJ
    • Manufacturer: American DJ

    The specially formulated "Kool Fog" is designed for low-lying fog machines. It creates a crisp white cloud of smoke when using low lying foggers. Stays low longer than standard fog juice. 1 US gallon per bottle.

  • 4) Gallons Chauvet DJ HDF High Density Fog/Smoke Juice Fluid Hurricane Machine

    • UPC: 784644738238
    • ASIN: B005XMB38I
    • Brand: Chauvet
    • Manufacturer: Chauvet

    **Package Includes:** (4) Chauvet HDF High Density Fog Juice Gallons ---------- The **Chauvet HDF** is an exceptional value! This High Density Fog Juice is specifically formulated for use in all water-based haze and fog machines. The unit produces a thicker and denser smoke than the original HJU, and won't leave a stain or residue. Not only that, b... [Read More]

  • ADJ Fog Machine, Black (Mister Kool II)

    • UPC: 819730019929
    • ASIN: B071H1P45N
    • Brand: ADJ Products
    • Manufacturer: ADJ Products

    Mister Kool II works with water based fog fluid and ice cube to chill fog and keep it low to the ground. It includes the ADJ VFTR13 timer remote to help you customize control and output of your low-lying fog. It also includes a water drainage system with a valve, plastic hose and plastic water collection bag. This is used to collect the water forme... [Read More]

  • American Dj Mister Kool Graveyard Low Lying Fogger

    • UPC: 640282035996
    • ASIN: B0002DNUKC
    • Brand: American DJ
    • Manufacturer: American DJ Group of Companies

    Creating a spooky low-lying fog effect is easy with the Mister Kool Fog Machine from ADJ. Using standard fog juice, ice cubes, and a 400W heater, the Mister Kool creates an effect similar to dry ice in water and is easy to clean afterwards.

  • Antari Fog Machine (FLR-4)

    • UPC: 837874010107
    • ASIN: B005LXIV52
    • Brand: Antari
    • Manufacturer: Elation

    FLR Fog Fluid. "Antari Fog liquids are optimized for use with all Antari fog machines and are suitable for use in most other brands where a premium fluid is desired. Fluids are formulated to increase the longevity of any fog machine. Antari FLR Fog Fluid (red formula) is specially formulated for all Antari Low Lying Fog Machines and Standard water ... [Read More]

  • Ground Clouds - Fast Dissipating - Indoor Low- Lying Molecular Fog Fluid - 1 Gallon

    • UPC: 610370512364
    • ASIN: B007SNPUKC
    • Brand: Master FX, Inc.
    • Size: 1 Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Master FX, Inc.

    Master Fog's Ground Clouds is an all around fast dissipating water based fog fluid. It's perfect for stage and studio applications when a thick white fog is needed, but doesn't need to hang around for long periods of time. It can be used for an abundance of applications. To start, Ground Clouds is perfect for realistic steam effects that are compar... [Read More]

  • Ridgeyard 2.5L 1500W Low Laying Effect Smoke Fog Machine DMX 512 Wireless Remote Control Stage Ground Fogger for Wedding Disco Party Show With 2 Wheels

    • UPC: 718174137117
    • ASIN: B07F7YT28Y
    • Brand: Ridgeyard
    • Size: 2.5L
    • Manufacturer: Ridgeyard co,.ltd

    Features: Ground / low fog effect Works with smoke fluid and ice cubes Thermostatically controlled heater With wheels for easy movement Bottom pad for easy to fixation Remote and DMX control for different needs Low-lying fog stays near the ground, similar to a dry ice effect No need for dry ice, expensive fog chillers or bulky air conditioning unit... [Read More]

  • American DJ Smoke Low Lying Dry Ice Effect Fog Machine w/ Remote | MISTER-KOOL

    • UPC: 658700908302
    • ASIN: B002513YIC
    • Brand: American DJ
    • Manufacturer: ADJ

    The American DJ Mister Kool is designed to produce a ground fog effect to enhance dance floors, entry ways, and almost any other space for special events from concerts to Halloween parties. Included with this unit is a timer/remote control. Please read the following instructions and safety precautions before use. Great for parties, weddings, and an... [Read More]

  • Tengchang 1500W Dry Ice Effect Low Lying Smoke Fog Machine DJ Stage Remote Fogger (Style D)

    • ASIN: B01MT79EA9
    • Brand: Tengchang
    • Manufacturer: Tengchang

    Safety Tips: 1. Make sure the voltage is correct; keep the machine well grounded. 2. Keep your eyes away from the led light to avoid damage. 3. Cut off the power when stop using. This machine is controlled remotely. Together with the effect of lights, you could enjoy fantastic and unfeigned environment of nightclub and theatre. it preheats rapidly ... [Read More]

  • Froggys Fog - Ground Fogger - Low Lying Fog Generator for Halloween and Parites

    • UPC: 841493056446
    • ASIN: B00624MOZM
    • Brand: Froggys Fog
    • Size: 400 WATT GROUND FOGGER
    • Manufacturer: Froggys Fog

    This is the perfect Ground Fogger for Halloween, Parties and More, It produces thick ground hugging fog and adds special effects, fun and excitment to parties! It is a Fog Machine with Built in Ice Chamber for Fog Chillin. Use Froggys Fog - Outdoor Freezin Fog or Indoor CryoFreeze for Best Results

  • Froggys Fog 1 Gal - QuikBlast - Best Fluid for Chauvet Geysers - CO2 Blast Effect Fog Machine Fluid

    • UPC: 840472102983
    • ASIN: B004B42EQY
    • Brand: Froggys Fog
    • Manufacturer: Froggys Fog

    Quik Blast- Quik Blast is the ideal fluid for steam pipe and other "quick smoke" effects such as CO2 canisters. This fluid creates a thick white burst of smoke that is gone in mere seconds. Perfect in upshot and flex foggers to create the effect of a CO2 Blast Effect without the expensive CO2 tanks and cryojets. All Designer Select (DS) Water Base... [Read More]

  • FogWorx Fog Juice - 1 Gallon of Organic Fog Fluid (128 oz) - Medium Density, High Output, Long Lasting Fog Machine Fluid for 400 Watt to 1500 Watt Machines

    • UPC: 768980600169
    • ASIN: B01N0ECW2W
    • Brand: Sanco Industries
    • Size: 1 Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Sanco Industries

    FogWorx Fog Juice is made with all organic ingredients and works in all fog machines designed for water based fluid. Specially formulated fog machine fluid with premium pharmaceutical grade chemicals, approved by the FDA, to produce a medium density fog with great hang time and dispersion. Ideal for Parties, Lighting Enhancement Applications, Night... [Read More]

  • Review the best fog fluid for the American DJ Mister kool low lying cool fogger machine

    The Best Darn FOG FLUID you can get Code 6 review fogger machine smoke. Super Long Hang Time!

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