10 Greatest Mystery Writers

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  • Sara's Game: A Psychological Thriller (The Sara Winthrop Series Book 1)

    • Manufacturer: JCL Publishing Psychological Thrillers

    She's never played a game like this before...Two years ago, Sara's husband left for the gym one morning...and never came back.His car was found. He wasn't.Unbelievably, the police report said, "No foul play suspected." There were a few unreliable sightings over the following months, but little else.Now, on the last day before summer break, her thre... [read more]

  • Rebecca Schwartz Mysteries 1-3: Three Funny Cozies

    • Manufacturer: booksBnimble

    THREE DELICIOUS FUNNY MYSTERIES...AT A YUMMY BARGAIN PRICE!Funny, lively lawyer Rebecca Schwartz is a perennial favorite among cozy readers who can't get enough of smart-mouthed women sleuths. You can't read just one, they're like chocolates! So pretend they are—here's a succulent sampler at a delectably tempting bargain price –barely more than... [read more]

  • The Edge of Dreams: A Molly Murphy Mystery (Molly Murphy Mysteries Book 14)

    • Manufacturer: Minotaur Books

    From the author of In Farleigh Field...Molly Murphy Sullivan's husband Daniel, a captain in the New York City police force, is stumped. He's chasing a murderer whose victims have nothing in common—nothing except for the taunting notes that are delivered to Daniel after each murder. And when Daniel receives a note immediately after Molly and her y... [read more]

  • Mystery: Vanished in Bitterroot Mountains: Mystery and Suspense

    • Manufacturer: James Kipling Publication House

    Two FBI Agents missing in action. A relentless investigator driven by a sense of justice. Can Agent Karen Clark unravel the mystery? This is a murder mystery that grows into a much larger tale of intrigue and suspense. The story takes place in North-western Montana, Big Sky country. This part of America is renowned for its wide-open spaces and mode... [read more]

  • Tell Me, Pretty Maiden: A Molly Murphy Mystery (Molly Murphy Mysteries Book 7)

    • Manufacturer: Minotaur Books

  • Dark Sacred Night (A Renée Ballard and Harry Bosch Novel Book 1)

    • Manufacturer: Little, Brown and Company

  • Hush Now, Don't You Cry: A Molly Murphy Mystery (Molly Murphy Mysteries Book 11)

    • Manufacturer: Minotaur Books

  • Redemption (Memory Man series Book 5)

    • Manufacturer: Grand Central Publishing

  • In Dublin's Fair City: A Molly Murphy Mystery (Molly Murphy Mysteries Book 6)

    • Manufacturer: Minotaur Books

  • The Late Show (Renee Ballard Series Book 1)

    • Manufacturer: Little, Brown and Company

    In this first installment of the Renée Ballard series, #1 bestselling author Michael Connelly introduces a "complicated and driven" young detective fighting to prove herself on the LAPD's toughest beat (The New York Times).Renee Ballard works the midnight shift in Hollywood, beginning many investigations but finishing few, as each morning she turn... [read more]

  • Oh Danny Boy: A Molly Murphy Mystery (Molly Murphy Mysteries Book 5)

    • Manufacturer: Minotaur Books

  • The Last Illusion: A Molly Murphy Mystery (Molly Murphy Mysteries Book 9)

    • Manufacturer: Minotaur Books

  • A Morbid Taste for Bones (The Chronicles of Brother Cadfael Book 1)

    • Manufacturer: MysteriousPress.com/Open Road

    The “irresistible” and “compelling” first novel in the historical mystery series featuring a Welsh Benedictine monk in the twelfth century (The Washington Post). A Welsh Benedictine monk living at Shrewsbury Abbey in western England, Brother Cadfael spends much of his time tending the herbs and vegetables in the garden—but now there’s a... [read more]

  • For the Love of Mike: A Molly Murphy Mystery (Molly Murphy Mysteries Book 3)

    • Manufacturer: Minotaur Books

  • The Family Way: A Molly Murphy Mystery (Molly Murphy Mysteries Book 12)

    • Manufacturer: Minotaur Books

    From the author of In Farleigh Field...Molly Murphy—now Molly Sullivan—is a year into her marriage, expecting her first child, and confined to the life of a housewife. She's restless and irritable in the enforced idleness of pregnancy and the heat of a New York summer in 1905. So when a trip to the post office brings a letter addressed to her o... [read more]

  • Garden of Lies

    • Manufacturer: Open Road Media

    A blockbuster New York Times bestseller: A wife takes a shocking step to protect her marriage from the consequences of her own infidelity . . . Sylvie wants to be a good wife to Gerald, who offers the privileged life she could only dream of, growing up. When they wed eight years ago, the country was in the throes of the Depression, and she thought... [read more]

  • In Like Flynn: A Molly Murphy Mystery (Molly Murphy Mysteries Book 4)

    • Manufacturer: Minotaur Books

  • Norwegian by Night

    • Manufacturer: Mariner Books

    Crime Writers Association John Creasey Dagger Award winner An ECONOMIST TOP FICTION TITLE OF THE YEARA FINANCIAL TIMES BEST BOOK OF THE YEARA GUARDIAN BEST CRIME AND THRILLER OF THE YEARA KIRKUS REVIEWS BEST CRIME NOVEL OF THE YEAR“A soulful, humane, and sparklingly funny novel. Spend some time with Sheldon and company in the Scandinavian wilder... [read more]

  • In a Gilded Cage: A Molly Murphy Mystery (Molly Murphy Mysteries Book 8)

    • Manufacturer: Minotaur Books

  • Year One: Chronicles of The One, Book 1

    • Manufacturer: St. Martin's Press

    #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER (December 2017)A stunning new novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts—Year One is an epic of hope and horror, chaos and magick, and a journey that will unite a desperate group of people to fight the battle of their lives…It began on New Year’s Eve.The sickness came on suddenly, and spread ... [read more]

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