How Does Powerline Ethernet Work?

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  • TRENDnet 8-Port GREENnet Gigabit PoE+ Switch, Supports PoE and PoE+ Devices, 61W PoE Budget, 16Gbps Switching Capacity, Data & Power via Ethernet to PoE Access Points & IP Cameras, TPE-TG82G

    • UPC: 710931161083
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: TRENDnet
    • Size: 8 Port PoE+
    • Manufacturer: TRENDnet

    The 8-Port Gigabit PoE+ Switch, model TPE-TG82g, delivers data and power over existing Ethernet cables to Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices such as Access Points and IP Cameras. It supports both PoE and PoE+ devices with a 61W PoE budget. Plug and Play this sturdy metal switch for reliable high-speed PoE networking. PoE PowerA 61W PoE power budget ... [read more]

  • TRENDnet Gigabit Power Over Ethernet Injector, Full Duplex Gigabit Speed Supported, Network Poe Devices Up to 100 M (328 ft.), 15.4 Watts, Auto-Mdix in/Out, Plug & Play, TPE-113GI

    • UPC: 710931505146
    • Brand: TRENDnet
    • Size: Poe
    • Manufacturer: TRENDnet

    Trendnet’s Gigabit Poe injector, model TPE-113GI, combines electrical power with a Gigabit network connection. Auto-sensing technology conveniently delivers the correct wattage needed to power your Poe devices. Connect the injector to a non-PoE Gigabit switch and then run an Ethernet cable with data + Power to network A Poe device up to 100 meter... [read more]

  • 802.3af to 5 Volt PoE Splitter | Compatible with Apple Devices | POWER ONLY | Extend Power Over Ethernet Up to 328 Feet

    • UPC: 722512406728
    • Brand: WiFi-Texas
    • Size: iPad 10 watt, no Data
    • Manufacturer: PoE Texas

    Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapter for 5 volts 10 watts of continuous power - compatible with iPad. Ideal for home or office, this PoE Splitter delivers power to the iPad lightning connector. Use one Ethernet cable to extend 5 volts of power to your iPad up to 328 feet away. DATA WILL NOT PASS THROUGH on the connector, please see our GAF-Lightning-P... [read more]

  • WT-GAF-12v12w 802.3af Gigabit Poe Splitter with 12 Volts Output. Power Over Ethernet for Non-poe Devices Like IP Cameras to 328 Ft for PoE Switches

    • UPC: 752423138364
    • Color: Gigabit 12 volt 12 watt
    • Brand: WiFi-Texas
    • Size: 802.3af 12 volt 12 watt
    • Manufacturer: PoE Texas

    Remote Power for 12 volt 12 non-PoE devices - Extend power up to 328 ftThis device is a 802.3af to 12v splitter with 2.1mm x 5.5mm dc plug 802.3af compatible for PoE switches PoE splitter/converter - Power and data input via Female RJ45 Data only output on Male RJ45 / 12-volt, 12-watt power only output on DC connector 10/100/1000 gigabit data rate ... [read more]

  • TRENDnet Powerline 200 AV PoE+ Adapter Kit, Output Port Supports PoE, 15.4W, 30W Devices, Includes Two TPL-331EP Adapters, Twin Pack, TPL-331EP2K

    • UPC: 710931150537
    • Color: white
    • Brand: TRENDnet
    • Size: Powerline with PoE+
    • Manufacturer: TRENDnet

    TRENDnet’s Powerline 200 AV PoE+ Adapter Kit, model TPL-331EP2K, comes with two PoE+ Powerline adapters that add PoE+ capabilities to your existing Powerline network. Each adapter features a single PoE+ output port to connect PoE+ devices such as IP cameras, wireless access points and VoIP handsets over a Powerline network. Two adapters are need... [read more]

  • POE-8 | 8 Port Multi Port PoE Injector for Power and Data to 8 Devices - Instantly Add Power Over Ethernet to Any Switch - Power Supply NOT Included

    • UPC: 609788692317
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: PoE Texas
    • Manufacturer: PoE Texas

    Wall mount, 8 port PoE injector Extend power to 328 ft or 100 meters This device offers * 8 RJ45 jacks with Data + Power * 8 RJ45 jacks Data only * 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC power jack * LED power status * 10/100 operation * 12 volt to 48 volt operation with external power supply - see our other listings for power supplies Used to provide PoE power to: *... [read more]

  • TP-Link 24V Passive POE Injector Adapter | Supply Power & Data to Poe Devices from Ethernet Device | Supports Fast Gigabit Speed - 12W Power Over Ethernet (TL-POE2412G)

    • UPC: 845973083342
    • Brand: TP-LINK
    • Size: Gigabit-10/100/1000
    • Manufacturer: TP-Link

    The passive PoE adapter tl-poe2412 can be used to simultaneously supply power and transmit data to a passive PoE device, such as TP-Link EAP245 3.0, EAP225 3.0, CPE610. Tl-poe2412g offers a convenient wall-mounting brackets to be easily installed on a wall

  • WS-POE-5v-kit | 5 Volt Power Extension for Foscam PoE Cameras or Any 5 Volt Device, Via Power over Ethernet | Up to 328 feet

    • UPC: 700953761675
    • Color: POE-5VOLT-KIT (1.35 DC)
    • Brand: WiFi-Texas
    • Size: 5v10w
    • Manufacturer: PoE Texas

    The WS-POE-5v-kit allows you to power 5 volt devices up to 328 feet (100 meters) away. Use this kit to power any 5v device like Foscam, Wansview, Airsight IP Cameras Product Features Extend power up to 328 ft from the power source 10/100 Fast speed data capability Converts 24 volt passive PoE to 5 volts and "splits" power on to the DC barrel an... [read more]

  • Hobbes 256318K PoEz Kit - Power Over Ethernet Detector with Powered Device Simulator

    • Brand: Hobbes
    • Manufacturer: Hobbes Corporation

    PoEz is a Power Over Ethernet Detector/PoE Tester that can be used for PSE (power source equipment), power supply status detection during PoE system and system installation. It distinguishes whether the PSE power supply is Passive mode under the IEEE 802. 3AF/AT/PoE/UPoE/BT standard or by non-standard Active mode. It can monitor the current PSE pow... [read more]

  • TP-Link AV1000 Powerline Ethernet Adapter - Gigabit Port, Plug&Play, Power Saving(TL-PA7010 KIT)

    • UPC: 845973099244
    • Brand: TP-LINK
    • Size: 1000 Mbps
    • Manufacturer: TP-LINK USA

    The AV1000 Powerline extends your Internet access to any room over existing electrical wiring. It's perfect for connecting smart TVs, streaming players & game consoles and ideal for 4K HD video streaming & lag-free gaming. It sets up in minutes with the push of a button,Plug and Play, Pair Button,New PLC Utility, Twin Pack. Interface Available: Gig... [read more]

  • WT-GPOE-4 gigabit Poe Injector for 802.3af Devices - 4 Port Power Over Ethernet Wall Mount with Shielded RJ45 - Power Supplies Available Separately

    • UPC: 752423138388
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: WiFi-Texas
    • Size: 4 ports
    • Manufacturer: Wifi-Texas

    Add gigabit PoE to any Switch Proven reliability Mix 10/100/gigabit data and power on the same cable Wall Mounted PoE injector for 4 devices Power 802.3af devices by connecting a 48v or 56v power supply 4 data in, 4 Data + PoE out this is not a switch - you use it to add PoE to any switch or router extend power to 328 ft or 100 meters Powe... [read more]

  • PoE Adapter

    • UPC: 842861104745
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Ring
    • Manufacturer: Ring

    Don't have a router with power over Ethernet worry! the Ring PoE Adapter enables power over Ethernet for your stick up cam wired. Simply connect your AC Adapter and Ethernet cable to the PoE Adapter, and run an Ethernet cable from the Adapter to your stick up cam wired for power over Ethernet.

  • Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Two-Way Talk, Night Vision, Black, Works with Alexa

    • UPC: 842861104691
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Ring
    • Manufacturer: Ring

    Watch over what’s important at home with Stick Up Cam Battery, Ring’s first indoor/outdoor camera powered by a quick-release battery pack. It sends alerts to your phone, tablet and PC whenever motion is detected, and it lets you see, hear and speak to people on camera from anywhere. Place it on a flat surface and move it when you need to, or mo... [read more]

  • POE-8-48v120w | 8 Port Multi Port PoE Injector for IEEE 802.3af Power Over Ethernet Devices with 48 Volt 120 Watt Power Supply

    • UPC: 752423137503
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: PoE Texas
    • Manufacturer: PoE Texas

    8-Port Power Over Ethernet Injector. This Power over Ethernet module allows you to power up to 8 devices remotely, up to 328 ft (100 meters) away. Use to power 24 volt passive or 802.3af PoE devices via Ethernet. Product FeaturesExtends power up to 328 ft or 100 meters Shielded RJ45 Ports - 8 Data (LAN) ports and 8 Power + Data (PoE) ports 10/100 M... [read more]

  • WT-GPOE-4-48v48w Gigabit Passive PoE 4 Port Power Over Ethernet Injector with 48 watts for 802.3af Devices, Includes 48 Volt Power Supply

    • UPC: 752423138395
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: WiFi-Texas
    • Manufacturer: WiFi-Texas

    Add gigabit PoE to any Switch.This device combines power with data from your network switch or router on to the Ethernet cable via Mode A (pins 1,2 and 3,6). All devices receive the same voltage (48v). The available power for all devices combined is 48 watts. To calculate power budget, please check device specs for power needs.Features Compatible... [read more]

  • GAF-5v10w | IEEE 802.3af PoE Splitter with 5 Volt 10 Watt Output - Power Over Ethernet for 5 Volt Non-PoE Devices

    • UPC: 752423138029
    • Brand: PoE Texas
    • Size: 10 watt 1.35mm
    • Manufacturer: PoE Texas

    PoE Power for 5 volt devices - Use the AF-5v10w PoE splitter to extend power to 5-volt devices that would normally have a short power cord. This product is great for installing security cameras and more in home or office.Product Features: 802.3af to 5v splitter/converter - This device uses power from the ethernet cable. The splitter then converts ... [read more]

  • [UL Listed] iCreatin 12V Power Over ethernet PoE Injector and PoE Splitter kit, Extension Power for 12 Volt 12 watt Devices with 5.5x2.1 mm DC Jack

    • UPC: 708191202936
    • Color: w/ 12v power adapter
    • Brand: iCreatin
    • Manufacturer: iCreatin

    Kindly Reminder: This PoE Kit only used for 12V Non-PoE devices ! Only support 10/100Mbps Remote Power for 12v Non-PoE IP Cameras or other Devices (Max 12Watt) Extend power to 100Ft This kit contains * PoE injector with 12v power supply (UL FCC listed) with input 110v to 240v, 50 or 60 hz operation * PoE splitter with 5.5x 2.1mm dc plug and 12... [read more]

  • NETGEAR 4G LTE Modem - Instant Broadband Connection | Supports Power over Ethernet | works with AT&T and alternate carriers (LB1121)

    • UPC: 606449116694
    • Brand: NETGEAR
    • Manufacturer: Netgear Inc

    The NETGEAR LTE Modem 1121 is a simple LTE connectivity solution for all your devices and equipment. Simply connect this LTE Modem directly to your router, switch or computer to provide an automatic 4G LTE or 3G fallback broadband connection, with download speeds of up to 150 Mbps. Power-over-Ethernet is ideal for remote locations, without the need... [read more]

  • GPOE-1B-48v15w | Gigabit PoE Injector for Power Over Ethernet with 15 Watts of Power at 48 Volts for 802.3af Devices - Always On

    • UPC: 752423138128
    • Color: Gigabit 10/100/1000 Mbps
    • Brand: WiFi-Texas
    • Manufacturer: PoE Texas

    The GPOE-1B-48v15w instantly adds gigabit PoE to any network switch or router. With proven reliability since 2012 this PoE injector adds 10/100/1000 gigabit data and power on to a single Ethernet cable to provide power and data to one device. Use this product to power IEEE 802.3af devices like IP Phones, WiFi access points and more. *NOTE: This is... [read more]

  • Cable Matters Inline Passive Power Injector Over Ethernet

    • UPC: 682017352954
    • Brand: Cable Matters
    • Manufacturer: Cable Matters

    Connect More with Cable Matters Networking Products Power Injector Kit The Cable Matters Passive Inline Power of Ethernet Kit offers a simple way for powering IP devices that do not have an AC outlet nearby. Important Notes - Not compatible with PoE equipped devices or 48V PoE switches - AC power adapter is not included - Gigabit Ethernet is not ... [read more]

  • How Does Powerline Ethernet Work?

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