Episode 1 - Electrical Testers and Multi-meters (Electricians' Test Equipment)

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  • Southwire 10037K Tools & Equipment Electrical Test Kit, Includes 600V Manual-Ranging Multimeter, 120V AC Receptacle Tester and 90-1000V Non-Contact Voltage Tester, Brown

    • UPC: 032886699788
    • ASIN: B07H9WNZP3
    • Brand: Southwire
    • Manufacturer: Southwire

    South wire 10037K 900-100v test kit, 6-test-in-1 receptacle Tester, 600V AC/DC voltage range multimeter, 90-1000v AC Voltage detection range, 5-year , 6-foot drop tested

  • Lisle 60660 Deluxe Relay Test Set

    • UPC: 796248695220
    • ASIN: B0070H5XHG
    • Brand: Lisle
    • Manufacturer: Lisle

    Includes 8 jumpers to fit most popular relays. Also includes test lead kit and relay puller pliers. Jumpers have tabs for clamping and flat pads to place test leads on. No need to pierce wires or connect multiple jumper wires. Also includes test lead kit for easily and securely connecting relay test jumpers to a multimeter. Jumper wire may be used ... [Read More]

  • Oiyagai 5 Colors 4MM Dual Ended Alligator Clips Test Leads Length 1M Use for Multimeter or Laboratory Electric Testing Work

    • UPC: 765470383465
    • ASIN: B078HNBHGX
    • Brand: Oiyagai
    • Manufacturer: Willwin

    Alligator clips opening: 10mm,Plug size:4mm;Maximum current:15 A;Maximum voltage: 1000 V;5 Colors coded leads allow you to test circuits without crossing wires or causing shorts;Material: Copper and Rubber;Color: Black Red Green Yellow Blue

  • UEI Test Instruments DL389COMBO Phoenix Pro Plus Clamp Meter And Pipe Clamp Probe

    • UPC: 053533506891
    • ASIN: B00FAN8BOE
    • Brand: UEi Test Instruments
    • Size: 1-(Pack)
    • Manufacturer: UEi Test Instruments

    DL389COMBO kit is combined with a pipe-clamp probe for easy temperature measurement. The DL389 has TRMS measurement and is packed with features for the real-world: backlight, work light, magnet for hands-free operation, test lead holder, detachable clamp head, safety input jack lock and CATIII safety rating. This combo adds the ATTPC3 pipe clamp ad... [Read More]

  • WGGE WG-026 10 Pieces and 5 Colors Test Lead Set & Alligator Clips,20.5 inches (1 PACK)

    • UPC: 650327851290
    • ASIN: B06XX25HFX
    • Brand: WGGE
    • Size: 1 PACK
    • Manufacturer: Electronics

    W&G Global Electronics Inc. mainly produce Test lead with Alligator Clips, HDMI Cables, Banana Plugs, Wire Strippers and so on. We only provided high quality and good price products to each customer. It can use in labs, shops, schools, home and industry Test leads: 20 clips, nickel plated steel with PVC insulators, size 1.6″ Wire: 22-AWG copper w... [Read More]

  • Southwire Tools & Equipment 40136N NCV Pen Type Detector with Flashlight, 50-600V AC Pro

    • UPC: 032886963070
    • ASIN: B01M2XA9YG
    • Brand: Southwire
    • Manufacturer: Southwire

    The south wire 40136N professional non-contact AC voltage detector 100-600vac quickly checks for the presence of live voltage on outlets, wiring, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures and switches. This non-contact AC voltage detector features a built-in flashlight for user convenience. The flashing red LED and pulsating beeper indicate the presence ... [Read More]

  • Power Probe III Clamshell - Red (PP3CSRED) [Car Automotive Diagnostic Test Tool, Digital Volt Meter, AC/DC Current Resistance, Circuit Tester]

    • UPC: 799621135375
    • ASIN: B00G4YUWMC
    • Brand: Power Probe
    • Manufacturer: Power Probe

    The Power Probe III Circuit tester (Red) with the ability to supply Power or Ground with an indicator tone and bright-white LED headlamps. Features Digital Voltmeter, Min/Max, Audible Circuit Monitoring, 4mm Standard Banana Jack and Auxiliary Ground for component testing. Works with 12 - 24 VDC Systems.

  • Klein Tools 69149 Electrical Test Kit with Multimeter, Non-Contact Voltage Tester and Receptacle Outlet Tester

    • UPC: 092644691492
    • ASIN: B00J9Q5FCE
    • Brand: Klein Tools
    • Manufacturer: Klein Tools

    Klein Tools updated Electrical Test Kit contains MM300 (Manual-Ranging digital Multimeter), NCVT-1 (Non-Contact Voltage Tester) and the RT105 (Receptacle Tester). The NCVT-1 automatically detects standard voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets, and wires. The RT105 detects the most common wiring problems in... [Read More]

  • ALLOSUN Electric Circuit Tester Multi-Function Automotive Tester Auto Electrical System Diagnosis Test (EM287)

    • ASIN: B072P5YYXQ
    • Brand: ALLOSUN
    • Size: EM287
    • Manufacturer: Zhangzhou Eastern Intelligent Meter Co., Ltd

    INTRODUCTION This unit is the best electrical tester for reducing diagnostic time in automotive electrical systems. After a simple hook-up of the unit to the vehicle's battery, automotive technician can conduct a positive or negative battery current to the tip by rocking the rock switch forward or backward. The unit can be used to measure dc vo... [Read More]

  • USB C Power Meter Testers, Eversame 2 in 1 Type C USB Tester Color Screen LCD Digital Multimeter, USB C Voltage Current Voltmeter Amp Volt Ammeter Detector USB Cable Charger Indicator DC3.6-30V/0-5.1A

    • Brand: Eversame
    • Manufacturer: eversame

    Product Features Voltage measurement range: 3.60 - 30.0 V(0.01 V) Current measurement range:0A-5.1A(0.01 A) Capacity accumulation range:0-99999mAh(0.001 Ah) electricity accumulation range:0-99999mWh(0.01 Wh) Product Details: Product dimensions:60 x 60 x 11mm / 2.36 * 2.36 * 0.43inch Operation Instruction 1. Press the Power Button Once: Switch th... [Read More]

  • Electrical Multimeter Test Leads Set with Alligator Clips Test Hook Test Probes Lead Professional Kit 1000V 10A CAT.II

    • UPC: 602463744141
    • ASIN: B074L1NXRX
    • Brand: handskit
    • Manufacturer: HANDSKIT

    Why would we recommend it to you? You can easily test 10A currents and avoid leakage and other risks when doing so.Recommended for general measurements. Within the wire is the nylon string that enhances its toughness and the resistance to bending 10,000 of time - thus greatly increasing the product's longevity. Made with flexible double-layer PVC+P... [Read More]

  • Southwire Tools & Equipment 10036K Electrical Test Kit (Pack of 3)

    • UPC: 032886963094
    • ASIN: B06XYFTL5J
    • Brand: Southwire
    • Manufacturer: Southwire Tools & Equipment

    10036K electrical Test Kit including 40116N AC voltage detector, 40010s-a receptacle Tester and 10030S Multimeter.

  • Mastech Wire Tracker Test Cable Network Cable Telephone Cable Underground Pipe Ms6818

    • UPC: 703501933470
    • ASIN: B00PADUPK2
    • Brand: Mastech
    • Manufacturer: Dongguan Huayi Mastech Company Limited

    Applications: Installation and maintenance of weak current system, communication line, comprehensive wiring circuit, telephone system, computer network, other metal wire circuit etc,. - Detecting cables, electrical lines, water/gas supply pipelines buried in wall or earth - Detecting interruptions and short circuit in cables and electrical line... [Read More]

  • Power Probe PP3LS01 Red Circuit_Testers

    • UPC: 878253000944
    • ASIN: B007QV0R7W
    • Brand: Power Probe
    • Manufacturer: Power Probe

    Power Supply to Activate Electronic Components, Power and Ground Feed Tester, High Impedance Circuit Tester with Digital Volt Meter and Diagnostic Tester Modes with Complete Lead Set and Adapters to Fit, to Extend and to Reach for Unsurpassed Connectivity.

  • UEi Test Instruments DL369 Digital Clamp-On Meter

    • UPC: 053533505733
    • ASIN: B0038ZQI1E
    • Brand: UEi Test Instruments
    • Size: 1-Pack
    • Manufacturer: UEi

    The PHOENIX Clamp-On Meter series starts with the DL369, the perfect meter for contractors who need basic features without all the extras. Great for general troubleshooting and electrical maintenance, this isn't just a stripped down model, the PRIME is a fully functional tough meter made to get the job done

  • Comidox 12.5mm 300Rpm 6 Wires CIRCUITSx2A Capsule Electrical Slip Ring for Monitor Robotic Electrical Test Equipment 1Pcs

    • UPC: 661083352334
    • ASIN: B07H2SRMXP
    • Brand: Comidox
    • Manufacturer: Comidox

    Specifications: Voltage: 240 VAC/DC Current: 2A per circuits Speed: 0-300 Rpm Circuits: 6 Housing Material: Engineering Plastics Work Humidity: 60%RH or higher Work Temp.: -40℃~+80℃ Contact material: Gold plated ring-Gold plated brush nsulation resistance: 1000 Mω @ 500 VDC Lead size: 225mm 30# AWG Teflon wire Dielectric strength: Between ea... [Read More]

  • Amprobe PK-110 Electrical Test Kit with Voltage Probe

    • UPC: 095969690805
    • ASIN: B00N3JJPYC
    • Brand: Amprobe
    • Manufacturer: Amprobe

    Amprobe products range from an extensive line of clamp meters and digital multimeters to industry-specific tools for residential/commercial electricians, HVAC/R technicians, utilities and industrial maintenance professionals. All Amprobe tools undergo rigorous testing to ensure full compliance with the latest IEC and CE safety regulations in Fluke ... [Read More]

  • Elenco TL-17 BNC to Alligator Clips Test Lead Set, 48-Inch Total Length

    • UPC: 756619000886
    • ASIN: B0002JJU4G
    • Brand: Elenco
    • Manufacturer: Elenco - THI

    Test Lead of a BNC connector to (2) alligator clips. Keep this handy lead on hand for your next electronics project. Lead length 36-Inch. Total length 48 inches. For more than 40 years Elenco has been producing reliable as well as affordable electronic test equipment, tools, and educational kits.

  • Lisle 69300 Master Relay Test Jump Set

    • UPC: 013317012161
    • ASIN: B00CRQSYY4
    • Brand: Lisle
    • Manufacturer: Lisle

    Kit Makes Testing Relays or Live Circuits Quick and Easy.

  • Electrical Equipment Tester Black and Red Clip Kit

    • UPC: 707223137840
    • ASIN: B001UI4HLO
    • Brand: Fluke
    • Manufacturer: Fluke

    Sure Grip Alligator Clip Set; Sure-Grip accessories are designed to improve steadiness in slippery hands. Rubber over-molded surfaces and finger-hugging curves give the user a comfortable reliable grip on the accessory so they can focus on making an accurate measurement. # One pair (red black) of large alligator clips with nickel-plated steel jaws ... [Read More]

  • Episode 1 - Electrical Testers and Multi-meters (Electricians' Test Equipment)

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