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  • Perfect Together

    When Rebecca moves to a new city, the single mom's main goal is to make a stable home for her daughter. Now that they're away from the darkness of their past, she also hopes to explore her longstanding attraction to women.The moment Mandy spots Rebecca at the gay bar, she wants her. That is, she wants to set her up with a friend. Mandy's taking a b... [read more]

  • The Marriage Contract

    Twelve years ago, Poppy and Leah vowed to get married if they were both single at thirty. After losing touch, the unlikely pair reconnects just in time to meet the deadline. A lot has happened in the meantime... like both of them coming out of the closet. Now the popular girl marrying the science geek is an actual possibility. The contract was only... [read more]

  • Let Me Love YOU: A Steamy Older Woman Younger Man Romance

    • Manufacturer: PSA Publications LLC.

    Ruth realized that it was now becoming an obsession, and the thought both frightened and excited her. Leaning, back in the cushioned patio chair, she felt the familiar tingling sensation beginning in her c*nt. She closed her eyes, trying to block out the sensual image of her eighteen-year-old n*phew.But the incessant droning of the lawnmower made t... [read more]

  • I Remember You

    When Cara awakes in the hospital, a piece of her is gone. Three years have disappeared from her mind, and she doesn’t even recognize her life - or the people in it. And then there's the beautiful woman who appears to be her girlfriend...Bibi will never be able to erase the memory of Cara's skull cracking against the pavement. She'd do anything to... [read more]

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